elinor 1d
I promised myself that was the last poem about you.
I've always been one of those people who
plays the same song on repeat
until it syncs with my heartbeat
and rattles my bones to dust.
or who
re-reads the same books until
the lines become my holy scripture,
the plot become my genesis and
my body becomes a canvas for a script I know by heart.
My head is filled with drafts for poems I've never written,
and hands I've never held.
I should blame it on courage but I blame it on you instead.
Maybe I'm just one of those people who
gives everything to one boy, forever.
Maybe he's just my routine,
like in the military.
Bright and early awake then straight to the battle field.
My body is adorned with marbled bruises
and crimson gunshot wounds
and when I rest for the night,
I'm shackled to a mattress of stone,
stained in the thick wine that pulses through my veins,
until the next morning,
when I must do it again.
The sunrise is my enemy.
She tugs at my eyelids
with raw fingernails each new day,
and I still fall asleep with
you as the only thing on my mind.

They say that you can't quit the army.
The cowards way out of a few wounds.
"Stay and it'll be a lifetime of glory".
And that's what he promises me.
the pages of your book are so re-read that they are battered and worn.
I can feel it
Running through my veins
Every inch of my being
Is screaming for this.

My worst enemy
It has returned
About to cause chaos
Upon everything it sees

My fist curls
My jaw clenches
My breath quickens
My heart pounds

I am about to burst
Something I don't wanna be
Someone they will fear
A monster hidden
In the darkest pit
Center attention.
There's where you stand.
Look no further or less.
Break and you'll find X.

Understand we have to cover where you stand
Otherwise you'll be dragged into foreign land.
There you see just one belief.
Or else you'll be seen as the enemy.

I guess our house divided helped me see,
No one is correct.
Not even me.
Avengers together, but we all fall alone.
Family drama is just another living issue
Mei B Jul 10
One day I'm going to explode.
All of this hate my heart can't hold.
Don't act like you don't even know,
You're the cause of this.
Throwing accusations back and forth,
causing misfits.
Just by existing you start destruction.
Whenever you open your mouth to speak it
feels like a disruption.
Overall, I'm just convinced you're a suction.
All the good energy drains when you're around.
Because of these actions, it's harder for redemption to be found.
Liz Jul 3
Go ahead deflect
When I'm breathing down your neck
I won't stop
I give it all I got
Always until the end
Cause you'll never be my friend
Top notch legal scholar Erin Go Braw
     (less concerned about being fair versus
     abominable, irrevocable, and execrable
     unforgivable oversight most holy "M" & nonce)

cabinet of high priests,
     sans spelling chieftains ready to claw
your person to bits,
     and they presage remote clemency

     which decision told, when Jeff Sessions
     decides final punishment to draw
now, (see excerpted lines
     visited with glaring flaw

"Benediction For Lord Apple Macintosh"
     where ...bot sized wetbacks, setbacks,
     and drawbacks, required a secret char),...
     intimates a "hee haw"

and rock'm n sock'm pull no punches
     square at yar triangular jaw
YES, on account misspelling,
     whence Grammarian Jude Law

at the least aims (to topple a prospective
     title of eminence grise), banning access
     to such undeserved
     catbird seat, sans Rhetorical perch

laughing while ja plaintively call for maw
darn Oxford English Dictionary - but naw
can do, and hence paw
mister trumpeting

     "FAKE" wordsmith raw
flesh will turn into....
unreadable print until closing text
that elaborates how holiness felt vexed.

To ye (a freshly minted scalawag),
     these 20/20 eyes bulged agog
while steaming with invective
     at what attempted

     to pass as sacred poetic blog
when thee (Matthew Scott Harris),
     now pronounced, an illiterate,
     immoderate, and inveterate å!@#$%∑

with a severe cerebral clog
(meaning prefrontal lobotomy
     not out of the question),
      you m~r mangy whelp of a she dog
     (my humble apologies to canines),

less deserving than being
     whipped near death's doorstep flog
after henchmen (strongly
     resembling Alaskan BullWorms
     guarding this royal hutch,
     herein Cupertino, California.
Poetic T Jun 29
Condolences to self,
    you don't know this
                but life is false.

Weaponized tears
      will solidify a heart,
      eyes will gaze coldly.

Condolences to self,
      for you were your
                  own enemy.

You never knew that your
         kindness was always
         a downfall to this place.

Condolence to self,
        but if your reading this,
        you only have yourself to blame.
Avery Glows Jun 19
Why o why, must you hate so endearingly?
Must you find reasons to hate, do you not find that futile?
Why is that that we must hate, when our time to love is finite.
Why mustn't we love, even when in hate
knowing, it is love amidst the loathing.
April 2018

“I love you”, you said without blinking
Together we’re forging and syncing

We put pen to ink
from Chalice we drink

Decaying with Rot it’s now stinking
Written: June 9, 2018

All rights reserved.
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