shuttle lost in space
transcend physics, black hole, in-
finity together.
my first haiku.
Ariel Russell Jul 27
Cap is sad, Bucky's down
Nat is crying, Vision is gone
Bruce is nowhere to be found
Star-Lord is screaming, Wanda's weeping,
Okoye hates everything,
Strange is quaking,
Loki may not be dead, no one can tell what was in that trickster's head
Peter says, Mr. Stark, I don't wanna be dead
T'Challa reached for his general, but he was dusted too
Tony says, I'm coming for you
Gamora laughed, she thought he was heartless
But he was heartless in a different way
Red skull thought it was all for naught, saw the error of his ways
Until Thanos coughed and said,
Thor, you should've aimed for the head.
I'm sorry. But not really.
Afeli Jul 26
Where in my horoma we are aube,
Running towards eternity.
Where it is calmorous yet so hushed,
our jitters and serenity meet head on.
Where we're galaxies, massive, and free of care, Where we are
rivers running free; towards infinity.
Trust me
When you are with me
God will extend
Our expiry date
1 day
At a time

Let him understand
How far can
How close be
Our magic
Spray fragrance
Of endless love

God too got
Unfiltered soul
He may weight
Life Vs. Death

Being honest
He will decide
Reason to let live

Once again
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Hold On, Life Wins
kiana Jul 13
every second feels like an hour
and every hour feels like a minute
every life I live is temporary
but temporary feels infinite
They say Karma is a cold one.
It's like I'm married to her.
It's like, at night
She's the last thing I see on my way to sleep.
It's like I kiss her goodnight and then we cuddle.
We even make love.
No, it's like we're conjoined at the hip,
Or some shit.
And has a hand in EVERYTHING throughout the day
Or maybe she's my dick.
Maybe since I fucked and/or fucked over so many women,
And since I've been told "Go fuck yourself" so many times
Now she's fucking me
Maybe this is some sick form of masterbation.
Or maybe I contracted her like an STD.
Or maybe,
Just maybe
She's hereboo to steal my joy like mustard gas to oxygen.
Who knows though?
May there's an penicillin type injection for it.
But, the government refuses to let us use it.
Maybe North Korea can nuke it.
Or Marvel has a super hero to defeat this evil villain.
Or maybe, when all of shit I've done in my past
Maybe I deserve it!
Maybe we are soulmates and
My birthday is our anniversary!!!
Sometimes no matter how hard you try to move on, the past is always right there to fuck it up!
Johan Nel Jul 3
Sometimes we delve into the meaningless pursual of truth
in things that do not seem to fit the frame of reality.
It is in the menial baseless unquantifiable nature of irony.
The unintentional joke of a system unknown to itself.
But oh, yes, we salute to it and honour it,
as if it presented itself to us to recognise and somehow tear apart.
Somehow I think that either we are not there yet or the culmination
is beyond any conceivable thought of the still primal human existence.
In a sphere, so chaotic, where do we begin to rebuild a shattered atom cup?
© 2018.07.03 Johan Nel
The next human life.

It's been ten years,
Of struggle, perseverance,
and barely any tears.

Every day that passed bringing
a new battle to fight,
A new day trying to shake his strength,
to break a man made of might.

Every night that passed trapped him;
His soul, too strong for the crumbling body,
waiting for freedom,
waiting for all the lights to dim.

As the lines of imagination and realism began to blur,
the ghosts that haunted him clear in his eyes,
Tortured and troubled as he were;
he became a prisoner of his mind.  

For every battle he fought and won,
One more day he could see the sun.
And though he was resilient and strong and brave—
even the bravest soldiers get weary,
And even the brightest of days can be dreary.

So God decided—
He shouldn't have to fight,
He’s had too much dark, he deserves only light;
He shouldn't have to hurt, He shouldn’t have to bleed,
He should have freedom; Paradise and peace.
And though today, he does not breathe,
He was undefeated, as he will never cease to be.
He lived a survivor,
He died surviving,
He will be a survivor for all of eternity.
This is about my grandfather, who died of Parkinson.
Krishnapriya Jun 26
Envelop me
As a feeling
fragrant love
seeping in my every pore

Envelop me
with Your Being
A satin scarf
draping my heart in silence

Envelop me
with your touch
white foam caressing
the ends of mother ocean
holding, dancing and being

Feeling the touch
Touching the Being
Being that one
True infinite eternity
Enveloped in You
Yaser Jun 25
'Who are you?'
I asked the man
and then without a word
he placed his hand upon my brow
and the indescribable occurred
there I was - infinity
I knew neither how nor why
but every thought was not my own
as every sound and sight

The strangest dream I've ever had
yet somehow it felt right
for all at once the universe
had set my mind alight
A poem about a particularly strange dream I'd once experienced
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