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William Aug 29
Stars,planets, space, infinite expanse.
Is it just old light?
Is it just ice, rocks and dust?
Is life all encompassing?
Is coalescence a must?
Writing a verse about the universe.
Is matter the chorus written within the song of infinity?
Does gravity flow and ebb like the tide?
Does time writhe and struggle like the dying beast?
Will the void consume as does a king at his feast?
What is it that planets discuss?
"What is really at your core?"
"Do you know your own state?"
"Be it solid, liquid, gas or plasma?"
"Perhaps do you contain condensate?"
Collapsing, contracting, imploding, eroding.
Was it all just a sneeze of creation by some omnipotent presence?
What does it all mean?
Where is the essence?
Adi N Oct 2
She sat on the park bench
basking in the afternoon sun,
when a brown ripe oaknut landed on her lap.

She gazed at it without distraction,
Its colour, shape, symmetry-filled her with immense satisfaction.
The English Oak tree had crafted it with perfection.

Clearly, it was there with a message-

You will take a lifetime,
to truly know my nature.
How could you ever get bored,
when there is creator’s magic everywhere.
JakeY Sep 17
Beyond the known into the unknown.
We aim for the Stars that don't twinkle.
Trajectory, to infinity and beyond.
Light-years of light-years, the destination we seek.
Studying the wrinkled lines
of elder poems
on the topic of
the Four Directions;

the poetics of
haunting bards
and mossy sage
to the
acorn of the heart

In this infinity;
a piney cabin
inside a bamboo

and Wonder,
sits cross-legged
below the
river rock hearth;
warming her palms
against the
irregular downbeat
of snapping flames

“North, South, West and East;
Trust the Wise Arrows
Aiming True
from Your Heart's
Pondering the Inner Compass; our Heart space and the infinite wise sage that resides within.
Nathalie Sep 7
Splashes of color
Paint the morning sky
Shadow silhouettes
Dancing in the morning light
Freckles of dew
Pressed against the glass
Mirrors of infinity
Reflected in their eyes

(These are what never was and could not be.)
This is the world that never was.
(We sit at the edge of the world.)
If one door opens when another door closes then does one door close when another one opens?
(We are at the beginning so it’s after the end.)
Before thought.After thought. Same life.
(Nothing left to do but swallow each other and ourselves whole.)
Let yourself be cut to ribbons.
(Harm one, heal the other.)
We consume ourselves constantly.
(We are never satisfied nor disappointed.)
What is unseen is known to all.
(Are you far enough yet to return?)
We’ll eat ourselves alive if we keep on doing this.
(Good.I’m tired of all this, so let’s start again.)
We sit at the edge of the world.
(This is the world that never was.)
OR:the serpents with no end OR the never was and could not be
Inspired by too many sources to name.
hiraeth Aug 19
Life is this
tiny space between

A finger‘s width full of
love and
despair and
the desire
to be free
JJ Inda Aug 7
hollow hearts tear at the skin
lust and passion-idle friends
bottles clink during the day
shatter at night.
whispers turn to screams
as the end begins again
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