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rgz Jan 27
Born into violence
a threatening silence
fear distilled to
a sickening science

Grow sick with lies
growing sicker with time
a trickle of spite
slowly drips in your mind

You learn to despise
try hiding your eyes
disguising your cries
by inciting demise

Sizing up to passers-by
painting on your wicked eyes
getting high just to get by
spitting smoke at the fire

Acting with no conviction
no hope or ambition
re-enacting bad decisions
giving in to life's attrition

It all goes one of two ways
you can give in to the hate
live with infinite rage
never turning the page

Or you can try to embrace
an infinite race
set a ludicrous pace
and aim for first place
I guess it's kind of uplifting?
a bit surprising really
There is a lack of coherence
in this universe, a pebble
said to me once

How can I be incorporated
to this forest which the
everlasting ages brought me to?
I'm merely a pebble...

The uniformity somehow
cracks beneath the wheel of Time
A new stimulus shall always appear
for the carriage to continue its course

None shall ever stop
the scheme between
God and Time
Ari White Mar 2017
honey on a lightbulb
in the hopes
for shiny bees

and itsy bitsy blankets
for the bed bugs
just trying to sleep

i feel bad for planets
galaxies and milkshakes
unable to receive

pick up my phone call
pick up the moon

i am sorry for the things
i don't understand
the soap bubbles and the seams
Ilion gray Jun 2018
I am yours.
To keep
Or ****-
To own
Or burn;
Freeze and melt,
And drip down into
Until nights are dreamless
And the day sky loses the moon-
      Because when you kiss me
Planets arrive suspended-
perfect silence
Through the loneliest
stitch of space-
of infinite galaxies-
Of Rolling hills of black.
I forget all the empty things,
I forget that I am a drifter
Into every morning that bears
The Dying day...

Your smile Ignites spinning
                                    in space-
                     Sets stars aflame...
            Pouring itself
   down into
Drifting planets-
Life into the dark

If you squeeze my heart
And take it,
So be it.
you have rearranged
the notes;
the measure
Of its beating.
When you enter,
Walls shatter and collapse

In you the earth stands still-
        In you it turns again.

Yes my love,
I do walk with 

I will only rise
above you,
so the devil
can not see you.
I will hide you
beneath my skin,
in between
my bones,
If you are tired of being alone...
In a world,
thats not your home
Meaby Pom May 2018
A hand I reach to the tulip in my
A greet to this life I found new
A family I want, our love will not be
I say forever and mean it, aslong as im
Regardless of the results, I'll be here
Till we are there we will just be
I love you baby, you are absolutely
Sarah Nov 2017
though you and I
have yet to travel
very far on Earth
through the night sky
I’ve lost count
of all the stars traversed
Kyle Fisher Jan 2017
Skewed, and Angled.
Perception of time seems so vulnerable, at least able to be captured.. mangled.
Away it flies, yet draws closer by the second; quilted with its own set of rules and manners.. entangled.. in itself.
The ultimate healer, but kills all, besides itself, "In time." Dividing a fine line between happiness and misery..
Above rides the wind, and below, the waves.
Neither can go back, or skip ahead.
Sarah Aug 2016
Looking at the bathroom mirror
knowing I was the one who broke it
I don't believe in luck
but I was fortunate enough
to wind up with only
a small scratch on my wrist
below the side of my fist
where I hit the spot in a fit of rage
The cracks spread out in a strange shape
like half of a heart shattered to pieces
most which were cleaned up
but I've still found a few in here,
even after seven years.
Kyle Kulseth Jun 2016
Bills are scheming with a lightweight check
Swear to God they must by
         best of friends.
And now I'm sitting solo on my couch
with these 4 walls.
They've become parenthetic.

It's the same everywhere,
               I know.
Same for my friends.
'Cuz the loan checks that we're writing won't
          pay dividends.
We majored in Assumptions,
tossed our caps and
we found new meanings
for what's copasetic.

Now it's easy...
too **** easy...
So easy...
It's too easy.

To wander these same neighborhoods
and stay in tiny, ****** apartments
when the loose ends of your 20s tangle
and you're tied to where you've always been.

And I'll never ask for
          FOR ANYONE'S HELP.
But I still can't take
          CARE OF MYSELF.
So I'll
and laugh my way to the bank
so they can repossess my smile.

Days keep blurring through to nightlight gleams,
               I know
time is racing past but
      thoughts are slowed.
And I'll be sitting pretty on my couch
inside 4 walls
because habits are a home.

It's the same everywhere,
               I know.
Same for us all.
Late nights and lame jokes we're making
          push back walls.
We majored in Assumptions,
tossed our caps and
we found were new ways
to be pathetic.

But it's easy...
just too easy...
So easy...
It's too easy.

To stay in soured relationships,
stay still in tiny, ****** apartments
when the low points of your paychecks dangle
while you're trying to climb as high as rent.

And we couldn't be in
And we couldn't be less
but we'll keep on keeping
like it's copasetic

And we'll never ask for
          ANYONE'S HELP.
Though we still can't take
So we'll
and laugh our way downtown
where we can reassess our smiles.
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