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Fallen leaves
remind me of you
memories lost
descended and deep
free from a shady host
then collected in piles
returned to sleep
shown in colors
that stretch for miles.
If you are tired I will let you rest.

Lay down and rest your head upon me.

While I stroke my fingers through your hair.

Recharge yourself, do not despair.

I will be there to soothe and show tender care.

I understand the need to slow down at times.

Helping to restore the energy supplies.

Sleep deep, sleep sound, sleep through the night x
Sakura 3d
Sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity
So that my tired soul can rest in peace
So that I can avoid the eternal pain of this life
Will you sing me...
Will you sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity
My soul is wounded and
Body soaked in blood
I witnessed a massacre of happy moments
I witnessed a massacre of dreams
I witnessed a massacre of human beings
I can't sleep bcz i have nightmares
In my eternal sleep i want to avoid it all
In my eternal sleep i want to live the life of Riley
The world is so dark and it's the right time to fall in a deep sleep in a bed of roses
So that I can rise and shine again someday
So will you sing me tonight
Will you sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep for eternity?
basil 3d
sunflowers seeping into her skin like rot
an uncontrollable summer cancer
bones breaking ahead of time
a tombstone blissfully cool
come back to me sweater weather.
I lay awake,
Thinking, no, obsessing
over the sights, sounds, and emotions,
of a Tuesday morning,
at 7:30.
Innocuous as it was,
It fascinates,
and compels.
An experience so perfectly plain,
That it goes almost completely,
Luiz 5d
she gave me the most passionate
intimate kiss I had ever felt

then, her sugary lips glided over
to my right ear and she whispered:

"don't forget to make a wish
before blowing out the candles"

I whispered in return:
"but my wish is already happening"

"I haven't woken up..."
i feel the pain of hunger
but i can't eat
i hear my stomach calling out to me
but i can't eat
i can possibly force down something sweet
but i can't eat
look at what you've done to me
at least i can still sleep
i havent ate in a long time but i do be sleeping for hours
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