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Phoebe Hynes Dec 3
I don’t change my sheets for days
after you visit.
My squished hands guide a lazy version of my body to
the bed that invites me to crawl on top of your dry sweat.
My torso sprawls into the dream of ******* transpired.
I like the nest that we created, lounging
against a mattress I pushed in the corner.
Tee shirts slouched into the crevices against the wall,
And my five pillows circling
our old tangled limbs.
**** is a shield,
A disguise of telling your eyes where to look.
Eyelashes against eyelashes.
Your iris seized a blanket
And buried a dilated pupil underneath.
This is the facade of being *****.
You’re still wearing skin.
A mattress will not preserve sensuality,
But my quilt will hold my body together
Until I find the pants I threw across the carpet.
Anya Nov 23
I have a friend
She has a prickly
Lashing out at

Last year
She *** a pet
It died two weeks later

Sometimes the shield we put up
Hurts us
Latifah Nov 4
We wear smiles like a shield
and we like to make them believe
that we own hearts made of stone.
I will not warrant kingdoms
My name wants no crown
My garbs need no insignia
My shield is strong -
without a crest and banner
I stand on my own two feet
but I will allow my self to
Rest upon a shoulder
and let my heart beat
entwine it with another's
I wish not for kings -
I wish not to be a king
just be a pauper with me.
Devin Ortiz Oct 1
Through silky darkness, with
Whispers of twilight tearing at
The fringes of a forsaken veil.
I kneeled before the crown,
With tainted adoration.

For once, I fought between the bleed.
Betraying the rot of time against flesh.
Drawn to a broken throne of dead gold.
Eyes awoken to the fabric of her majesty.

A curved sword, a jagged dagger,
Quick to slip, slit and seep.
Armed assassin, of her corrupted right hand.
The pleasure, mine for the taking.

Dearest Queen, sing of death most damning,
I'll abide, leaving none standing.
Drift onwards, lightless legions,
Abandon hope and all your reason.
Anya Sep 30
She insisted he had a crush
On me
He insisted he did
Kept my nose
In my book
Anya Sep 30
Come one, come all!
And welcome
To the shield shop!

Here, we supply anything
And everything
You need
For a custom made

Now, this isn’t your typical
Iron or bronze,
the shields here are much
And not for physical

We could provide you
A block of wood
For dense ness
Thoroughly not
Social cues
For keeping away
Verbal bullies
Romantic attention

A shard of ice for coolness
Abve the crowd
Keeping your cool to the point
That no one approaches you
No one reads you
Makes you seem impenetrable

A flame for blazing confidence
Attracts people
But also scares them away
So they,
Maintain a distance
From your
Whose existence
They may not be aware of

A kitten for innocence
Giving others the desire
To protect you
Or they just pass you by

We have all these
And so much more!
So why don’t you come and
Which one works for
This is an idea I’m playing with, I’m not completely sure if it’s true. Feel free to comment or message if you have an opinion.
Jack L Martin Aug 29
It was a hot summer Georgia morning.
The fresh smell of pine
The sounds of marching solders
Reveille played over the loud speakers

As cooks, we started our day early
Everything seemed normal
Normal for Army life, that is
Life that I got used to

I put on my uniform
Polished my boots
Walked over to the dining facility
Expecting to fail inspection, again

"Report to HHC Immediately!"
24th Infantry Division (mechanized)
"First to Fight"
This was serious

What was going on?
Confusion afoot
Kuwait was ambushed
Sadam must be stopped

We marched over to the gymnasium
There were stations set up
Line up for innoculations
Fill out your Last Will and Testament

March over to the barraks
Pack up your gear
Only what you can carry
Sneak in some comfort items

What about the rest of my stuff?
Someone will look after it
Don't worry, it's safe
Soldiers are a bunch of thieves

March over to the National Guard barraks
They look like the did in WWII
50 double bunks in a row
they smelled moldy

This was our new home
until further notice
I haven't slept
in 48 hours

No communication
to your family or firends
I snuck out
to the pay phone

Not sure what to say
other than don't worry
I love you

I am one of
the first one hundred
soldiers to depart
Single, no close family

We board the ship
It is massive!
USNS Capella (T-AKR 293)
In the Savannah Harbour

Tanks, helecopters
Trucks, supplies
One hundred ARMY soldiers
Ready to disembark

We stand along port side
at parade rest
A tear rolls
Down my face

Thousands of civilians
Waving flags
Cheers of goodbyes
Crying children and wives

The ship leaves port
slowly pulls away
the cheers fade
into the ocean depths

First day afloat
The ship rocks slowly
Hard to get used to
Motion Sickness kicks in

I worked in the galley
T-Ration for breakfast
MRE for lunch
T-Ration for dinner

I ate with the Marines
A-Ration meals
Privilege of being
a Food Service Specialist

Trash accumulated
Throw it overboard
Alongside the bow
Death to the oceans

Many days pass
I read a book
Hyperion (Dan Simmons)
The only book I had

I sit on the deck
the sea in all directions
mystifies the soul
we are alone

I wake up to discover
Another ship next to us
USNS American Explorer
(T-AOT-165) Refueling ship

We reach the Suez Canal
Egypt looks beautiful
To the east: lush greenscape
to the west: barren wasteland

Egyptian Militants
watching intensely
along the shoreline
they saw my camera

Merchants come aboard
"Good deals for you,
American G. I."
I bought some batteries

I get to phone home
satellite communication
ten dollars a minute
worth every penny

We reach our destination
Twelve day journey ended
time to unload
organized chaos

All hands on deck
mechanized disembark
crash course
on driving a tank

Transported to my unit
in the tent city
they got there first
flown by commercial airliner

time to roll out
loaded my gear
Ruck sack gone forever

Lost my walkman
lost my camera
lost my book
was in the ruck sack

to be continued.........
I joined the ARMY in 1989, straight out of high school.  Active duty station was Ft. Stewart, GA.  Assigned to the 1st Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment. Desert Rogues: "We Pierce!"
R Aug 28
The curves of her body were something
That caught his eyes
Not her words or smile
The look he gave her showed desire
To make her his even if it was just for a night
Her satin yellow dress was too appealing
Hugging her body exactly right
He went up to her to greet her
Ask her to speak to him and give her his number and drop some cheesy lines
but that broken bird had a shield around her
After all she just again had learnt how to fly
And once had been broken enough to let anyone else ever call her mine
I am shell
Captivated with the weight of fear
Patterned, mesmerism, predatorial magnetism
Obtuse in angle to the sky
With power born in grace of the lake
Sharper than shield I be before thine wake
To pry emotional flux from harm
And coat it in here
The statuary of further life held sweet
In calcified virtue of longing to live
Deep in shell
Asylum for essence
Board under adventure in the sense
We are colleagues in purpose
To you
I am shell
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