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An illusion had sprung out of a well
And from the very same we all quench our thirst
In years it has already made many dwell
And I, in chasing this illusion, will not have been the first

It was blinding in all the light I didn't see
Until I learned how misfortune had treated me right
That illusion had been cloaked by invisibility
And vanished when I returned to sight
" He is losing his grip "
- Oh!! Is there a grip now? No body said anything about a grip.

           Words Of Harfouchism.
What grip?
A fire on some distant mountain under the grey sky,
the beauty of it's shape halting every passer-by.

I hope it keep me warm during a stormy night
and shines my path brighter than the moonlight.

The fire, a solitary goal for every lost soul,
fills the void of emptiness that takes a toll.

Survivors have named it "The Illusion of evasion"
and preach, it's the mind's creation to end desolation.

Am I a fool to have jumped into the common crowd
and reached out for hope sailing on a fluffy cloud.

This grand leap might bring me a merry evening
and let me enjoy my tea in Japan's pink spring.

The scenery I see in the fire has set me free
and I feel destined to become it's devotee.
Harley Hucof Oct 5
The Thing about Logic is that it can be used to prove anything.

Words Of Harfouchism.
Listen, my son…

From the womb every man
Builds his cities and towers
From the strength of his hand
And a will that devours

But his kingdom’s a breath,
And his rule, an illusion,
Disappearing in death –
The revealing conclusion...

Man is "king" of a land
Between his right and left ears!
He thinks: "my throne is grand!"
But his decrees, no one hears!

He will gather great treasures,
But will never have any;
Will pursue many pleasures,
But will always feel empty…

Always longing for more,
Never having enough;
He’s a slave and a *****
To his master: his stuff
Oh, may The King set him free!
He alone holds the power!
And may all bend the knee,
For, we need Him each hour!

Amoy Sep 24
The wheels of time spins in my direction knocking me off my feet
telling me I need to yield for it is my master. Time the illusional master captures me, casting shadows on my mind, body and heart.
imprisoning my thoughts and emotions with promises to sooth my pain
Does Time heal all wounds?
Maya Sep 23
I had a vision today.

A vision where I saw your face, where I heard your voice.
You were right there before my eyes. And with these eyes I smiled to you, and in my mind you smiled back.
And that smile, that laugh I knew exactly what it meant.

Then you came closer, repelling all my sorrows.
And with each step you took towards me, something in me was set back to life.
And before I knew it I was alive again before I could even greet you, and long before I could even place a word.
I somehow sorted out the meaning of every tear I’ve wasted waiting for you and I knew I could wait a thousand years just to see you smiling back.

But that’s when you stopped, that’s when you were close enough for me to take notice that this smile was actually a wince, and your laugh was nothing but a grin.
That’s when I knew that you weren’t coming closer at all and that you didn’t even take a glance at me.
That’s when I knew that we lived in two separate worlds, two worlds at war with the deadliest conflict, the greater armies and the deepest rage.

Well I had a vision today, a vision that turned my world upside down and subverted my empty heart.

It was a vision for sure, but deep inside, I choose to be believer, and I’ll go on calling that my truth. Because an illusion with you is worth a million lives.
Limem ALi Sep 21
Nothing i say
Nothing i do
Not even a sorry
Neither an excuse, nor a sentence
Will change years of silence

Now, all is meaningless
All in the past
The scene was set and
The page have been turned

There is nothing
Nothing will do
The case is closed
No me and you
Darkness divine,
walk beside me.
Can we revive
what we don't see?

Through misty eyes,
we see the lies
that they disguise.
Such fallacy!

Obsessed with the shade of the night,
Blinded by the fear of the light.
Can anyone tell me oh why?
Why do we pretend to not see?

Everything's an illusion in the broad daylight.
Confusion created by the distorted lies.
Haunting us every day and every night.
Truth is an ideological sacrifice.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
I have tried to do a few things in this poem, let's see if you can spot them.

Hint: Look at the metaphors, progression, flow and the syllables.
Alexander Sep 16
You’re an ocean
In a endless desert
A refreshing sight,
But still, an illusion of the mind.
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