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The crescent moon embodies peace
in the dark night, and
the triviality of the sky changes;
a kid who witnesses the light from the night exchanges; verve
with the crescent of the sky and his heart ...
Achick Apr 3
We spent two long years apart
I’ve dreamed every night of you coming back
I’ve cried myself to sleep listening to paramore’s “ all I wanted was you” for two years
The night we broke up
I left you a voicemail calling you a coward
I said I hated you
Even though I didn’t mean it
You blocked my number
You shattered my heart
I drove to your house
I screamed at you and you turned your back
I pushed you too hard
You pushed back
I threw your call sign at you and your ship tag
Told you I never wanted to think about you ever again
I just wanted you to admit it
I wanted you to tell me how you felt
Then we didn’t speak for one year
When you unblocked my number
I noticed you called me
I texted you
You didn’t reply
That broke my heart once again
Another year passed
You finally texted me back
It was Christmas
A very intoxicated me answered
“You came back! I never stopped loving you”
You liked what I texted you
Then you noticed my intoxicative state
You called me and we talked for hours
It was like we never said goodbye to each other
You told me for two years every time you heard  “under your scars” you thought of me
You missed me like I missed you every single day
In just three months my dreams came true
Now I get to wake up next to you
I can listen to love songs once more
I can retire paramore’s song
I’m inspired once more
You’re my muse
You’re my everything
I love you
Donna Feb 17
Love is everything
Its a better way to live
It’s the best way to be

Inspired by the love I have for my family xxxx unconditional ***
Once an age in the land of oblivion
On the lap of  time  dwells everybeing
Such today and no tomorrow
Eras,regimes,generations and tenures
Comes and flew

A supernatural sentforth a great valour
To save the puzzle of 'time'
But after so much toil
The great valour becomes a old gallant
And at the verge of death
Where, no where but his home  a necropolis will be.

He gave an inked leafy scroll to a young lad
To yield to the supernatural who claim unscathed or aged
But will be after centuries.

Rather the parchment reads;

"Time is not thine neither mine
The little thing in it space line
Turns fate around so fine
Even a feather to a cone pine

It waiteth not
And can never fall shot
With its little finger so short
Great things come forth

It permiteth not excuse
And doesn't care why you're confused
Yes it does produce your muse
If you don't with it make a fuse

Misusing time in a slight,
Lost the trip which needed a flight
Or rather gone chance to a greater height
After all the work and plight.


Times does flies and remain
Chelsie Feb 11
It's been night and day,
Since I met you, that fated day.
I've enjoyed every adventure, every battle,
as long as I'm with you,
Happiness, is what I will cherish forever.
mica Jan 29
thanks for letting me know you won't feel the same, it made me more inspired to write about you. how ironic.
Nilia Loh Jan 29
Why are you so cool?
How do you do all those things?
So elegant yet strong.
So simple but you stand out so much.
So gentle and kind.
Just another human being,
Yet so unique on its own.
I want to grow up to be like you.
A wonder woman like you.
"don't come inside"
usually, in fact, almost always
I would pull out
with a split second to spare
and ******* all over her
turning her navel in to
some sort of overflow ***-gutter
proceed to roll over
panting like an old dog in the sun
roll a cigarette whilst she
wipes us both down with some nearby
toilet roll and suggest
we watch something on her laptop
this time was different though
I pulled out and she lays there
and starts tugging me off
entirely unnecessarily
as though both of our lives
depended on it
and I'm glad she did
I started spraying hot **** everywhere
and I think to myself
"I'm painting the ******* walls!"
it was nothing short of sensational
and it all seemed very Bukowskiesque
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