I've chosen to have no name,
for if I had one,
everyone else,
either nameless, or with a different name,
would be my enemy.

I've chosen to have no home,
for if I had one,
those who live in the street would hate me.

I've chosen not to belong to any country,
for if I did,
then those who don't belong to it,
wouldn't let me sleep.

I've chosen to have nothing to say,
for if I did,
people who think something different,
would trouble me.

And even now, living my life,
I can feel an envious howl of those,
who passed away or yet weren't born.

And when my time comes, I'll rest in peace,
but it won't be peace, I'm afraid,
for those who breath will bother my bones,
jealously hating me
for being - dead.
"Osama Bin Laden" was our enemy,
But WHAT is "Osama Bin Laden"?
A pattern.
A terroristic pattern
That anyone can duplicate.
Nylee Feb 12
Its the endless sea
The problems, the obstacles
There are more waves arriving,
no hiding,
It surrounds us completely.

We believe what we do,
We struggle and we go down,
We haven't drowned yet.
We have breaths left to think
truly rather than around
the vices resides in us
We're the real enemy.
Alexander Feb 8
I will not stand for the absence.
The fight for survival in my own skin,
Sown onto me, like some wasted fabric.
Nailed to my bones like the child of God.

For someone so alone and so strong,
It gets tiring to hear the same song.
The anthem of nothing.
The joy of relief.

When the pain is gone,
An even worse enemy steps to the stage.
His enemy is love.
He goes by the name, rage.
Arcassin B Feb 5
By Arcassin Burnham

Followers in a city full of corrupted , silly pigs,
In a place where all the jobs are taken up, you can't even make a
decent cent,
Anxiety take over everybody not just you , you stress too quick,
When you stay in a city full of enemies , its hard not stressin' about shit,

Guess you could say I'm self centered, I deserve what other people have,
the curse of the black water has risen for the hateful people that'll last,
I swear that's too sad,
If you feel like you need a clique to prosper,
that'll be all you have,
I'm a one man army,
ya'll look fairies,
I don't see nothin' , don't you come near me,
so much shackles on my feet,
I'm everywhere I wanna be.

Lyn-Purcell Feb 5
Always smile for the
ones who loathe
One of life's greatest pleasures.
Mike D Feb 3
Dark gives us Light
Morning from Night
Wrapped ever so tightly
I make myself small

The tension released
A utopian peace
Attempts to freeze time
Flat on face I do fall

Brushing off I get up
That’s not enough
Can’t hold me down
I’m such a fool after all

Once flustered and weak
Now I stand at the peak
Made it look easy
I rise above all

A lighthouse to the sea
High above mightily
A magnanimous vision
To the sailors who call

Broad sweeping reach
Narrow focus they beseech
I can’t do as I stall

Once my friend the honeybee
Now they swarm angrily
Gates that were open
Now a fortified wall

As the Sun oversees
Visibly all can see
The bigger they are
The harder they fall

Two marks joined to meet
Addition signs they will seek
The benevolent hand
Folded tightly to maul

The ventriloquist shrieks
In utter horror and disbelief
Sudden revelation
That it is he who is the doll
Written: July 12, 2017

All rights reserved.
Seema Feb 3
You poke it in your mouth,
Regardless of any doubt,
Unaware of the people around,
You spit the slimy saliva on the ground,
Puff!! Puff!!, you look like a smoking chimney,
Just remember your smoke is my enemy,
With the poison flowing around in the air,
The inhale becomes too much to bare,
Nicotine pollutes not only the freshness of nature,
But it slowly turns you into a smoky creature,
From dusk till dawn, living with the stinky fog,
You are hopeless than my sweet caring dog,
Atleast he listens to what I say,
Unlike you, you have chosen your own smoky way,
Get this through your head now,
Quit this pollution somehow,
The smoke kicks my lungs and chokes my breath,
It pokes my nose and risks my health,
I don't wanna die with the cancer I hear about,
Do you hear me or shall I SHOUT!!
Don't ignore what I have said,
Cause it's driving me mad,
I need a healthy life,
Not always pointing you with a knife,
To stay away from me with your smoke,
Cause one day I might just breakdown and choke...

My brother used to smoke and it really bothered me, but it's been over an year he quit for good.
Mike D Jan 30
Outer bay doors sealed tight with cam locks
The perniciousness that dwells beyond amassing at her majestic gates
Its existence a paradoxical quandary of what was and what is not
Bell-hopped sister windmills spin my inevitable fate

Hermetically sealed in my hermetic home
Beguiled by tricksters I foolishly trusted
Horridly shrieking with rust filled squeaks Leviathan groaned
Haunting shrills like slate walls slowly scratched with bicuspids

The greatest of dynasties stretching over vast empires
One day will look west to the Sun
A man draws his shade at the twilight of day
Half a world away the day has just begun

In a war to end wars a Swiss island exists
A castled retreat afloat in the sky
My Utopian sanctuary rises towering over the abyss
Her lucidity an isolated beacon for I

From here it’s not long until I am faced
With an enemy whom I fear the most
A radiant being and glorious sight
Like a child who clearly sees ghosts

A lens capable of peering into my soul
All the dread and the shame it contains
Bringing to light thoughts confined in depression
Along with all of my fear and my pain

Fires are lit to burn down my defenses
Outer perimeter in jeopardy again
Each dawn you’re victorious as our cycle repeats
As dusk draws it’s my time to win
Written: August 25, 2017 [Modified and completed January 30, 2018]

All rights reserved.
toukakouka Jan 30
struck me like sweet incense
of some storm of stardust
and by my doing, of old copper coins
the blood collected in his throat
the steely scent on his breath as it warped his voice
sent cold shrapnel through my tendons
I slipped and sank into the noise

I might miss having my heel stepped on
achilles exposed for far too long
sans the snake to snap at it
sans the sickle to scythe its hit
sans orpheus to ink an ode
sing it until his breathing slows

sing until his breathing slows
*tw* the flesh behind flayed pale skin, sprouting and spindling red, through and through, like sarcodes were made of him
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