Listen to the rain
drops against the window pane
the sun is sleeping

Timothy Daly Oct 29













Allison Oct 23

Follow the tumultuous sounds of the heart
to the point where it’s heard loudest.
Listen there so long that it gets uncomfortable for everyone.
And stay there listening and curious, through the discomfort.

Have the patient exhale to emphasize the sound,
but don’t assume they’ll know when to inhale again.
Wonder why we’re all so oddly practiced
at holding our breath.

Spend a lot of time on the lungs:
Read the textbook on what fills us.
Dedicate a white board to what makes us collapse.

Put ten thousand hours into how to listen.
Practice listening when patient eighty-nine of your fourteenth shift stumbles in drunk and high.
While the drugs have made his infected heart sound like Vietnam,
practice listening until all you hear is his mother’s voice
telling you what he can still be.

Find humanity in everything if you listen:
Mr. Ramos' stridor is the screech of the kettle from your morning tea;
the crackles that Mary succumbed to
when you turn a key in a door.

Wonder how a thing so light can weigh so much.
Realize it’s the heaviness of the patients you couldn’t heal,
but find the courage anyway to go knock
on another exam room door.

Embarrass yourself when you take the stethoscope to cadaver lab.
And hold your head high when they laugh,
because blind hope is powerful medicine and sometimes all we have,
and today table sixteen looks just like Dad.

Hold the bell lightly
to differentiate your own pulse from another’s.
Then drink, and dance, and pray,
to relearn that they’re the same.

there's something that I sometimes want to ask you
and sometimes I just don't
because sometimes you move too fast for me
to even start to speak

there's something I want to tell you now
I just can't find the words
because I've always wanted to tell you
what I don't know how to say

there's something I really want to say
but you can't hear my voice
it's not because you aren't listening to me
just that I'm too far away

there's something I really want to whisper
want to make you feel my voice
as though our lips were brushing
but we can't feel a thing

because the thing that I've been wanting
so badly to say to you
is the simplest thing in all the world:
I just really want to kiss you

Is a really scary feeling,
But it is not a feeling one should ignore.
It means that something is Out of Balance
In one's life.

ShowYouLove Sep 16

There in the stillness, the whisper of angel's wings
There in the stillness a place for beggars and kings
There in the stillness a fluttering of the soul
There in the stillness someone broken is being made whole

There in the stillness and silence of this room
Like standing there in Easter's empty tomb
There in the stillness and silence of this place
I open my eyes and find myself standing face to face

There in the silence I think I feel you say
There in the silence that all will be okay
There in the silence I hear my heartbeat still
There in the silence you hold me and you always will

There in the quiet a word of blessing and peace
There in the quiet there is freedom and release
There in the quiet I sing and praise and dance
There in the quiet a part of the sacred romance

There in the rest a river of life overflows
There in the rest a fruitful garden grows
There in the rest I am anchored and secure
There in the rest is a joy so real and pure

There in my life a battle day and night
There in my life a war between darkness and light
There in my life the Lord is always by my side
There in my life my God be glorified

Praise and glory to God on high
Prayer and song fill the sky
Lift your heart and raise your eyes
Please dry our tears and hear our cries


I Barker Sep 15

Sometimes you just
Need to stop
Listening to the voices

rom Sep 13

a warning comes from the flashing screen
and the window shakes as the lightning crashes
it remains intact.
the hurricane continues to whip up debris
now tearing down homes
tearing my home
tearing you down –
the wind is screaming.

you should have listened to the flashing screen.

how we never listen until it finally happens and it's too late (drabble lol)

     Heart and soul pour forth
            an artesian spring

                    set free
    through the conduit of poetry

brilliant constellations gleam adrift,
          soothened reflections
         float away unfettered,
              mirrored upon
       peaceful rivers sojourn

             coursing afar

          conjured beyond
      the mesmerizing spell
of the outbound tides beckon

       by the scattering voice
           of the rising sea

       a comfortable silence
                 all at sea

         within ocean deep

                        someone you used to know

Thomas Conlan Aug 14

Man, the mountain tamer.
Explains to the erupted how their cores can be corrupted. Disaster avoided he can rejoice, until he hears another voice. Afraid of how their emotional erosion may cause the Earth's explosion. Lost, not just their home, but themselves.

Man, the mountain tamer.
Sweetly shouts serenades to the mounds who seek aid. Blissfully bringing back the molten from back before they knew when. Lava they've learned to live through now erupting from within you. The heart's fatal eruption will be their world's destruction.

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