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Carlo C Gomez Aug 2023
thin. paper thin.
here is a bonus. (or is it bogus?)

the order of release.
the order of dead pages gliding in the wind.

advertisements for adopting a lonely asteroid or building fire extinguishers in your spare time.

the rain of acceptance comes with dark clouds of shipping and handling.

just check the appropriate box and send it in. send it in now!
Man Jun 2023
And I have severed the bridge,
The bond of the astral soul
To this corporeal form.
Similarly feeling, so far
From all that is tangible.
What I am, I don't know
And the point, in the grand scheme.
A stream of air, a speck of dust
Tiny particles without any meaning
Larry dillon Jun 2023
Crafty Waters lured the Captain
To the middle and the deep.
in the height of the hurricane,
It proceeded to speak.

"What do i matter to the birds
who exist between sky and tree?
These fish swim in my currents,
yet are unaware of me.
But for you, oh captain,
I'm everything you need me to be!
You have your ship, and your men,
and your lives at my mercy.
Today you will learn
you can't control the sea."

The dastardly Waters led him to believe,
In exchange for his life,
his crew would survive,
brief cessation from the culling winds,
and unabiding tides.
The captain decided then and there
To make the sacrificial dive.
But before he made a splash,
the hurricane came back  
and claimed his crew.
A Sage Seagull swooped down
saying," dear Captain,
those Sneaky Waters lied to you."

The trusting captain stranded,
his ship capsized,
despair in his voice,
to the clever gull he cries.
"stoic grey winged beast,
with blackened,beady eyes,
what difference does it make to you,
if a captain dies?"

The apathetic gull got close
and in a whisper replies-
"we'll trade words for fish one day,
now, repeat as I say."
The captain certain it won't help,
but he spoke them, anyway.

"Proud Waters don't you gloat!
boast about how big you pretend to be.
your power buys our fear,
turning men into memories.
But my life holds your story!
I'll tell it, if you set me free.
Am I drowning in you...
or are you drowning in me?"

Returned home.
the Captain captured fish
for the seagull to eat.
And from his lips told a story
of his time out at sea.

Still new ships think they will prevail.
Distant from diminutive land,
sailors set sail dreaming of the safety
of a mundane harbor.
Unaware of the schemes
between the Shifty Seagull

and those Maniacal Waters.

A story of a captain's shipwreck, an ocean's pride, and a seagull's duplicitous nature.
M Mar 2023
can you hold me at gunpoint for the swift blow of a kiss?
'cause i know that theres no point in the sift-stow of a missed
endearment of a lovecoin with a pith bold while a hys-
teria owns my mind disjoint in a sweet cold euphoria fizz.
amazing rhyme scheme i must say,,
Ylzm Jun 2022
from old unchanging darkly grasped
in story unfolding and the yet untold
but ear strays and heart schemes
the old unheard and story unchanging
the problem
with buying clothes
these days
is not knowing
if anything
will fit
or even
suit you
until it arrives

rather than
just return items
that i decide
i don't want
i hunt for
a loose thread
and pick at it;
with finger and nail
when that is not enough
next comes
a gnashing of teeth
if needs be
i am not above
brandishing scissor
or knife
to split the seam
before complaining
that the item
is faulty

i am never proud
of myself
when i do it
there would be
no difficulty
in returning it
as unwanted
this way
i don't end up
paying postage
Thomas Steyer Oct 2021
I went to sleep - then woke up at 1:23
And when again at 4:56 it looked like a scheme
Then again at 7:89 but that must have been a dream
Simon May 2021
"The Swindle", is a possible escape plan in order to divert attention completely away from the VAST majority of preying eyes!
"Why!?" And..."why now question it...?" Whatever the situation, you need to be wary of totally undivided attention...,since you are not alone...of an obvious disguise (upon an even more obvious "swindling" act).
"The Swindle", is a countermeasure towards shameful results (for oneself). That is...if your simply caught in the act...
leeaaun Mar 2021
erasing my existence,
to make a mark of your existence
isn't a permanent solution.
because those who are meant
to stay forever they won't
try to end up someone's life over this.
they know their value,
that's why they will wait
when you will create a hurdle for yourself
which you supposed it is for them.
they will think, you are gone forever.
but that forever is theirs end.
as when their breath will end,
karma will rise me up from the ashes
where i have been sleeping—
to live my life for eternity.
from the start, it was their lose.
so fool to understand the schemes of life.
fool will become a fool, of he will fool you
Ken Pepiton Jan 2021
Ein Bisschen
Un poco
an arbitrary bit of art as intuited.

Did you defy the order of life's proper
sequence, by knowing next begins after
the Hallelujah, right and proper,

that's the stopper.
There, dear reader, we pause and ponder,
as in
Right and proper.

A bit off here, a bit from there, pack it into
a classical schema, which
was a word I learned after learning scheme
as the core concept used to form conspiracy,
you see,
if you were, in an immaterial sense, feeling
we are similar,
perhaps we are common, good thought of
as a type of person any mind may make up,
to tell a long and winding story as if it is
this one,
life on earth, 2021.

After the changes, when we remove the masks,
we see others of my kind, mit **** sapience sapience-augmentated,
we be, in a greegri state
seeds of former
things informing
us, subjects  of all we know as good or evil,
good for us, not evil for me, once
enough is realized.

Realizing just enough to manifest a will to make good.
Aye, AI, there we have it.
Make up, test.
You bit, you chew, you bitchew. Life is fun, once,
for a little while.
Seventy or eighty years...
who knows how long our words remain.

schema (n.)plural schemata, 1796, in Kantian philosophy
("a product of the imagination intermediary between an image and a concept"),
from Greek skhema 
"figure, appearance, the nature of a thing,"
related to skhein "to get,"
and ekhein "to have, hold; be in a given state or condition,"
from PIE root *segh- "to hold."
Meaning "diagrammatic representation" is from 1890;
general sense of "hypothetical outline" is by 1939.

From <>
Make fun when we find none. Then make sense, to see if it feels
right and proper, like art intent on making peace where only its memory was;
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