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Nicole Sep 27
Maybe I'm just bad at beginnings

Or even moreso terrible at endings

The only thing viable is to stop seeing

The change as doors to other realms

And see the shift in my soul

As opening windows to

The parts of me yet unknown.
kiss all parts ...

kiss me ...
kiss me sweetheart ...
kiss all parts ...
kiss my thirsty lips ...
and lay on my chest ...
seconds by seconds ...
to hear my loving heart ...
how it beats madly ...
only for you ...

kiss me baby kiss ...
and smell the love ...
while your head there ...
on my chest ...
and don't leave ...
this chest ...
which it holds ...
my heart ...
between ribs ...
only to be in love ...
and only for you ...

kiss me sweetheart ...
kiss all my parts ...
as the sun every morning ...
sends it diamond rays ...
to kiss all the earth ...
to give it's warm ...
while it flirts it ...
through it kisses ...

yes my only sweetheart ...
flirt me with your kisses ...

hazem al ...
Sneha Thakur Aug 3
Now that I have  been thinking about it over my sleep,
I think you are kinda like ice cream,
you are like ice cream on a very hot summer day.
you keep melting away,
but I keep taking you back,
putting you back up in the freezer.
Trying to make you like before,
at least I think I do,
but I keep losing parts of you,

Some parts of you that I love,
So tell me should I stop freezing you back
Taking you back?
CautiousRain Jul 2
Parts of him,
Was broken into parts
Of him.

I was told the story
Of when his boy lungs
Couldn't hold another gasp,
And his father found him
Or was it ten? Minutes later
And they had to bring
A dead boy back to life.

They were told a story
Of how his mother drank
A bit too much, often
But they musn't, he musn't
Speak another word of it,
There are parts of stories left untold.

There are parts of him
So many parts
But never enough parts
To make a man whole.
Drabble from last night
Ylzm Jun 18
Man, tripartite entity,
of earth, water and air,
of body, soul and spirit,
of proteins, cells and organs,
of families, tribes, and cities,
of Kings, Houses and Nations.
Man is a part and One,
A fractal entity of Unity.
Your sensitivity is framing you
Don't believe it
It'll do you no good
For once, try being
For once, try being
Just for once, build courage
And try being
The opposite of what you really are

I'm sorry, I can't
It's my fault
Some kind of secrecy binds me
Till now
I just can't figure out the way out of this

I feel terrible sometimes
That I'll be like this for eternity
Hope is slipping out of my hands like sand
I'm on the verge of being helpless
Forgive me if you can
Every part of me
means something
and it meant
nothing to you,

like every piece
didn't seem to fit you,
yet here I am
holding a piece of you,
Important parts of us
Mark Parker Apr 30
Sewn together to be torn apart,
bitten, beaten, ripped to pieces.
Put back together with used parts,
over time her quality decreases.
Drifting like petals in the gentle breeze,
the Doll goes where the wind blows.
She knows hell would have to freeze
in order to get a brand new set of clothes.
A ribbon wrapped to cover a tortured head,
wooden buttons and her bow colored red.
Notes of a blonde dolls life.
EmVidar Mar 19
I like your nose
and how it is incapable of moving
unless you are really happy
I like your hair
how it always falls into your eyes
and you still won't get a hair cut
I like your hands
even though you think they're always too sweaty
If they are, I haven't noticed when our fingers are intertwined
I like your arms
because before a simple brush of them sent a shock through mine
and now they feel like home

-em vidar
I love all the things that make you
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