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badtaste Oct 6
I don't want to be the cigarette in your coat pocket
Just so you can take me out and use me
And after the high put me out and end my light -sprawled naked across my bed-just to say
"I wish we didn't do that..."

Filling me with such regret
We treat each other like an ashtray, dumping our problems onto one another making an **** mess staining the sheets... Thank you Clever your poetry is always inspiring and I owe this work to you (just to clarify this isn't about me and clever lol the way I wrote it was based upon her voice)
Akvpoems Oct 5
I've always loved the sunset
Just as I've always loved the day we first met

It could have been nicer
If we would be able to spend time with each other
I would not mind if the universe conspires
To make us cross our paths again and make me feel blazingly, once again inspired
Claire Sep 18
You saw me
I saw you
You went up to see me
I smiled back too
You asked me how I’ve been
I said I’ve been great
Then your tears started to pour
You said you regretted everything..
You regretted pushing me away
When I kept on catching you
You regretted hurting me
When I was the one always saving you
You looked at  me, crying
Shaking and looking scared
“I regretted losing you when you were the only one who genuinely cared”
NL Kelly Sep 17
butterflies that fluttered
in your heart after our eyes met,
Have bloomed into carnations
Full of stars constellated
With passion between
your thighs.
can feel the heat
of your unseen
As it begins to rise
As the sun on the horizon
until your sensuous reaches zenith
and I witness
Your flower petals kaleidoscope and unfurl
As you release sweet nectar that pearls,
with aromatic efflorescence,
Onto the the surface
Of my stamen
BoringBoy Sep 15
"We've got this"

"Yeah, we're all going to get through this"

"I'm not even scared, just don't forget to remember me on your way out"

They all glanced forward...and in an instance, they all felt the same painful explosion of emotions.

"I won't forget you guys"

"Shh, you're going to make me cry. Don't talk like that"

"Shut up, you heard me, just remember me when you get back"

Before them, lied the door into their next journey. Had they known what was in stored, maybe they would've reacted differently...

"Remember...when we used to come here, and couldn't wait to do this..."

"Yeah. And we used to say that Taylor wasn't coming"

"Those were good times"


"Is this...really it"

"I don't want to go anymore"

"Let's just stay here"


"We can't"

"Even if we wanted to."


"If I don't see you guys after this...i just want you to much i love all of you."

"Yeah, me too. Especially you, Johnny. I'm going to miss hearing your weird laughs"

"***, and Tamera"

"Her voice is everything"
"I know right, please keep singing"

"Guys, now i'm going to cry"

Staring forward, into the endless abyss behind the door...hesitation began to build like tension.

"I wish we could stay forever"

"Yeah, never look back..."

"But now we're here"


"Yeah...we're here now"

"And we can't go back"

And like that, one by one, the pool of memories gradually declined in size as they gradually disappeared into the abyss.

"No more goodbyes"

"No more tears and fears"

"And in an instance"

"All of that disappears"

Inspired by the tune of this sound:
Yuki Sep 13
In this white green earth
having shared it's worth
Blessings! Peaches and honey fused
orange and mango mused
apples and grapes amused
their feelings and mine alike
when seeing the world alight
air so thin and light
eyes hopping on every sight
castles and cottage up hill
dreams growing at will
space to dance and chill
nothing to stop for, tranquil
everything standing still
except whispers of birds that echo
so close to the meadow
aligned trees like art deco
bright radiance above Czecho
reaching round white pillow
some say it’s the twin of phyllo
ren Aug 29
they say love isn't real if they don't make your heart ache at some point,
but with you, it ached as much as the sea storms into the shore and goes back out—again and again, it never ends,
it ached when you lifted your loving gaze and smiled to me from across the room full of people around us,
and we were slow dancing in a burning room.
dusted this from my 2 year old draft box
Faizel Farzee Aug 14
As life threatens my very existence
I move forward like a sunrise ever constant
As I face the sound of battle
I lash out like Zeus enraged
Missing as my sworn enemy’s darkened soul choose not to be saved
My scythed battle cries give me powered wings
As Life spews its armed anger at me
I march forth like a force of the gods before us
Victory! The call,  sweeter than any honeyed voice
The words flow from my enchanted pen like rivers of anesthesia
With the ghost of my demons in my mind ever present
Life will always be battle, it's for us to find the courage to keep moving, even in our darkest hour.
Can't remember
The last time
Anyone inquired
How am I?
The days have blended
A smooth seamless
Desert of time,
Endless grains
Of minutes
Stacked high
As far as anyone can see,
It just dawned on me
How parched I am,
But not for water
Just a small oasis
Of me, for me,
For I am without
A sense of self
Where am I going?
Where have I been?
I wish to soar
But I'm sunk
Have to dig
Myself out,
Before I forget

Thanks to Mia for this inspired post.
Bella-Lee Aug 5
If you could hold my hand... I'd open your heart and head like a book, reading each word with soft consideration. If you could hold my hand, we could read each others wrists and arms; like a story that is carved in blood and tears. If you could hold my hand, Id never let it go. And we could sit under the snow in a glass house and fall asleep together.
Something I wrote in inspiration of a poem i just read called 'If you could read my mind' ----- Truly inspiring
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