Vincii 21h

Do you know whats the best thing?
It is when the world connects through internet,
And do u know the best feeling?
When you fell in love with someone you don't even met.

It is the feeling that Im willing,
To be your king and give everything,
Nothing but happiness,
Never feel the sadness.

I love you is just I wanna hear,
So I love you too I am sincere
dont hurt me it makes my heart in tear,
So dont ever leave me..
cause its the most I fear.

I love you stranger,
I'll be the best lover,
Everthing good will get better..
So be with me....

your fingers danced through the guitar strings,
they jumped and dived along with the melody,
and i was entranced.

then you looked up,
looked into my eyes,
and i knew,
right at that very moment,
i knew,
that you were either gonna
save me or ruin me,
but i was sure
nothing's gonna stop me
from finding out.

could you tell me when it's over? if the high was worth the pain?
Dark Smile Apr 17

i will not stop
not even when everything inside of me
is burning
begging to stop
begging to take a break
i will keep pushing on
i will do it
i won't stop
not even if the last shred of my restraint
is gasping for air
please stop i can't hold back anymore
i will appear vulnerable to the world
because vulnerability is not weak
and i'm anything but weak
i will rise again

Lately, I've just been through something that really upset me but I am more determined than ever to prove them wrong. I will still rise.
Temporal Fugue Apr 17

What it takes to be inspired
can drive a man to the brink
cause his heart to burn like fire
and his soul and spirit, sink

She's my muse, lifting me
past the gates and broken walls
words appear, wild and free
not allowing me, to fall

When flying above my capability
her arm tucked into mine
enhancing my abilities
each, and every, time

Sometimes you can see her smiling in your memory, and that, is enough :D

What has transpired
Has inspired
My desire
To rise higher and higher and higher
Then it ever has before.
Through the door
Clothes on the floor
Bodies squirming
Stomachs churning
Sweet spots pouring
Our bodies have cum to an end
A mess we tend
Then jump in bed
I rest my head
On your breast
Heart in my chest
Feeling unrest
In a way I can't detest
You see, you are the best
Friend I've ever had
So now I'm glad
We know each other through-and-through
No awkward blues
After the fun that we do.
You think I'm joking, but its true
I love you.

What has inspired me throughout life is the women I've been with. Not the sex, but the feeling of having a companion to be able to both love and be loved by. It teaches you a lot about yourself when you are caring for another in such a tender way.
hbr Apr 10

i have just stuck a needle
through your ribs
you made a little flutter
but are quiet and still now

your eyes are dark and striking
and your legs are spindly
a little clumsy
you were supposed to go places

forgive me:
you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
delicate, dusted in gold, and sweet
i wanted to keep you forever

(inspired by William Carlos Williams, "This Is Just to Say")


and so even after
the sun goes down
and the stars
out shine the moon,
I'll still love you

I'll still love you

"even after nights of breaking apart
while you were falling asleep,
my mind is still haunted
by all the memories --
of you, of me."
Nath Apr 6

The road which I took awhile ago,
Is a long winding path and narrow,
At the borders from where my feet stands
Are the remains of dirt and burrow
I look beyond bending horizon,
Behind the mountain the sun had gone
The violent wind blew, clouds had flown
The gradient sky to pitch-black it turned
Then the lonely silver moon had shone
while the sea of stars danced on its light.

This might be the hundredth time I wrote about the sky so please bear with me.

The sidewalk ends, with a solid solemn note
the purpose has no walls, but has a perfect moat
Birds in the eaves and overhangs, raccoons in the hall
imagination as it flows, or does not flow at all

Dwelling on the the bitter absence of simple electrical thought
some things cannot be purchased, sold, or ever bought
A daydream or a nightmare, solidified by pure control
molding what's at hand, as diamonds, made from coal

String the pearls of all things grasped, and so upheld
as are good dialogues, leading too, a quintessential spell
Hone the blades of heroes, bending edicts and all rules
using words as barriers, against the bravery of fools

I never thought to hold the strings, of all the prose that I have lost
divining a newer better phrase, running up a dire financial cost
Give me back all the discarded pangs, I've left there in my past
conjoining in deliverance, as broken bones in graves, been cast

It's like the final days of great Pompeii. or greater Rome
Nero on his lyre, Pompeii's burned within their homes
Draw the dipped quill across, what is and is not so
gleanings of similar minds, inspiring as it goes

Ya never know where it comes from, it either comes, or, it doesn't. :D
Laura Louise Apr 2

Tis of late I convinced myself that death would not be upon my door.
Just as it seemed, the night invited itself in, slowly in alignment with the darkened halls.

Apprehensive, I exposed myself to be captured and convinced by a thought. Suddenly, I heard a crawling, nearly regretting what I called in, pondering as I saw such things unfold…

Things my eyes could not release, rather continue to explore.
I am but a child with an empty face, I hath not known of a lust like this before.  

I am in a state of such decrease, Its feels like a self-tortured chamber so to speak. Among me prowled a suspicious entity, the kind of entity I dare not speak.

For I will remain mute without a sound, but write to expose the thing that surrounds me in these quiet, empty halls.  For it is I who bought myself here, arrested, still wondering around unfinished.

Come to me though an opening, I’ll show what is trapped between these still walls. It’s all for memory, complete this for me as I did not have the chance to complete myself.

Approach the startling with your hands wide open.
Take my burden, It's now yours to carry.  
Unnamed, I trust that you’ll reverse the curse I found so captivating.

Can you hear them howling victoriously?
Cast into a sea of loneliness, oh this is how it feels.
I am after all unfinished.

Will you take from me the feather I used to set the raven free?
Will you hold me ever so tightly and follow me into a place where time does not exist? write for me the words I could not.

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