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The great orator
With open ears I listen
For the wind speaks not
jerelii 7d
bring me back
to the old days
where it only happens
for those 80’s season
where music is great
where dancing is a must
where anyone is having fun
where laugh and youth
are only desired
where communication
can still connect when
or wherever it may go far
where everyone is finding joy
out of small things
living the present in
every moment
of time.
just listening to 80’s music
it is something that brings me to that time.

But what is really going on
Can you really tell me?
Or are you just hoping I'll buy the story's you tell me
Your nonsense makes no sense
So I doubt that you can help me

But go ahead and talk
Tell me you schemes
But I'm not really there
I'm away in my dreams
L Nov 4
Inspiration is that song you want to listen to in the very moment that youre too busy doing something else. Its the song that you'll listen to as soon as youre done. The one that youll surely remember later, it'll be fine.

Just stop. And listen to the ******* song. Or at least write that **** down.

Youre all going to end up kicking yourselves for forgetting.
ZenOfferings Nov 4
Picking apart nests
Does the cactus wren make friends
Some success you have
aj Oct 28
the notes you gave us were so carefully written


you brought power to the quartet
calm inside calamity was you and your fine fine swaying

looser than your own spine you were swaying side to side
to the point of light
but your expression was still heavy

your expression was cooling

backed up behind everything
but you are here and you are genuine

haphazardly composed; playing

to me
you might as well be everything
Maegan deme Oct 24
it's quiet in the classroom.
or maybe I've gone deaf;
oh no,
what if I have?
I wouldn't mind I guess,
At least I wouldn't need to listen to all these ****** middle schoolers
why does anyone and everyone that's in middle school have to be so ******* ****** al the time? good lord
Is something not lightly given
So you might want to listen

If I tell you I'm not OK
'Cause that's not the easiest thing to say

So maybe trust that
I know what I'm feeling

And maybe
Trust me
To know me
never dismiss someone's feelings
Esther Oct 16
rip your eyes away
from your phone
and look
with an open mind
like you’ve never actually
unfiltered view
the sunrise
which is different each day
like it’s no big deal
look at the people
walking by
imagine them living
their own life
changing every day
trapped in their own heads

without seeing
will destroy us
without listening
might **** someone
mjad Oct 15
I tell myself everyday I don't care about him at all
He's a thing of the past come and gone
But I heard a story and was enthralled the entire conversation long
I wasn't eavesdropping my friend just decided to share
I don't need to know his business and I tell myself I don't care
But his father is leaving and his ex has moved on
His mother is mad and his work nights are long
He had the chance to have *** but won't say with who
I doubt anyone besides me came close (and I was faking the ******* too)
He keeps pursuing a girl who rejected him once more
He cut off two of his friends now he is left with just four
I tell myself I don't care about his life,
But if you know anything...tell me more
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