Geanna 3d
I was feeling down
I was not thinking
I was listening to them
I was being stupid
Now i've changed
I'll never, ever do it again
I'll get better, I promise
~ G.P.O
I wrote this after one of my suicide attempts.
Amanda Jun 14
Where can I put blame this time?
Who rescued me from this mess?
I am not the hero of my story,
It's time that I confess.

Nobody feels like I do about you,
You came along, gave me a rush,
I try to understand what makes
My heart pound fast when lips brush.

I stand myself in front of a mirror,
Trying to envision forever,
You are always there, it must be a sign,
Our ties weren't destined to sever.

Let me know you won't give up,
That even if you are not always there,
We have irreplaceable chemistry,
Between us we share.

I know this is what I want,
But not sure if what happened was right,
Learning to question everything,
Because sometimes I can't trust my insight.

Proud of the way I've handled
My decisions and mistakes,
I have deserved my obstacles,
The bumps and drawn-out heartaches.

I need to be sure of the future,
But I only see so far,
I'm so scared of falling down,
Every time I reach a star.

What I need is guidance,
And I never have the urge to pray,
Because I'm discovering there is no one listening,
To these desperate inquisitive words I say.
Written when I first started ro lose my faith... i know its very scattered but aside from that what do you think?
Deferred thought my mind speaks
but unable to reach
Since, lacking proper fuel
words are no more than tools
Idly on the shelf
All alone by themselves
Whether each has the skill
Makes no difference still
Needs a user to wield
The brain must be unsealed
Otherwise it’s just noise
And will only annoy
To communicate one
also pays attention
Thinking the message through
Also important too

Is to listen right back
Without barbs or attacks
Able to speak freely
but with diplomacy
Employing use of tact
Support statements with fact
Listen with open mind
Critical? Then be kind
Not a must to agree
or forcing one to see
Each of us has his thoughts
Throughout life we are taught
There are social patterns
Easily to discern
Regardless where you fall
Do not build up a wall

Keeping out you will win
While locking yourself in
Rigid form without flex
New ideas will perplex
Ignorance and denial
Growing into a pile
On an island alone
A statue made of stone
In your mind you’re entombed
Happy life is now ruined
Feeling always against
With a paranoid sense
Because refused to see
An unwavering tree
But a tree can still bow
Give and take it will show

If rigid, become firm
Not open, will not learn
Placing all of the weight
of the world one must take
And must always support
Forcibly will contort
Having flex we adjust
This in life is a must
It’s not possible to
One to uncook a stew
Exist for very long
No person is that strong
Or should they try to be
A journey incomplete
Happiness lies within
Upon these words don’t spin

An island you are not
So if harmony’s sought
Within the Universe
You can’t always be first
Balance found throughout life
Like seeing without sight
Each of us wants respect
But to give is to get
Listen before talking
With right foot start walking
And will find in due time
Won’t bother and don’t mind
People are free to think
From each other we drink
How we grow and evolve
Complex problems we’ll solve

Not a perfect system
But we gather wisdom
Always strive to improve
It’s the best we can do
To communicate we
Have minds open to see
Trying to understand
Flawed and kindred humans
Written: June 12, 2018

All rights reserved
These conversations that hang
beneath our eyebrows
We walk with words
just missing the eyes
Drawing with words that trace
the same outline, I outline, a different path
Tis interest or disinterest
Eye a tunnel to you a tunnel,
I a tunnel too
You, a tunnel.
The hair, the hairline, back
The neck, beyond view
Back, to be blind
Back to me, I see
Back to me
The conversation continues
CA Smith Jun 6
Say what you want
Say how you feel
Every word to me is real
Every emotion, I feel it
Because what matters to you,
Matters to me, too
listening out for the catch, through the ordered lines
then running into familiar counter-melodies
that hit the gut like surprise meetings with old friends

pushing against the current
you write the soul’s ebb and flow of discovering
break and breakaway, meet again

figuring it out along the way, slipping back,
humble, soft vulnerability of emitting,
rolling out in music and codes interior landscapes
A poem about how it can feel to listen to Elliott Smith's music and lyrics
Roses are red
Today I dread.
Laying in my bed.
Listening to the sounds of the dead.
Seeing where everything led.
And what kills are the voices in my head.

                           With love,
Miss Me May 10
Consumed for so very long
   With everything about ME

I did not know until  
Looking back on my life I see what has hurt me.
Miss Me May 10
The fire building inside
   Should cause an alarm

But no one sees
    Nor feels the heat

It rises and grows
    As no one listens

Then finally you'll hear
    There she blows
Some people never hear what is being said. And it could be what would make a difference in this world!
Peter Balkus May 8
Listening to Mozart
extends your life expectancy,
prolongs it
at least by eternity.
Inspired by Mozart's Symphonie Nr.40 in g-moll.
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