With you there were no ends,
Only rolling memories,
Movie endings missed,
And series left unfinished,
Fostered by a fear of letting go,
And a love of holding on.
Holding your bare body in the heart of all seasons,
Switching positions, postal codes, and presumptions,
But never ending,
You were forever in a moment.
A love that refused to die,
Even forgotten memories served a purpose,
Setting scene for events that would soon unfold.
I love you so.
What is your favorite holiday?
It was a question asked frequently,
Yet never could I provide a simplistic answer,
For wearing a mask had become an every day occurrence some time ago,
And my wallet was left dead after being assaulted by frequent gifts year round,
And I suppose the hardest part of answering,
Was that they did not know you,
They had not awoke to your fidgeting in bed,
And knew nothing of your never-ending warmth,
With sweet embraces and smooth words,
Every morning spent drifting in between dreams,
Waking up next to you became my favorite holiday,
And I suppose the season has died without you here.
DJ 21h
You know.
It's true what they say.
That once you fall asleep in the arms of your lover,
You can't sleep alone anymore.
Something doesn't feel right.
Something is always off.
The feel of her body,
Her warmth,
Her breath,
As she lays behind me,
Clutching on to my waist,
Is a feeling that gets you intoxicated just thinking about it.
Gets you high without realizing it.
You do that once,
You can't not do it again.
Because then you'll constantly feel alone.
In the dark.
Always thinking back to a time,
When she was lain behind you,
And when she held you close,
So close that you almost morph into one.
So now as I lay here,
Clutching onto a pillow that smells of her,
I keep hoping that this pillow,
Will turn into her,
So that I don't have to sleep alone tonight.
I wrote this poem for my girlfriend who came over one day and fell asleep with me as we we're huddled close together. Yes I am a female. I am bisexual.
On a cloud, a big fluffy white cloud
I just wanna be like a raindrop
And watch the world float on by
while lying on a comfortable cloud
I cry myself to sleep
and when i close my eyes my worries dissipate
for a couple hours
I'm in another reality
but when I wake
the tears flood back to the surface
the first thought on my mind
the warmth, embrace,
your lips on my face
Just the way i feel
so i tuck myself underneath
pull the blanket over
and fall back to sleep
I see you in my dreams, i miss you.
nish 1d

i have respect for those who died
but those who chose not to die
are truly soldiers of this life
for i, myself was broken, torn
and among the falling tears
my mother's cries rang through the night

what happened i can never mention
but i tell you this,

nobody deserves to feel the pain
of a loved one losing control
making you
bear it all

the depression comes in stages

you cry yourself to sleep
you're angry
sad and deeply hurt
i dont understand
what did i do

you cry yourself to sleep
its my fault
i did this
all of this i brought upon myself
i deserve this

oh darling how wrong you are

you cry yourself to sleep
i am living a lie
not wanted
left to lick my own wounds
inflicted on me by another

i am jerked into reality,
in this life i am alone.

you cry yourself to sleep
its getting harder by the day
to fake the smile
say you're okay

you're not
but how could you ever say

the words left hanging in the air
i can't even type them
for i am scared
what if it happens once again
i could never bear the pain

you cry yourself to sleep
this time its different
i do not mourn for what happened
but for what is going to happen

tonight, my eyes are dry
as i plan my own demise
its time to end this agony
once and for all

some pills?
a cliff, a rope
maybe just a roadside kill
so many options

i chose the cliff
a little ledge
they'd say i stumbled off the edge

but the only cliff around
was special to a friend of mine
someone i loved
and i could never hurt them like that

it sounds pathetic
maybe deep down
i didn't want to die
and this was my excuse
but through all that emotion
what brought me out
was just a friend

they didn't know what they had done
saved a life and kept me safe
i reached out and asked for help
nobody knows what happened
just that i was in a bad place

it took a cliff to see
that i am loved and worth it  
the people surrounding me
don't want to lose me

and since that day
my life has changed
i love more and hate less
sometimes i fall back into it
but now its different
i don't cry myself to sleep
i ask for help and seek it out
its helped so much to have friends who love

now i look back on that time
and find it funny
for i was going to kill myself
but couldn't find a place to do it.
what more is there to say
Feel the lull of sleep
On a roll that will rise up
In the oven's womb
I'm lazy as hell, I swear lol
But I'm glad I remembered the basics!
Lyn xxx
Rafał 4d
How low can we go down the rabbit hole?
I’ll take you to a place where the time never flows
The stars always glow, the sky is always blue
The grass is always green, and it’s all for you
But there’s a certain madness to this fantasy
So follow me as I measure every step carefully
You see this perfect planet is a theatre play
Either way, all we are is a bunch of NPCs

There’s a melody coming from the other side
As we stroll along the beach, by the ocean tide
And I show you smiles hidden in the crimson skies
Every perfect tale doesn’t show you the demise
But I made this world for you, you don’t have to deal with it
When you feel down, you can come and sink in it
Like a blanket on a winter evening, protect your heat
When the inside of your head gets too bleak
And when all you desire is a bit of sleep
So let your legs run, turn your head to stand by
And we’ll play the spectacle until you get by.
JAC 5d
I said It's just so easy
what is, what's so easy you asked
the words slipping from tired lips

we lay in pitch black
your back to my chest
our eyes not adjusted

being comfortable with you I said
you laughed, the best sound I know
no it isn't you said

we could see silhouettes now
each of us tangled in the other's
breathing in tandem

who made you the expert on me I asked
you did, silly you whispered
and I understood.
Still working on dialogue poems.
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