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Bullet 3d

How are These
Rainy Days
Counting Down
My Odds
Are One to Five

|            |           |
- • -       - • -     - • -
  |           |           |

I'm Looking
For Solar Rays
But My Heart
Didn't Take the

§        §

A Superman
Signal Wouldn't
Save My Second Chance
How I Feel Love will be my kryptonite
But Lois Lane can Appear with Beautiful Eyes
N' These Solar Rays Lay but I can still sit in the Shade
I Want to be the One
But Two can Better Five

||||| ∞ |•|

I"m Talking to Infinity
Her Vessel Stone Glows Brightly
Cuz Six Doesn't Want To Fight me
2 Billiard  
Blue Tint in the Night Fall
I Just Need My Cue for
A Pocket Full Light
Letting go of Love
Just to Defeat Who  
Cuz Beating Five
Just Ends You Up With a Bunch of

Looking for solar rays on these bad days. Love isn't meant for you when the numbers don't add up right. I think the cold makes me depress.
Alexis Oct 1
free me of your rigid strings

relieve me of this vicious hold

allow me an honest breath

to saturate my lungs in life

to expand and consume the universe

discover my own essence

and unearth the beginning of infinity
Sara Kellie Sep 28
Being nothing may not be everything you thought it would be
but experiencing yourself as nothing,
that's absolute,
It's the stars,
It's the sky,
It's the wind you're riding.

So here's to you and that
nothing you're finding
Here's to YOU.

because it's all I need.

Poetry by Kaydee.
You're all I need.
A thousand hearts could not love her like mine.
Ten million artists fail painting her smile.
Billions of galaxies dull to her shine.
The runways of Paris envy her style.

Pursuit of her beauty drives dreamers mad.
Bees wish honey were as sweet as her lips.
Her beauty exceeds what numbers can add.
She captivates men more than an eclipse.

She makes ascetics succumb to desire.
The blind cannot look away from her face.
**** for her hotter than infernal fire.
Infinite angels less than her grace.

She’s beyond anything under the sun.
She’s more than everything and only one.
Instagram @insightshurt
Blogging at www.insightshurt.com
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She Writes Sep 20
Through blood we are tangled infinitely
A sideways eight to let the world see
Just how much you mean to me
Shooting stars bloom in the **** of infinity,
**** on the wings of the Thunderbirds,
a trail of fairy dust gracing their fiery tracks
as they sear through the gloom of the night skies.
I amble through the folds of the sullen clouds,
collecting the stars
as they wrap me in their cherubic dazzle.
The champagne flourish
of a Pink Diamond Star
flares up in my soul
livening me like the fireflies
that carry me on their blushing wings
as I saunter through the dusky skies
collecting the falling stars
to brighten up my dreary horizon!
Amira Sep 17
I thought I understood distance
When my maths teacher defined it as
“The amount of space between two points.”
He taught me distance can be measured in various units
As steps, kilometres and miles
or even intervals of time.

I thought I understood distance
When I counted 2362 steps walking to school
And noticed my dad’s car meter increasing two miles
In three minutes driving me back home.

I travelled a distance measured in kilometres and hours to see him.
Such distances can be easily crossed.
Either I took the next train, or drove my car
Distance as an amount of space was two thousand kilometres
And distance as an amount of time was only a few hours.

I thought I understood distance,
But never the amount of space between two specific points;
My lips and his lips.

I travelled a distance measured in bottles of wine and years to kiss him.
Such distances can’t be easily crossed.
I could walk miles of skin
And distance as an amount of space between us
Could extend tiresome.
But such distances aren’t necessarily a barrier.
I have crossed all the oceans we created
I counted all the bodies
And I have indulged in his lips.

It took me two bottles of wine and twenty years
To understand distance

But my understanding is obsolete
For him and I ,
Are still two distant entities.
I started writing this poem with great inspiration, but the inspiration wore off halfway through, which is why I still feel it is not complete. Please tell me what you think, and what you would suggest.
P.S : the poem is written to be read in a loud and slow manner.
rob kistner Sep 16

we are infinite beings
awaking slowly
from some eternal place

our ultimate coming to "be"
unknown to us as any mystery

it is learned in stories told of us
in our primary relationships

gradually we open to our identity

our essence
forever an enigma
endlessly pondered

awareness dawns
like the gradual rising
of a fresh-born sun

we feel the substance of our emergence
as it flows molten
effortlessly into timelessness

it courses through or eternal beings
as our essential lifeblood

we become
what we have always been


it is in that becoming
that we see
not over the horizon
for we will see no horizon
no boundaries
being perpetually beyond

we will comprehend no end
immersed evermore
in our ongoing infinite beginning

it is therein this mystery
that's locked the quandary of existence
the miracle of now

we are infinite beings
conscious in this ever-moment
dreaming to sustain the moment


rob kistner © 2018
Who are we?
Why are we here?
Where do we come from?
Where are we going?
What is reality?
How do we know?
The eternal questions of existence
The existential alphabet soup.
I wake up with a heavy heart
Ragged breathing and hidden scars

Inhale, exhale, repeat
I chant to the silent beat

I looked around from left to right
And realized I want to fight

Fight for you, and fight for me
And all the things that we could be
Until the end
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