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Ahmad Attr Feb 3
I saw it coming,
The rickshaw was slowly halting
And the driver wasn’t looking
I shouted at him pointing my fingers towards the impending doom
He twisted the handle of the bike, for nothing, we collided
It was all too slow,
I saw everything
The distance between my arms and the concrete
Being eaten up as the time ticked
The merciless coarse surface of the road
Lacerated by bare arm, on which I fell
I didn’t feel a thing though

I picked myself up and looked at my friend, the driver
He was still lying on the burning ground, groaning
His white cotton clothes tangled up in the bike, obliterated
I stood with nothing in my head until the wound swelled up, sizzling

I wrapped my bleeding arm under rim of my yellow shirt
And walked towards the third of us, he was silent
We stood on the hem of the road, watching men picking him up
I studied his body from his head to his toes
Dreading flesh spurting out or skin-piercing bones
But I only saw bruises, wounds and his face full of fear
Not of death but of disappointment from us
We laughed after the pain peaked and plateaued
I wish I could tell him the it was my fault
Because I saw it all coming
Before we were even on the road
I had a premonition about my accident last summer
From the beginning:

It’s a new year and I quit my job
**** it, I’ll never be good at serving
Directionless in 2013
It’s unusually warm.

Your presence in the room is a rock in my shoe
You’re so cool
And I’m a mess.
Remember, you called me Heather in bed?
And I made you go home?
I forget.

Now we’re crossing the street
For your birthday, it’s your birthday,
Makers Mark, count ‘em, 2 ounces at a time.
Stacked up like unread texts and why don’t you like me’s
I don’t remember
But I’m probably crying

Flash in to outside
God it’s like 60
Deciding to go with you
Asking you to kiss me

(I had a long term boyfriend in my 20s
And his mother would buy me toilet paper for Christmas
The gift of hindsight is kind of like that:
Practical and helpful and a ****** of a gift)

Today is 9 years to the day
My parents know and they’re on their way
The nurse thinks I might be paralyzed
11 broken bones and two black eyes

This is the end of the beginning
Which is the easy part
I’ve never been able to write it all down
Spin it into art

Be warned, I can’t guarantee poetry
From a patched-but-still-leaking heart.
Part one of a multi (tbd) part series detailing the drunk driving accident that derailed my life in 2013 and the convoluted and ongoing recovery process.

I have attempted to process this event through a whole swath of creative means, never very successfully. It eludes me. I humbly request patience, as this is a healing exercise. Thank you so much, and may you find peace where it grows.
Michelle Rose Nov 2021
To walk again
would be nice

To run
Would be even nicer

To not hobble around on these **** crutches
watching my leg shrivel away

To walk again
and not replay

The twisting of my knee
The sound of it snap

Before my body
lay amongst the “fresh powder”

And those **** skis
stupid skis

and that sun
God, that beautiful sun

that for a second calmed my gaze
Until those first responders came

Then that trip down the mountain
That stupid trip

Every bump.
Every single one hit my leg

And the clinic
That **** clinic

Did you really have to yank
that boot off my unstable leg?

Did you really
have to pull that hard?

I never got that chocolate chip cookie
you promised by the way

And the ER
Stupid emergency rooms.

14 screws, a metal plate and some concrete
torn meniscus, torn MCL, tibial plateau split depressed fracture
bones punctured through all of the cartilage behind my knee

3 months
6 months
To one year
to walk again

To run
Would be nice

but they said I never will
Written March 15th 2021
Erian Rose Nov 2021
Last summer
our days sped by us
like Faris wheel highs
swept beneath sidewalk alleyways.
We traveled the world
in our little neighborhood of dreams;
a hand to hold so close
yet miles away in words.
We found the best
out of emptiness,
heartening our comfortable silence.

We found each other on accident
two summers ago from June,
hopscotched in one-night walks
on a bus going nowhere fast.
By then, we barely knew
how far the universe would take us
in a matter of months.
Now, all I can think about
is how to comprise your heart flutter
the same way your smile and cosmos
composed mine.
Kimmie Sep 2021
It's has been a hell of a ride
Goes a lot of downshift
Love ones bid forever goodbyes
Had to let go of things I wanna stay
Accident that almost took my life
Never ending stress and anxieties
Nightmare after nightmares
Hell no you can't make it they said
But here I am...
Hell yeah still fighting
Hamna May 2021
I inhale forgiveness.
And exhale all my vengeance.
Like taking a word from my right ear,
And throwing it out from the other
It hurts to say this:
Saying "Marhaba" to misfortune with warm hugs
Know why I do this?
I wait for serendipity
To surprise me with a confetti of lilies.
I'll fly with each petal...
Why do I forget that there's always a purpose behind an accident?
doors are paved
buckets are heavy
fingers are glazed
pockets are ******

give and take
wife and man
pride and joy
hope and plan

air is toxic
back is failing
sleep is painful
bed is creaking

start or stop?
lows or highs?
smith or serf?
debt or worth?

car not starting
strap not locking
meds not working
wheels not stopping
for John C. P.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
Warren C Mar 2021
No One can see the tears in my eyes
For I wear dark glasses
No One knows my true demise
For I feel my life is blowing ashes

The driver behind me did not pay attention
I doubt he thought how it would forever change my life
The driver what was his intention
I doubt he considered how it would wound my wife

The headaches are pounding drums in my head
The earaches screech like fingernails on a chalk board
But maybe enough is said
I will pray to the Lord

For he will never understand
He will never see me covered in *****
For he might believe he never really had a hand
He will never see the pain as I hide in my closet
In January 2021 I was in a car accident, I did not cause it or plan t, but my life is damaged just as my body and head is..
Blackenedfigs Feb 2021
I think sometimes
about the thing lost
inside that bar bathroom stall

And about the blood
that had flowed effortlessly
in brilliant, shiny-red globs.

I said goodbye then—
to the accident I never wanted
or even knew existed.
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