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Two Way Mirror Dec 2019
The curtain,
the veil, the barrier, the obstruction
whatever you want to call it
that distance between you and the rest of the world
the no-mans land between borders
the space in time between receipt of input
and your output
where all the frantic calculations are made
where all the possibilities and ramifications are considered
before blurting out something misjudged
more thought doesn't always lead to a better outcome
you can overdo it
Anthony Pierre Nov 2019
I set my sight far on China
abacus counting; without confusion
But they're mostly short sighted
and that's no delusion

Heard about the Hong Kong march
but didn't recall till I'd seen what I saw
So I did what I did, now I understood
what I could, with Confucius

Never take a pen to a pig
nor your litter to the swine
for one, H one N one
Can I get myself the Canadian kind?

Import... extort, not for the canola  
nor the coals down under
If I'm selling what I stole from selling Inuit
like the forty thieves and Ali's plunder

How many men can stand as tall
without writing Graffiti on the Great Wall
that they built, that's psychopathic
for the people, by the people, the Great Republic
The Great Wall of China is such a magnificent feat of human capability. I could not resist writing some Graffiti on this wall. Next up: Berlin. Feel free the write your own Graffiti on a wall near you.
Sharde' Fultz Jul 2019
singing* You just called me, "Beautiful."
Now you've got to be mine foreverrr.... (2x)
--repeats in background for duration of poem--
  You just called me--
I hate that it's so easy.

Now you've gotta be mine  foreh--I hate that its so easy to please me
when you say things
that makes me think that you see me
as who I want to be
and the way you say it,
it -it touches me
I'm naive
I want to believe
You just called me...
I want to trust you
I want to believe your intentions are true
and its not me in a fantasy
but its you just
being you
you just called me beautiful
All you did was call me, "beautiful."
but your words spoke to my soul
cause I know you know things about me that I don't like to show
and I think you've dug something up in me
that was unknown
and odd
and free
and foreign
now you've gotta be mine foreh--*
and willing.
and unencumbered
You see? Now you've gotta be mine
cause I'm too fragile
I'm too exposed
you can't break into my heart
and unlock all these doors
that've been guardin who knows?
no, this is a two person job
you shoulda watched how you talked.
and now you're mine.
you gotta be mine.
you gotta be mine.
you gotta be mine. *repeats till fades out
This poem sorta erupted when a soulful song came up on my playlist and I sorta ran with this beat that I started humming. I think it's oddly a little dark. We don't really know if the speaker has found someone genuine or if for some reason she just falls for someone that seems to say the right thing but nevertheless she's hooked and she now somewhat depends on this person's affection because they brought something out of her that had been hidden for a long time. This was fun!
D A W N Jun 2019
we really liked each other huh
though we never said it out loud
we kept that thought to ourselves
we learned through our actions
subtle but powerful, we knew.
the irony of one to love the polar opposite.
of course you were uncertain.
you cant mix the + and - of a battery and just
jam it in thinking it will work
maybe thats why you never confessed.
if life ever decided not to give happy endings,
the moments we've shared together  
taught me that also love has barriers
of what was something that couldve been a happy ending
if love and religion disagrees
this is the paradox of you and me
a very rough piece i wrote but my poems serve as my diary :// mashed into fancy words and beautiful metaphors this is an old poem i found written on a book i havent finished reading kssksksks its hard when u had feelings for someone inside ur circle back then ;))
Asunna Feb 2019
Pick up a pen, spell your words
line your ink with temper.
Tear out the page and burn it still,
Happily ever after.
siinli Oct 2018
I thought my barriers were too high
I was certain that it will not fall
I guarded my heart
It was locked and kept
I buried it six feet under the ground
I hid it where nobody can find it
I considered it dead

But little did I know
It was me who broke down my wall
It was me who dug my heart
It was me who offered my dead cold heart

It was funny he kept it
Oh no
It was funny to think that he'd keep it
He clutched my heart and I lost my breath
Isn't it ironic, how he killed my dead heart?
It was funny, I am certain.
I thought I was numb but ****, it ******* hurts
—you don't need to know
noren tirtho Oct 2018
Pain banishes all barriers,
It pounces where it has to
and wipes out every division.
There's no religion of a cry
Tears speak the same language.
The heart feels the agony
and screams out the sadness
without any distinction.
And there's no difference in
the sigh of an eye.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
You are the Gift of Love
I gave to myself.
My love for you
defies distance,
conquers barriers,
and transcends lifetimes.
Stolen glances
Stolen hearts
Broken barriers
And shattered glass
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