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Emmanuel Davies Dec 2023
Pictures I hear are memories...
One of which I have none...
Is it the pictures or the memories...
No memory of one...
Danielle Dec 2023
Born by the spellbound of love and destruction, held like a pretense of heartstrings. Each crevice is traced to you, it is heavenly bestowed.
I was lovelorn, following the trails of this uncertain path engraved deeply that leads to you.

Your eyes were pits of abyss,
a gravity force of unknown,
a precipice before the great fall;
the moment that I found you is when I lose myself.

II. Abyss
And at the end, we'll all just be stories
burrowed in my skin, on each pale flesh is draped with what could have lingered. adorned with a chrysalis on my chest, it cages the hollows of the abyss. Then soon I'll be a fleeting moment you carry in your heart.
leeaaun Nov 2023
My body was there, but not the soul within,
I felt something strange, a battle to begin.
Unfamiliar feelings, emotions untamed,
Lost in a world where I couldn't be named.

I moved and spoke, but the words felt astray,
As if I were dancing to a tune I couldn't play.
My body, a vessel, devoid of the core,
A silent, empty vessel, craving something more.

In the silence of that moment, I yearned to be whole,
To reunite with my soul, to fill the gaping hole.
For I knew in that instance, what was truly amiss,
My body was present, but my soul was in abyss.
galilea reyes Oct 2023
Into an abyss
Into a deep hole of ripples

a formality of our imagination

Floating in the imagery of a shadow
in forms of light

The good or the bad
One can lose sense of self and mobility
When returned from such abyss
No fault of our own
No regret

realizing to only fall for ourselves into the abyss.

Endless self love.
eyes peeled like a ******* banana.
Robert Ronnow Jul 2023
--slightly out of tune

Am I right to hedge my bets on being famous, ply my arts all day alone,
silence, no tv? Mark said, the difference is people are actually listening
to **** Jagger, but I thought that’s not so big a difference.

When Dad died it only reinforced the futility of our daily efforts
notwithstanding my hopeful eulogy about our responsibilities to each

People listened then, and closely, searching for an echo
from the abyss. What is this abyss and how do I know
it’s there?
Maja Aug 2022
Is it hope
That we feel
When we stare into the dark
And hope something will stare back

Or is it fear
That we feel
When we hope for something
In nothing
Soulace May 2022
I have stared into the abyss
And it has stared back at me

Know that God was not there.

Instead, I hath walked the land of the suicides,
Asphyxiated in the blood which flowed from my open chest,
Languished in the agony of my consciousness,

And cried mercy to the divine, only to find the void -
Howling in a gnawing silence back at me

It was not “nothingness” which I hath found in the pit
For the abyss I found
Was an abundance of mirrors
LC Apr 2022
when we fall deep into the never-ending abyss
where biting, caustic words nip at our shoulders,
we forget how to ward them off, but we can.
we can with these ingredients:
- aloe vera infused with compassion
to nurse the acidic sting of those words,
- honey that sticks to toxic atoms,
protecting us from further damage,
- a flame to remind us of our humanity
so we can join with **** sapiens across time,
- and coffee to give us presence of mind
to stay in this very moment.
We can take what we need,
whenever we need it.
Escapril Day 8! Prompt: ________________ as medicine.
I was inspired by self-compassion research (especially Kristen Neff's research). I hope you enjoy this poem!
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