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kell 3d
what is it ?
The mere thought of happiness that rushes through our veins,
When we see someone we love, our crush, our family, the sunshine,
If those were to fade away, a part of us would simply shatter, vanish,
Rain clouds would keep away the sunshine in our life the heavy wind would brush through our hair and remind us of such great tragedies,
like a sleeping terror, the chains of fate, the flow of time become;
Meaningless, without what has been blown away like ash by a breeze,
What you must not forget, will never lose, what wont change is...
The past, where your memories, our remarkable actions are living,
Hold them dear, these several rays of sunlight to keep the rain clouds away, to pull yourself together and shine beyond the scene, rise.
Even if you do lose all your strength and your muscles refuse to carry your beautiful soul trapped within the flesh of your very existence,
Even if you fall into an abyss of despair, devoured by regret.
As long as you are alive, you may as well do a change.
As long as you are alive, you can make the present joyous by striving for a better future, for yourself, for what you lost.
Live, for the love of light is for all to bare
be alive when your dead inside
There I was, at the edge of the bridge,
Begging for the water to take me away.
To somewhere far from this cruel world,
Where there's only tomorrow, no today.

I fell deeper and deeper into the abyss,
There was nothing I could do or say.
But now I have arrived anywhere else.
I'm not sure if it's better, but I'll stay.
Chiara Sep 25
The darkness of night,
The deep abyss of pain,
It swallows me whole
Until nothing remains.
I cannot escape it,
There’s no way out.
I cower in shadows
With nothing but doubt.
There is no light,
Not the tiniest spark of hope.
I’m surrounded by sadness
As I wander alone.
Keiri Aug 21
A sweet charismatic wave of colour emerges,
into my empty soulless mind.
Carefull not to leak the notorious oiling spill of darkness,
that penetrates the thought and reverse myself to the futile point of the being I was.

It'll erase the peacefull love and war among myself.
It'll dominate me, and revolve my subtle urges to force myself to a slumber which will never be awoken.

Don't spill the darkness that spoils my mind and rots my roots into a meaningless void of emptyness.
Spare me such accommodation which will hassle me out of my trusted habitat and free my soul only to be replaced by an horrid entity.

Maintain my cloud of unknowing and protect me, from the sinister depts this world has yet to offer.
Kyle Mouat Aug 20
Life is an ocean
And I, the sailor;
Sailing at first with no commotion
On waves of silk that was formed by a tailor;

But as the years progress,
The waves become harsher;
Engulfing me with stress
Making my journey even harder;

Lightning crackles in the sky
Indicating the beginning of a storm,
And thus bidding the blue sky goodbye
I say hello to its new form;

My ship begins to flood
As darkness swallows me into the abyss
And begins to drain my life's blood
Even though I try to resist.

And on the horizon, I see happiness;
But, alas I know it'll never be,
Because it is a trick by the abyss
And I'm still lost at sea.
A M Ryder Aug 9
Sing the beloved
Young lover, from far away
Often, desire the night
It overtakes us
In an endless uproar
We soon lost sight of the sun
Listen as it makes itself hollow
Where are the years between
You and the surging abyss
Lay there relieved with the sweetness
Of a gentle world made for you
Dreaming, flushed with what fevers
Entangled in the tendrils
Of inner event
Ken Pepiton Aug 6

what can you do?

tap out a line of words? yeah, I can.
pour meaning into the mix?

yes, I can. I can

alleviate the misery of another.

wait. can I?
Am I authorized to believe?

What if this thought I'm caught in is a lie,
and I am

use less?
My fingers laugh.


Value, virtue, please sift this classifying action to
judgement by
gravity deterr-mind limits
ience weighing

ideology versus religuonic fasteners,
one idea to all ideas

past muons and kaons and moans for merci-merci
of stories

locks of hair

look lower, tower bound princess,

look down

don't go all rap-und-zeal-ic

the piper took the children, that's how this story ended,

first time the rat-power was nullift.
A part of something bigger bein sown here to see if it works as a bridge to beyond what you had in mind at the top
Hope is shrinking
Light is dimming
Walls are caving in
and everything seems to diffusing into blue.

It's all heavy and dark
draining and enveloping.

And all I want to do is put a pause on life
to make everything stop moving on
dragging me along with it
as the abyss is plunging me
in like a dark hole.
MAX castro Jul 6
Imprisoned in abyss,
I was clueless that you will exist.

Life is incomplete,
I prayed for a love that is true and deep.

Treated by the world differently,
You showed me love and became my epiphany.

It is euphoria that I feel
Because I know our love is genuine and real.
I made this poem as a gift for my boyfriend since it is his birthday on the 8th of July. I hope he'll like this piece.
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