Xyns 6d
My time is spent
watching all color drip
and drain..
Leaving only gray..

..lifeless is my everyday..
mads Jan 9
my supportive words flowing out to you like a river
the dam just broke in the back of my throat
here comes the inflow of how to helps
but here i am stuck at square one
still doing the same thing
feeling the same way
when will I listen
to the words
i seem to be able to help everyone but myself
Nathalie Dec 2018
There are ebbs and flows
in conversations
Conversations are
not all created equal
You know the depth
of a conversation
by the emotions it
evokes or by the feeling
and energy it creates
Sometimes people
get caught up in
the words.
But a conversation
is more than the words
and once you are able
to get passed all that
True listening is about
what you are understanding
not only from words alone
but from the meaning
behind the words.
clever Jan 3
if you can't stand to look a little deeper
you don't deserve to stand by me.
William Maxwell Dec 2018
I wasn't listening
When you spoke about love
I didn't want to know
I wasn't the one
You were dreaming of
I wasn't thinking
When I fell in love with you...
Amanda Dec 2018
Mornings of silence with notebooks
Multiple blankets piled around
Searching for answers and deeper meaning
Within inexplicable lack of sound

Sharpness of my pencil scratching
Fills my body with calming joy
The quiet still holds only questions
So solitude's presence I merely enjoy

Just listening to my heart thump steady
I turn emotion into art
If eyes are windows to the soul
Poetry is a peephole to the heart
About those quiet comfortable mornings with just me and my pen
Rita Sailor Dec 2018
about ploughing my head through the wall instead of walking through the door food away to the right
perhaps you simply confusing your way with mine
but you don't care to listen
                                                                            only to talk
Seanathon Dec 2018
If you need me
I’ll be floating
Awash in a puddle of memory
Unaware in a sea of opportunity
Ilion gray Dec 2018
While staring into the heavens,
A vast storm came
Tearing into the atmosphere,
out from the wild darkness.

While listening,
to the silenced;
I heard rumors
of a mega galactic cloud.
A star maker;
unknown elements
with moonless planets
In her eternal belly.

  Here I was,
Too Weak
to break
the skin of space...
Traveling adrift,
Where the presence of chasmic cliffs,
bring comfort
from the sight
Of the great cloud,
eating planets in the dark.

Suddenly, I heard a sound
Like myriads of thunderstorms
being held prisoner
By the never ending cloud,
The resonance of which,
ripped the page of days apart--

Everything empty down
into the trembling earth
And all of the
light escaped the dark...

I stopped existing..
I couldn't hear anything;
not even,
the quiet vibration
of my own voice in my head
every second,
Achingly expiring at birth;
of the beaten silence.

Woe, to the chaos of my eyes,
They see
Every time
I forgot my name.
A name that was,
whispered by raindrops,
And written in my blood.



I heard the silenced,

I have learned,
Why, darkness first hated the light
and challenged its power.
How, the stars
that you and I can see,
are the lowliest luminaries;
they have fallen
So far down,
too far from heaven, now.

How, when galaxies
  consume the stars
that the almighty named;
they are erased,
from everything;
throughout all of the immensity!"


I waited for the
Ageless clouds.
And, though I knew
That once a raindrop whispers
A name,
never again would it fall
from the lips of a storm.
I am listening,
I know I
Won't understand the
languages of the names
Still I listen
without my eyes;
Listening for the sound
Of the ancient wild fire
At the bottom of an unfounded sea;
Ablaze, climbing
The staircase
Of the sea,
The roar of it's furious limbs  
shattering the soaked ceiling---

This is the image of
Words, and names descending...
Still I must listen...
When I hear the vibration
Like lightning strikes,
Across a cellos strings
in mid-heaven;
 an adagio,
Composed by angels...
the augmented chord
kept secret
through the valleys
Of years.

  I will search,
for the almighty,
Into the
wild world enraged
I will only speak as the silenced do,
In the tongues of clouds
Yet, the words carry the weight
Of worlds,

I will go.
When I find
Someone who is
Weary, who is beaten down
And *****,
And yet...
He is awake-
or if while traveling
with a thunderstorm
through a city
And there among the busy streets,
I find anyone standing moveless,
Where Heavy feet rush to escape the rain,
Their eyes shut,
Just waiting,
patiently In the rain-

I will tell them;

Why this world
is not their home.

I will show them,
how to hear..and-
Most importantly-
How to listen,
to the words of the rain,
That whispers.

And once
they learn to listen
they will hear,
their names;
They will remember everything,
All that mankind has forgotten.
And, then...
                           I will wait,
the withering.
the unending night
my heart humbled,
imploring the almighty,
To name me again,
The name that I forgot;

And plead with him
to succor me,
So that
without fear;
I may
make a stand,
For the truth
Bearing it's light
through dark wars,
and my struggle,
With the sons of the night;
            these days,
at the very edge of days,

On the eve of,
The war that finishes
all things-

That is not ours to wage,

That day the riders from the heavens
Will eat up the sky,
And the black blood
Will rain;
from the deepest
white clouds.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Thank you for letting me share
Showing me you really care
Opening your heart to me
As i shared my history
Listened with an open mind
Never judging always kind
Thanks for showing that you care
With compassion that is rare
Being what i needed friend
As my soul you tried to mend
thanks for being who you are
A thank you poem to a friend
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