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arian Feb 13
your life must be interesting
that you can't control your beasts,
and you blame others.
Rae Dec 2018
Like raging rivers,
Like steady streams,
The silence is no longer quiet,
The dreams are no longer hollow.
I can't be afraid anymore.
I have a life to live,
They say fear is an illusion,
But when the night is cold and the lights begin to fade,
It seems pretty real to me.
When my thoughts turn wild,
And the tears begin to fall,
Turns out it's real after all.
They say it'll be okay,
But they don't know,
They don't know the feeling of dread when the sun begins to set and the beasts wrestle in my mind.
Peace and fear,
The never ending battle inside.
Tell me what you think :)
Vexren4000 Dec 2018
To the depths they go,
Traversing trenches,
Making strides upon the tides,
Lovecraft's beasts, wandering the waters,
The feeling of mighty eyes watching you,
As if you were but a drop of flesh in an ocean of predators,
In most ways you are,
When one swims in the ocean.
Or dives for the secrets it holds,
In its mighty body.

pam cayanan MD Oct 2018
A  lady  stares  blankly  ahead:
Ignoring  everything  in  her  stead,
Inhaling  the  adulterated  room  air,
Taciturn,  stiff,  certain,  or  maybe  scared.

Still  as  a  rock  –
Calm  as  a  lake  –
Strong  as  a  dock  –
But  those  are  all  fake.

Inside  her,  a  war  is  waging.
Beasts,  monsters,  and  heroes  –
all  fighting.

For  the  longest  time,
Her  mind  has  been  running  wild.
Her clock  is  ticking
Yet  no  one  is  winning.

Not  one  bloc  is  determined  to  fall
Because  all  she  does  is  feed  them  all.

Acina Joy Aug 2018
Just so you know, there are some people who are deemed monsters.
And monsters are terrifying.
Most of the time, they can’t love.
And we call them monsters just because they can’t love.
Just because we haven’t taught them how to.
the sky darkens
as night draws near
the forest grows quiet
as closer draws fear

the shadows lurk
between bushes and trees
dread grows larger
with all that he sees

lost in these woods
without a trace
just terror in his bones
and fear on his face

the sights are scary
but worse is the sound
he looks for a path
but none can be found

dark shapes surround
he feels them close in
no escape from these beasts
in the woods and within
Mister J May 2018
As snowflakes fell
You made your way towards me
You were glowing under
The silver rays of moonlight
Running towards me
As I stood still
Left breathless and steady
As you catch me in your embrace

I know I can't resist
I know you'll never let me
No matter how much
We remind ourselves that
This relationship is so wrong
I guess we just can't
Help being in love with
Each other's psychotic tendencies

If you only knew about
The war raging inside me
This conflict that slowly kills me
Whenever I confront this truth
That no matter how much
We try to adjust things
We were never even made
For each other in the first place

You clung to me tightly
Never wanting to let go
Tears falling down your face
Irresistible even in your saddest phase
I'm on the edge with you
Desiring you more than ever
Even when the world tells me
That we're totally bad for each other

You sink your nails on my arms
Hastily pulling my face to yours
Kissing me viciously sweet
Like the sweetest poison for me
And even when it hurts
Even when it makes me go insane
Even when I know its all lustful wanting
Everything you do to me feels so right

Tonight is a dangerous night
**** hides beneath the passion
Love blurred by wanton desire
And yet I still want you to stay
The violent beasts that we truly are
Waiting to surface and be unleashed
As bodies dripping in cold sweat
Collide in a destructive union

You are my sweetest poison
You are my deadliest desire
No matter how much they say otherwise
You are the one I wrongfully chose
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