I'll check the news,
Then turn off my phone.
Switch off the light,
And crawl into my cocoon.
I'll stare in darkness,
Waiting for light,
A flash of writing,
With a wave of delight.
Some nights it's just dark,
Some nights it's bright,
Some nights I crawl away,
And feast upon my lonely fright.
Gnaw on bones of past lovers,
And wrestle with fantasies of memory.
Underneath my covers.
Breaking down again in certainty,
Only in the low hours,
Am I stuck in never-ending cycles?
To avoid the angel on the window ledge ,
who does nothing but glowers,
with its golden hooded eyes,
Again and again.

Let The Melody Shine
Rachel C 15h

Restless sleep.
Restless body.
Restless mind.
Restless soul.
Restless heart.
Reckless love.

You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make my heart warm
when i'm freezing in memories.

You are my lullaby,
my only lullaby.
You never let my nightmares haunt me
when i'm sleeping in your arms.

You are my love,
my only love.
You brighten my days
when the sun is gloom.

miguel 1d

oh, whimsical mind,
full of magic and zest!

you're on another journey
one whole new conquest;

though you're fast on your feet,
quick to open a new treasure chest,

now is the time to settle down,
and let me fucking rest.

it is 4:22 am aaaaaaaaaa
Mims 1d

Going to sleep
Felt like going to war
So I decided
I didn't want to be a part of the battle anymore

11/20/17 diary #3

The candle wax is dripping on the floor. I'm fast asleep on the hardwood, a towel for a blanket, wandering the stories my mind creates.

It's so much better there, in my dreams, much more comforting and whimsical. I can create my safest place, my very own home.

I can wander all over the world for free, touch the greatest wonders and experience culture like no other. I can learn anything without paying a dime or sitting in a classroom. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin or the cool rain kiss my cheeks as I look to the sky. I can be anything, dare I even say ... happy.

I am trapped in a magical world and I never want to leave.

Please don't make me leave.

I don't want to wake up. I don't want to face the dark and the cold. Because when I wake, those candles will be out and my towel will be just a towel.

Here I am warm, I am free, I am strong. Here I can be anything, do anything, feel anything.

Please don't make me wake up.


- t.s.

you still
show up in my
dreams at

this is
how i wish to see

A God of peace and rest is within us all
that is why we have to heed sleep's call.
On a daily basis that is usually at night
we tend to fall asleep devoid of any light.

In that unconscious darkness of our soul
we find true rest and peace playing a role
in everyone's existence no matter who it is
a likeness of that sought as heavenly bliss.

It's an unconscious union with our Source
of which most people aren't aware of course.
Throughout our lives this discipline we keep
being an imperative need to get some sleep.

No creature can ever ignore it for too long
as its force is overwhelming and so strong.
It's a universal call for everything to return
back to where it came from that we discern.

It really couldn't be any other way unless
we get to experience a state beyond stress
that may come about when one is awake
in tune with a higher energy and it betake.

There are some higher dimensions of existence
that can be experienced without any resistance.
We just have to seek and find the secret place,
that is hidden inside us all, with Divine Grace.

Written late 2017.

I don't want to wake up and get out of bed
not because I'm too tired
not because I'm super lonley have no friends
But because my life in  my head are way better than my life in reality

Because in my head,
I have a chance with every girl I want, when in reality I'm the insecure loser who have no confidence to ask a girl out.
Because in my head,
I can have as much friends as I want and they all like me, when in reality I'm sometimes not even sure if my best friends even want to talk to me.
And becuase un my head
I can do whatever I want and be whoever I want, when in reality I'm just some teenager with unrealistic dreams

So please don't wake me up
let me live in my head for a while
let me live my dreams for a little
just give me five more minutes

Clamoring words,
self-induced quiver.
Worlds, locked inside the mind
of a fabulous mixture of trance,
wisdom and a fearless anxiety,
suddenly, subtly, spat words
of endless drudgery,
spoken vibrantly,



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