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someguy 2d
Itches, scratches, moves under the skin,
Something deep inside me wants to be set free,
Nowhere to run from this insane obsession,
When gruesome demons are breaking from the **** within.

I want to cry, I want to scream, I want to die,
I still resist against this impulsive ****** drive,
With time, he obtains control, and all I can be thinking of is
I want to bring suffering, I want to bring fear, I want to bring the darkest abyss
someguy 2d
Here in the darkness I lie alone
Letting her raven wings cover my ******,
Her gloomy and dreadful mystery runs through my veins,
As I slowly become one with her.

Time goes by, I’ve already fallen into the abyss,
Immersed with its darkness, my soul has been obliterated by it
Blind, deaf and emotionless, I’m fine with it
Since it’s warm and peaceful inside it, like in mothers’ belly.

But what is this?.. a light?
Haven’t seen it in years, decades of time
It burns my eyes, it kills me,
And though some say light is a savior,
For me it was just a destroyer.
Simra Sadaf Oct 14
my legs took me to a sandy shoreline
in a cold beach where I sat and wept
the spaces between my ribs ache
due to blistering darkness
and aching apartness
that left an abyss
and gave birth to
of vain
stained lines
that brought hopes
of starting fresh
but time and again
a small crevice brings back
dead dreams and decayed deceit
screaming to be avenged the way
Heathcliff takes his vengeance until
he drops his will and resolves to let go.
CGW Oct 8
She dreams in yellow waves.
In summer time she wishes that she were asleep than awake.
Eyes shut.
Weightless but not for long.
A shot of blood against the windshield.
She regrows her roots into consciousness at the speed of darkness.
She thinks.
Over contemplating the smell of burnt rubber and musky metal.
She watches her dislocated broken body wash from the ocean cliff into the abyss.
forget with you
about this world
we will go together with you
into the abyss

forget with you
about this light
we will go together with you
in the shade

o let's meet together
new testament
o let's walk together
and scream

Rajinder Sep 28
Violating a placid spirit
Memories transgress  
desecrating the sacred.

Memories are
the dark side
of a full moon.

Memories are unsatiated desires
couched on sorrow  
entangled in time
a perennial wrinkle on the soul.

Memories are trespassers
possessing neural atrium
wading saline sockets
slithering in to throbbing veins
tiptoeing to hollow spaces
burying all under their eerie weight,
Memories are an inescapable affliction.

In fragmented mindscape
Memories are violent winds
littering the past.

Lurking behind aches  
in ethereal garbs,
Memories are assassins.
Or sema
of a swirling dervish.

Hurtling within, Memories
is an avalanche
pounding the abyss
choking the void
one gasp at a time.

Memories are
nameless apparitions
fused as shadows
to the very being.

Memories are an assault
on identity and belonging.
Priya Sep 26
In the warmth of your embrace
I forget the pain I had
I forget the struggle
I forget the me...
You became my world
You became my voice
I know I am dreaming about you
But your dreams are sufficient enough to pull me out of the abyss..
A M Ryder Sep 25
You, you are enough
And it may have been in a billion little pieces but
I gave you the best of me

I won't glorify or romanticize heartache
For me it was a kind of death
A kind of death that I was forced to keep on living

What I should do is put it all behind me
I wont't say it but ill think it
Because it was a love story
And all you can do is tell it one more time

And even if it happened, it didn't happen
In the end, it's about love and memory
bk Sep 14
i looked into the abyss
searching for you
my love
but i never laid eyes on you
because i stared at the abyss
so long
that it began
to stare back at me.
Michael Sep 12
The day I lost you, I also lost myself.
You and I stood on the edge of the abyss, and together we looked over.
With your hand in mine we fell in and never stopped falling.
Further and further into the infinite darkness we go.
On the day you died, I died too, I’ll never be able to let you go.
That moment consumes my every thought, it taints my every feeling.
We are forever falling into the darkness of the universe.
Destined to be swallowed up and never return.
Your hand in mine for eternity, my son and I indefinitely lost together.
The day my son passed away was the worst day of my life, truly a fate worse than death.
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