zero 1d

Night attacks,
they sit in my eyes,
forcing me to the bed and covering my cries.

My Night attacks,
cowering in the corner,
faced with the fear of their mourners.

Night attacks,
visit me every night,
minutes are hours, and I roll in their plights.

My Night attacks,
allowed to roam free,
after having their way with me.

Listen to their cries,
they are soft.


Don't worry,
When they'll be burning me to the stakes
For the true witch that I am,

When the smoke gets in my eyes,
And clouds over my judgment,

I'll tell you.
I'll tell you of who I killed-
My hopes and dreams
That I thought I unshackled for what it seems,
But didn't.  

I'll tell you of who I am,
Of who I used to be,
Of who I want to be,
And who I need to be,
But what I am now,
Is none of those things.

What I am now,
Is dying.

Shin 1d

A steady ebb and flow providing unrelenting release.
A single moment snarled by callous disbelief.
A lock of curled honey hair scattered in the ash.
A taste of a once dripping wound dried in sand.

These are the lines for which you fall.

No, these are the bricks within the wall.

This is a descent into paltry madness.

But only half is gone this we must confess.

Two pieces of him, you, and I.
Some grotesque being, a monster
stitched together by cobwebs and lye
But hush do not worry for we found her.

So a third is removed a piece cut out,
you know of his truths, desires, and loves,
but you did not know them, him, or me?
If you did it might be easier to confess
that perhaps we should turn the lock,
it's time to throw away the key.

Ella 2d

Why do I seem invisible to some people?
I'm right next to you so why am I not even minded?
I used to get stared at horribly but now I'm not even seen

I got these people that have known me for years behind me
What a relief? I wish.

They pretend they don't know me
I guess they feel I'm not needed
Which isn't really far from the truth

I'm useless
I'm hopeless
All my dreams have expired
All I have is a blank future to go towards
A dark blank future which will sooner or later be all filled with sadness to run into

These new "friends" that I have are not really "friends" are they? They all have their own plans, their friends that they have grown with

I'm just a stanger that gets told "hi" like once a day
Why ever would I mean anything to those people?

Im just here wasting some space that could be used another person that could be born and respected unlike me

If I have no values, no friends, and no people to go to then why don't I just leave?
I don't have anything to live for then I might as well give up

I gave up on my dreams along time ago, the sky will now forever be dark
I won't have anything to look forward to and forever my dream at finding someone that could be by my side will forever be buried and left from my mind

Can I die yet?!! -*

I crept up through the future,
I lurked in through the past,
Under all shattered dreams and wishes,
My light in darkness passed.

My Transgression is pure and harmless,
My poison is like gliding on ice,
Like awake when asleep, Our story is deep,
Like an angel, But not very nice.

I assassinate with Hatred,
I Murder With Love,
I work together with my devils above.

My Life has a purpose,
Ready to be fulfilled.
Don’t worry, its time,
For my Innocent Crime…

Innocent Crime guys!! nice name huh? :P
Vulpes 7d

As I glare into the sky,
Thousand lights shine down on me,
Thousand eyes to pierce my veil,
Thousand minds to know my tale.

I crave your eyes to look at me,
The eyes you placed on sun and moon,
To fear my deeds, to fear my hunt,
To kill all children you have shunned.

I want you, God, to watch me close,
Through wafts of mist, through wafts of blood,
To memorize the blade that cut
Through skins and organs of your loves.

Before you come, before you close
in on me the one who cursed
all of your sheep
all of their hope
i want to see your face once more
the mask you wear in minds of priests
shatter the lies show me the beast
you truly are.

i want you to KNEEL
come show me god the FEAR you feel
come show the god that LIED to us
the one who neglects war and LUST



stop me!
or i will end this child that prays
to. a. false. god. WHO ONLY SWAYS
i'll carve my name into his back
and shove the blade into his head
he'll scream and call me monster
till. he. bleeds. out.
but i know
the only monster is



Linkuya Nov 12

One thousands blades covered the uninhabitable fields,
The blood soaked grounds coated in crimson-red,
Malevolent spirits rose up from the ground without yield,
Violent thoughts and weapons born from those very dead.

Defiant screams filled the frigid night sky,
Their wasted souls seeking death and revenge,
Living souls damned and left to rot and die,
This ritual cleansing was that on which their vengeance would hinge.

Night fall.

Pass that dang psychedelic juice, Jewboy!
Yeah, I know that I called you all
A bunch of Communist Christkillers,
But I hate my wife
Even more than I hate you bastards!
If you don't  pour me a glass
Of something
That will rapidly change my perspective,
I swear to God,
I'm gonna' ram a butcher knife
In that woman's face!

Oculi Nov 8

Lightning strikes, I hold my head
Just look forward, nothing's bad
Took everything that I had
Did nothing but make me mad
Feel like fire, I ain't dead

You know, we're the artifacts
We're the future, that's a fact
Steel yourself, not over yet
I will kill, you wanna bet?

Incoherent screaming
Bloodied to the core
Don't forget the feeling
Succumb to the gore
Bitch, you're dead!

as the meadows die, ashes will evolve. as the meadows burn, time will wither, screams will yearn. down the hills they tumble, in the circles they squirm. farewell, farewell.

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