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Now it's too late
For me to slow down
Must accept my fate:
The lost will ever be found

All down the drain,
Moments lost in a flash
Pushing limits,
We were bound to crash

No matter how speed
I can never seem
To reach
Where I have to go

No matter how fast
I know it won't last
I've always been too slow

Rolling down the road
You were in my path
You left me roadkill
And it makes you laugh

Carrying my loads
We came in contact
You died on impact
I was still intact
ive burned a
lot of bridges

whether it was
on purpose or
an accident-
i still don’t know
I've found you, runnning everywhere
in my bloodstream
I've found you, to be the power source
for my heartbeat
I've found you, to be the essential part
in a perfect dream
Yes I do feel very attracted to her
I must admit
An inky tattoo
Was crawling up his neck
A newfound taboo
For I, was a wreck

What had happened
His nails were sharp
I could not tell
Each arm apart

Exposed was I
Helpless and hurt
Couldn’t look to the sky
Couldn’t utter a word

Weak and broken
I hated myself for
I was a token
I looked to the floor

And shouts were near
But I shut them out
I couldn’t hear
Those I cared about

In my head
To escape what’s real
I might have bled
But I couldn’t feel

No, I haven’t moved
Since I fell that day
Nothing to prove
Nothing to say

So I’ll stay silent
For no one can hear
The world is violent
The world I’m near
this is the perspective of the character Maribel from the Book of Unknown Americans.
I knew I
Falling in

But I
Hated          and was afraid of

Yet I didn't
Stop it.
I didn't
Stop myself.

And now
I pay
By the
Of my

I want you to be my Serena.

So badly.

I want you to smell like her.

I want you to sound like her.

I want you to love like her.

I want you to cry like her.

I want you to smile like her.

Haha.. No.
I do not mean
I had an ideal.


You were almost her.

And I love you.
I can't... I am bleeding out from the inside. Flowing like thick, hard water.

Let me know your thoughts.
Philomena Jan 14
Two years ago I learned a lesson
But it didn't make sense until today

Three little dogs out in the snow
Roxy was short and round, but she was strong with red fur
Bumble and Sparky were smaller still and just wanted to have fun
And after a few minutes shrill barks filled the air
Bumble called for help as his brother was being torn apart
Roxy had him at his throat
The snow was red with blood
So I grabbed the beast
And timid Sparky tried to run away
Blood poured from his throat

Now as day turned into night
Bumble and Sparky were safe inside
Roxy was out in the cold
She wasn't safe and had to go
Bumble sat the whole night waiting for his brother
And sparky lay wrapped in his mother's arms
Trying to keep it together

There are two kinds of people in this world
That I now know
You either tear out the throats of the innocent
Or keep your head down and try protect your own
Philomena Jan 12
It was in your arms like I always am that I had my first nightmare starring you

It started simple enough
Wake up like we always do
You off to class and me back off to sleep
And then the ringing began
Ringing in my ears
The phone
And I heard her tell me
The news
Every detail
Every fact
And I felt sick
So I went to get up
Get dressed and put myself into something that resembles a human being
Just like I always do
Except I couldn't
I was frozen there
Suspended in that dark dream unable to move
You were dying
An accident and you were dying
Bleeding out body failing and just dying
And I couldn't get to you
Couldn't talk to you
Couldn't hold you
I remained frozen by the sick twist of a dream
And I cried
Feeling as each part of my heart broke
Shattered like glass on pavement
And you were gone
Haven't had a nightmare in a while actually.
Meeting you was an accident,
You are the scar
I never want to heal from.
At first there were two,
two just became a multiplier,
of those red fireflies
dancing to the sick beat
of zooom, broooom and wshhhh.

They flied further as I rolled forward;
left to right and right to left
they wiggled, never overlapping;
just above, below or beside the other
it created beautiful chaos.

Trapped in time of ****** stars,
accelerates as orange turns green.
Yellow trails, red fireflies
sped past through me;
everything became blur.

The pair of red fireflies flew unstoppably, and that was the last thing I saw.
Breon Jan 2
The lights stretch back for miles, hollow stares
all trained toward the twisted, shattered steel,
waved on in pairs and threes like visitation lines
at ******'s speed, slow enough for a glimpse,
high enough for everyone to get a turn.
The night turns every shade of paint black,
each window to a tinted mourner's veil,
glass shards strewn by an uncaring hand
to scintillate like starlight in the glare,
sirens wailing away like the bereaved.
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