(B)ack from your job you enter the house,
(L)ooking around you can’t see your spouse,
(O)bserving the signs of struggle, things spread on the floor,
(O)pening slowly with hesitation the master bedroom door,
(D)own on the floor you see her in a pool of……

Just a tale of a person finding his spouse's body..
Was it all Meaningless?
Did this act make me Worthless?
I Fear I will never Understand
What happened to my Hand
What I do Know is this
I will Never find Bliss
No one will show me Affection
I Deserve no Protection
I will be Forever Alone
Until I Atone
But the World becomes Tougher
So I shall continue to Suffer
I can't do anything
So the World will look at me and Sing
They were Stronger
So I cannot Deny this no Longer
I Deserve to Die
And this is no Lie
For this Problem called Life
Has no Solution except for the Knife
BeHappy 1d
Shattered window in the kitchen,
Shattered vases in the hall.
Shattered hearts in the people,
Shattered memories in them all.
Anggita 1d
I slept in the morning dew, with the palpitating joy on the seashell eyes, laying beside me.

He engulfed the mess beneath my faint soul. I was merely wretched, he rescued me from the chaotic self of mine.

We were fleeting ones, sailing in the ocean of grasses. We succumbed to the force of reality. We escaped the excruciating fate of each other constantly.

We pledged for an eternal gaiety: a golden slumber, in which we would eventually found place for our non-adhering spirit.

Thus that early dawn, we stopped glancing, as our bodies trembling little by little until they ceased.
*thank you John Lennon for the inspiring seashell eyes of Julia
sammy 1d
his slender fingers reach
for the nape of my neck
I think he’s leaning in for a hug
but his hands rest comfortably
around my throat
tight and snug
my circulation slows
his sharp nails are digging into my skin
my hands are too weak to contest him,
the blood draining from my veins.
he pushes me up on the wall and grins
as I’m left to thrash against his grip and charm
the static drums loud and clear behind my ears
“really, darlin’, what’s the harm?”
inhaling my scent, filled with fear
his voice is just above a purr
I can’t believe I’m choking,
but I can’t believe he’s here.
his hold slacks, and I can whisper
“but I love you…”
a playful smirk is plastered on his face
and he licks his lips, murmuring
“you smell sweet…”
before diving in for the kill
he kisses me, hard and rough
last bits of air dwindling
and I am left
written in 2014
sammy 1d
you tell me my ribs look like a butterfly
about to soar into the warm summer night.
I must agree, my chest cracked open
my flesh exposed to you, bare, naked
just for you.

I try to speak, but with my lips barely parted
only blood can dribble out, down my chin.
you straddle me, and drag the blade
further down, past my torso.

the skin around my pelvis tears open
with blood bubbling nauseously
around the open wound.

a burning hot tear slides down your cheek
and you murmur that I was pregnant.

my shallow breaths tell you that
the baby was yours.

my skin feels so tight, so overpowering,
so wrong,
and my eyelids slide over my vision,
casting me into a searing darkness
one last time.

I finally adorn myself with
these wings of bone
and fly free.
written in 2015
Kayla 3d
I was the beauty
He was the beast
I loved him
He didn't love me
I wanted him
He wanted the Knife
I sipped my wine
As he stabbed me twice
I was the beauty
He was the beast
But he killed the beauty
With his only knife
Fun and games
that's all it takes
to keep young hearts in motion
but one night like the
thousands of others
she went missing;
gone from sight and
gone from everyday life

Time went by
and she went with it
the clock was a ticking bomb;
waiting to find hope
and explode with glee
but on the happiest
day of the world
it took a sharp turn

She was found in the
morning's cold embrace
no trace of life remained;
robbed of innocence
robbed of possibilities
never to open eyes again
never to open the front door
and say "I'm home"
Based on the murder of the Danish girl Emilie Meng in 2016. Her murderer is still not found.
Emily 4d
Jack The Stripper
On the pole
Going down
To that hole
Lingerie psycho killer
It's a smutty paperback thriller
Jack The Stripper was a real serial killer from the 1960's who targeted sex workers.
Genocide Show
I notice
That there are many Causes
And Advocacy Groups on Facebook,
But few people are paying attention
To the unfolding genocide in Syria.
Of course,
It seems as if
Facebook has been made available to us
Simply as a means of social control.
All the Causes and Advocacy Groups on Facebook
Are disingenuous.
There is no coordinated,
International Effort
To put a End
To the Genocide in Syria  at this time.
As a matter of fact,
All the most powerful nations on Earth
Are collaborating
To eradicate the People of Syria.
Day by Day,
The American People
Are  becoming  increasingly indifferent to violence.
I recall,
One day,
Observing this “Ultimate Fighting” on Television
At Denver’s Ali Baba Grill,
Which is actually OWNED
By people from Syria.
Two women were beating the crap out of each other on TV,
But the customers didn’t seem to mind.
They kept eating
Their kebobs,
And lamb shank..
It’s likely that many people perceive this Holocaust  in Syria
As a sort of Reality Show…..
“The Genocide Shyt”
Of course,
There is no bold advertisement
During this “Genocide Show” stating:
“Today’s Episode of Mass Murder and Gang Rape”
“Is sponsored by Budweiser,”
“The Pilsner of Beers!"
Advertisements for  Sensual Asian  Sweethearts available for Matrimony
Might  be advertised
Next to articles about Mass Graves,
Poison Gas attacks
And the Deliberate Bombing of Civilians.
After all,
After reading so many articles about Death and Destruction,
Most  men feel the need
For a sexual release.
As a person of Jewish Background,
Who was lectured  over and over
About the atrocities
Of  Adolf Hitler and German Nazi party,
It’s hard for me to swallow the fact
That the Global Economy is fueled
By the type of carnage
That Adolf Hitler endorsed
As a matter of fact,
I wonder why human remains are not taken out of  Syria,
And turned into soap
To be marketed at Health Food Stores
Like Vitamin Cottage?
If  the War was contributing
To the personal hygiene industry,
It would  be even MORE profitable!!!
I viewed Dia De Los Muertos Art Exhibition
In Denver’s Santa Fe Drive Art District.
If one views  a certain piece,
One sees a beautiful woman at one angle
With flowers in her hair
At a different angle,
The flowers appear to be growing out of a human skull.
In the Book of Ecclesiastes,
Iit is written
That "It is better to go to a house of mourning”
“Than to a house of feasting”
“For that is the end of everyone”
“And Those who are living should take it to heart.”
Keeps us fixated on our DESIRES,
And this pursuit Gives us
A temporary high
When we get what we want,
But a truly contented person
Should not feel the need
This Genocide in Syria
Or any other horrific occurence
Anywhere on Earth.
For some strange reason,
Discussion  about the Level of Violence in Syria
Seems to have been suppressed  worldwide.
No one  wants to discuss
What is happening there.
Each Faction Perceives involved this conflict
Perceives this conflict
Through the  lens of self-interests,
Blaming their “enemy”
The Killings and Abuses Continue
If God exists
And the Day  of Judgement is real,
It is likely
That we’re all
Going to Hell
For playing a role
In this Syrian Holocaust
And only the remaining few indigenous people
Living in the most remote regions
Of the Planet Earth
Who don’t engage in Commerce of any kind
Would be granted a Place
In the  Paradise of Heaven.
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