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i don't see myself
any other man but you
so i let the stars align
to take me as soon
as i am forty for
desire not of me

41 and alone
51 and alone
61 and alone
i do not want to grow old alone

i foresee myself growing old alone
so i ask the stars to take me when i am forty
or younger

my dust to be encrypted
when you close your eyes at night
tells you that

i could've grown old with you

you are too late
you are too late
Nobody Aug 28
I welcome the silence
from the middle of the night.  
I was counting on the cover
of darkness,
so there'd be no one to see me
end your life.
I step as slowly as I can
trying not to be loud,
carefully slipping into your room
without making a sound.
I smile as I see you lying
helpless in a dream.
I move closer so I'm right beside you
kneeling on the ground as
I slide my blade out.
I’m inches from your face,
close enough to smell your breath.
I place the cold metal to your neck,
then swing my arm once to the side.
Your blood is black in the moonlight,
gushing all over your clothes.
You wake up and grab your throat,
swallowing blood
you start to choke.
I watch you try and put up a fight.
You squirm, and stare, with dying eyes.
You look me right in the face
as I stick you another time,
in the side right through your heart.
Too bad it took more than one cut
for your body to go limp.
Finally your death has come,
I’m free from the burden of your grip.
Dinamus Aug 13
He said to my face
"You miss every shot
You don't take"
                                 And I replied
"I only have one bullet
And on it is your name."
Ahmad Attr Aug 9
There is mercury in my lungs
Cinnabar on my Tongue
I breathe poison
As I walk on these solemn hills
Late at night, contemplating life, under moonlight
In hands ;a knife, end of life
My eyes are red as
The crystals I’m trying to swallow
They won’t **** me
They’ll only leave me fearless and hollow

There is acid in me so invisible
Chemicals remaining unsung
I breathe poison
As I walk through this unsound city
The folks see me, close their windows swiftly
In hands; a knife, end of life
My eyes red as
The blood that will flow on cobblestones tonight
They didn’t **** me
They only left me merciless and hollow
You should've stopped me when you had the chance
Anais Vionet Aug 4
My sister Annick fixed me, locked me in, with cold, blue eyes as she sat down slowly next to me at the table. “I’m a surgeon,” she said, not quite casually, “a board certified surgeon.”

I give her a questioning look.

“I could take your steak knife,” she says, eyeing it, “plunge it into your neck - and oh, sure, there’d be a question or two but in the end - I’d walk away clean.”

“I don’t think,” I start saying…

Tears well to near overflowing in her turquoise eyes. “I came in - officer” she says, sounding stunned and surreal. “She was having a convulsion, she exhibited severe cyanosis, I couldn’t clear her airway, it was a classic tonic-clonic seizure.” she goes on, her voice rising to near panic with the diagnosis.

“You’d never…” I start to interrupt but she gently covers my mouth with her left hand while gathering the handle of the serrated silver steak knife, expertly, into her right hand.

“I attempted to perform a tracheostomy,” she continues in a traumatized but professional voice. “but as I began a transverse incision above the sternal notch,” a tear rolls down her cheek, “Anais suffered a severe generalized-onset seizure and convulsed, forcefully into the knife

IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!” I confess suddenly, as if under oath, in court.

There’s a moment of still silence.

“And WHEN,” she asked, wiping away the tear and turning the knife for a downward ******. “Were you going to MENTION IT?!”

“NOW! - before dinner!” I look around the empty room - for help - for a sympathetic jury. “It was an ACCIDENT! - I’m SORRRRYYYY!” I plead.

My sister slowly sets down the knife and says deliberately, purposefully - like a death sentence: “My Valentino sheer floral-lace top is STAINED.”

”I can FIX it!” I insist in a rush.

“Keep OUT of my room - and my stuff.” she grumbles, “And REMEMBER what I said,” she adds as she pats the knife before getting up and leaving the room.

“I WILL’” I promise to her back.

A second later, my mom sweeps in from the opposite direction.
“What’s up” she asks.

“Nothing” I almost whisper, head down.
Sisters... what are you gonna DO??    It was just a spaghetti stain - I looked GREAT in that top.
Dinamus Aug 1
Writhing like a worm
Spent too much time
Basking in the sun
Baking my bones
In a bed of leaves
Laying with the stones
Buried like a seed
In pieces like the sky
Split by the clouds and breeze
In a dried lake of red
Where I rest my head
Mike Chigo Jul 29
I see a hooded man walk into my neighborhood
Dressed up in black, from the boots to the hood
He prowls the street like a cat in the middle of the night
Walks around hands in his pocket until he reaches his target

Kablaam kablaam kablaam

Gunshots ring in the air
The people disappear
Only to reappear with fear to find their star lying dead

What's his crime? They all asked...
Who's the killer? They all wonder...
Yet nobody knows but the sender
Ahmad Attr Jul 17
Next please,
Now I know you
You are desperate
For girls, for love
But you can’t get any in this world
My 10 fingers, break them
Get your ticket to heaven
Make sure you hear the slow cracks
Blessed will be your ears

Next please,
Now I know you
You are pretentious
You are selfish
You think you are the greatest in this world
I offer you my arms
Get your ticket to heaven
Shatter them with a hammer
Make sure you shout out loud when you hit
Blessed will be your lungs

Next please,
Now I know you
My dear friend, you are a good person
But you are doubtful
So confirm your eternal blessings in the after world
I offer you my ears
Get your ticket to heaven
They are not as kind as yours, so cut them apart
Blessed will be your heart

Next please
I don’t think I know you
But you are all the same
Hateful, insecure, hypocrites
I allow you to remove this filth from the world
I offer you my legs
Get your ticket to heaven
Break each digit first and then slice them slowly
Blessed will be your skin where my slain blood will land

Next please
Oh! I know you guys
You gorge on the flesh of your brethren
Serpents, betrayers
Everything wrong in this world
I offer nothing
The poison in your words
**** your tickets to heaven

Are there more left, Next please
I know you too
Too scared to go to hell?
Well you, my dear, are lucky today
No more anxiety will be left in this world
For I offer my eyes
Gauge them out with your claws
Get your ticket to heaven
Don’t worry I will writher in pain
Blessed will be your hands

Next please
Now I know you too well
I can feel you from your heartbeat
Dear Whisperer, I saved the best for last
For you, I offer my heart
Although it always belonged to you
But wait for a moment
You can take it whole
Break my neck
Skin me, push the blades deeper in my belly
Burn my hair, yank out my nails
Hang my body or whatever that remains
In front of everybody
So they could curse at me
And Get their tickets to heaven
This was written the day I realized that the friends I made were my enemies all along. So you can feel my frustrations and anguish here.
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