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There are people who believe that they own me,
but they're mistaken, ‘cause no one owns me but me.
And these same people believe that without them I’m nobody.
They’re wolves disguised as sheep.

There are people who see my life as an entertainment
and they spend their every effort trying to get more people to join their game.
And these same people would do anything to see me defeated.
An enemy disguised as a friend.

There are people who are the literal description of a snake.
They’ll slowly swallow you whole until they’re well fed.
And these same snakes will ***** you to feast on you later.
A hater disguised as a lover.

They call themselves besties
as long as they have you by your testies.
Learn to see right through the “trust in me” trick
and trust no frenemy.
They're as cheap as a ***** on Hubbard Street
and as fake as her silicone ****.

Listen to me carefully before my voice fades away.
What does your intuition have to say?
Written on March 9, 2012
Composition number: 396
Kora Sani Feb 2
i slide my hands across the eyes on your back
their gaze pierces through me
as i stop in my tracks

i'm paralyzed
unable to look away
i'm bound by those eyes

they’re the eyes of an enemy
but also a lover

i keep returning to those eyes
the ones that destroy me

i don't seem to mind
as they watch my every move
following me here
following me there

those eyes hold a power
like i have never seen before

but how much power
do those eyes really have

when they are blind to see
that they were the ones
being followed by me
Ana Laag Feb 1
I sensed its presence
Something within my body
Lies an enemy
David Feb 1
Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I pray for you
Don't go too far
Stop fighting and travel with me, there's no enemy, oh stay

Don't go too far
Don't go too far, while I wait for you
Don't go too far
It's not a war field, it's just a field
With mountains and plains

Why do we keep
Fighting when there's no enemy?
Just stay with me,
Just stay with me my baby oh
ll take care of you.

I see a star
I see a star upon our blind heads
We'll never reach
But we can lay and watch it while we love

Why do we have
To move somewhere else?
Isn't it ok?
Isn't it ok to stay here baby?
Nothing over there.

I remember when
I remember when I went too far
Drowned was my heart,
I tried to reach the star but it was far
Further than far

I know there's no choice but staying here
And love whole life
No past, no future, I love you so and
I won't stop

I remember when
I remember when I reached the end
It was so deep,
It was so deep and I had no choice but returning to home.

Now we are together
among the great river
Oh always change
Oh always change, no eternity
So now I love you

Remember you
Remember you trying to reach your dream
And then you fell
You fell down to the deepest ****
But now
We're still here.

And now
I know there's no choice but staying here
And enjoying life
Enjoying life for what it is
With you,
Oh my love.
I made this poem on the Korean traditional song "Arirang",
You can try singing this along with the song, it fits it (I think it sounds better if you search the piano version).

This writing is about knowing that if we believe life is a fight and problems are enemies, life will be full of suffering, because anytime we fail, it's a defeat and we feel useless or unworthy of living.
While if we believe life is a travel and problems are just obstacles, life is much more peaceful.
Thanks to this "trick" I overcame a very bad period near to depression, I think it can be useful for everyone.

Then it's about life having nothing at the end of it but death, it's about living in the present, solving the problems and remorses of the past calmly, trying to find a concrete solution in the present instead of dwelling about the past.
About living the present free from the anxieties of the future, accepting our limits, accepting that reality is transitory, it continuously changes: when we're in a bad period, it will pass, when we're in a happy period, we can enjoy it the most till the day we'll have to say goodbye to it. We have to accept life with its transitory nature I believe.

Also it's about believing everything is pure conscience and that this frees us from existential pain, like the fear of death and loss (from Buddhism, if I understood it well)

Then the lover here is not a specific person, it's anyone: a friend, a mum, a dad..
It's love in general, not a couple.

Sorry for the long text, just wanted to share this, I think it's useless if keep this thing in my phone only lol
Hope you enjoy it :)
Arcassin B Jan 24
By Arcassin Burnham

These people just keep finding reasons.
Anything to be inspired to be petty,
I could get there with you , let me know if you're ready,
Treading lightly but we slow up steady,
I will not fall for the powers that carry,
Ignorance in this wicked world happily buried,
Time is wasting.
And I will not waste it on you,
or any girl or any female that think it's cute put a man
In the weak spot,
A lot of ****** and ******* yeah we got alot,
With no common ground but leave you on dots,
I got to honest here , sometimes they like to ruin your
And with only name like mine, not hard to pinpoint
my range.

So all over I'm in enemy territory ,until I leave the state,
I got so many people that hate me, don't know if imma
die anyday.

To the full the void,
Not play with toys,
To be a man,
And not a boy,
This world is cruel, not for the weak,
But the people love to destroy.
Sometimes the enemy is myself
In the fight for my will to live
An inner conflict that occurs
More often than I care to admit
Approaching myself with utmost care
As if I am a war torn child
Who is use to conflict yet still afraid
Like bulletproof glass that's fragile
I have this one
who I hate so much.
I don't talk to her
during clases;
I avoid her during lunch.
She hated me,
I hated her;
we both hated each other.
I've done
no bad to her,
she's done
no bad to me,
but we just didn't mix,
and that
was clear.
I don't know
why I hate her so much,
but to me,
she always looked like
a bad image.
That was all until
my math teacher did something
against my will.
She sat us together;
my enemy and me.
I didn't think that I'd get through
that class,
but I did...
The next day
I hated my enemy even more
than ever before.
I hated her so much
I wanted her
to go straight
to ****.
But soon
something changed;
I'm not sure what,
but I could tell.
I'm not a big fan of writing 'long' poetry, but here it is. I really felt like I had to write this. I will add on a second poem to go with this soon, I just don't have the time now. Anyways, hope you enjoy this!  :-)
sondering Jan 15

sometimes i feel like falling down
but only. cause standing up is boring
why am i storming though a season where leaves fall
cause that's norming
bonds break but tears freeze and that's how crystals keep forming

i should test myself
see what i can find
in the life of my time
or at least what i've been prescribed

to put it honestly to wish is to dream
and that is to put it modestly
but to live is to rip your skin from your body
because comfort is a sad commodity
a place holder for
what you're meant to be
but that's placing your bets on destiny
and that's still a dangerous place to me

reach for the stars or
at least set your eyes on a planet that's not ours
maybe mars
that was predictable but it rhymed so
sorry if i'm presenting my ideas as cliche
or despicable
at least i can decipher what i know is unforgivable
a prison is a person who's microsoft-able

but that's just my angst creating a villain
vaporizing vixens are vain to the core
but the haze of pain is still in
only cause that's what they tell me when i want more
more than a ******* juul i'm
too cool to care about my health
cause the moment is now right, until i have to worry about wealth
for my family or my chemical dependence it makes me wince i mean i just want health insurance sorry i'm not used to the governments idea of
but jesus christ
one nation under god
kids get shot for
mowing the ******* lawn
what kind of world are we living in
**** is fueling the patriarchy for the worser
if a fertilized egg is a candidate for “******”
every single guy walks a around wearing ******* or kappa
donald trump doesn’t drink
pops percocets and ******

i'm swimming and drowning and i need assistance
but it begs the question of thoughts that fester in an enemy
i'm sorry, i know that's not fitting my opinion of the human existence
but why am i creating an enemy when all my life has promised me is the empty shell of persistence
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