Naomi Jul 11
Somehow, life drifted me away from the ones who knew.
Somehow, bliss  remained when all I knew echoed away.
life seems to always miss my direction.
While time ticks  clockwise towards the end... I counterclockwise - towards the beginning.
I never really followed lifes rules.
Or maybe those rules never really followed me.
I leave when I love the most.
I miss when they hate the most.
I give when I  lack.
And I lack when I  flourish.
I miss who I am when lost.
I forget who I am when  found.
I just  rebel from what is expected of me. It comes naturally. I  refuse to be what you think I am. I am not the idea of me.
So somehow... who am I to you?
Aa Harvey Jul 7
Fight Injustice Against You

Fight all those who stand in your way,
Fight all those who stop us being free.
Charge at them with a clenched fist raised
And watch them cower beneath our feet.

We have the power to let them hurt us,
But we will not let you stop us now.
We shall fight you tooth and nail,
We shall rebel, to show how much we care.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Logan D Jun 19
My king is a rebel king
Different but much better
Wasn't defined by a ring
But by his miracles

He rebelled against the evil law
Against hatred clothed as compromise
People didn't like what they saw
But he didn't waver

People didn't serve him
He served the people
Saved them with true love
As they slayed him

A rebel king who shows mercy
As people do him wrong
He doesn't go with the trend
He's the stuff you sing about in a song

He sacrificed himself on a cross
The ultimate boss
Call him a backwards leader
A rebel king
Roos Collar May 3
She was forced to draw neatly and fine,
But all she wanted was to go outside the line.
Michael King Apr 28
Be vigilant. The dark is coming.
'Stay silent' he said. They almost listened.

'Wrap yourself in the coldness
of our words' and in his voice was
a touch of danger.

They almost fell. Almost gave in.
The world became like a glacier
of shapes. Always seeking to fit
within the assorted mess of notions
and opinions.

'Forget grace' they told us.
'Praise hate' they commanded us.
'Love death' they spoke in unison.

But... we are not a wall to be broken
down on your insistence.

We are not a voice to be calmed
just because you think you are a storm.

Should we be silent against the false
preachers of lies and guile? Or
are we going to stand firm, each
life a block against the tides of
stoic insistence?

We will not shame ourselves any longer.
Our voice will be like God's own voice.
Our rhythm will fall into truth.
Our form will fly into the sky,
abandoning your need to satisfy the
greedy and lazy digits of material
plains of death and destruction.

Ah... tell us to shut up one more time.
See then how loud our words can go.
Ender Royalty Apr 24
Am I virtually gone
Vacant to a level
Of no love and bond
Just to despise and rebel

Incapable of caring
Only knowing wrong
Hell and I are pairing
To become the biggest con

Could I ever change
Or am I forever attached
To this evil of all range
That no one could match

I'm a body without soul
Cold, stiff, and emotionless
Who follows no rules
And will never confess
Just a quick piece, I hope you enjoy!
wyle tan Mar 22
“I rebel; therefore I exist.”
― Albert Camus

The herd live normal lives.
What's a normal life?

Isn't it to taste again a retrieved piece of last night's meal from between one's teeth?
Isn't it an old lover, shriveled and lame, trying to re-experience the ecstasy of his first teen love but lost long ago?
Isn't it to rekindle a calling when passion has grown cold?

A normal is an old movie.
A normal is stale saliva.
A normal is stable center on a spinning wheel.

A normal offers a shelter, but no home.
A normal binds two together, but no love.
A normal sustains life, even luxuries, but no joy.

A rebel lives beyond.
He is fluid nothing.
His home is anxiety.

Only Zeus is immovably still, unchanging silence.
Out of boredom, he creates time.
A rebel is a bastard infant of Chronos.
Written  21 March 2018 @ Puchong Malaysia
It may sound false but I tell you it is always true
There's no true love in life if you're not true to you
The things we feel on how to act makes us vulnerable
making our glutton for love more critical

The metaphors we see,predicts us on what our lovers should be
So I ask you again.
Is it true love or just a love you wanted it to be?
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