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Leifa May 31
Our lids hold the g r a v i t y  
        Of sleepless generations

Big man, I warn you-
Do not blink.
Kole J McNeil Apr 20
Looking into your eyes I see the pain as I stand at the edge my hair whipping in my face. I see you chained to the rocks. Inches from me, reaching out. Your screams silent and straining against the chains and wind.
I stare my enemy in the eyes as he reaches out to save my life. He had become my best friend and saved me from the girl who had tried to **** me. He still needed an enemy after all.
I look at you with your tear stained face
"I guess you were right from the beginning I AM a monster. I could never be saved."
I smile as you strain against the chains and I fall back off the cliff into the sea.
This is going to be the end of Book 1 in my book series. The book is Called AS I RUN. This is probably going to be my favoret part.
Only History
You name historical figures
And the **** they endured
It’s almost you wanna be them
Named you a wannabe
Reliving your trauma
Making it mine to suffer
As they did and you do
But remember this dear victim
They were all somebodies
While you’re a nobody
Pain is pain trauma is trauma
Status is status a loser is a loser
Enough said there
Nick Armbrister and other writers

out late 21 or early 22
anotherdream Mar 26
If the world fell apart,
Would we have made it this far,
If things were done different,
Would you still be in my arms?

I exposed myself for you,
Just to feel my old scars,
I guess nothing has changed,
You're still a friend of the dark.

If the skies faded to red,
While I lay there and bled,
Would you treat me as your enemy,
Walk away to leave me for dead?
i miss the old M <3
cassandra Mar 23
lonely in the sea of people
overwhelmed while being alone
craving you to like me
while praying that you don't

didn't know the colors
seeing in black and white
all the flaws seemed see through
despite hours sacrified to hide

naked between the sheets
pillows soaking the tears
and all this because
mirror was my worst enemy
labyrinth Mar 8
In search of the enemy
If self is not the start
Most likely that inquiry
Will turn into a witch-hunt
if you cut me first
I surely will cut you back

for life on earth is ruled by
the law of action and reaction
you get what you give
Juno Jan 31
No one to remember,
no one to forget.
I watch him take a final breath
and his eyes show no regret.

It’s the end of one story,
the start of another.
Just know, long ago i’d
naively call him a lover.
Vinolin D Jan 26
The Leader in the country, who doesn't care about the people' needs
The police who don't care about the crime
The Richman who doesn't care about the poor people
The MD who doesn't care about the employees
The people who don't care about others' struggles
The friends who don't care about their friends situation
The person who doesn't care about breaking others' heart after getting their needs
Are the leeches, And stick on the skin to **** the blood to improve their selves.
I hope u will love this guys...please comment your feedback.
Dreamypretty Jan 15
What do you think
is the oceans story?
Does it love
or hate the Sun and the shore?

The Sun is a lover, for sure
Which embraces and sinks in it everyday.
Only to rise again and die in its arms again.

Whereas the ocean eternally longs for the shore
But is it intense love
Or extreme hatred
to destroy it ?
Random thoughts on the beach
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