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If you’re going to tear me down
tear me gently no more than four
I can not bare to think
I could be torn down anymore

If you’re going to break me
break me in three my love
I can not bare to give
the whole of a half
if all of me wasn’t enough

If you’re going to pull me apart
pull me apart in equal two
though you double my pain  
I’d want you to know
each part will equally love you

If you’re going to **** me
**** me gently with your one touch
You may as well
finish me off for good
hurting me once is all too much
In cover of night I hide my flaws
Sealed them in the blackened air
Darkness cloaks my ugly parts
Like they were never there
Nightfall disguises my ugliness in shadows so dark
Bekah Halle Jan 21
There are parts of me I've hidden
from long, long ago,
there are parts I have treasured
and let the world know.
There are parts I have shunned
what I didn't want to show,
And there are parts I've enlarged,
magnified in my dreams - my ego.
Some have danced on the pages of journals,
some I have lived out, so,
those that don't serve, I've  exiled
to antipathy's limbo.
Intellect will soldier on in the face
that only trauma knows,
but somehow, the playful one
charms and warms me aglow.
Remember, I urge,
there's more in me than I know!

Don't be frightened.
Ylzm Aug 2022
Self love is not love but anti-love
Parts are but to be mutually fitted
And imperfections only seeming
Ceasing to be in the perfected whole
But is not if any part seeks its own
My Dear Poet Mar 2022
my heart    is split
into two   parts
  the part that   is now left
        and the part   that was right
hazem al jaber Jul 2021
Beautiful parts ...

sweetheart ...

tell me ...
from where ...
should i start ...
which parts ...
may i start with ...
from your lips ...
or from your ******* ...
or from that crazy cave ...
inside you ...
just tell me ...
my sweet angel mine ...
from which parts ...
and how to start ...
how to get my irrigation ...
from those naked parts ...
which it all ...
made me a crazy lover ...
that never to satisfy ...
from you all ...

oh babe ...
my lady's world ...
from which parts ...
may i start ...
just tell me ...
to start ...
one by other ...
until i get you all ..

hazem al ...
Anemone Feb 2021
I am words
I am notes
I am castles
I am moats
Who am I?
I can’t seem to die
There are parts of me
No one else can see
One for creativity
One for tragedy
One for the songs I sing
One for everything
Sarah Lane Jan 2021
We have things in our life that are precious
They are the parts of us
That make us who we are
The things we will never forget
They make us whole and leave a scar
A seed plants itself in your heart
It happens without your control
But suddenly it’s there
It’s a delicate thing that gives you joy
It doesn’t matter if it’s imperfect
But you never want to lose it
Our lives will consist of these pieces
That are like dandelion seeds
We feed them love without thinking
From the core of our being
Without just one, we aren’t whole
Why can’t we hold them all together
So that forever we have it all
Inevitably time blows like the wind
Each fragile seed flies away
We can dance around to catch them
But love was never ours to hold
It must be free to live and breathe
To create and to pass away
Every part of our soul that we have fed
That feeds us and makes life worth it
Belongs to the maker of the wind
The One that is greater than it all
Who holds everything in balance
The core that each life belongs to
That very heart of Love
Saves every smile and tear
From the beginning to the end
And is painting a beautiful portrait
As the breeze blows each moment away
So that when we look back at our life
We see the precious memories
Blessings that never truly disappeared
It starts but doesn’t end bare
Loving, remembering, painting
Until your picture is complete
A dandelion in God’s hand
With every part that made
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