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Carmen Jane Sep 12
Always wanting to say something
Breath, breath, and take a break!
You left as soon as I open my heart,
You wiped the tears and you left one streak

Shallow listening, that's what you gave me
I thought was enough until I felt the pain
It was like a cut, deep in my heart
That was squeezed by your rusted chain

Swallow the pride, give another chance
Say it again, repeat every word
I saw a flickering hope as you cared
To wait until I played my last chord

Sleep tight, I'll stay a bit more awake
I'll think about another tomorrow
I'll stay for our memories sake
I'll wait until it fades today's sorrow
Joshua Brown Aug 2
And I listen.
An all-active act of fierce conversions to turn air into electrical charges telling me to listen to you.
Laokos Jun 25
in place of a
lover's embrace
I fill my chest
with smoke.

I suspect now
there are more
walls around my
heart than ever

there was once
a light called hope
beaming brightly

but that light
was just a trick.

what was once
a raging pyre,
is now but a
few embers glowing
softly in a
charcoal bed
of gray and black.'s not any of you.

too much given?
the price to learn,
at least for
something like

I sit quietly in
a dark room
just listening
to: cars, planes,
people and dogs
pass in and
out of existence.

there is a pleasing
chill coming
through the open
a delicate intrusion
of Winter at night.

a car locks,

a pipe bangs,

a door opens
JP May 31
I speak
But the words are diced apart
By the cut of your tongue
They flutter down

I stare at them
That my words
mean so little to you

Yet I bite my tongue
and hear you out
I examine each ribbon of thought
that tumbles out of your mouth
I listen so hard
But my words mean nothing

No one is listening

You tell me to tell you
But you're not listening
You're responding
After deciding
That my thoughts
need some kind of solution
I never needed an answer

No one is listening

I sit in the back seat
The window is open
I left the conversation
3 blocks ago
Late night driving
Viktoria Apr 21
Gods I’m so tired of this..
I never got closure so how do people expect me to get past it..
Gods I just want it to stop because I’m sooo broken over this..
Gods are you even listening?
Can’t one of you make this stop happening?
Caitlin Apr 15
I want to die, oh God, not again.
"What can I do to help, babe?"
I don't know, I don't know.
Laying on the floor trying so hard
Not to grab the knives you collect in your drawer
To find the sharpest one
Test each blade on my skin.
Not to die because I know people need me
But just to release some of this ******* pressure in
my chest, so no I don't know how you can help.
Have a maple tap?
Just put it in my artery and let me drain
Because I'm so full of anger and longing
and I don't know how to process this ****
and no you can't help me
my therapist is helpless
and I don't know how to fix this.
So please just *******, okay?
Wait no, I didn't mean it.
You know what, whatever.
******* too, **** everything.
Peter Roads Apr 9
I hear voices in my head
I hear them sound like dead
people on Any Given Sunday
an ungracious abundance
of other peoples’ voices

I hear them most
when other people speak
loudness leaks from moving lips
to say words that make no sense
that say something else
the Politics of Experience
unfold me like some geometric inkblot

I see Batman
I see Batman

Did you hear that?

It sounded like Batman
like a Batarang
catching some villainous cape
like a car door closing
on a Great Escape

it sounded like
                     two people
competing for head space
the one being said
the one being meant
the silence in between them
speaks volumes to itself
No, please say that again
in a sonorous tone
it snores my inner demon
to groan behind an asinine
slumbering inside each line
wound with reservations grinding
our hero chopped off from loose lips
to fit in the caustic grimoire of actual fact

I am the Bat
I am the Bat
I am the Bat

I hear voices in my head
that sound like conversations
an unwilling participant am I
by virtue of presence, my
lips unlocked never seem
                       to speak enough
though lips move more gratefully
than these feet that just want to leave
this place, to never talk again
sit behind a screen
be pixelated, a thinly
gleaming monitor
of the fun facts lacking
in a lark-full repartee
I check up on myself
look up the words that I doubt
check my bruises
from roundhouse kicks
split lips bloodied with small talk
sweet silence is
to stay home and smoke

I should stop talking

Did you hear that?

and when they play like they don’t know
don’t let them go
make them stay
to tell us what
they meant to say

I hear voices

Did you say something?
advantage of
talking to yourself
is that
you know at least
somebody's listening.
:)  Yes, I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice!  :)
Me:  "Hey, why don't we jump to the short queue?",
Him: "Well, because we have more items ***",
Me:  "yeah but, that queue is shorter",
Him:  "Yes, that's because they have less items, see?",
Me: "I'm gonna jump into this queue" ( changes to the short queue),
Him:  " No don't do th.....", aw crap!!",
Till operator:"Sorry ma'am, you have too many items, you need to join the other queue",
me and him: go alllllll the way to the back, of the long queue......

Patience my friends... Is a virtue, just ask my guy.....:D
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