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Look behind everything you’ve been told, and see the lies unfold
Not everything is as it seems, as though we may try to avoid plots and schemes
A world awaits where we be zipped up and laying inside a cage
Perhaps infinite fires of the souls delight, might pry forbidden truth’s to sight
We’ve only read of ****, but what indeed if we be internally brought to the plate, the brim, the fiery pits of dark sin
I’ll sing hymns of anarchy and bleed my lips bare dry
I’m a woman made of fury
With eye’s that seek means of a way to purity
This is who I am
Though the world seems to try and shut me down
Fury... builds into rage, not always staged
Shalt you be enraged?
Though meant for a stage
Admittedly so, you’ll be witness of my show
That just like the snow will fall on the heads of those who don’t know

©Jessica Stull
This was inspired by my mother who always stands for what she believes. She taught me to always question, and never hold my breath. Live the way you want in peace.
Gracie Dec 6
watch me fall into your arms
even though they're made of thorns
all i can smell are the flowers.

watch me break down my walls
even though they're made of titanium
all i can see is hope.

watch me drown in your eyes
even though they're made of fire
all i can feel is the warmth.
guess what? i wrote in french class again! but i was listening to Smithereens by Twenty One Pilots this time. It's a good song, I suggest listening to it.
Sketcher Dec 5
Like ******* a **** and you can't get hard,
Like rolling a blunt that's full of glass shards,
Like a bowling stunt where the pins are yards,
Away and you must stay put loaded with gin and not on guard,
While there's jaywalkers walking cross the alley and snipers far,
Up both sides, moss covered camouflage dilly dallying,
Falling comets, planets and stars while you ***** black tar out your scars, Sick spurting **** out the pit of your face and tripped on a lace falling down along with Mars.

Faster than my **** grows when I'm hitched, race-cars, bullets, and the suicide of a suicidal emo ***** with a mullet, grab the **** and pull it off and roll it up like the glass when you rolled it in the paper faster than a rapers hips going twitch twitch twitch, ***** you know it, she's on the list.

But you're soft and no fist can fit and what the **** is this about, just **** I coughed up and spout out my mouth, if it makes sense, even a little, I am not dense with my rhymes, raps, and riddles, there's meaning to it all, whether its beaming or dull, but I guarantee it's full and fits and flows when I say it to a T, you say my **** blows, well that's just mean, you say it's great, my confidence ovulates, so use it as bait as I eat off this plate, this 5 star rated treat elevated to six star cuisine meat.

I'll continue later in few poems that are greater and like haters, I won't stop planning and plotting out **** like these lyrics, I'm a creator.
I got a little carried away...
When you fall out of love for me
I hope to remain
A lingering presence
In the pages of your life
I hope to be reserved
As a chapter in your memories
Even if it is one
You'll always skim by
Or one you may never read again
I hope you'll reminisce
Your time with me
Even when you forget who I am
Because I'll never forget
How you held my hand each night
And took me wherever you went
When you fall out of love for me
And maybe find someone new
In the end, my heart is content
And I'll always be here for you

She appear Juicy,
Delicious Must be Her Pink *****,

I am Loving her, I am Liking her,
I Already Feel Like I am Licking her,
I Picture Myself Cracking her,

I Mean On Bed So Bad... .. . [•]  

She has a *****, Body... For Years like she has been craving for it Four Years, I am sure the day she Left, Her ex was in Tears,

because Of Her Warm Heart and beauty that Pierce Like Spears, and She is Steamy Like That Beef From Steers,

Should I go on in her Life? Or wait till the dust of her Previous Relationship Clears,

She has an Electronic Scent just like a ***** ready to mate, When I look at her image, it Stays Up Till Quarter to Nine, at Night, so Bright is her appearance, Curvey is her Body, She also appear Godly, I want her Badly, Madly and Sadly,

She is tattooed allover her Body, you can easily tell, She is a Freak, but to judge, You never know, I might be Quick,

Unbelievable is the way she make me Feel, She make me want to Kneel, Send her a Picture On My Knees Holding a Golden Diamond Ring,

She is a woman I wish She Could Break the Spring of my Single Bed, because I have a wish to make Love to her until my white blankets are Red, if she has it or not I am NOT afraid,

I am tired, of looking at her pictures, paralyzed like I am nothing, with a wish to give her something so pure like the love of Christ,
She is the type to get wet for days, I just wish we could lay together on bed and blaze, as I gaze at it ready to **** it, peel it and lick it when it starts to drip, her beauty held me with a strange grip, can't even believe the way it pulls me closer, its like my life is about to be over, because I would give my all to her, if this whole imagination thing works out,

I always work out, because when I have her that night I want us to burn out, ignite the forces of our newly found love, Given by the one from above, The moment I looked at her I was set free like a dove, Now I am attached to her tight like a glove,  

I like the fact that she has tattoos, freaky you can see her, the type that knows how to choose, now I have a wish to walk with her in these shoes, The way this whole thing goes, only *** knows, How her love wind blows, it might be deadly or friendly, because this type of a woman possesses some sort of super natural powers that I call Black Girl Magic,

Her body is on point, worth more than one point,

I am Liking and Loving her, wish to smell and touch her hair, she seem fair, I have got no fear but a wish to get near, Fall in Love and get out of here, When she read this I hope its my Voice That She hear.
Dedicated to my special perfectionist everyday lady crush Phomolo Dineo Seshohli.
Friendship is a two way street
Where we meet in the middle
If you make me your whole world
We're no longer on the same level
Friendship isn't ownership
Especially when I didn't ask of you
You say you know what's best for me
I know what's best for me too
I asked for a friend not a follower
I am not your ***, saint or idol
I asked for a friend not an owner
You are important to me but not my all
Friends forever doesn't mean
We're always together
Best friends doesn't mean
We are at our best
Only when we're together
I asked for equality
Not to be put onto a pedestal
I am not higher or below you
I just want to be your equal
I’m inspired by the
Calm face
Bright eyes

And these are not
The all
I'm stirred by

An attempt of
And the answers
From distance
Or getting closer
To time
Moves me
Genre: Experimenatal
Theme: I am inspired with the way i see
Oliver Philip Nov 24
A limerick (3)
I am a poet.
I am a poet who loves his Queen
She loves him, do you know what I mean?
From dawn until dusk
Linked hearts in their trust
Forever and each year in between

Written by Philip.
November 25th 2018.
A limerick of love
Gracie Nov 24
so you may not be the kinda guy
who'll sit there and hug me as i cry.
and you might not even find
the whole idea of being consoling remotely kind.

so you may not be the kinda guy
who'll pop around and just pop by.
and you might not even find
that when i accuse you of something that you're tongue-tied.

and now i know you're not the kinda guy
who'll sing with me to fireflies.
and i can't believe i didn't find
that you didn't care about me, i turned a blind eye.
whilst studying an inspector calls by JB Priestley, i found Sheila and Gerald's relationship a pretty good muse for some poetry. so here it is: a poem written from Sheila Birling's point of view towards her ex-fiance, Gerald Croft.
Navpreet Kaur Nov 22
Robert William is dead,
Kate ***** is dead,
My best friend is dead,
Who's the culprit?
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