I can't continue to write poetic shits of my life.
Because, babe, I know
you know that I am a sad girl
and you don't have a nerve to save me
so i quit.
have fun being a silent reader
have fun crying at my funeral
have fun living a life w/o me
i love you all.

Ill be hiatus for awhile or forever idk. Lol please change my mind ehe

How many more unarmed people need to get shot by cops with no repercussion?...

How many more times will a cop get 1-4 years for involuntary manslaughter instead of second or first degree murder when the prerequisites for "duty" directly contradict the plausible notions of involuntary manslaughter?...

How many more times will chiefs of police feed you the story that they were unaware of internal corruption which took place on a wide scale for decades?...

How many more times will a cop's murder case get thrown out in the name of 'self-defense' when there are a dozen or more bullet wounds in the deceased victim?...

How many videos need to be released of cops tasering or pepper spraying people who are already face-down on the ground, handcuffed, with no ramifications?...

How many more times will witnesses to police brutality and police murder (or murders conducted by politicians) 'disappear,' or 'die in an accident' before the trail?...

How many more cops will rape women with no charges before the American public cares?...

How many "internal police investigations" or internal government investigations" need to be conducted with no result before the American public realizes that police and politicians get special treatment or exemptions from the law which they create and "uphold"?...

In antithesis, how much longer will someone get life in prison or the death penalty for killing a cop when that same cop would get ten years if the tables were turned (Given that the policeman or policewoman is even convicted)?...

This piece, of course, is free verse.

Awareness in terms of Mental Health
Has made a lot of gains
In the past few decades.
I know.
I was one of those who was handcuffed by the Police,
Brought to a psych ward,
And forcibly drugged with antipsychotics,
Using four-point restraints.
And what am I doing now?
Sipping on a Kava Kava Decoction with Juice
As I listen to my Songhoy Blues CD.
I'VE "come a long way, baby,
The United States hasn't.
President Donald Trump
Was elected with overt support
From the Ku Klux Klan and the Neo-Nazis....
The so called "Alt-Right Movement".
It's inevitable
That he's gonna' want to
Cull some people off.
Many young people with Psychiatric Disorders to myself
Will die prematurely.
They won't be scrutinizing the World when they're 50 years old
'Cause they'll be dead.
This isn't the way things are supposed to be,
But this is the way it is.

pale pink petals and matching champagne
cold grey eyes and the pavement against feet
the soft skin of collarbones and your lips

you give me a doe-eyed look before blood begins to seep
through your shirt and onto my hands
where it stains my palms temporarily
and my mind permanently

Kat Nobody Jul 14

Savage was lovely but was robbed shortly after birth
her father killed her mother then he went after her
her daddy had a dark sickness rooted in himself
he abused her until she bruised and no one came to help

every night he forced her in his bed till she bled
she felt weak and defiled and begged for the end
she started dreaming about murder every night
everyday she woke up screaming, more terrified

years went by and she grew into a savage beast
she grew older and colder and needed release
so she tricked her villain and put on a grand show
slashed him wildly in his own bed, then slit his throat

she couldn’t stop herself, next, she chopped off his head  
then she spit on his corpse, time to burn him to ash
covered in his blood she let out a sickly laugh
ironic she killed him using her natural craft

dwelling on the frightening sight in front of her eyes
she was liberated, but needed to know ‘the why’  
but she has to be careful, she can’t be out on a limb
she’s acutely aware of the jungles every whim

she knows her wounds run deep, they won’t let her be free  
and no other beast must know of her misery
she’ll never feed if her prey sees even one loose tear  
she’ll be eaten alive if she humors those foul fears

she has to hold her head up high and keep living her lies
so she lights a fire and pretends she doesn't want to die
she knows now, gifts of beauty come with a dark gloomy price
she learned and endured and now she’s the killer in disguise

Shane Willey Jul 11

Staring out the window
Wishing I were there
On a nice hill, oh
With green grass everywhere

The wind slightly blowing
The air is nice and warm
Through my hair, flowing
Around my body like a swarm.

I see blue skies and clouds
They're puffy and white
So plentiful and proud
The atmosphere is full of light.

I smile, this is my home out of town
I lay down in the grass
I'm with you, we make flower crowns.
I hear shattering glass.

Something is wrong, the scene changes.
The skies turn dark, the rivers run red
The differences flies through ranges.
The daydream has been misled.

I hear screams of a frightened teen
He runs down the hill with a knife.
The grass is no longer green
It is stained with blood and strife.

Rolling down the hill is a body
It keeps falling, it can't stop
The person rolls over the yellow poppies
It was a fresh new plant, now a dead crop

He falls to his knees and cries
His sleeve is shredded and blood red.
Tears flushing out of his eyes
The person rolling down the hill, is dead.

I don't know what happened while I wrote this. Somehow it just went from taking in the beautiful scenery to killing a man.

I watch him sprint as fast as he can
across the tar road
right after dropping his black pistol
that’s just released a bullet that’s hit my stomach
The smell of death suffocates me,
it whispers all the things
I’ll be leaving behind on this earth

I look own at the newly created blood river
that my stomach has just released,
it tickles down my skin
As the warm liquid flows out
a tear escapes my eye
and runs down my cheek
like a raindrop on a window
I tell myself that this is the end
Thoughts race through my mind
about how I’ve lived
and whether I’m going to heaven or hell
or if I should start believing in reincarnation
before it’s too late
I’m going AWOL on everyone

The air is thickening and my chest is weakening
My knees tremble as my hands and feet get numb
My lips slowly turn purple desperately wanting to be violet
As my thoughts twist,
a psychedelic knife stabs
through my chest causing impact
My eyes shut in pain like the effect of a car accident;
quick and sudden yet unexpected
My mind and heart synchronise a stop
having it be the end of me
I lie there lifeless
I’m going AWOL on everyone

Absent WithOut Leave.

I am afraid that when I cross your path,
the sight of me will lead you astray
as it did with so many other bleary-eyed
men looking for the newest drug
to glaze their limbs
and haze their minds.
I am a frenzy,
sought after delicacy leaving
the sweetest tinge on your tongue.
Wrap me around your finger and destroy
me before I destroy you,
leading you from your path
to the cliffs, rocky and sharp.
Watch you don't get killed
during the fall.
Land right
and the water might just
spare your life.

~~ Agyrophobia, the fear of crossing streets. ~~
DJ Jul 7

I sat bewildered by the shadow above me,
His tall, muscular figure overpowered my small, petite one.
I rose to hold my ground.
My chest puffed out,
Hand in a fist,
My face with a sharp expression.
He lifted his hand and smacked me as hard as he could.
It hurt like hell and I wanted to cry.
I wanted to go sit in a corner and be done.
But I didn't.
I looked him dead in the eye.
I called him by his first name.
He let down his guard for a second,
With a look of hurt.
But it was only a second until he grabbed the nearest bottle,
And broke it.
A man was arrested in the early hours of the morning for the murder of his daughter. Police say he has had a history of abuse towards her. The daughter was 16 years old. Taking her final breaths at 8:02 p.m. Her untimely death was caused by being stabbed 20 times with a broken bottle.






A story about a man in debt getting murdered by the shark loan in his tiny apartment.
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