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Kim Essary Oct 18
If Love were a battle which side would you choose
For one Side will claim victory  and the other side shall lose
As one side puts trust in armor to protect and shield their heart
As the opposite side wears nothing but trust and faith  as the battle is to start
Arrows begin to sore bouncing from the hearts wearing armor made of steel
Others left wounded and scarred of the ones they don’t ****
Love Will never be felt by the ones left without injury  and walked away
But the ones that had trust and faith   That let down their guard will find true love one day
If you never let down your guard for fear of being hurt you may never feel true love
Ginger R Oct 8
And I'm hurting
And I'm collapsing in on myself
And I just don't want to hurt you

I want to shield you
From a world you're accustomed to
I want to protect you
From things that you've already seen

Because maybe you've been around the world a thousand times
And maybe you've already been cut into pieces
But I haven't
And maybe
Maybe you're the one protecting me

Clasping my hands with yours when I get nervous
Holding me close and hugging me till I want to breathe again

So please, let me stand in front of you
I'll take the brunt of the blow
And I'll know you'll be there to catch me
It's a little bit of love and mostly coming home to you.
Agents of Shield is the show that really has my whole heart
I'm gonna miss them so much, can you take me back to the start?
It was a beautiful journey I went on and now its at its end.
I can't even begin to thank you for my friends.
I've made so many from this show.
I loved to watch all of us grow.
I know we'll be sad once it's over.
But happy it brought all of us closer.
I love you so much I hope you know that.
I'm gonna miss seeing the love shown here in fact.
I could go on and on about the things you did for me.
about how you made my depression leave so I could be free.
It's the simple things like a smile from my favorite person.
It really lit up my day thats for certain.
so now I say goodbye to the show that holds a special place in my heart.
Knowing I'll never truly say goodbye.... if I go from the start.
CC Jul 28
Truly I have the will inside me
To push my chest out and bare my dignity
Like a thumping paw of an elephant
The sound of who I am beats the ground
Every thump like a chanting
Every chant like a battle-cry
Break their bones if they strike you
Their throws are soft and formless
A fog that poisons
You are protected by the bear in the woods
A massive presence of teeth and claw
Bear in mind
Conquering the battle is not complete without armour and sword
Use your sword with caution
Sparing them for when the season is ripe
Struck whence the shield lowered
You seek for bleeding
You seek for victory
Joy is in the skin scarred without fright
Victory is in the timing of each strike
The sword has discipline in its swift blow
Should not have trace of megalomania
Should win every ****** in order to teach
Lessons to heed the definition of honour
Two victors will defy the battle
When one wins on honour
If the other triumphs pride
Dante Rocío Jul 19
Aren’t most of us crying
The funerals
From our own
“Selfish” reasons?
Not from the dead one’s
Biggest treasure passing
Yet ‘cause we won’t get to feel
Them clearly
For our own needs
And desires?
They are most probably
At least peaceful,
In the new realm
We mourn
For the moments no longer
For us

How wondering it feels
To think
That usually we are those,
Who must and should learn
To live on and rejoice
After someone’s death
When there comes at last
The moment
When we become those,
Who leave
And are to tell others

Taken out of kitchen in a rush,
In the same tiny cape of black
I use when naked,
Now standing before sudden
Church “shanties” and
Of my father’s friend no-more-together
I watch, cry solely
In the colours of thoughts of my eyes.

What are those measly flowers for
If they shall wither soon, Dad?
Why can’t I break now, Dad?
How much did he mean to us, Dad?
Step blocked as such,
Adam grips calmly yet strongly
The collar of my cape
And there’s no more another place
For him
To stay,
Than the crook of my
Seventeen-year-old tanned neck.

Hold his hair, backside,
Protecting all the salty water
He has nobody yet to everyone
To offer.

Can’t move.
Don’t move.
On a funeral of my dad’s friend I cannot remember fully anymore
And who took us in when in trouble.
I didn’t think of his death then and there.
Wondered about us, my death,
The Church’s voices void of personalisation
And how He had that short hold on me
As if gripping his lifeline.
Maybe I was like that for a while.

Of funeral thoughts N*2
Poetic T May 20
My pen is my shield,

and my words
             my armour.
Erian Rose May 20
her eyes shielded the pain
under ocean waves
setting dusk of sunset haze
she saw the world
at a different side of things
hydonni Apr 9
"How are you? "
They asked me...
"I'm Fine... "
I'm perfectly okay,
And my chest feels like its gonna explode...
My head feels pressurized,
And white noise feels my ears...
And I'm stumbling blindly,
Barely seeing through the tears that pour down my face...
"I'm Fine... "
Everything is just peachy,
And I feel empty,
Alone in a crowd of people,
Never fitting in... Never belonging...
Floating above everything and everyone,
A lonely, solitary ghost...
"I'm Fine... "
Perfectly alright,
And I play that depressing song,
Over and over and over again,
Listening to the same sad words,
Feeling worse by the second...
"I'm Fine... "
I have never been better,
Can't you see the huge, ginormous smile on my face,
"I'm Fine... "
I swear I am,
And I'm drowning in my fears,
I can't see, I can't breathe, I can't be,
But I'm fine.
Andrew Vitans Dec 2019
Fear's unknown to him
All wish their courage was like his

Loyal soul an' loyal heart
Being a warrior seems such an art

He yearns the glory feeling
Gettin' honor feels as good as lusting

But all he sees are ****** fields
Hearin' pain an' swords against shields

He's not scared of death
Pagan, in divine judgement, he's no faith

Crested helmet, drawn sword
"For the motherland", not another word

At the signal he'll unleash hell
After slaughterin' hostiles, he'll feel well

No one will be spared, he's merciless
But primarily, he's a fearless
This poem is about the perfect ideal of a fearless soldier.
The soldier is pagan, not christian so it's refered to the classical roman or greek warrior.
Nylee Sep 2019
It was just yesterday I revealed little of myself to you. Then again I changed within hours and discovered a little more of myself.

Standing in the mirror, the reflection and the light flicker. The candle flame added another warm shade as part of me fade away.

A plunge ahead comes with fall to follow, it is easy when we walk slow. The pace of my thoughts is lost, ahead of me in its exploration.

Someday there will be ease, hopefully with more of the inner peace. The sweater will keep me warm, my armour will save me from harm.

So open to the world and vulnerable for a second and more, shields up in moments later. Trust escapes and gets captured in a matter of time.

It is dizzy and not, words in world and too many thoughts. Aging but learning, drowning but burning, the ironies are shining bright.
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