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Like a cancer I cling to you when I should turn away,
Darkness please don't fill this space,
Sorrow, please delay.

An incessent yearning leaking onto my ideas, the colour of dismay,
Suicide, be gone from mind,
Please creation, not decay.

The memory of you, a wound untreated, a jewel I locked away,
Me, a safe for your callous act,
Please, don't you dare stay.

Your company, Vincent's night robbed of stars in the cruelest way,
Myself, a ***** amongst kings,
At least, that's what you would say.

Knowing better and feeling worse, duality in the doorway,
A love you have dispassionately marred,
No more prophetic ray.

The clouds are clearing, no thanks to you and your own ego's way,
Light, within me to be found,
And this is my new day!
Poetic T Sep 28
They think, that I'm like
   a disowned  feline...

Throwing me out first floor

Do I land on my feet...…
               No I land on my ribs,

on my head, only scrapes..

But my ribs are broken like
             a chess board... one wrong move
and its check mate..

I'm dying where I lie...
             choking on the blood of my
             ******* world moves...

But I landed on my wrist...

They'll never catch my broken *******,

   broken slang.

But they knew what a hand held with another
a mangled ******* as I survived another day.

I came back like a bee looking to sting,
                     but the ones who fell out there nest

were stung by another not me..

I'll walk another day.. been stung a few times..
             but I learnt my lesson...

Don't mess with the nest unless you

                want to be in anaphylactic shock of

some random fools words

trying to prove,
                               some insecurity for an abandoned

father figure, that's compensated
by a bullet,
                          and a promise of we got your back.
Jon Thenes Sep 12

leave no rock unthrown
pummel out base energy
and breath yourself down



the workday complete
pastimes can become primal
predators compete



leave no throne upturned
collapse the authority
prior to it’s role as...
Jon Thenes Aug 22
what brightened the horizon

frightens you in the trenches

just a curl


soldier toy

clotted in company

awaiting an enemy
See also ‘Tupperware ‘
Carl D'Souza Aug 8
When someone is antagonising
my joy and happiness,
I do my best
to remain calm and unperturbed,
and refocus my mind
on calmly striving to achieve
my joy and happiness.
Flopping, flipping,
Flattering lips
Are the company
Of fools

Or worse:
A bitter enemy,
Who conceals a heart
So cruel

But words of truth -
Even bold rebukes -  
Do accompany
The wise

They are a friend,
And will find favor in,
The men of
Righteous eyes

Hemlata Roy Aug 3
No one is our enemy
No one is our remedy.

It is only the situation
To take careful elimination.

In our imagination
With many ambitions.
Is the situation making you sick and you are falling in depression, no one is good, no one is bad, the situation will be okay in it's own time.
Cowardice hasn't reached an end.
Silence is more of my enemy than my friend.
An enemy so hard to fight with.
An enemy so hard to live without.
An enemy whose dark side affects me.
An enemy who makes me stranger.
An enemy who should've left a lot ago.
An enemy who's killing me in its peaceful ways.
An enemy who's getting bolder as days pass by.
An enemy who creates a chaos in the head.
An enemy who needs to be stopped.
An enemy who once was a true friend.
An enemy who may fade away but will never die
An enemy who'll somewhere be
Planted in me
This is true.
leyana Jul 21
I see a girl with an intention
In her eyes I see nothing but tension
So, I walk in front with great caution

She has a cruel heart
Who tear his love apart
Dashing forward like a dart

Her name stuck in my head
I think about her misdeed even in bed
Warning signs I wished I have read

An evil girl
With bad intentions
Please be aware of her possessions
Aa Harvey Jul 18
There is nothing chivalrous about a ******.

In days of yore, when the rain did pour;
Inside an inn, they spoke of was and when.
Even then their present was defined by their history,
As they prepared to march off to war again.

With muddied boots, we stomp on those which we call our enemy.
With feasts of meat and ale and fruit, we happily fill our bellies.
We raise the roof with our own self-importance.
We sing of past deeds and of how the battles were won.
Where we once used swords so chivalrously,
Now we fight each other using any surreptitious means;
Instead of swords, now we use guns.

Will we ever learn to end these battles
We insist on having with our fellow humans?
We are righteous in our reasoning, never mind the consequences.
If I am stood before God and He asks me to defend humanity;
Humanity shall stand alone; indefensible and defenceless.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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