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Kassan Jahmal May 22
"To be, or not to be" (William Shakespeare from Hamlet)
As it's been asked. I question the choice to choose or
Not to choose, in the fitting affairs of what would
You do in someone else's shoes (Walking their mile)

Place yourself in another;
The life of a sister or a brother. Racial barriers:
What are they, but one's blind hatred for another colour?
If you lived the life they do, how would their
Discrimination leave an affect on you?
When the same of the world, isn't the same in your
Sphere,– a harsh word said publicly neither sheds a tear.
But you identify yourself in the identity of what
You've been told; in a world where the new is just
A reincarnation of an old.

I guess,
The hate of back then is just a new,
Coming back around all over again. On repeat:
The hurt on ourselves; repeated on children's grandchildren.
High expectations we've set get so taller and taller,
While the worth of ourselves gets so belittled by a former.

What's change with yesterday's chains,
Shame that replaces a familiar name;
Those who don't give a **** are ******
In a nation under your nose; vaguely it understands.
What do you stand for on the stands of your life,
And who do stand with,– be it your God, your family
Your friends, a husband or a wife?

Be not kind in just for appearance and status.
Trade good from the bad given, the love you have
To dilute the hate. "I know they hate us,
But it was never the hate that created us"

It was love...

So to be, or not to be: Do you be the not
Of what they want be,– or rather not to be,
Of all the world's faults, that is the question.
an unbelievable sight
an indescribable feeling
tell me what would you do
if i didn’t hold you tight
i can tell you the truth
take your heart and confuse it
walking, running, and tumbling
on an unstable ground

it’s a new us
our neverending story
nowhere else to go
but here with you
i’m not afraid the waves will swallow me

understand when i say
we will get our chance
tearful, fearful, but beautiful
a journey we can see

it’s a new us
there’s nothing keeping us here
i’ll chase you anywhere
i’ll be right there
will you catch me when i fall?
inspired by A Whole New World (Zayn ft Zhavia) can be sung with that melody
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