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Poetic T May 1
If spelling was a marathon,
       you tripped over on

the first step..
Dam you spell check...
How could I forget that accident,
Which made us feel like we are meant,
We both underestimated each other,
This paved the way for us to walk together,
After that everyday was full of confessions,
Every hug, Every cuddle, Every moment was mixed with passions,
Your smile was what I wanted to see everyday,
For that I always had to find a way,
Those small wounds would make you worry,
And then I would be in your arms for you to carry,

But how could I forget that accident,
Where you forget me and went,
I alone got tortured living those memories,
Remembering every of your chivalry,
It is pain to see you too close but too far,
Like fighting alone a war,
In your eyes I am now a stranger,
In your path and life I've become a hinder,
Now I realize how your love was no less than a poison,
For that how you chose me to be the one,
It is pain that I wear behind this smile,
But you wouldn't stop to look at it for a while,
Now everything has changed including you,
Wish I had never met you.
Long after I have given up,
my heart searches for you without my permission.
-Rudy Francisco
Svode Apr 6
All it took was one mistake
to change my life forever
Jonathan Moya Mar 25
The rear view mirror showed the car on fire.
Metal no protection for burning flesh—
burning down to the color of the night—
a bright reversal reflected in white.
Maybe charred bone? Not hell. Neither heaven.
Police, EMTs too late to save the
tissues smelling like pan steak, fatty pork—
blood emitting its metallic compounds—
the burnt liver of organs— spinal gel    
a musky, sweet perfume less offensive
than wires, plastic, alloys, the circuitry
melting down every(all)things to its base.
He (it) never saw, tasted, felt the crash
coming from the back/front/side. But I did.
Woman at the well
Sitting on its borders
Looking down within
She fell, she fell

Buckets come, buckets go
Water is taken
She sinks down some more
In the well, for she fell

Meet her there
Halfway, all the way
Sweet pitter-patter,
The drumming of raindrops,
Lulling me gently,
To realms of sweet dreams,
And bright lights.

That soothing tapping,
Of raindrops hitting,
A freshly washed windshield,
Cradled against plush leather seats,
By tightly pulled seatbelt.

A loud crack of thunder,
Even sounds restful,
On the side of a well-worn highway,
Lighting the night sky,
Like a beacon of hope.

The sickly pitter-patter,
Of crimson drops hitting leather,
Contrasted to the beauty of the rain,
Trapped beneath seatbelts,
And bent metal.

Sweet soft drumming,
Of raindrops on my window,
And the ruined hood of my car,
If the lightning beacon doesn't bring help soon,
I am at least glad... see one last rainstorm.
Zachary G Mar 8
What was once young
Is now but aged and old
What was once seen as beautiful
Is now but a crone
Where did It all go?

Did it disappear with my hair?
Did it go over there?
Searching blind I go nowhere

I sit torn between sheets
All bent at the knees
I stare at what I believe is
The Christmas wreath
Drinking is but a pleasantry

I say goodnight to the
Ghost of my past while
Lighting the candle wax

I curse at the world so crass
While I think of that trash

He left me for dead
All buried in sorrows covered
In red

Now I will haunt him like the
Living dead and cause him
True dread
This is a poetry piece about a wife who was left by her husband after he got into an accident with her years ago that led to her becoming blind. this story is looked at from the women's aged perspective and the hatred that never died out, unyielding flame.
He promised her that he'll show her this beautiful world.
He fulfilled his promise by disappearing forever.
She opened her eyes but he was not there anymore.
She cried out for him but he was gone.
Then she fulfilled her promise by lighting up hundreds of lantern in his funeral.
She left this world when she was thrown up in the sky by the truck.
And they fulfilled their promise by planting thousands of Camellia flowers on their grave yards.  
To Unite them once again.
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