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calypso Jan 2022
warriors did not build
there barriers to be broken
made with a brave stone  
no push could penetrate

were an army of 86
to pull its length,
its fall would cause eruptions.
the land would be calm
never to experience destruction

where did they come from?
why do they build blocks?
how does an army dare
to divide the great wall?
my walls are my study block. i cant get myself to study for anything and I have my exams coming up. nice poem I got out of it.
Man Apr 2021
i am on a disk
and the pale, blue dot
is paler than ever before
above me
is more blue
a simulated sky
and a basin we've come to call
our shores

untethered and undeterred

there's a tree in my yard
whose roots reach
the barriers of our world
they long to touch
that void
that would see the waves
we tide
frozen still
Melody Mann Mar 2021
A stranger amid a room of familiars stumbles upon her in the path,
She resonates with life on a continuum,
As he beats freely to a vibration he strums,
Acquainted by unprecedented occurrences they muddle among the mix,
Gaining comfort and solace in the energy exchanged.

A union of continuous vibrations orchestrate their story unfolding,
Painting glories and wonders defying logic and time,
In colors unseen and promises refined,
All to abruptly halt steadfast and still,
This departure creates distance and barriers afoul,
Sentenced as strangers staggering aside to tread their own courses, Echoing of an ache still.
Val Vik Dec 2020
to break the bounds of an oath
to fall into freedom
- into growth.
let the stream circulate
into ease of what life should be
embrace discomfort
welcome the unknown

I accept the process
my many connections with you
'no man steps in the same river twice' - Heraclitus
- let the fears and anxiety decrease for you are not afraid of going through hell to get to heaven
Pax Dec 2020
I ask the people of the world
Why must we keep boxes of
each race, barricades in each
Borders, separate lives of each
Cultures, as our truth varries in
    each mirrored choices, then we
Carry the havy consequences,
The burden of these shackled
Past - we ponder to wonder
These nightmarish Regrets
So in the end, the answer is
Subjective, rules and walls
Are there for a reasonable
It maybe
good or bad
Light or dark
Day or night
An infinite battle
Running in circles
         to maintain
chaos and order
in one box.
we the inhabitants of the world
Conquerors to our own selfish deeds
Our Survival depends
to the equally cruel
jungle and our own fellow.
Rollercoaster Dec 2020
I look at your fences
and your flimsy nests.
The wind comes in and breaks them.
You rebuild, the bear comes in and breaks them.
Yet you still rebuild.
Why do you do that when you know it's pointless?
LeV3e Sep 2020
I have something to show you
A piece of perspective
You, otherwise, would never know
See, through my eyes it went but
From yours it goes and
Words can only get us so far so
We just make more up as we go
I've never felt quite like this before
How would you put it? Um
When understanding looks like a chasm so vast that
Alexandria could be cast down to the firey pits of Mankinds worst shortcomings...
The sad fact is that
We can imagine anything except what it's like to walk in the skin of another.
Storm Aug 2020
i met the right person
at the wrong time
Its hard given all the circumstances. But this wont stop us from fighting
Mamta Wathare Jul 2020
Only you could have loved me so
So deeply
So fully
Waiting patiently
For me to cross the barriers between us
Until I realized, I was always yours
victoria May 2020
The love effect

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug
And tell them you appreciate them
Even if they don't reciprocate
Weaken the cement in your self made wall
Breakdown your stubborn barriers

Love breads love
That person somehow, somewhere deep down
Will feel a little joy from your gesture
They might manifest this joy
And give that same gesture to someone else
And thus it continues
Love spreads love

Your love may not be returned
from the one to which you gave
But the giving of unconditional love
will attract love back to you in ways
you won't believe
Overcome the awkwardness
Overcome the fear of rejection
And give out love

So go ahead
Tell that person that you love them or appreciate them
or you're grateful for them,
or all three
and more......
And wait as the ripple effect takes place
And waves of love will eventually be returned to you.

Love is magic
It breaks down barriers
It heals scars and wounds
It can end all feuds
You can be a part of this today

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug.....
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