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uzzi obinna Apr 2
Made the decision to cut certain ties,
when it became a must that I have to rise;
Now the dream's clearer and I will outshine,
yes the divine agenda in my master's design;

It's family first at every cost,
never making the same mistakes of those who lost;
some thought I could not make it so I paid them in full,
Now I am getting there so tell me who is the fool;

whether I live long or die at any time,
may my successes prove that I reached  my prime;
grow too big to associate with your people,
it's nothing but the start of a type of evil;

Never drag anyone with you when going up,
let them come running with you or else you drop;
its hard to balance it all in this world we live in,
with the hustling everyday you are lucky to be breathing;

your friends are too desperate and afraid to wait,
do not look up to me cos I can't dictate your fate;
I do what I can to disperse everything I have,
there are too many of you and I don't know who to starve;

They depend on me but I fail sometimes and fall real low cos I am just a man,
hell I don't know if the stop sign will be at my doorstep tomorrow and yes all I had was a plan:

And when some thought they had it all and rubbed it on my face,
I was laughed at and scorned, given everything short of a praise;
it didn't matter then and sure as hell don't matter after all these years'
except it only matters cos it sparked the fire that led me here;

it's very hard to love in a world full of fakes and hate,
keep a pure heart or else you break and seize to elevate;
Try not to Lord your opinion cos you don't know it all,
keep your heart open and know when to build a wall;

If we all contribute a little good we could fix this world(1),
but what is right or wrong when we all have different gods;
become great or die trying(2), leave no stone unturned,
resilience is one of the ways that success is earned;

better to try and fail than not to try at all,
start from something and despise nothing small,
and when it comes to deciding to cut ties,
may it be a decision made by a wise.
references made: (2)Curtis "50 cent" Jackson, (1) Evelyn Beatrice Hall(1868-1956)-the friends of Voltaire (1906) Ch 8. page 221.
Brian Turner Mar 1
Building a deathbox for the enemy to find
Concealed entrance, lethal aid inside for being so unkind
Not to big, not to small
Evil body shaped for evil to crawl
To meet their destiny
Revenge for the fall

We tried non-lethal but lethal aid is the way
To stem the fight
To stop the afray
Checking inside for the number killed
Is a bloodthirsty task, an uneasy chill

Removing the bodies is an arduous task
Left out for the red-kite
The dinner table is vast
Reset the mechanism, conceal the top deck
Ready for the next wave
Ready to wreck
I built a rat trap initially using non lethal mechanisms but it didn't work. I swapped to killing machines and they have been successful. Have been thinking about the parallels in real life and how a trap could trap 'the enemy'
SoVi Dec 2021
The misery
Ridding up my skin like a disease
The sympathy
Screeching up my ears, till I can't hear
The enemies
Following me but I can't seem to see

My energy
Displaced and diverted for survival
My happiness
Nonexistent since your appearance
My appearance
Don't matter cause I am the baddest batter

I swear
I'll never  be an angel or a saint
I promise
That you will forever rue this day
I expect
Everyone I see to be my enemy

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by Enemies by Imagine Dragons featuring JID
Jade Dec 2021
Dear arch nemesis:
I have a a bearded dragon
and you don’t.

I win;
you ****.
Ego is the enemy,
but also a muse.
there is no excuse,
for me feeling blue.
Àŧùl Oct 2021
Here it comes,
The great war it's called.
Stuck you're since eons,
But good news comes with the herald.

The war will be over soon,
You can finally return home.
Don't celebrate your loss,
You lost many friends.

Those friends that died,
You sang melodies with them.
Melodies to the Goddess of death,
Melodies to the wife at home.

Now be strong,
And move along.
For they are dead,
And the dead don't return.

This war showed you a lot,
A lot that matters to you.
Friends are like leaves,
They are lost in the wind.
My HP Poem #1945
©Atul Kaushal
Rosie Oct 2021
If I was a friend to myself,
I'd tell me "come over"
and I'd lean out my shoulder.

If I was a friend to myself,
I'd have tissues in both hands
and I'd be kind and understand.

If I was a friend to myself,
I'd take my side for a change
and I'd create a safe haven
where my demons couldn't hang.

But I tell myself I am a failure
for getting so down,
comparisons fill my mind up with sound
I'd never be this tough on anyone else,
So why is it okay to spew
this endless hate to myself?

If I was a friend to myself,
I'd suggest we take a walk
and let the fresh air restore
what we had lost.
I really am my own worst enemy.
Mike Chigo Jul 2021
I see a hooded man walk into my neighborhood
Dressed up in black, from the boots to the hood
He prowls the street like a cat in the middle of the night
Walks around hands in his pocket until he reaches his target

Kablaam kablaam kablaam

Gunshots ring in the air
The people disappear
Only to reappear with fear to find their star lying dead

What's his crime? They all asked...
Who's the killer? They all wonder...
Yet nobody knows but the sender
Vishesh Singh Jul 2021
I wish everything becomes well as it was before,
I used to think that it will be evermore
You can't even imagine what we're going through,
We're living fake but it all looked so true
They'll regret what they did,
I saw everything, I wasn't a kid
Near me, there's a girl, she's feeling painful,
I just want you to be careful
With me, with us; It's just not our luck,
Teach me to be like you so I cannot give a ****
Don't you know what you're doing?
Whose feelings that you're hurting and bruising
Be careful with me
Always said that you'd be there for me
Why the hell are you doing?
Is it worth the boy that you're losing?
Care for me, care for me
When I want ya why aren't you here for me?
Be careful what you're saying!
'Cause karma is here, you'll be paying
Someone told me that I'm already cursed,
It's gonna hurt me to hate you but loving you is worse
I just hope after this life we'll never meet again,
'Cause the only thing you gave was pain.
'Be Careful', a poem by Vishesh Singh.
It's kinda my life, hope you'll like this as much as I do.
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