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So many changes
But I must go with the flow
And be like a snail
How is it that ideas are
waterfalls in my mind
but my hand is so still?
Feeling unwell AGAIN...
Sorry guys for disappointing you.
I so wanted to update my Masked Bard story
Lyn ***
A wish may come and then it withers.
A bird can trance one with their feathers.
All of all, the ocean quiets.
A song for somber chills of silence.

Living in a lightless zone
Where'd everyone go?

Falling leaves may color the sky, color your eyes.
Broken blue seas, shattered glass lies, never ask why.

Don't you know what's life for a ghost?
A life where you are there but alone.
A moth gets crushed for being ****.
Don't hurt me
A world where you have to be pretty.

Living in a lightless zone
Where'd everyone go?
Snowflakes scraped underneath fingernail tips
When the charcoal was pressed harder.
As often as the cheetah runs with the crocodiles by the nile
They do not look for each other.

As often as the bees sing
Only once could they muster poison and sting
With a clockwork, shelter and carpentry of honey.
The fruitness of a living body.

The sound that gets lost in the woods
Gets lost and carried
Flying through the whispers between the branches and twigs.
All the creatures are all but lost
Yet the striking fur
Hunters into firing hot shells across
and the falcon fell.

A shouting cull
The silence that meant that wildly blooms have been collected.
A bouquet was calling the passing hours
Wrapped in the scraped white spirit of the wooden towers.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Haiku Donna Oct 8
Pigeons on rooftops
No matter the weather they
always spread there wings
Haiku Donna Oct 7
Little star in sky
I can see you twinkling
Sleep well little star
Lia Lovedoll Oct 5
My heart is submissive
but my mind is the dominant
when my heart grows weak
my mind strengthens it
Alex Smith Oct 3
I had a dream of the time
We were born.
We lived beautifully in the city
Of wombs.
We clapped our hands and laughed.
We drank the paint dry
And the colors of the rainbow changed.
We began to be wanted,
To be embraced,
To be loved.
And we became unable to walk alone.

We laughed at each other,
Devoting our love to only toys.
Those untouchable,
Sick and mentally-ill children;
I want to break them with easy words!

The ******* set fire
In a faraway town,
Someone died.
Beckoned by lemmings,
At the end of the world,
We arrived-
But somehow survived
The apocalypse
Of our own design
Armed with weapons of paper and a pen,
Vowing to not let people
Hurt us again.
But none of that saved me
From the disgrace I felt
At the End.
A rewritten version of the literal translation of the song Munou. New lines and stanzas were added.
vanitas Oct 3
I’ve got ahold of your multicolored leaves
Left to ponder why it’s so complicated
To stare at yellow, brown, and green
And figure out how you’ll change
Evolving like a sunset
Bursting like a firework in July
Winter painted in your eyes
August spreading in your cheeks
Turquoise, black, and red like ember
Where did you go mid-September?
Or when we danced in December?
With your branches stripped bare
And your roots gone cold
Giving me January frostbite
The blues up to my ankles
Our forget-me-nots lost in February
I can’t think of who to blame
As I’m left to ponder
Why the seasons change
; autumn spreading in your cheeks.
aquis Sep 20
*** has endless ways
of speaking to you, your soul
if you are ready
A very eye opening experience I had today inspired me to write this.. it ended up being my first haiku, that I really wanted to try writing, since starting to read Donna’s and Jules’ beautiful haikus:)

I hope you enjoy..
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