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Mrs Timetable Dec 2023
Standing in
Your shadow
Not able to see
Or feel
The light
It's not so easy
To just
Shelter Protect Shade... Conceal
Ylzm Apr 2022
Only the strong
     can be pierced by the sharp sword of truth
Only the strong
     walk unarmed unafraid into the fire
Only the strong
     carry the weak and shield the hapless
For strong is its own master
     never servant to mere powers
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
In a world where power is the ultimate reward, remember: you can be just as effective
with a shield as you can with a sword
Chris D Aechtner Nov 2021
Empire caused "Meek" and "Warden"
to become lost for the people divided.

The ancient etymological root intent and
definition of Meek: A person who is trained
and experienced in wielding the sword
who attempts to keep the sword sheathed for
as much as logically possible.

State and Church are cut from
the same cloth, designed to divide,
denature, and disarm on many levels.

State, Corporation, and Church (snot to be mistaken with sacred Vedas and source
codes. King David's and King Solomon's
writing is lush and powerful, and following
the lessons of Isa KRST can cause a more
peaceful, sustainable world),
close your inner eye.

Empire wants the peasants to believe
in "Meek" in a specific way for obvious reasons.
"Warden" is meant to be defined as not ever technically owning anything on Earth, including our children, and that it's our duty to natural Earth laws and Mother womb to stand against perpetrators who goose-step through the gardens and creeks.

"Warden" became inverted, turned on its
head to empty people's heads and pockets.

There are those who need to be dark for the
others. There are good dark fallen petals that
have their own light to survive the darkness.
The dark fallen petals lean towards the
divine feminine to bring balance and
harmony to the universal laws when toxic
male Jinn fire energy grows and spreads
into unbalance and unsustainability.

There are those of us who carry fangs
For Earth Womb, are willing supplicant cubs For Mother Huntress—sacred arrows
Notched in watery bow-spring.

Never Surrender to that which offers worse than death.

Surrender only to that which offers the water of life.

The Greatest Deception within the
Grand Illusion is to make people believe
that fire resembles false water:
Multifaceted, modified bait and switch.

The dark fallen petals fill their bowls
with water, then place the flame upon the water.

Filling your bowl first with fire, burns your mind and spirit into a husk. Attempting to extinguish a burning bowl with water, causes a polluted, murky brain and mind.

Always fill your pond with water,
let the water lilies and lotus grow
into wide open bloom. Always fill your chalice with water, then add the flame
upon the water. Mind as water, fluid,
able to flow alongside universal change
while adhering to universal constants.

State and Church are parasitic templates.
I'm snot suggesting that most people are bad and corrupted. You know the proverbial cliché: The road to hell is paved in good intentions. Prolonged saturation of negative entrenchment causes most every product to be negatively toxic regardless of initial intent going in.

Church and State are designed to close the inner eye and burn down the bowl permanently, leaving the hollow host with a jughead to fill with remote control leash and halter.

Church and State are designed to offer fire gift-wrapped in false water: The deceptive light that's obsessed with lighting candles in
an attempt to compensate for a burned down inner bowl that bathes the host in artificial light.

The nexus point between Church and State is the most insidious force that I've ever faced.

People who haven't already learned to do so, need to learn how to shield their minds from here on in. The next 15 years or so are gonna include some extraordinarily weird and intense moments and happenings across the world.

Learning to place the flame upon the water saved my body, mind, and spirit; It's the cleanest process and advice that I can offer.
It isn't an ultimate universal cure-all, as that is a wolf in sheep's clothing; It's a process that people can use to find their answers.

Empire always offers the ultimate answers, the psychopath that opportunistically builds traps as supposed solutions that lead to freedom and safety. Offered via State or Church, the answers are fire god traps disguised as water.

Nevermind conspiracy theory too, perceive it from various angles and scopes of objective perspective: please consider: trillions upon trillions of particles and particulates that range between organic and xenobiotic, natural and artificial, genetic and non-genetic: variables within trillions of natural and artificial rays, waves, pulses, beams, X, strings, that are emitted from trillions of organic and inorganic sources, such as uranium belts, stars, billions of wires, antennae, coils, tubes, on and on, BLASTED
into our bodies 24/7, awake, while asleep. While we dream.

Tinfoil (lol) can refract X negatively onto other reflective and refractive surfaces, cause amplification of ocular reception. Also, a wave/beam that might've passed through the skull and brain only once, can be bounced around the skull due to a tinfoil hat placed upon the crown.

Our bodies get hit within inevitability. The mix includes multifaceted physiological and psychological levels. And, images—trillions of images expressed in various states and forms.

Fire disguised as water causes hyper-inner conflict, shame, guilt, and fear that, when prolonged, eventually breaks the mind. A mind can break only however many times that it takes to bring specific minds to unfixable state.

Empire attempts to trick you into placing fire into your chalice first, it's that clean, base, simple, and primary.

Water religions/psychology/projections
produce more peaceful, accepting societies
that range in every possible mix of melanin and spice. Whenever a society retrogrades back to fire god worship and Sun sacrifice psychology and belief systems, the people and land become poisoned and dry, divided, cleaved under the weight of the cloven hoof

after having built another Tower of Babel.

Water cools the tempered sword
Glowing freshly from the forge.

Blossoming open in one way
Protects in many ways
That can't happen without acceptance.

When the dove sparks, stirs, drinks
From your chalice, and unfolds her wings into golden light inside your brain,
Empire's messaging no longer
Makes sense in a good way.
Ongoing rough blah blah blah, 11 15 2021
nim Jul 2021
i am a sword
that acts as a shield
and, thus, falls apart.
Jaicob May 2021
A way of expression,
A method of destruction,
A powerful shield,
A mighty weapon,
A piece of art,
An escapism...

No matter what you call it,
Poetry is beautiful.
Keep at it, young poet-
I believe in you.
Leaving this in the notes because I have nowhere else to put it.
My mother has been slowly blocking every social connection I have from my phone, so the only way I have of sharing my experiences as of now is through this website. I don't know what I'll do if this is taken from me.

Side note- my parents are very transphobic, so that's why I've had everything blocked. Once I came out as trans, my mother took matters into her own hands to try and stop me from being trans (or something..)  I hope that, given the current circumstances, you can be patient with my lack of posting. Thank you for reading; it means a lot to me.
Preet Mar 2021
My Home....
The shield I had over my emotions was broke,
I turned around, consumed by fear of losing control over the last threads.
He pulled me into his arms and hugged me close.
The intoxicating smell of him lingered in my mind,
I immediately relaxed in those strong arms.
The melodies rhythm of his heart was cherry on the top,
and I felt drifting away.
"Feeling better now, my Lil' fighter," He asked.
His voice was just above a whisper,
but that baritone voice sent a shiver to my spine.
I looked into his eyes,
His hypnotic gaze held my own.
His hands touched my ******* and I instantly felt butterflies swirling around my stomach.
He smiled, bemused by mischievous acts of his own and my reaction.
He came closer and joined his forehead to mine and said
"I always with you, no matter what."
That moment I knew, I found it,
My Home!
Kim Essary Oct 2020
If Love were a battle which side would you choose
For one Side will claim victory  and the other side shall lose
As one side puts trust in armor to protect and shield their heart
As the opposite side wears nothing but trust and faith  as the battle is to start
Arrows begin to sore bouncing from the hearts wearing armor made of steel
Others left wounded and scarred of the ones they don’t ****
Love Will never be felt by the ones left without injury  and walked away
But the ones that had trust and faith   That let down their guard will find true love one day
If you never let down your guard for fear of being hurt you may never feel true love
Wilder Oct 2020
And I'm hurting
And I'm collapsing in on myself
And I just don't want to hurt you

I want to shield you
From a world you're accustomed to
I want to protect you
From things that you've already seen

Because maybe you've been around the world a thousand times
And maybe you've already been cut into pieces
But I haven't
And maybe
Maybe you're the one protecting me

Clasping my hands with yours when I get nervous
Holding me close and hugging me till I want to breathe again

So please, let me stand in front of you
I'll take the brunt of the blow
And I'll know you'll be there to catch me
It's a little bit of love and mostly coming home to you.
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