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Val Vik Dec 2020
to break the bounds of an oath
to fall into freedom
- into growth.
let the stream circulate
into ease of what life should be
embrace discomfort
welcome the unknown

I accept the process
my many connections with you
'no man steps in the same river twice' - Heraclitus
- let the fears and anxiety decrease for you are not afraid of going through hell to get to heaven
Pax Dec 2020
I ask the people of the world
Why must we keep boxes of
each race, barricades in each
Borders, separate lives of each
Cultures, as our truth varries in
    each mirrored choices, then we
Carry the havy consequences,
The burden of these shackled
Past - we ponder to wonder
These nightmarish Regrets
So in the end, the answer is
Subjective, rules and walls
Are there for a reasonable
It maybe
good or bad
Light or dark
Day or night
An infinite battle
Running in circles
         to maintain
chaos and order
in one box.
we the inhabitants of the world
Conquerors to our own selfish deeds
Our Survival depends
to the equally cruel
jungle and our own fellow.
Pranav Dec 2020
I look at your fences
and your flimsy nests.
The wind comes in and breaks them.
You rebuild, the bear comes in and breaks them.
Yet you still rebuild.
Why do you do that when you know it's pointless?
LeV3e Sep 2020
I have something to show you
A piece of perspective
You, otherwise, would never know
See, through my eyes it went but
From yours it goes and
Words can only get us so far so
We just make more up as we go
I've never felt quite like this before
How would you put it? Um
When understanding looks like a chasm so vast that
Alexandria could be cast down to the firey pits of Mankinds worst shortcomings...
The sad fact is that
We can imagine anything except what it's like to walk in the skin of another.
Storm Aug 2020
i met the right person
at the wrong time
Its hard given all the circumstances. But this wont stop us from fighting
Mamta Wathare Jul 2020
Only you could have loved me so
So deeply
So fully
Waiting patiently
For me to cross the barriers between us
Until I realized, I was always yours
victoria May 2020
The love effect

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug
And tell them you appreciate them
Even if they don't reciprocate
Weaken the cement in your self made wall
Breakdown your stubborn barriers

Love breads love
That person somehow, somewhere deep down
Will feel a little joy from your gesture
They might manifest this joy
And give that same gesture to someone else
And thus it continues
Love spreads love

Your love may not be returned
from the one to which you gave
But the giving of unconditional love
will attract love back to you in ways
you won't believe
Overcome the awkwardness
Overcome the fear of rejection
And give out love

So go ahead
Tell that person that you love them or appreciate them
or you're grateful for them,
or all three
and more......
And wait as the ripple effect takes place
And waves of love will eventually be returned to you.

Love is magic
It breaks down barriers
It heals scars and wounds
It can end all feuds
You can be a part of this today

Open your arms
And with no fear
Give that person a hug.....
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
It feels like particles are peeling apart
Separating as they please
There is undeniable space growing in my heart
Observable to who peeks and sees

Fate to blame I have no doubt
Touching tears that won't mend
Beneath skin circuits start to short-out
Barriers between emotions blur and blend

Real is rare so bare all imperfections
Fake the majority of what others share
Everywhere I go is overdissection
Judgement is blatantly unfair

Which only adds to distress
Taken without one sound
Cork up inconvenient emotions unless
They overflow
Then I'm drowned

You cannot imagine what it's like
Kills self-esteem to reflect
Each time negativity strikes
Is impossible to correct

Bottle after bottle emerges emptied
Sink in a sea of distraction
Forever smoky air will not recede
Chilly dreams prevent satisfaction

None of our dreams visible anymore
What are we doing wrong?
Many bad decisions
Too many to ignore
I guess failure's where we belong

We will never be proud living like this
We are in darkness's constant shadow
Sins overtake any chance we have at bliss
Dragging troubles in tow

Trust we will be able to grow
Takes years to heal wounds deep
Bridges over teardrops that flow
Seconds wasted we could not keep

To conclude
Retain a sliver of hope
Though happiness may be lost
I build and maintain ways to cope
Stay warm amidst the permanent frost
M JAYAJIT Apr 2020
I met her above the hill as a boy
     far away from the Reality
    I thought  it would be easy
    I thought it would  be simple
            but not the society /
   And it went on ,days were  
                passing like a
    brook into the far woods
She was like that story book   
               I loved to read
    loved to flip her pages even  
             I used to sleep //
she was like that  baby whom I    
                 like a mother
      loved to cuddle even after
        hundred sleepless nights
            But did the society?
One day she said she belonged to
               a different faith,
  though I never read it on her
            I never learnt it
         when we gossipped
      possibly it was our fate
may be we were not  for each   
              other mate !
till that date we have never met
till that day every moment I hardly  
God never made the barriers,
                    we did
   God never created religions 
               Society did //
     If I get those days  back again.    
                and I wish
I was not that high school lil Jack,
   I promise  I wanna ask myself
why did not you say anything at    
                   her face?
    why did I accept that as  
                    my fate !
I want to know are you happy  
     are you ok with all those    
    with all those myths and.    
                 blatant lies,
   that has nothing to do with us    
                   my friend //
   Then I realized its not that simple
   because you and I , we all belong to
              this Cruel society
     where still some mugs live/
    with their long straucht arms
        to condemn you and me,  
   to outcast my you and your me
    Still I want to ask you dear
why could not you dare to ask
     if not them atleast to me
   it was  really  you or your me
    that asked me to leave ? maybe
its the  differences that told us to  
       apart or  its the society who
               played her tricks,
  to safeguard her  status-quo and  
                   age-old bricks //
    I wish We  had been born
              as adam and Eve,
    I hope  we were  born in that
     where hardly any differences
this mismatch is nothing only the    
                icebergs' tip
      differences are more than
       that we could ever think
  God has not set the barriers we did,
                 you and I did //
This poem is written to address a particular aspect of our life.
no political or hatemongering motive behind this
Reappak Apr 2020
If my journey was to be easy,
I would've missed valuable lessons
Cause for sure each turn in it
answers my questions!

If it wasn't for a scratch
I would've never learn
to climb a tree
If it wasn't for a sting
I would've never know
How to dodge a bumblebee

If there weren't any dark nights
I would've never know
How to make a fire
The fire which helped me
Passing muck and mire

If it wasn't for the thunders and rain
the sunlight and rainbows
I could've never obtain!
If it wasn't for the wild waves
Wet, the sand would never be
And won't allow me to make a sand castle
And rule it like its queen!
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