Am I virtually gone
Vacant to a level
Of no love and bond
Just to despise and rebel

Incapable of caring
Only knowing wrong
Hell and I are pairing
To become the biggest con

Could I ever change
Or am I forever attached
To this evil of all range
That no one could match

I'm a body without soul
Cold, stiff, and emotionless
Who follows no rules
And will never confess
Just a quick piece, I hope you enjoy!
These days, for her, I will take the distance,
like a rebel, who has chosen the Resistance ...
She has to discover some loneliness on her own,
my love for her, in all forms was truly shown ...
Maybe, but I really doubt, when she will be alone,
might realize by herself, I was the highest tone ...
My heart and soul is fragile like the glass,
with such a behavior, at me, she will not pass ...
Such things, in my life, will not be allowed,
my dear, remember all the vows you vowed!!!
You promised to us at a wedding, you will be polite,
such a shame for us, I have about that, them to write ...
wyle tan Mar 22
“I rebel; therefore I exist.”
― Albert Camus

The herd live normal lives.
What's a normal life?

Isn't it to taste again a retrieved piece of last night's meal from between one's teeth?
Isn't it an old lover, shriveled and lame, trying to re-experience the ecstasy of his first teen love but lost long ago?
Isn't it to rekindle a calling when passion has grown cold?

A normal is an old movie.
A normal is stale saliva.
A normal is stable center on a spinning wheel.

A normal offers a shelter, but no home.
A normal binds two together, but no love.
A normal sustains life, even luxuries, but no joy.

A rebel lives beyond.
He is fluid nothing.
His home is anxiety.

Only Zeus is immovably still, unchanging silence.
Out of boredom, he creates time.
A rebel is a bastard infant of Chronos.
Written  21 March 2018 @ Puchong Malaysia
It may sound false but I tell you it is always true
There's no true love in life if you're not true to you
The things we feel on how to act makes us vulnerable
making our glutton for love more critical

The metaphors we see,predicts us on what our lovers should be
So I ask you again.
Is it true love or just a love you wanted it to be?
Kuunye Mar 5
One by one, and single file
through the entrance doors.
The troops are on their way to war
Some make friends, some make little more.

Assigned by numbers, supposedly they correspond,
Thus lines are drawn
Are you one of them? Or have they got you all wrong?

Adhere to the rules, and do as you are told
Forget this, and you could be subject to the cold.
sara Mar 3
It looks so cavalier
but it smells just like rebellion.
Alcohol cannot conceal
insincere intention.

I like it, though.
It suits you well.
But before you begin to boast;
remember that liquid confidence lasts for a night at most.
the effects of alcohol are varied yet somehow all the same ??
If you wanna lose your rebel cherry,
never give away your rebel cherry.
The Man, he is slippery
as a cat called Quantum Gravity.

I never wanna hear your rebel yell
was tracheotomised by trials of a rebel.
The Eternal Yes made in Madison Avenue.
We don't always win but rebels never lose.

If you wanna lose your 2fingered
V-plates, you gotta fuck the system.
The Man, he is a jive
turkey of received wisdom.

I never wanna hear your rebel yell
was tracheotomised by trials of a rebel.
The Eternal Yes made in Madison Avenue.
We don't always win but rebels never lose.

What we gotta lose
except for our chains?
Our workfare & zero hours?
What we gotta lose
except for our chains?
And our flowers
to Che Guevara?
Mary Zollars Feb 19
So lets get this straight:
An armed, white man walks into a school,
kills 17 students and teachers with a tool
that can be bought at just any store
by a 19 year old, insane, fool,
before being caught, all on Valentine's day,
Marking the 30th mass shooting just this year
And it's not time to talk about gun control?

If they had been black, you'd say "more police"
If they had been Mexican, you'd say "build a wall"
If they had been Middle-Eastern, you'd say "travel ban"
But they're not, they're white, they're mentally ill,
so "Report the disturbed" our president says
"It's about mental health!" our congress says
"But it's not time to talk about gun control"

You send your thoughts and prayers,
while we're pleading for your help
You want to know my thoughts and prayers?
I thought our country cared about us
I thought our country loved us more than guns
And I pray that my school won't be next
That my friends won't be mourned on the internet
That we might be safe in our unsafe unchanging world
Because you won't talk about gun control

But you know what?

Screw you if you think that's all we're gonna do
We're taking this horse by the reigns
Knock some sense into that old brain
We're organizing, rising up and wising up
Taking a stand, and taking a walk
Making our voices heard, better watch for that 10 o' clock
We will not be complacent in our friends' deaths
We've done it before and we will do it again
They say "when we're older"
I say "why wait till then"
These laws are going to change now
These deaths have got to be dwindling down
Everyone knows kids can be one loud crowd
And no, we won't calm down
Until no one ignores our outraged sound
We will make the politicians come around
And finally, gun control will bring peace to our towns

And finally, me, my family, and my friends, can feel safe, with long lives ahead,
and we can go back to school together again.
Nylee Feb 9
why do I force myself to be perfect
                                 on all the things I touch,
it is so very obvious I am not
                     but the disappointment is much.

Every time I put the amount of efforts
             but there is something I always miss.

The expected output is not what I get
             results doesn't turn out like I wished.

It is easier to say it doesn't affect
                 when it does makes me miserable

And at every window there is in fact
                 a master showcasing her marvels  

What good am I to do at any instant
                                 when I feel so incapable

I am this blessed with a lack of a talent
                    I won't even make a good rebel.

Peter Balkus Jan 23
Winters in England used to be much milder,
now cold weather is all year round
and flowers bloom only to rebel against it.
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