Against the timeline of nature
Freed from the conformity of it all
Are people who refused to fit in the picture
Yet expect their voices to stand tall.
Informed but confused, they obey no rules
hyped,alert,opposed, society labels them as silent rebels
Like hippies, many hate rules yet abhor ridicules
The same people who make troubles
I call them the regiment of the clock
They call themselves freethinkers
Yet others call them legends on the block
Their views and feelings are always written on banners
Always grouping and marching like ducks,
Silent Rebels are always against something
Either against those making heavy bucks
Or those in total control of everything.

The non conformist silent rebels,Fence dwellers and loners,but with powerful statements about  everything..
Sudipta Maity Dec 2017

I'm not gentle nor cultivated bland
It's the wolf howling from my inside.
Its brunning my nerve and brain by
rising the blood flow within my vain.
It's the time for my struggle for liberation.
I'm not the  lamb nor domestic civilized
my wild heart calling, from rib caged inside.
Its want to stain red by shine of the sun
or see you hunting, shoot down by your gun.
It's the time for my struggle to wild liberation.
So, I refuse this poison,
break the prison and fly like the eagle
Yes I am wild and I love to be..

CrookedMantis Dec 2017

A sign, it reads “Push”.
I pull, cause I’m a rebel.
Great, now I’m stuck here.

Iska Dec 2017

We are not poets.
Nor are we artists.
         We are the bleeding hearts
                                                   Daring to rebel.
Society cuts this world into careful little blocks.
Devided by cold cut stones forced to comply.
And yet,
             If you look a little closer, you will notice,
                  Not us, for you will never see our face
   But you will see our fragments.
             The pieces of us we leave behind for you
                Scattered among these cold stone walls
Words we have carved into the stone
             With our own bloody nails.
                              Proof that we exsist.
                                               Proof that you can to.
So here we are,
                    Strings of letters
                                       And scattered lines,
                                 All echoing the same war cry.
                          “We Are Here.”
                                                    "Are You?"

Karisa Brown Dec 2017

Is it important
Which melody
I play

Play the part

Which is ridiculous
What happened to
In skin


Irrationally freaky
Consumed with selves

Who wants
To sin
Count your cards
I'm all in

Let rebels cry
And victims resume
Their forgotten
On the empire
We Stand

Weird night!
Cleo Nov 2017

If I cannot sing then I won’t.
It is bad to ignore the rules.
I am good so I must follow the rules.

If I cannot sing then I will open my mouth only to breath.
After all, I must breath to live.
I am not doing anything wrong.
I am not a criminal.

If I cannot sing then I will speak.
Conversation with others
With myself
With the moon
Speaking does a person good.

If I cannot sing then I will hum.
This is not at all like singing.
I need not even open my mouth.
I just have this song replaying in my head
And I must hum
But I will not sing.
I love this song...

If I cannot sing then I will listen to others sing
After all, it’s their downfall
Not mine.
I’m just someone in the background
mouthing the words

If I cannot sing.. why can’t I sing?
I want to sing
I feel it is right to sing
But I know I mustn’t.
But why?

If I cannot sing I will do so behind closed doors.
It’s not a crime if no one sees it.
I sing for hours.
After years of quiet
my voice is hoarse and timid.
But I still sing
And no one can know.

If I cannot sing
Who am I if not a slave
Who are they if not the masters
What is this if not tyranny
I will sing.
I am singing.
I am dead.

If I cannot sing
I will


Learn to sing
Stephanie Franco Nov 2017

The cruelty of our passions
Burnt down into small pieces of ashes
By those who despise us
Even though this very country
Was built on freedom of speech
So although we keep fighting
Hoping to win this battle
Between all odds
We’ll keep attacking
With the power of words
And the power of the human soul
We’ll raise hell if we have to
For that is who we are
We are the brilliant,
The omnipotent,
The spontaneous
Hell Raisers

joel jokonia Nov 2017

i tell my story in two phrases

        "rebel son,
         caring father"

Mar Somera Oct 2017

Let it be my quiet rebellion
to keep loving a world
that doesn't have space in it for loving.

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