Pain is my friend
Ive seen him once,
Or maybe more
He comes often

Pain is my friend
He hurt me once,
Or maybe more
He hurts often

Pain is my friend
He was dad once,
Or maybe more
Hes dad often

Dad is my friend
He hurt me once,
He hurts me more
But dad is my friend

I captured,
Clicked them.
They were documentaries,
About fashion,
Fine arts,
Action like sports,adventures,daring feats,
Corporate events,
Parties and weddings.
They were in different forms,
Black and white,
They recorded history,
Made an impact of sharing emotional truth,
Carried memories,
Held important documents,
Reproduced a moment,deep feelings,
Raised awareness against poverty,famine, abuses and disasters.
Reshaped public opinion on Government,
Conveyed emotions,moods, narratives,ideas and messages.
They are my Photographs.

Photography is my hobby and my job.Captured in an instant it tells a history.
Kay Dec 5

War is not just guns and a battlefield.

War is never-ending.
War happens anywhere.
War can occur in your house.
War, War, War…

Death is not just a rotting corpse that smells like three week old sushi.

Death is heartbreak,
Death is failure.
Death can occur in your house.
Death, Death, Death…

Making enemies is not just hating a person.

Making enemies is a death sentence.
Making enemies is a disgrace
Making enemies can occur in your house.

No matter location, biome, temperature, gender, race, or religion
You do not stand for the hate and bigotry around you

This is not just soldiers.
This is organizations, politicians, hate groups and more.
This is people.
This is our world.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Mark Wanless Nov 27

"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend XXXIII "

Enemy mine i love you      you give me
Juice      rapid brain chemistry white water
Flow      addictive drugs      inner born released
Grasping grasping receptors wait ready
Touch   ?   no   touch   ?   no   touch   ?   YES!!!   OH
OH the comfort      the peace      complete release
A million complete release      a billion!
Oh the peace      enemy mine      i love you
Will not live without you      i will cause you
To exist      to bring me juice      i will hate you
Creatively      unto death      my mind jizz
Whore      and when you pass      another i'll bear
For the juice      enemy mine      i love you

Hunter Nov 10

You have come back, why?
Wasn't it enough to see me die?
Wasn't it enough to see me consumed by hate
You led me to this fate
I can only blame the enemy I see in the mirror
You convince me bad thoughts clearer
You made this war
Now it will be you who is tore
But, I feel that I am lost
I have to get myself back at all cost
But I will not kill you
I need you though, you have a role
There's no dark without light
Not like this though, you are out of control
So I have to keep the fight
Me vs. Me

Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself.
Ella Nov 8

How many times do I have to keep trying?
You've messed me up enough times already.
Ive tried telling you,
calling you,
looking at you for a new answer
But nothing works, I don't think it ever will.

I have the same words in my mind all the time.
I wish you could see how it's like to live under you
To be smashed to the ground
And not be able to get up

Whatever I'll stay like this a little longer
But you're going to regret the day that I snap and you're going to wonder what went wrong

Jisatsu shitaidesu       Jisatsu shitaidesu
     Jisatsu shitaidesu        Jisatsu shitaidesu
Dess Ander Oct 20

Running through the wood
The girl is running
In hot pursuit is the enemy
The enemy behind her-
She darts to the left
Almost tripping
She needs to get away
Away from the enemy
She leaps forward
A river in front of her-
She plunges
Icy waters suck her in
She reaches the other side
Only just
Has she escaped,
Escaped the enemy?
She turns round,
Looking down into the water
She sees a reflection
She runs again
For she has seen once more
The enemy.

uzzi obinna Oct 12

Who am i to fly you to the sun,
Where the stars sit and watch us burn?
Who am i to take you to the sea,
Where leviathan is supremacy?

Where else can i make your home,
A place where angels and demons roam?
Where can we find a safe hole-
A place to hide your precious soul?

Sometimes we can hear the ocean calling,
Sometimes its a still small voice whispering,
The voice Dear VIRGINIA heard- yes the troll,
We'll forever miss her- oh bless her soul;

What will the departed say of u and i?
Will they receive us in the sky?
What will we see when look the devil in the eye,
Will it be hate, compassion, remorse or a battle cry?

Shall we see the pentagram when the sun king is born?
Will there be hope for the broken and the torn?
Will we hold hands and dance in the vineyard of Jezebel?
The vineyard which Naboth refused to sell.

What if we just sit beneath the stars tonight,
And watch our enemies burn in their fight?
And ask the moon to shine very bright,
So that none would be out of sight?

The world is in so much terror,
Anguish of a unending labour,
Children of perdition is all she brings forth,
Many without substance, without worth:

Gather your friends as we cross the red sea,
Let all those who say we can't, stand and see;
The sun and her friends shall stand still,
While we fulfill our hearts utmost will.

Brett Palmero Oct 19

Your inner demons
They want to tempt you
Into being the only thing
That can hurt you

They want you to fall
A pit that has
No bottom
And no light

They want you to choose
A path that has
No right way
And no sky

They want you to destroy
A pillar that is
Made of motivation
And determination

They want you to become
The only thing that can hurt
You're own worst enemy
You without love

Without hope
Without morals
Without dreams

So become you
With dedication
And loyalty
Your own ally

I Barker Sep 15

Time is our greatest ally and our worst enemy

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