Da te, posso vedere il sole
I segreti dell'amore nascosto
Dormono sotto le palpebre
Perciò raccogliono le folle
Durante la nottata
Mi segue il tuo spirito
Sebbene l'amore non è un diritto
La tua voce sempre è ascoltata
Detto questo non vedo occhi tuoi
Apri gli occhi per chiunque puoi
Perché mi manchi molto
Purtroppo sei sepolto.

six-oh-four looks like a price tag
on the digital display
as I wake up with a jet-lag
having been far, far away
in a land of insane privilege
not this world bereft of charm
and as daylight applies leverage
to the sound of my alarm
morning tries to drag me back
and shut my subconscious tight
leave my dreams fading to black
held as secrets by the night
but each day I would awaken
with a thought, hard to dismiss
that the dream-world dawn has taken
is a place more real than this
with better stories to be had
in the hours while I slept
maybe I wouldn't feel so bad
if their memory could be kept
even dark dreams, terrorising
were appealing to me now
but the sun, uncompromising
tries to pull me back to now
early birds might catch their worms
but I know what they'll lose
this dreamer still for slumber yearns
so reaches for the snooze
under covers, morning gone
to finish off my dream
ten minutes won't hurt no one
see you at six-fourteen

I  want to eat poached eggs
How crazy  
I want to eat breakfast now
Actually I rather go to sleep
Oh bother on goes the housecoat
A cup of tea will be just fine ..

I settled for toast and peanut butter tea lol folks

When I close my eyes
Midnight joins me for a sleep
Together we dream

Sweet dreams all x

the chill of the early morning
thaws within your sprawl
as you lock me tight with an angled thigh
and delicate paw

while your chest expands rhythmically
and your breath is slow
i nestle in tightly
as you refuse to let go

while my thoughts stir
a wake from hibernation
i concede to life horizontal

a stroke to your side
a moan and a sigh
one fleeting moment
as we stare, eye to eye

then your lip curls upward
and your eyes slant
as i take in the gaze
of the only girl i'll ever want

I can't see
My walls are glass, closing-in
1, 2, count to 4, against my will, I'm so insecure.
I can't see
what's underneath
the surface of my skin red from scratches. Something controlling, I can't breath.
Heartfeelin heavy—concrete.
Check if it's still beating?
I can't see,
I can't sleep, without you darling.
This thing.
It crawls into my hollow chest, pain is creeping-in.
This feeling is a bear inside me.
Flowers I gave you, kept living in your caring.
I'm wilting, do you care for me
as you cared for them?
I can't sleep.
I gave you all of me, take my body
~reach-in count to ten then pull out the beast within~
I gave you all of me, your breathe, a warm blanket covering.
Wake me from this bad dream? On my neck I feel you breath & breath in, tearing the walls of the world in between reality & dreams, you breath again, it becomes a breeze,
to a ship sailing,
I fall asleep.

-Ashton Amstutz

Its hard to sleep when
imaginary creatures are lurking around.

The demon from paranormal activity
keeps her head down.

Taking her pick from those
who lie in bed, dying to be found.

I lie to myself
But I know it's all lies.

I try and fall asleep
But I tell myself I'll die.

Fear and insomnia go hand in hand.

Just like me and both, I guess.

Alexa 2d

We say goodbye
early in the morning.

It seems we cannot sleep
without a gentle goodbye.

We tell each other to sleep well
though the sun is coming over the horizon.

We'll be sleeping until late in the afternoon.

And then,
we'll meet again
until early morning.

Bianca 3d

i waited for you to get out of the wreck car
to slam the spiked doors of insomnia
and then to step in the puddles of dirty stars
with drops of silver silence spilling out
don’t dare to walk soft through those
buildings of warm milk
because streets don’t sleep
they always sing to the rhythm of songbirds;
and then, shout it to the deep windows
and pray for the nights that pass

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