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Zywa 2d
You cry in your sleep,

that is a side of yourself --

that you don't know yet.
Novel "The Golden House" (2017, Salman Rushdie), chapter (1-) 12

Collection "Low gear [2]"
I weave words into woods
and forests of dreams
feeding your fear with stories
of giants and beans
stalks and straws
cracked golden eggs
scrawny fingers
a glass eye and
wood for a leg
to aid your sleep
come werewolves and bears
ghosts and ghouls
for a nicer nightmare
so come now hither
come to the deep
and dream
a dream my dear
if you dare to sleep
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Bardo 7d
One day working Pre-Covid when I had to travel to Dublin everyday to work
I was feeling kinda tired and said to myself
"Yknow I gotta take a day off tomorrow, I'm knackered"
So I tell my Boss and he OK's it, says it's no problem
So next morning I get to lie in, have a really good rest
Eventually I get up, get dressed, go into my kitchen and put the kettle on for a cup of tea
I can see outside it's a lovely morning, the sun is shining and the birds singing
So I decide to go out and get some air
When I open the back door that leads into my garage where my car is
What do I see waiting for me...A feckin' flat tyre, the wheel completely flat
Now my car is relatively new, I've only had it a few months
I never even looked in the boot to see what kind of jack there was
And now when I look I see that it's a different jack to the one I had previously
And also the spare tyre is what they call a 'donut wheel (is only a temporary wheel to be used until the main wheel is mended)
And the distance between the car wheel and the garage wall is just over a foot
You could hardly swing a cat
I think to myself "What am I going to do, this new jack is a bit funny
And I got no space to work with, it's awkward as hell"
Then I remember the car came with a five year membership of the Automobile Association (the AA)
I think to myself I can give them a ring, sure they'd come and fix it
So I go back into the kitchen to get my tea and I'm thinking "what a feckin' nuisance, spoils my day this"
Then suddenly my doorbell rings, now I don't get many callers
And I think "Who the **** is that?"
I go out and it's Jim the handyman, he does odd jobs for me, cuts my hedges, is great at carpentry and DIY
He says to me "I was just passing and wondering could I make a start on cutting that front hedge of yours"
I tell him in reply "Sure! you're very lucky I'm off work today, I took a day off, I'll give you a hand"
So while he goes off to get his tools, I close the door and think
'That's strange him coming today, he would have known I was working (that it was a 'work day for me')
That I wouldn't be at home
There's no way he should have called'
So I go out to the garage to get some implements
I open the garage door and go down to him
Of course I happen to mention I got a flat tyre
He says to me he has an electric car pump in his car and that I can use it
He says it'll pump the wheel temporarily and that I can drive down to a nearby puncture repair shop he knows, he even gives me directions
So we work at the hedge for a few hours, then we go across to the local Diner, I treat him to a breakfast
When we come back he says he has to go off now
He tells me to pump the wheel with the air pump
You start the car and the pump plugs in to the power outlet of the car
You attach it to the valve in the wheel and it pumps the wheel... cool
I give him back his pump and thank him and then he heads off
I then drive quickly to the puncture repair shop before the wheel goes down
There's a small local supermarket beside it
While I'm waiting on them to fix my wheel
I nip over and get a coffee and a chocolate bar and a newspaper
When I come back I sit in the waiting room
"Heh!" I think, 'this has been a strange...funny day, I still can't get over how he called, there's no way he should have called... no way. Funny that...
After this I actually bought one of those electric air pumps, it's a lot handier  and safer than trying to fix a wheel by the roadside especially of a busy motorway.
Silver Hawk Jan 29
I want to snore
softly into the pillow
toss and turn a few times
wrapping myself tightly with my arms

I want to snuggle
under the weight of the blanket
sheltered from the cold rain
beating the streets outside

I don't want to have that peeing dream
filled with relief, warmth and regret
Neither do I want to share the bed
with anyone
not today, not this time.

I prefer to be stuck in the dream
where the twins are constantly giggling,
and running after each other,
their big sister, having her hair undone by her mum.
And I, looking in from the doorway
always present in their daily lives.
anotherdream Jan 26
I didn't want to leave us
But you left me with no choice
You led me to the very edge
So I would fall into the void

I didn't want us to be over
But your plane had been deployed
I could not foresee our latest interaction
Would be the last one I'd enjoy

So when I start to think about you
And begin to lay myself down
I can feel you all around me
As your arms are wrapped around

I can hear the distant music
And remember all the sounds
When we danced the night away
And I drove you back to my house

Our fingers were intertwined
As we emersed in each other's eyes
I submerged into deep unconsciousness
Before kissing you goodnight

But as our voices grew tired
And we struggled to find the time
Something came between us
That I'll never get to find

I'm not one for saying the right words
I only know what I feel inside
And if I'm being fully honest
I still have not fully recovered

From the day she said goodbye.
It felt good to get this off my chest!
I wake up without you
Lying away from me won't solve your problems
Not even on your cold asphalt bed
Your mechanical graveyard covers twisted tight around you

Rain rinses your wounds
The blood is washed away
A river flowing into my room
I don't recognize you, sitting in the corner

Watch my chest heave with silent sobs
Picturing your gnarled face
I don't sleep
I go to bed with you still gone
neth jones Jan 18
winter warfare
torments our dwellings brickwork
night of casualties
aggressive plague on my dreams
wakes me  to be visited
tanka style
Jeremy Betts Jan 17
Good times are so few and far between
Hardly seen
Never lasting
If I never find another, what do you think that could mean?
Blink and you'll miss 'em
So I remove the eyelids, see, I can listen
And I don't sleep for a reason
I hear that's deaths cousin...'s not the weirdest thing to believe in

mjad Jan 12
You're in my dreams
And I skip through yours
It's the only place we exist
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