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ryeon 3d
do not let yourself fall in love with someone who is similar to me. for someone like myself will kiss you at all of the most beautiful places in the world, just like art galleries, beaches, and sanctuaries, because then you will never be able to visit such places again without having the taste of blood lingering in your lips.

do not let yourself fall in love with someone who is similar to me. if it takes remembering your name among the lonesome souls, i would forget my own if it means remembering yours. i will make you believe that storms are peaceful and that suffering is a pleasure. you will be swept away by the yearning in craving over something that is consistently reaching but never ready to hold you.

do not let yourself fall in love with someone who is similar to me. with someone who are reminiscent like me, i will wreck your home and hurl apologies at you, which will break apart on the floor and hurt you when you walk on them. i will come to fret about having loved you so passionately. i will always be regretful that i gave it my all without stopping to consider that i was becoming increasingly hurting so bad and exhausted. i will always be sorry that i let myself be fooled by the illusion of your love.

do not let yourself fall in love with someone that obviously acts like me—loves like me for the reason that they are all ghosts from the pieces you broke in me. keeping your safe distance from someone like me is not something you should consider doing. people like me are time bombs; when my mission is complete, i will spatter sorrow all over your walls in violent hues that would let you regret your door had never known my name. i'll never master the art of being gentle. despite the weight of our shared history, i would not be flushed away by the chapter of our repressed memories. you will never be free of the shadows you left behind. and the ghosts will forever haunt you.

humans will always find a way to end things and leave.
we always do.

and when i am gone, you will fully understand
the reason why storms are named after humans.
you can find someone as the same person you used to love from your past
It's funny how people say for others
"Don't judge a book by its cover".
Honey, I've read the whole series -
I still want my refund,
Believe me, that story never got interesting nor pretty.
It was comfort when you're feeling down,
It was home when no one else was around,
It was fun, when you needed a good time to laugh.

Why I want a refund you'd ask?
The magic forest isn't just pretty fairies and unicorns, right?
So was this book.
Cover ain't pretty, but we don't judge it - we give it a try.
Yet, under all the magic,
there's something scary, that could make you lose your pride.
Ugly witches, goblins, trolls,
but isn't the forest also their home?
Story can't always be bright,
But when the dark consumes all the light,
the book is no longer your anchor.
The pages contain ungly spells that make you feel like you're reading something else.
One of the trolls probably tried to trick me - he succeeded.
Can't believe once I've said this book was everything I needed.

Could be the troll,
could be the narrator,
could be just me,
but the comforting fairy tale,
is no longer what it used to be.

And I believe you feel the same way as me,
as this was our first and last journey,
cause the story got way too ugly so we both decided that it's just not worth it.

So, you see, I didn't judge it before,
nor will I do it now.
Yet, I'd like to bring it all back,
wishing I've never read that series nor reach its finale.
We don't judge, we live on with the disappointment.
Omarcito Jun 15
Karim disintegrates
To the madness of the Brightest Star
In the fog-thickened day.

That star,
Empowered with the strength of a
Thousand soldiers
And their passion,

And the cunning wit
Of the Great Apollo,

Stretched the fabric of linear veil to pause
The illusion of society

For a moment

Outside of dementia
Poetic Eagle May 27
Roses are red..........not all roses are red
Violets are blue....violets are not blue
Blood is my staring at her
So are you...................l dont like you too
Just saw blood is my lifeline line ...n liked it
Poetic Eagle May 27
They said, thoughts are transferable
So, are you thinking about me too?
Random thoughts
am i ee May 23
46 minutes of my life ticking away
listening to your insecurities.

46 minutes of my life ticking away
listening to you wrapping yourself in knots
over what people might think.

46 minutes of may life ticking away
where I could have been laughing.

46 minutes of my life ticking away
where I could have been with the ONE.

Stop worrying about what other people THINK!
who cares what they think!

What do you think?
or not?!
Reuben F May 9
On a broad ladder
Has madded loveless
Of a love madder,
Of loved madness
As a mad lover,
Overboard matter.
Rama Krsna Apr 23
all faces, bodies and limbs
in this variegated universe
belong only to you.
all feelings, thoughts and sensations,
simply yours too.
all of existence is just your dream!
even the bliss glimpsed in my deep sleep,
a chip of your inner peace

when you wake up from that long trance
to perform the cosmic dance,
we will all merge with you,
like moths to a flame

© 2022
the cosmic person is eulogized here as the sum totality of everything in this universe with no beginning or end
Ylzm Mar 28
Incorrigible hoarder of the useless and perishables
Fridge full of forgotten decay and unfinishing leftovers
A comforting illusion of plenty and unending riches
To which she nibble away, always leaving behind ten percent
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