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After the red sky charred and the moon lit the sky. I felt a wave of  exhaustion push close my eyes. I felt the waves drag me into The dream weavers caverns. As my body twisted and turned they wove a tapestry of my scattered thoughts around me. All my wishes and all my wish-nots strung together into a silky magical cloth. They hung it over my shoulders. It was weightless. If I tossed it would surely fly. They tugged on my gift, drifting me me from star to star till the moon dropped and faded away. They all kissed me goodbye and floated to space with the rise of skys first morning rays
it's just like water -

we need it;

the rain

that makes us want to dance

that makes us want to curl up indoors

that makes us want to run

from that thunder

makes us wonder

how it feels

to be struck by lightning

we build our floodgates

then tear them down

if only we would learn

to keep swimming —

still we wonder

how it feels to breathe


how will we know if we never try?
if we dreamed together

would you see

what i see?

would your feet leave the ground?

would my words color the sky

the way yours always have?

would you feel time

as it slows smoothly to a stop?

would you see the electricity

between us?

i hope you would dream

what i have dreamed

for last time i slept

when i finally

opened my eyes

there stood my dream
I've spent a month
tying down memories of you.
But every moment my mind is resting,
ideas of you come creeping in with scissors,
and snip the bindings when I'm not looking.

Suppressed desires come tumbling out,
as if nothing has changedl
as if you are still there,
as if you are still a possibility.

I thought I was getting better.
I had distractions.
I practiced logic.
I lingered in the pain you caused me.
But as I fell into my pillow last night I decided that the exhaustion was worth it.
That was until you came waltzing into the one place where I have no control.

Like a disobedient child,
My psyche snuck you in the minute I turned my back,
and the two of you danced together all night long.
I was powerless.

So I am left in the morning,
with a crumbling wall,
and false memories of you.
"I don't sleep cuz when I do,
All I dream are dreams of you."
James LR 19h
Eyes that shun the light of day
They close and just can't stay

When the night has vanquished day
My eyes may close but always stay
sleepless nights
         incur frightful
            locked in torpidity
as anxiety
           dashes up the sheets
i practice
                this waltz with death
a crash course is the best way to learn;
describe the world in ways I cannot understand, and I
will do my best to undo the hinges underneath your skin.
chase the shadows until they leave you alone,
your heart skips like a record, off beat
stuck on a loop but let it rest a minute.
Don't **** my vibe this early in the night,
wait at least until my skin crawls and my shoulders cramp up in my sleep
test  me a few more times and I just might snap
my shell is only so thick;
you're cooking up a storm but I intend to stir the ***
if you find me on my knees, you'd best bet
i've got a knife up my sleeve
best to just leave it alone;
a rolling stone gathers more speed
the nearer it gets to its target.
Darkness starting to descend on another somewhat depressing
day from the darkness at
night to early morning
The way I'm feeling at
this present time see
very little daylight between the darkening
Sleeping away the daylight
hours In hope the dark clouds will pass to a brighter day but perhaps that's asking
For seeing on the news snow In Brussels probably making Its way hear not a very good prospect so I think I'll sleep a little more daylight
A few thoughts while a bit depressed today
SMS 2d
With a swig of water
They tumble down your throat
Pills. Colorful. Happy. Pills.
And you’re blanketed with
An inpenetratable shield.
The nerves the anxiety
All just disappear.
Lazy smiles and
cheerful disposition.
An out-of-this-world
Sense of calm.
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