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mjad Sep 26
He grabs my leg and pulls it over him, his hair falls in my face
I wrap my arms around him, tightening our embrace
I cannot get enough of him, he knows my body like his own
With only his fingertips, he never fails to summon my moan
Then we relax, watch Netflix and get food
My parents may tell me Satan's bad, but today he did good

Put Satan in his place
or he'll find a place


Norman Crane Aug 28
Rip the saintly halo
From above your hallowed brow
To see how it obscured
A deep satanic vow
As through your skull are sprouted
                   Two twisted bony horns:
A rose no more disgracing
A beautiful stem of thorns
O Lord, I am human
Seeing cruelty perpetrated
I forget humanity
Desiring cruelty be revenged with cruelty
I am innocent
Please keep me innocent
And save me from being satan
Glenn Currier Aug 10
You in your dark charm
play in the background
in the shadows
like a minor chord in a thriller
to create tension and doubt
your poison seeps through every tiny crack
in my sanity
all the more at day’s end
through the fog of my fatigue
but you are always poised there
waiting just beneath the surface
counting the moments till
you see an opening.
min Aug 4
satan said he’d meet me soon
so i shall wait for the blood moon
i’d travel to hell not knowing why
i’d disappear without saying goodbye

satan said i’d stay in his arms
right after falling for his charms
i’d lay with him playing dead
unaware he’s a cloud in my head

satan said i shall come with him
he’ll take me to the darkest grim
i nodded and wore my brand new eyes
and now hell is just another paradise.
i wrote this poem in may 2020 with the man i like as an inspiration. :)
farhan Jul 23
Sometimes I think,
Whether Satan is an impostor of God.
secrets, are no fun,
secrets hurt someone,
for now, poetry can
Satan visits often,
He arrives at dead of night;
He counsels me
Where I should be,
He exhorts with all his might.

Satan visits often,
I find him in the dark;
Tine figured head,
Eyes fiery red,
A prong to make his mark.

Satan visits often,
Ghostly in his cloak;
My troth to break,
My soul to take,
My very faith to choke.

Satan visits often,
Expounding where I'm wrong;
He effects his stay
Till break of day,
He attests where I belong.

Satan visits often,
Bearing bread and wine;
I may not know
Which way I'll go...
Mayhaps with him I'll dine.

It's potent, the blood, that sits in my stomach
Darkness enveloped, body numb
This is how it is
When your the coming up
I wish things were different
But it is what it is
When you're just a product

A lot of parties, too many mollies, feeling like a zombie
I've got to get out of this place
But I've danced to their melody, seen the un-seen
and sold my soul
I will never find peace, It will haunt me
Wherever I go

I was passionate, desperate, but paid dearly for it
And all I have to show for it are blood-soaked tears
Nevermind my body
Which is covered in scars

Heart torn out
Soul gone
Look at me now mother, look at me now  father
Did your little boy do you proud?
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