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Neelam 4d
The place where he rested his head
was warm,

This isn't just a pillow, but a witness

of his silent tears,

This pillow absorbed the pain in his

Comforted him during his darkest moments,

and listened intently to

the whispers of his heart...
For those young men who are lonely and defeated, the pillow is a huge blessing.
Brett 7d
Asleep at the pen
The world outside is a chorus of muffled voices
Throwing pebbles at my window
Unconscious mind swerving in and out of lines
Awake dream detective scribbles drunken ink confessions
Sleep deprived glutton for depression
A caution tape commotion for,
My broken heart bravado
Pill, Water,
Swish, Swallow
Simple sorrows warp me back to all my past tomorrows
Humans replaced by hollowed husks
Staring and sipping emptiness from a chalice
Delusional desperado, mounted on malice
His six-gun guitar strums,
Self-inflicted bullet wounds
Thoughts of a wandering mind
Allesha Eman Jun 1
You write letters with your broken pen
after waking up from a dream
undisturbed, among peonies soaked in water
your feet rest against the sand
that once kissed the moon
and the stars write back to you
transcripts of our conversations,
like fragrance, they leave a trail in the wind
and we remember them
on those odd nights of wakeful dreaming
Triscuit May 31
I lay dormant
Subdued but in whole
I manage my being in stasis
At peace, I am cradled by the light
The long and gentle fingers nestled into the ether
A lengthy slumber is ahead of me
What comfort may it bring?
Dark Dream May 21
All the things I would tell you,
if you were awake
Things I would do
The things I would confess
I would tell you of my heart
and how it aches
I would share my mind and ask of yours
I would take a trip into your complex arena
I would ask how it functions
And dwell in its sanctuary
The things I would dream in watching you
Showing my desire
If you were aware, I would give you myself
I yearn for your embrace
The touch of your soul into my care
If you were awake,
I would tell this all
clmathew May 22
Still Night
written May 14th, 2021

The stillness
of dark night
surrounds me
swallowing the light
suspending animation
sinisterly whispering
stealing my breath
stifling me

and I wonder
how long will it be
still night.
So many "s" words! I do love when it makes sense to focus on something like that. Spent a couple days running to my notebook to write down another one. But not too many "s" words at one time. And I loved the opening peaceful still night, to the ending, how long will this night go on? lol. Oh the joys of insomnia.
I miss you all hours of the day
More throughout long nights
Curled up next to somebody else
It just doesn't feel right
I lie awake for an eternity
Memories in my head
Wishing it was me there with you
Instead of her beside you in bed
When finally my mind drifts off
Expecting sleep to bring relief
It is a blessing and a curse
You always haunt my dreams
clmathew May 21
I wait
written May 9th, 2021

I wait
for the sun to rise
so I can see
if the trees
still reside

I wait
for those who slumber
to wake
so there is the possibility
of  . . . ?

I wait
to know the question
so I can search
for the answer.

I wait
to find the key
that makes it all
make sense.

I wait
for the tears
to start?
to stop?
to know why I cry.

I wait
for daylight
so I can cultivate
something other than

I watch
my cats sleep
in the middle
of the night
I wait.
There's a few poems about not sleeping. This one was in the middle of the night. Waiting.
Rachel Rae May 21
I saw a balloon circling overhead when I awoke
Where am I?
What is this?
Where are my hands?
I gasped in a breath, deep flow
That mixed into my belly
And melted to my soul
Tight and tense
It battled with the shadows
In my heart that had settled
Till I doubled over in agony
with a deep, steam scream
Out like a kettle
And I felt for once
In such a while
The pain begin to *****
Down my spine,
Up my neck
And into my fingertips
75 mixed with 500m.g
Not tryna feel high just tryna not feel empty

No more poppers has me coughing
My bed is turning in to my coffin

Did the dash and Landed on my face
Out my mind is better then out of place
Weird place
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