Steve Page Feb 15
I concentrate on being me,
observing attention deficit,
wanting someone else to see
the view from where I always sit.

I turn and then begin to chat
to the person that I'm facing,
surprised that from where I'm sat
I find them almost fascinating.

Very soon I realise
that the person sitting there
is seeing me with two fresh eyes,
blinking through each tear.
We each want attention.  But it's harder to be attentive.
Rick Warr Feb 11
life is an attitude choice

problems can nag
and take up much space

but when i look
down at me from a height,
or up at the stars at night
i am reminded
that I am nothing ...

... nothing but
what i give to others
during my brief twinkle
on this planet blue

and so ...
i am listening to you
reason for listening in a world of personal myopia
Kash Jan 24
We sit across from each other
Both occupied with electronic devices
Not talking
Though there is much to talk about
Hardly glancing
When comments are offered
Brief and lost on deaf ears
Bouncing off a hard surface
I can't talk to you
Because your ears are cement
And only mumbles make their way through
I have something important to say
But your ears are unavailable
So maybe it's not that important after all
I brim silently with feelings
No where to put them
You are already full of god knows what
Carter Ginter Jan 23
I find it funny
That you don't take me seriously
Until these words
Stain your phone screen
I feel that though
Because I could say anything
But if I write it then
You know it's real
I'm not the best at listening
I'm even worse at talking
Even texting is impossible these days
But poetry comes from my soul
What I fail to express regularly
Flows so easily through this medium
If you feel the same then maybe that's why we do this
It feels like a game
And maybe it appeals to the kids within us
A serious, lighthearted way to communicate
That also pushes us to write more
We were always good at testing each other

As for the memory of pancakes
I remember it a bit differently
You were trying to hold back tears
And I remained passive and cold
It's not a thought I enjoy revisiting
That entire weekend was a challenge
We pushed each other to the edge
Waiting to see who'd fall first
Clearly it was me

I was wrong in so many ways
I know that better than anyone
And maybe I should've waited
I shouldn't have left so long
But I wasn't in bed with another
I was trying to sober up enough to get home safely
Sure it was a bit excessive in time
And I'm sorry I made you wait so long
But I was a drunk mess and I couldn't get home that way

I didn't mean to take advantage of you
I didn't mean to hurt you
Obviously, I did
And still do I'm sure
But those were never my intentions
I do care for you
It's all very complicated and stressful
I wish I could make it easier for us both
But I don't haven't figured out how yet
Last one before work
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Hold fast to forgetting, so I did but I
could still hear the music of my heart's strainings.
Listening for the note that would say
it's divine where you're heading.
Understand me now, hold fast to forgetting.
Domagoj Dec 2017
There is something sinister,  (it follows)
creeping me from my past.
Resonate voices of ones I never heard.
Breathing as a fragile being,
which crushes by own existence
I can't remember much,
my family,
my friends,
they talk but I won't listen.
Morning light pierce through,
deadmans broken dream,
it reflect our no tommorow.
Do not be afraid of the death,
afraid the life worth no living.
Something is dragging me down,
exposing me to this cruel world.
It shows my blank face,
blank, pale face
with no pain and suffering written on it.
Fox Friend Nov 2017
What a beauty this life might be if we learned to listen in order to understand instead of listening just to reply and regain focus of the spotlight.
Brianna Nov 2017
What I wanted to say was " leave me alone. I'm no good for you."
but what came out was " I love you too."

What I needed to say was lost behind a tiny glass screen that was much to easy to break.
What I needed you to see was thousands of miles away and forever emotionally unavailable to you.
What you needed to hear was something I have told you a thousand times before but they say love makes you blind.

And with this, I wondered if maybe I was also blind to the man I loved.
Maybe he had told me just as many times as I had told you.
Maybe he was just a ruthless and heartless as I thought I was being with you and yet here I was doing exactly what you were doing with me but with him.

I bet what he wanted to say was -- " I don't love you and you need to get that through your head."
But what I kept hearing was -- "I'm just not ready right now."
Richard Grahn Nov 2017
Seeking truth,
Taking another step toward God,
Yearning for light.

Following the path,
Making an effort
To do what is right.

Should reason fail
In the darkest night,
What’s left to do but to

Trust in the journey,
Stepping each step
Without regret?

The destination lies
Just ahead,
Shrouded in mystery.

The meaning of it all
Defies understanding,
Requires much more than just believing.

To the end of days,
Getting closer to God
Is this moment’s most important task.

Caring and sharing,
Feeling for others,
Listening to

That piercing voice
From above and within.
Watching for

A chance to assist
Another in need of that
Guiding light to Eternal Love.
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