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Poetress2 Mar 14
I can not seem to find,
the words I long to say;
To tell you of my feelings,
I live with every day.
For if I were to tell you,
I hate the way you lie;
You'd turn your anger towards me,
so fierce, I'd want to die.
And if I were to tell you,
your cheating's not okay;
You'd say it was my fault,
I caused you to stray.
Now if I were to tell you,
that ***** *** is wrong;
You'd fly off of the handle,
and tell me it's my job.
And if I were to tell you,
we can't communicate;
You'd tell me I was crazy,
with a heart so full of hate.
So if I were to tell you,
you have broken my heart;
You'd come unglued, like an old shoe,
blaming Satan for your part.
Everyone says that
I should search for happiness.
Happiness doesn't interest me,
isn't interesting.

Everyone says that
I'm wasting my time on Earth,
dropping the dirt on myself in
my digging to ****.

Well what the **** would I do
with a satisfied desire?
I'll not be sated to meet Satan,
but to take the dour throne!

Feed me!
Offer up a
hidden danger
of a love.
Feed me pain.
That I may
offer up. . .
Feelin' Lucky Mar 13
If you're looking for a reason not to **** yourself tonight, this can be it.

Sometimes, we feel as if nothing matters.
We all do.
So i made a list of a few of my own reasons,
13 Reasons Why
I'm still alive.
And hopefully you'll change your mind.
Those moments you feel happy, and nothing but lucky.
And you wish nothing will ever change.
I will try my best.

Reason 7, The call of satan.
Are you okay? I can see you. I can see the tears in your eyes. I can see your face turning red. I can see the anger, I can see the need for help. Why do we hide it? Why do we push each other away? I love you, Can't you see? The silent call of satan takes my will to live away. Singing to the devil together, feeling Bohemian Rhapsody. The thoughts are leaking out of me right on the paper, so is my blood. The silent call of satan took my will to live away.
Cosmic kraken,
gelatinous tentacles that choke the ventricles..
air tainted by its pungent pores...
daylight darkens,
its presence hearkens,
for the light to shine no more...

Heart is hardened
vestigial veins with not blood but pain...
wrinkled cartilage writhes at lore..
of the divine despair
I now come to bear,
graces this unworthy *****...

"I beg I pardon!
spare me the road to your celestial abode!"...
whispered screams that scrape throat raw...
silence snares...
at my futile affairs...
with the sadistic nexus between doors...

"Oh I cannot fathom
creature with unworldly features...
and blade fashioned from nebulous ore...
what terrors await...
and to permeate....
my flesh forevermore!"
Sometimes I feel this way about my parents....
The end of learning is to know the minds of all Deities, the souls of masters of culture and secrets of everyone, living or dead. It invokes an oblique final outcast onto this world while being reassured at one’s own newly found Holiness.  The Devil is like God, expressed in various ways and forms, spoken softly and speaking loudly, vices too easy to commit and to make profit from. Wrestling inside, mixing emotions, it’s lonely and addictive, isolating all too easily, now I’m self-centered. Breathing in rustic sin. That is ancient and I’m experiencing it in modern times. I can only experience the present, a delusion of time and personal experience, I can admit in confessions or here in literary streams. I’m reluctant to change. Fragrance of the past, memories of smiles where I experienced moments of joy and I smiled in those moments, perhaps it’s reality’s fault. Over the course of my own life, pain became normal from it’s first infliction and pressed upon my very essence, I’m slightly bitter. In layman's minds, its easy to control, either by tone of speech. Softly killing them. We’re all slaves to an extent. My voice is unfragerant, unheard, no meaning in the eas of others, I can speak truths, say things to inspire, etc, etc, and etc. humanity is twice as pretty than Angels and Demons, to a value we have that they don’t, why the spiritual war? Being alive seems so miraculous blessing in itself. I follow no spiritual or religious fate. I am my own. But I’ve learnt, reading, witnessing. Though I resemble others in some way or form. I control myself. When it comes to it, each person's is talented enough to complicate their own life and often pick the easiest way to not only correct it but a strong desire to achieve their own wants. As the Devil is too ready to provide what they want now. The price to cheap. I never think long term. The Devil is happy when one is conformed to earthly standards and thinking. Never tell another person they’re evil or  wrong.  Over the souls of people spread the condor wings of colossal monsters and all manner of evil things prey upon the heart and soul and body of Man. Yet it may be in some far day the shadows shall fade and the Prince of Darkness be chained forever in his ****. And till then mankind can but stand up stoutly to the monsters in his own heart and without, and with the aid of God he may yet triumph. A relief of existing in itself, a burden most cannot part from and most doesn’t have the courage to reach out from something healthy or even fix themselves. Utopia here on earth, is often thought of and pursued by the creed of a select few, normally results in dystopia for others, like the common person, normally a Utopia by people is superficial and only for aesthetic veils. Soul conflicts constantly. Truth is, to do the work of the Devil is easy compared to God. Humility is a virtue of the heavenly, not arrogance. Are we the most superior beast on earth? No, not in strength and not in intelligence. It is very arrogant to assume that we are the most intelligent species when we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. In every person, there is a doer and a devil. With every passing days, the doer dies and a devil has to rise.  I have emotional attachment to my thoughts, parting from our personal doctrines is a terror I can’t part from, if I can control my heart, I can achieve vice. I only have one life. It’s been said truth will make people free, people’s mind and hearts cannot accept it, rendering emotional entrapment. Well, and keep in mind where those Masonic Mysteries came from in the first place.
Liquid Bear Feb 16
Tuned to channel 666,
counting the filthy tricks
like wicks of black candles
in my mind, a thousand devils,
end of the line fast approaching,
paranoia and fear encroaching
with every thought, I fought
the urge to submerge my soul
in gasoline, burn a hole
as big as my spleen, make me clean,
but now, I don’t know how,
that deceiver turns me
from a believer into a giver
of pain and sick glee,
put myself on a shelf
like a cursed butterfly
who can’t fly nor die,
just stare at the screen,
a maddening scene
I’ve seen a million times,
all my crimes amplified,
petrified and condemned
to life in this cell,
an empty shell ******,
blacklisted and scared,
covered in hot wax,
follow my red tracks
if you want to fall,
if you want to crawl
in the blood-stained hall
of mirrors and horrors
where my mind perished,
my life vanished in vain,
only a stain remains
of my former days
of freedom and hope,
I can’t cope anymore,
every pore bleeds,
my ***** deeds
around my head
like a crown of lead,
dead yet breathing,
screaming without
a mouth, calculating
the number of years
I’ll spend with my mistakes
and fears around my neck,
a wreck of tears in heck:
Just playing with words and imagery. The situation described does not reflect my personal life.
Louis Verata Feb 15
I have paid heed
His weening always makes me bleed
That Fiend with his spleen
Nor let anyone see
That he counsels me
While I dream.

He wants my inferior soul
The more I sleep
The more he succeeds
Paradise he does not want me to reach
Who could it be
Lucifer maybe.

The terrible weight of his deceit
He is from no creed
His steed next to the Tree Eve sought
Secrets he can keep
My wish, to drink
From Lethe for eternity.
Written on January 2, yet I hesitated to post for obvious reasons (Lucy is a sketchy subject). I utilized the name Lucifer instead of Satan because the latter is plain evil.
My conscience likes to
play Satan all the **** time
Sadly I **** at this game
Vivek Feb 11
I flew way too high!
My wings are cold and frozen!
It's a last goodbye!
I am about to be broken!
Smoke coming outta my mouth!
Can't say a word but I wanna shout!
Angel's singing by my ears!
Satan reaching through my fears!
I'll have to go there's no choice!....I am free!
In my head mom's voice it rejoice!!
I guess i kinda  know!
Where i have to go!
Ruby Tuck Feb 3
Hello, my friends,
this is goodbye.
No time for tears,
no time to cry.
No time to run and hide from TRUTH.
It is my time to fulfill my oath.
And sink into the Earth down to the KING.
And goodness to the world I'll bring.
And goodness to the world I'll bring.
This poem is something I came up with in a matter of minutes. Using the word list, I found the words cry, earth, sink, and oath, so I used them as best I could with the time I had. I hope you like it!
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