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I just wanna talk
maybe about something real,
like emotions or feelings
but I'm often recommended to take a walk,
Oh how I struggle to overcome
all of that from which I'm trying to heal
why do people get stuck up with the news,
movies or tv shows they binge?
often seems irrelevant
and makes me cringe,
I wish for someone or something
to give me clarity
or If I'm being honest
just save me a trip to therapy,
I'm in the middle of a meltdown
all I wanna do is be free
Imagine if happy thoughts would sell,
what a world this would be
I wish for poetry to flow through me
but only when I'm high,
I hope the words will get to me
but I already know it's a lie.
Sometimes I just wanna
I don't know,
just sleep it off
for a month or so.
The wise have no place or value in an expendable workforce .

Our rulers have always had two mouths and one ear!
Just do as you're told and stop talking!
Anne Mar 19
today i will
listen to you
talk about songs
you wish I knew.
i will listen to them
at your will,
my ears can bleed
even still.

tomorrow i will
listen to you
ask about foods
you wish I would chew.
i will listen
to your advice,
let you shovel
spoonfuls of rice.

everyday i will
listen to you
cry about breath
you wish I drew.
i will listen to you
weep & whine,
we'll live this dream
one nightmare at a time.
Glenn Currier Jan 30
I have spent so much energy, time and money
avoiding pain
not realizing that it is a gift
its own reward
only earned
by enduring it
securing it

Can’t get it just by sitting

But I can earn it
by listening
The crime
is not taking time
pain is earned
with time spent
with the climb
into someone’s tortured heart.

Pain must not be spurned
it must be earned.
Author’s Note: With gratitude to Jason for his poem, “Chained,”
Dom T Jan 15
It’s a privilege,
To be told just a part of your story.
You entered the room and my life.
You let me in with no holds barred.
You told me where it hurt,
And I was the one who truly listened.
You left, less encumbered,
And with a light to carry you
Through the darkness.
My door and my heart are open;
You’re welcome to return.
If the story needs a listener, I’m here.
I hear them say,
"You only have one life, be grateful
Keep your stance firm, be fateful."

I say to myself,
"I try to -- every cold night, every warm day.
But as I wake up, I can't help but drag myself away."

I hear them say,
"Always look at the bright side,
There are reasons for what transpires in life."

I say to myself,
"I said I try to -- every cold night, every warm day.
But every little good thing seems to always come with a price."

And then they say,
"Oh, ye of little faith, stand tall,
He is with us, and I'll always pray for you."

Yet again I cry,
"I did not ask for your faith, nor did I ask for you to pray.
Listen for once, and one day, maybe you'll know what you can and need to say."
Kai Mar 14
vices binding my soul; ever complying
perfect obedience; never denying
i'm silent no matter how terrifying
i'm on the verge of tears but never crying
my lungs only produce a quiet sighing
i'm screaming final breaths but never dying
and all the while my pain's intensifying
my wings fledged and outstretched but never flying
i try to speak but there's no point replying
i'm done with all your endless justifying

you could've changed, but you're just never trying
the 11 syllables thing is part of the poem. you get lured into thinking it will flow nicely like an iambic pentameter, but then you reach the end of the line and you feel like you have to interrupt yourself to maintain the rhythm. that's because you do. that's how it's meant to be read. the interruption is part of the poem.

you can read this in multiple ways. either one person struggling against another, or two people arguing.
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