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mae 2d
He stared into my eyes,
a deep dark abyss.
His reflection disappeared beneath the darkness.
He was scared.
I swallowed him,
as if he was my prey.
Like his image, his presence began to fade
Devoured by my energy,
he shivered and shuttered in the cold.
and I removed him from my soul.

What a sweet reflection?
In my eyes of correction.
his reflection was devoured
Sometimes I walk close to the edge
Wondering what it's like to fall
Then I see a fence, names etched
And I choose to stall

This is the name of a friend
Who taught me how to smile
My worries and trouble to suspend
Just for a little while

The next is a sister
Who knew what it's like
To struggle to become better
But also not give up the fight

Here is another buddy
Who can't see their own success
Yet I can see them budding
I give them faith, they can do the rest

The last name is my whole heart
They're the light I always come back to
Their beauty, a thing of art
The love I feel, too good to be true

This little fence reminds me that my purpose
Is to not rest until those I care about
Are full of purpose and happiness
Till then, I am not meant to burn out
Just a little idea I had after a very difficult night.

Inspiration: you know who you are :)
The heart follow not, for the desires that it holds
lest those desires they be good

like the wild beast that seeks escape,
so too it is the heart that must be tamed.
I had a poem written a couple weeks back, and I wass quite proud of it so I decided to post it, but when I highlighted my poem , I clicked seleect instead of copy and erased everything. I couldn't get it back. Needless to this part, it is or better say was my ending to captivate its finishing touch. I will come up with another and add this in the end of it.
perception of beauty
fluttering wings abound
nymphs in the sky
nymphs in the abyss
goddess training grounds
dancing photons
brilliance unfolding
critical ingredient
what would you see
smeared paint
palette knife magic
flowing and dripping
I look into the dark abyss of thoughts
They multiply in this endless abyss
The end is near
I want it
At the same time I am trembling with fear
I rub my eyes to look clearly
But I do not understand anything
A black, boundless abyss
Getting closer to me
It deepens
It devours me
It penetrates through me
I open my mouth to shout
But I spit out the darkness out of my mouth
Pain mixed with despair
Tears mixed with blood
Nothing stops
And suddenly
Black is pouring out of my eyes
So deep
So beautiful
So calm
I do not understand it
I am still waiting for this end
But this abyss gives me a chance
A chance to escape
So what should I do?
death is an abysmal
that's floating in the abyss
moss on a tree's bed
the meaning behind this is hard to guess but it's really personal and I'm happy to share it.
If anyone cares i want to be more involved in the community and meet more people here feel free to pm me on here
only idiots gaze
into the abyss
when facing
existential crisis

only idiots surrender
to the abyss
when you can just
walk around it

sadness stays
when you insist
that you cannot be
without it
and it will leave you
as you walk
never again will you be
behind it
Phoenix in the night
Let your song burn bright
Through the abyssal night
Lighting the way to freedoms
Height of the just and right
Let this poem light your night on this snow day
what if you found me
universe providing
dancing in the dark
your presence is felt
like a ghost in a haunted house
heart gripped
enthralling feeling
identify yourself
fluttering with
phenomena throughout space
skipping on a path of certainty
fall into my aura
hook my eyes
inspire to be inspiring
provoke the spark
find me
like a meandering river
finds the ocean abyss
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