What is in your bloodstream?

Download my spirit to a drive
And store me with care.

Flesh-felt torment forms
Soul-striking sorrow seeps
Into me.

Binge-purge poisonous chemicals
From veins clogged and cut.

Out the soft spoken cancer.
The castle with no walls.
The message with no carrier.
Songless frequencies.
All stagnant avenues.

What is in your soulstream?

Upload all my red
And share
My bone-breaking story.
Paste the groans
((Words written on my rib cage)).

Sink the salivation.
Kill sanitation.

Spread the life-giving virus.
Cause a sickness for renewal.
Infuse truths with our terror.
Separate the parasitic from the song.

Cure the healthy of their sight.
Implant the eyes of the blind
Into their sterilized skulls.

Their wellbeing is hellbeing
For the offspring who sing.

Our song is shunned
And wisdom wrung.

Reconstruct the record
Lost in the noise.

Stream it on all channels.
Channel all our soulstreams
Into remorseless daydreams.

I finished this one on 1/28/17, but forgot to post it. One of my favorites.

"And the blue haze, wiped my gaze

And spoke to me- as I sought


I knew that what it said, would just be numbers in my head

And what really shook, is the authoritative hold it took.

And commanded me my head to lay

On straw and satin silk...


Tea: garden aroma: to me, I did not stir.

At this moment I found restraint in dreary eyes.


A couple more spokesmen- look!

Shadow figures multitude of twelve.

The hours of the clock direct heaven light-

And birth of dying hell.

...shadowy figures-

(Balance scythes on two hands scale.)


The dark ones command me, and speak in ill-

(My frame is weak- and inevitably yields)

To dusk harvest hooks, that bind me to my bed.

(And in my room, I rest- commanded- as dead.)


A blue haze spoke,

And washed my fears away,

The light forms- a script.

Authoritative motions- by skeletal death- grips.

Open hands-

Black cloaks-

Cut just above the wrists."

FINV "Blue-Haze." v3 (8/22/17-9/1/17)

I sleep with all the lights off
So my shadow doesn't get lonely
While my thoughts wander
The corridors of my dreams

lostboy 1d

Some things words just can't describe.
When does emotion get to the point where...
It is beyond us?

Music really means a lot to a lot of different people.
020917sleep by elijah who

I sleep with my volume on tonight
Because all I wanna to do
Is hear the words
"I need you"
I sleep in hope of what we might be
Call it instanity
It won't be the same this time
But I promise you'll hear your name the next time
Our relationship will blossom
Others will question
"What got em'?"
It's called trust
It's called love
Something we must never let go of
You're my one
You're my all
I still fall
For the sound of your voice
Even in my mind
"Your hearts racing"
"It's because I'm in love with you"
Well my sweet love
I'm in love with you too.

Good night. Sleep well.
Anomaly 1d

I go to sleep tired
and wake up exhausted.
But I still carry on each day as normal
and pretend that I'm okay,
so you don't have to feel this way.

- Keeping to myself to protect all else

Sand 2d

I lie awake
awaiting sleep
I lie in wait
For a moment's peace

But this restless energy will not leave me be
No wide yawns or heavy lids will come to set me free

"Sleep, sleep"
I whisper, in tune to my heart beat
"Drink me"
The coffee at my bedside tempts me

I close my eyes and start to count sheep
"Sleep, sleep" I whisper softly

"Fuck it" I eventually groan
reaching for my coffee

Drank too much coffee. Cannot sleep
Emm 2d

so i locked the door
and threw out the key,
because it's too easy....

but truly,...
every day
you don't have to lie
to me
such a lonely cry

i know,...
we have to wake up then go!
get out there!
live free
and win over our anxiety...

I always know when it's about to happen,
(an unfortunate foresight)
but I always neglect to prepare myself.
It's almost like
I look forward to the pain
because it gives me a scapegoat
for my persistant discontent.
Maybe I didn't love you,
I just need to be loved.
But either way,
I haven't been sleeping
and I'm struggling to find myself
outside the context
of someone else.

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