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I met a woman
brutal in her mercy.

Her embrace was a clinch
to prevent hard blows.
She pulled me close to push me away.
Seeing my nakedness
she leant me a dream
of chainmail and shield.
Taking love from me she gave a reprieve
to a mind resigned to the slow death of feeling.

Ignoring my words she heard
my faint silent heartbeat and
understood that it was music
too quiet for the world to hear
and turned it up louder
than I could stand.
I wept in my deafness
as she danced.
like everything else
are manufactured
to give meaning
to the passing world around us

the concept of time
may be nothing
but an illusion

& time
like everything else
holds no more weight
than what the human mind
allows for it

when our clocks
show the symbol
we conjure up a hope
that four 1's
side by side
may impact
what is to come

as that number echoes in a row
everything aligns
becoming pleasurable
to the mind's eye

we allow this illusion
to take precedence
we have nothing to lose
everything to gain
(Read the analysis of the poem in notes)

As you caress my ***** and barren soul
I look into the darkness and hear your wholesome heart beating against your chest, your golden voice is quite blessed. how much time must I wait to enjoy the rest of your lovely quartet, the lovely music of your body’s melody, the calming voice of a siren singing sweet praises that save my soul and make me feel whole. How delightfully I await the clear sight of you. I imagine a holy fallen angel with beautiful black wings and crescent red eyes with undying, unyielding smiles. I imagine what I would give to join this being, this holy soul, this immortal soul. What beautiful tunes...
I realize now that I’m dreaming.
Reality isn’t this beautiful.
I await the day when I find someone as beautiful, as alive as the dead being in my dreams.

Now I ask...
“Is anyone as honest as a demon?”
“Is anyone as beautiful and cruel as immortality?”
“Is anyone as kind hearted as an angel?”
“Is anyone as pure as a the broken?”
“Will I find peace soon...?”
In this poem we speak about a being that is beautiful from afar and hides in the dark from shame and fear of being judged.
She hides but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t speak. She one day finds a man who was wounded from battle and hides with him in the dark. slowly the man is enchanted by her voice as she comforts him in the darkness. He sees an image of what he believes is the closest being to her. She sings for him. He realized that he was the one who brought her into existence. this was his dream. He made a friend at the end. But he knew this wasn’t reality and he passes on after asking five questions. He rejoins a reincarnation cycle yet again... what happens after is up to your imagination.

The man dreamed of a creature like this because he himself was hiding from his reality’s because of his terrible war crimes and deep shame, because of it he was looking for hope someone who felt as ashamed even if it wasn’t in the same way.

We speak of the being created from imagination, then we transition into reality. Dreams and illusions are what bring the world joy. The dreams and illusions also help us face reality. It helps avoid pain of the world and process it slower...

The meaning of quartet In this refers to the women’s/ demons/ illusions soul, heart,voice and body.

The reason why I did not put the “personality” instead of “body.” Topic is because everyone isn’t satisfied with spiritual and person connection. They all have to jump into bed, so I figured modern day people might appreciate this more.
Farheen Khan Feb 7
I dream everyday
Every night
Dream is the perfect illusion
Dream is the perfect escape
And I always think
Do dreams really help
As i think yes
Yes they help me  escape reality
Yes they make me smile
But dreams never last
As a bubble they blast
Reality is never sweet
But silly me
I always dream the perfect dream
I always dream the perfect dream ❤️
Ekuna CH Feb 6
At the horizon where skies meet Earth
The mystical nine floors lead to re-birth.
It is a struggle to take a step,
To shift from the earthy to the cosmic map.
I ceased existence in order to live,
And I drew your picture on a Saturday eve.
If you are a dream, you are the fairest of them,
But why do you bleed? Are you hurt as I am?
It rains with star dust to wash away blues,
We gain forever for pieces we lose.
Deeply connected to each other and others
Our father is Sun, Moon is our mother.
You are my passion which brings me up-high,
But are you an illusion? I wonder and sigh.
Amelia Feb 6
the fire burns
flickering in the cold winter's night
and you see the reflection
of someone you had lost
or someone
who had lost you

you could never really be sure
whether the bright flickering flame
held only an illusion
or whether
it was truly burning you up inside
aj kamari Jan 29
built to be torn
grown and then chopped,
we are.
set up in a mainstream world
blindly unaware that acceptance
is just an illusion with false hype
of great importance.
with conformists scared of 'insanity'
and shunning as the cure for all fear,
individualism falls.
society mindlessly pushes difference
off a black and white cliff
to decompose in a sea of acidic hate.
just for being content with our oddities,
we are shut down like the ignorant.
oh, how unfortunate we are
to be cursed with a brain.
Ancient Seat of Versailles
Sweet shimmering palace
Place of majestic mirrors
Reflect the grand beauty you store
So that each vision
Is distorted and deformed
Yet still retains the brilliance
Of picturesque perfection
Like Capitalism unsoiled
Or Socialism Unspoiled
A duet of ideas
Promising the good life
The great life
Heaven, before it was hardened
By revolutionaries of reality
Sappho supports thy serene crown....
Mila P Jan 28
The sweet morning smell of coffee,
the rustling of leaves outside,
a sour taste of January in my mouth,
wait,what is time when we are inside?
Time is an illusion;
Time is a game in our minds,
which we are bound to follow.
In the night we sleep,
morning we wake up,
afternoon we have coffee
and then we take off our makeup.
Time is an illusion;
so learn to live on no hours,
and learn to be happy with your only human powers.
Time is an illusion; present,past,and future are all together and all now.
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