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the moon
the ocean
remind us
that the things we know
will never
come close
to surpassing the things
that we don’t
what do we call


to love someone


that is something

out of a


that is something


because you and i both know

that forever lasts

longer than

both of us

so i thank you,

with tears in my eyes

for not letting me

fall in love

with you

because where time is concerned

your forever

will end

far before mine
Ron Conway Jan 15
Your soul is within
The universe is without
Both are infinite
So alluring,
the way the dark spreads itself
across a sea of shining stars
and makes us forget the infinities we haven’t seen.
I question myself
and I think about how the starlight we see
is a gift from centuries ago.
I’m alive in the dark.
I’m lethargic in the light.
And yet the darkest corners of my imagination
are the places I dread the most.

I’m alone in the light.
I’m a force in the dark.
My wrists tremble at the thought of
another night of telling stories
with ambiguous intent
and metaphors that strike my knees -
bow to the dark -
and yet I’m the only fool who reads my words.

The gift of the dark
is the great balance of life;
when time is stuck in one end of the dichotomy,
these little spots of grey pour out over the blue in my eyes.

And as the colors are muffled
like the road workers
covering up an artist’s graffiti,
I begin to understand why there’s two sides to a coin.

I’m alive in the dark,
tired in the light,
and the shadows of the night have become my favorite audience.
gabrielle Jan 8
Love is infinite,

or it isn't ?

I feel unconditional,

I feel love.

It spoke end,

You spoke none.

For mine is unrequited,

For my love is for eternity.

For you do not love me -

For that being said,

I knew it was temporary.
love unconditionally,
cherish it,
'cause you'll learn that it is only temporary.
gabrielle Jan 3
it must've been fun -
variety on run,
songs all done,
love and care all around.

it must've been so hard -
from cherished moments to treasured memories of you and me.
'twas the greatest journey,
goodbye, we have reached the end of our temporary infinity.
wanna one, this is for you.
JoJo Dec 2018
The wisest line ever is written:

“Some infinities are simply bigger than other infinities.”

-John Green.
Abhishek kumar Dec 2018
You can't capture the nature
By single or multiple clicks
It's beauty stretches to infinity
And infinity can't be reached
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