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M C 11h
I am a ghost
who has remembered what it is to be a man. I weep.
As a man
I remembered what it is to be human. I laugh.
In this way, deep each moment grows a knowing:
all our brothers and sisters observe feeling.
Beneath imposed hurt
and supposed cross
is understanding, human in nature.
Swaddled in this knowledge is a flower
basking in the sun.
Love is real;
as solid as a pebble
fixed inside a mountain.
My conscience Being flows through every atom.
I remember what it is to be!
Air moved with music
as a body is moved by music.
I am a man dancing madly to the drum.
Standing still does nothing for the beat,
which sounded long before i could dance.
Love is the only dance,
Love is the only beat,
Love is the only drum.
Things that might be keeping me awake,
These tiring nights
Hypnotic dreams making connections,
Way beyond my comprehension.

Are they meant to keep you on your path?
Or grow out of it and fly above the clouds?
An illusion of control?
Or a way to fulfil your soul?

Perplexed at those vivid pictures,
Of places and people left behind
Maybe sometimes just stuck in your mind,
Turning me into a beast of burden.

Wake up from my somnambulism
To find me back in bed
With sunken eyes, holding my head
No meaning to this pretence.

A lullaby went wrong,
A state of trance
A voice inside my head,
Speaking to me like I still had a chance.

'I know you know your pain,
Here's a ticket to hop on that train
The path is treacherous with mist all around,
But have faith, you are heaven bound'

Till the morning comes and the sun is shining bright
Still ******* in my fictitious knots,
I wake up from the slumber
Realizing it's not up to me to join the dots.

Was never great at reading signs
Been living with these feelings somehow,
At the end of the tunnel, there's a light that shines
Time to face the music now.
Oh dreams, what are you?
Coming every night,
Most of the times I don't even remember
Is it good news or bad?
All I know is I need you
For where the world would be,
Without people who had dreams and acted upon them.
BSween Aug 23
When you were at your worst you drew my blood
Then, sensitive as a lamb did return
To lick the very wounds that you did shape.
For that did I linger, your supplicant.
You filled me when it suited you; each time
Was I left wanting and unsatisfied.
And for the beacon of hope too far off
Did I repeatedly return, prostrate.
In your presence did I forget myself
And in the glass my form returned a lie.
No likeness liked but liked the wanting still
Until with bored and carefree glance did you
Make real what was reflected all the while.
When I was all lonely
  When everything was dark
You pull me away
And erase all my marks
When I fall from the sky
Trapped in the lies
You pull me out of that hell
And made me feel so well
You're my angel
Keeping me out of all the danger
You're my life's changer
You're my angel
When no one listens to my cries
When I can't get up even after a hundred tries
I had the wings but I can't fly
You came up and Give your hands Pulled me out of the life
.You're with every second
When I thought love is an illusion You flew away from my confusion
when my life is locked in a cell
It's only you who made me well
You're my angel Keeping me out of all the danger You're my life's changer You're my angel
The clock might end No more hour no more second But we'll always be together Away from this world of haters Bonds are not to be broken Life isn't for chocking You made my so well You're my angel Keeping me out of all the danger You're my life's changer You're my angel 👼
Time pass yah
Jas Oct 9
Woodland gardens, in their clunky brown depth
Of wet, powdered strings soiled in sap
The raw scent of shapeless red clay lost and wondered -
Where I, remember briefly, catching a glimpse of a bear
Or rather it's fur.

Mingled in the concert, a blur of peculiar bursts of noises
Struck with no identity, whimsical and plain
The songs of festivities -
Cool, romantic winds fueled the ferris wheel
As the man pressed flatly in pools of his own vitality
Broke my heart into orbes of fear and empathy.

If you watch closely
You'll come to know that men won't lie when you're listening
They won't hide.
You'll lie for them to yourself when you catch your eyes closing.
Illusions of thy presence
Love, thy dwellings in self illusions
Fabricating for souls
Belladonna your favourite peace offerings

Your speaking smile
Explicit words of happiness
Estatic feelings thou brings
Enchantments a layer thou hides

Thou sheddings of light
Deceiving men and their deeds
Postering love
Forgetting life's hatred

Your best addressed to all pains
Your cunning way to thou's enchantment

Promising Euphoria
A place thou led us there not

Written by Tosan Oluwakemi Thompson
This poem talks about the happiness and the illusions of happiness.
Poetic Eagle Oct 7
I am not sad
Just realised l was never happy
Midnight thoughts
Maria Mitea Oct 2
In Between Me and You
I am speechless,
my voice screams alone,
you are not mine,
and I am not yours
This is all a dream,
In between you and me,
we search for each other
on the odd seashores,

Mountains and fields are in between me and you,
Rivers and oceans are in between me and you,
Stars are dying in between me and you,
and Gods are crying in between me and you
when the sky is breaking in two,
the all universe holds back us fade away,
in between me and you, are centuries
of waiting for the two dreamers to fly.

I beg you to live happily,
What’s in between you and me,
will ever stay,
you’ll always be the light in my dream,
come in my dreams when you can,
I will be happy to see you again,
how you live happily every day of your life,
smiling with the sun and flying with the birds in the sky,
come in my dreams when you remember me,
I implore you to live happily.

In between you and me,
You are not mine,
and I am not yours
This is all a dream,
In between you and me,
the all universe is waiting
for us to fall asleep.
Adi N Oct 1
What to believe,
What not to believe
You ponder.

Life is relative,
so don't get deceived.

Only that which you
experience and perceive,
must be believed.
old willow Oct 1
Fisherman is earth, his net is life,
Fish is Man, Ocean is heaven.
Sway by the earth, we dwell in life.
Entangle in this life, Earth is now home;
Ocean is just an illusion.
The fish move where the net moves,
The net move where the fisherman goes,
The fisherman move where the ocean drifts,
Man who dwell in life only see his net,
not both the drifting fisherman and ocean.
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