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mhm 1d
If we were to get lost in time
I hope I would run into you
So that one day our souls would collide again
Creating a new infinity for our love to grow in
Confused by quickness
That with surroundings changed
In less than a year
Life has rearranged

I retrace footsteps
Leading me here
Before I figure it out
Snows and they disappear

All I am sure of
Is you are gone
It's some other girl
Being strung along

You promised me forever
Until feelings declined
Guess your infinity
Was smaller than mine
Some infinites are bigger than other infinites
Julia Celine Jul 4
There is a place for us
Where the grass is always green
I chose to take your hand and walk with you
inside this dream

Oh, how the calamity of our ending
Caressed my frozen cheek
As we tried to deny the truths
inside the depths of our beliefs

Heal the wounds torn from the wreckage
Upon this calloused stone
Card through the callings of an animal
That pulls the skin from bone

Show me the truth, that I do love you
But sometimes love is not enough
And for everything I want for you
It may not even be so much

So if we were never meant to be
It's fine, if I must set you free,
If the cold is setting in,
Then wait a moment here with me

There is a place for us
Where the grass is always green
And my love stays here, eternal,
Inside a moment's infinity
Infinity curls on and in itself,
opposing motions continue to spin.
We're drawn upon to observe
the urges of others in ourselves.

Waves unseen through idle eyes,
stillness mounts to moments of uttering.
When the sirens sing amongst us
translucent strings pull from within.

Propelled through unified switches,
laws of enchanted lure are felt.
Reflected thoughts enforce or repel,
concluded no ends over again.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Julia Celine May 23
Live with me away from here
Where the poppies wilt to nothing
I promise I caught these little secrets
in days when the roses caught me blushing

Cascading light on fallen clarity
Left for a past that'd gone indifferent
Isn't it something, we found infinity
And learned how little that it meant
I have identity
You have identity
Your identity
My identity
Not identical
There's a tolerance
So there's resemblance
My identity resembles
Your identity
I can replace you
For my resemblance
Inclusive your semblance
You can't replace me
For your resemblance
Short of my semblance
This is what makes the difference
Let me love you
Change your resemblance to include my semblance
You can replace me
We become interchangeable
Your identity my identity
Love to bind us to infinity
One soul
In two bodies
Lucy May 15
Dear, won’t you hold me,
and never let me go,
Tell me that I’m yours,
Whisper sweetness in my ear.

I’ll wrap my arms around you,
Hold you where you belong,
My lips will brush yours,
Painting a picture of our love.

Lie with me my darling,
Our limbs become tangled -
No, not tangled... entwined!
Tied together like an infinity knot.
Raven Feels May 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the world seems unfair:|

can it be

a thousand hearts in one beat

mind slamming straight to my back

shiver on my own on a brick less track

stars I count that it takes to a far

feels in me soaring on a getaway car

truth in a taste not even real but I'm on clouds now

not even my name I remember memory fails someway somehow

burning I glide unlight

now you see me in hindsight

from the frozen read lines I have in a repressed epiphany

the overwhelm I smell till I'm choked on infinity

                                                       ­                          -------ravenfeels
Jay Apr 19
Mermaids die with mortal souls

At least that’s what Hans Christian wrote

And so we’re born with shallow holes

Where hearts should be.

Where nothing sleeps.

And when our bodies turn to froth

And mouths agape sing final notes

We wash away upon the waves

And dwindle to an arctic haze.

A darkness born of quill and ink

To drift to fog upon the sea.

His holy words.

His blasphemy.

His written verse has rendered me

And stolen my infinity.
My first post on this site. A poem about on of my favourite mythical creatures and one of my favourite authors.
Liz Mar 30
When I look at you I see the sky
I see all the colors that make up infinity
All those together result in the color of your eyes.

When I look at you I feel I can fly
Your eyes in their lightness hold freedom in the clouds
And in their darkness I see pain in the storms

Your eyes hold the innocence and freedom of a child
That sense of wonder that you fought to keep alive
I'm so thankful you kept it alive

When I look at you I see my favorite color, I see the sky and it's various shades of lovely from sunrise to sunset.

When I look at you I see the comfort and peace found in your shade of blue.

When I look at you I think I'm in love
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