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Warren C Mar 7
No One can see the tears in my eyes
For I wear dark glasses
No One knows my true demise
For I feel my life is blowing ashes

The driver behind me did not pay attention
I doubt he thought how it would forever change my life
The driver what was his intention
I doubt he considered how it would wound my wife

The headaches are pounding drums in my head
The earaches screech like fingernails on a chalk board
But maybe enough is said
I will pray to the Lord

For he will never understand
He will never see me covered in *****
For he might believe he never really had a hand
He will never see the pain as I hide in my closet
In January 2021 I was in a car accident, I did not cause it or plan t, but my life is damaged just as my body and head is..
I think sometimes
about the thing lost
inside that bar bathroom stall

And about the blood
that had flowed effortlessly
in brilliant, shiny-red globs.

I said goodbye then—
to the accident I never wanted
or even knew existed.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 24
The human mind
and the human heart
and the scent of a woman
Omaha Beach
and the poisoned sky
and the rhythm method
Morse Code
and one too many icebergs
Mighty dollar
and what is never laid to rest
The human mind
and the human heart
Is it death?
It isn't that bad.
From the roads and rush
Horns and noise,
To this serenity
And eternal silence .

Time to rest
As the sun within me sets,
My time on earth ceases.

They will be fine, I hope
My love , don't you cry
Take care of my little angels

Strange reluctance
Throughout my body.
Too tired to open my eyes
But I must see this,
New world
New life.

I see the white
I hear the silence
I feel the shivering
Across my heart.

The white room
The white bed
In between
I am the living dead

This isn't death
But surely is worse.
I see their anxious eyes
Waiting for me to wake.

Truth thrown at me like pebbles
Pain that I have to take.

As the morphine
Fades away ,
Burn sharpened from
Knee to thigh.

Heart crumbles in pain
Not for the lost leg
But for the coming days.

I wish I was dead
But a burden I remain.
Road accidents are everyday incident of present world. The pain and agony of a victim of road accident is described
Kamilla Jan 29
I got into a car accident today
My fear is rooted in the familiarity that I found
As we collided and in the wavering second after--
As my body stilled
In the sound of the metal crunching from a forward force
And the thump-like drop
That shot from my throat straight to the bottom of my stomach
The sudden compression of metal has startling similarities;
To those same compressions that reside in a realm of loose thoughts
The tension of my fibers contracting into each other
Reaps an illusion of protection
My left leg experienced a shocking pulse of pressure--
One which did not linger
My eyes took position;
Readying themselves to flow
Before the impact my mouth released--
Written November 23, 2020
morgan Jan 28
got into a car accident with fear.
it paralyzed me from the heart down.
i only go through the motions, i can barely feel.
it took control and now i can’t  help but,
being scared to approach anything around.
for fear of paralyzing someone from the heart,
all the way down.
Annie Jan 10
My hair smells like carrot cake,
it holds onto things like that-
and accidental kisses
that were not very kind.

I’m sorry,
by the way.

I forgot your lips were trouble
and you have a troubled mind.
wizmorrison Dec 2020
I can see blood scattered in the road,
I can see myself lying there
Whilst covered in red liquid;
Crowds are going crazy everywhere,
I can here their screams,
They talk so loud as they panicked hard;
Tears of bitterness sprout within me,
Why do people cares when it's too late?
Coffin Of Thoughts
yann Dec 2020
I had a dream, that you crashed and
I ran to you,
my body shaking,
It was not a dream.
How can I fit the whole of you in my arms again
Your body so alive and breathing, real in a way I
don't know what to do with
I am not strong enough to stop your fire
I wish I could, for a while
step back,
no fear.
Breathe you in and
hold you close
and say "You are loved because these hands touch you,
these arms hold you,
this skin knows you
and this heart longs for you."
They are all mine, and yours too,
the crash, the burns, all fire.
I'll make it stop if you allow me to.
it's okay, nobody got hurt
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