The times they-are a-changin;
you ain't going nowhere.

Not dark yet,
rainy day women

subterranean homesick blues,
if not for you --
when the deal goes down,
lay, lady, lay.

I shall be released;
blowin' in the wind,
like a rolling stone

Down the highway.

Girl from the north county;
mr tambourine man,
ring them bells.

With god on our side,
to Ramona—
it takes a lot to laugh,
it takes a train to cry

Crazy little thing called love–
a kind of magic,

See what a fool I've been,
Radio Ga Ga;
liar --

don't stop me now.

The show must go on,
spread your wings,
these are the days of our lives—

love of my life.

Keep yourself alive,
too much love with kill you;
I'm going slightly mad,
save me.

Who wants to live forever?
under pressure

Take song titles from a musician/band and make a poem.

I, first met you at a very weird place,
And that moment, my heart's beating, hazed.
your voice was most likely an angel,
but thats not the reason ,why, to you I fell.

Because of you, my world have  changed,
A chapter was written on my blank page.
You're the missing brick on my wall,
You're the reason why I still fight on the worlds brawl.

We maybe innocent to this world,
But never forget these words,
You are very special to me .

Your smile fuels my day,
It cleaned the problems on my way.
They say love can be cruel and  blind,
But still I want  you to be mine.

Thunder's  roar are nothing when I'm with you ,
Oceans  became gentle,beacause of you.
I may not be able to catch all the beautiful stars,
Yet I have you.

And you are enough,
Trust me this is not a bluff.
I will rise and you'll be my success,
You will be, the only treasure on my treasure chest.

I am a free planet , that you can invade,
I can be yours, I can be your slave.

I   .                   am   .                  yours...

mimi 5d

You dance in lavender colored spectrums,
Causing trouble with your lover,
Playing cops and robbers.
He asks her, "Babe, you wanna?",
"Let's get high on marajuana.".
So you both drive through the desert,
The place that has become your home treasure.
Be careful with the boys your mother told you to stay away from,
Because the evil in him is what you've now become.

Love twisted minded devils,
Turning the world into blindsided rebels.
Don't hide your gun,
Because you know the fun has just begun.

You're still dancing in lavender spectrums,
But you're running out of time,
The boys in blue have declared wartime.
Summertime is ending,
The thrill of the desert may seem never-ending,
But surrender your gun,
Before they chase you toward the sun.
You should of listened to what your mother said,
Cause now, you're about to end up dead.

Love twisted minded devils,
Turning the world into blindsided rebels.
Don't hide your gun,
Because you know the fun has just begun.

Now you cry in red colored spectrums,
Alone in the desert.
Maybe you remain unhurt,
But your heart bleeds for him.
He's somewhere in the dim,
Screaming your name locked in an empty cell,
Now you're stuck in a never ending carousel.

Love twisted minded devils,
Turning the world into blindsided rebels.
Don't hide your gun,
Because you know the fun has just begun.

This poem goes along with another poem I wrote which is callled Electric. It's not necessary to read electric but it's a good background/introduction to everything.
Clive Blake Jul 11

My heart’s pumping,
My brain’s starting gun has fired,
Watching Stephen Hawking on TV
Has made me feel inspired.

He’s working out the laws of the Universe,
The mysteries of creation to unravel,
I still haven’t fully grasped the rules
Of either Monopoly or Scrabble.

He agrees that the Universe is made from string,
As the Super String Theory suggests,
Whilst I thought string was only good
For making fishing nets and vests.

He’s trying to work out what happened
Fourteen billion years in the cosmological past,
I can’t even work out what happened to myself,
The Friday before last.

He’s mathematically calculating what happens
On the edge of a Black Hole,
I’m mathematically struggling with additions,
And my seven times table.

Despite my lack of brain power, I’m inspired
To challenge Stephen Hawking’s theoretical Big Bang,
Surely if the Universe is made of Super String,
It would have been more of a Big Twang?

I'd love to hear what Stephen Hawking thinks about my theory?!!
Cherry Eugene Jul 11

I know you before you knew,
It was an unexpectable moment the time I met you.
I'm not lost nor broken,
I used to be happy and not asking for more token.

That night I heard your voice,
It's like an angel to me and I'm overdosed.
The voice of an evil inside you was unheard,
though you could be the pain in my chest and in my head.

Blinded in all the fuck that you do,
You said you love me, well, I don't know and I don't care, I just love you.
Even though you treated me like a trash,
I will still forgive you fast like flash.

Your laughing eyes were such a beautiful scene,
The wicked you, was unseen.
And though I know all of this is not right.
I asked God, that please he protects our love with all his might.

Belle Jul 8

Should I or should I not?
I always ask myself.
One chance is all I got,
My stomach is in a knot.

Should I or should I not?
I always ask myself.
What the circumstances have brought,
Is too far from what I sought.

Should I or should I not?
I always ask myself.
'plant a kiss on you cheek', i thought,
But your lips were what I caught!

Kylie Jul 7

If one is grasping the regression of becoming alone in the dark road, one must become reliant on the reflection that you have held in the midst of challenges that you have faced, maybe they were not or maybe they were as hardened and strong as the challenge you distantly stare at, but flying over the road is cheating it gets the job done but doesn't hint satisfaction at the finish line.

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