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-A 1d
I cried out to the sky
stop the hangs of time,
even if only for a minute.
I just need one fleeting forever with him,
a memory that will linger
for the rest of my days.
One moment turned infinite.
Panashe 1d
For you're a seed awaiting growth.
So let your stems grow as they look towards the sun
For every brighter day brings growth
The very soil you stand on feeds your malnourished soul
So let the water pour out before you.
Let it nourish your roots as your seed grows to become the greatest plant the world will ever know
For you were created for greatness and not for mediocrity
After all there is only one YOU
Few rules of the careless rapid streams
Without change of pace, as they sink some rubble in
It's the mainframe of the bitter squeal that you let out with,
Secondary values, disregard the secondary values
It's the copacetic sigh, isn't it?
You declare that it's debonaire, you admit that it's labourous

Had happened sometime in my youth
Have been happening since that other times, when you were dissipated
Will have happened in sometimes, by the time of your departure

Fabled means of cornered whims trade themselves for gust of winds
I yearn the tranquility of static clouds, but all beneath my skin is mere rush of turbulent doubt
Beam of clashing has sheepishly disclosed to me,
"I can't stand this anymore, sincere mourn for your fate enclosed"
Maybe, just maybe,
All the least that are kind enough not to fail,
These zealous arms, these meticulous arms, these fervent chants,

Where the ocean brings me, why should it matter to me?
It barely bears any form of tangency to me,
Barely any compromised concern, adequate enough for some gravity of proof
Minuscule enough, but daydreaming is an expansive reality
The least I look back in anger, for some restless ticks, instead of upholding ridiculous rules,
The more I will wail, the less I will wound

Waves bring each one of us chances, upon waves clash each one of us senseless
Upon reflection as it refuses us of imminent reborn
March in this ephemeral night, hope as universe alligns this time
"Or maybe another time, or maybe another time"
It's the static flame, isn't it?
You declare that it's significant, you admit that it's incurable
I'm working on it

- Conceptual Romance, Jenny Hval, 2016
A mindless wanderer amidst a universe of stars he cannot see
A stride as faint as a silent cry

Humanity falls through its destiny
Through the eye of an arbitrary blade of grass
Wavering inside the space between atoms

Never to see, what really is
Without a chance to pierce the veils that matter
Hopelessly loss within its simple borders
What about duality, when infinity is all around us

All we have is life.
Offering silence

I do not want
Just to be heard
I want
To be listened to

I wish to know
All of myself

Head to soul

I am 5'10"
While I dream
I feel no less than infinity

2nd life, I live
As the Man
Behind the words
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Writing is being
Lyrical Dream Sep 27
she wasn't his world.

no, to him, she was so much more.

her heart was the sun,
shining on even the darkest of days
and bathing the world in its gentle warmth

her eyes were the sky,
deeper and more infinite than the sea
and bluer than the finest sapphire

her cheeks were the constellations,
dotted with dark freckles like stars
against her rosy skin

and she was the universe,

the universe and infinity,

infinity and everything beautiful between the tips of its star-speckled wings

she wasn't just his world,
she was his everything.
Nylee Sep 25
In the immense serene life
The world is unreachable
The fullest is a small me
For numbers bigger than infinity
I give so little, less than my capacity
I get the same back, why I complain
Waste more time in disdain
Cribbing about unfairness
Comparing me to them.
Of course it’s watered down
Everything is and see
There’s always a watering down
As you knew always and we all knew
Along with you but take notice
Of how it all is
In all dimensions this
And this and this and this
And this and this and this
But yes we see it all snapshot
Until maybe just or only a poem
Can or cannot capture
What has to be but it may get close
Or close enough to see nothing
Is forgotten or forgets nothing it
Has worse dreams than you
But knows they are not dreams and
Some will sow seeds and
Or maybe just or only a poem will
Wonder if yum yum this appeals
To mind or this or that part that
At present needs what it does not
Yet know it has in abundance
In profound abundance
Or call back tomorrow
Or tune in tomorrow
Or hope for tomorrow
Or just hope
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