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Druzzayne Rika Apr 2019
It is unknown that gets me of this
A veil, a world beyond exists
Life and reel both
Shows the stills of the worst
But no more
Could mean way more
In ways no one will understand
About what this i

A relief to all unending pain
A permanent erase to all thoughts in brain
harsh reality to those still living
The real problem is in breathing
Liberation and freedom
Aren't for the living
Part of brave around
The chances are faint

A forever is a promise
Not to believe in
Wonder to eyes
All good lies
Simple truth
Is too good for us
Not edible enough
God don't need us

Not here not there
Only best get vacancy
Heaven is housefull
Seven hells down
The burns and fiery thirst
don't stop
Ignition on
You were bad
When you had the chance
MicMag Aug 2018
sometimes love's just broken
you're not sure how to fix it
not sure if you should nix it

sometimes love calls out from far away
you're not sure what to do
not sure what to say

sometimes love keeps calling you back
you're not sure where to go
not sure, yes or no

sometimes love just wants you
sometimes you want love

sometimes love makes no sense
sometimes love is ordained from above
sometimes love don't feel like love

sometimes love follows me
sometimes love can last
sometimes love won't leave me alone
sometimes love won't pass
Part 2 of an old series of musings on love

Part 1:
Umi May 2018
A phoenix is...
Extended ash, through unending life,
Darkness clouds the happiness of distant days, as eternal life
might be cursed by the flames of hell, yet she is always resurrecting,
Like a spectator, she watches life rise and fall, alike day and night,
Comparable to the smoke which thins it's trail as it travels into the distant sky, yet never truly dying never truly disappearing, living on.
Such is the fate of one who is imperishable, it is alonely existence,
Scared to bond but filled with hope she keeps her head up high,
Because the majestic, azure sky is always a source of hope and bliss,
This makes her fight on, although this battle will never end,
Believing there is a future, in which she someday will rest happily,
Misery and hatred burn up in her flames, which then fall into the darkness of a deep sin which has found its occurance in the long past,
As her body scorches into a blaze of immortality, recurring memories soar, illuminating the land and guiding her through the long night,
Even if all what is lost can be found again, it will perish, transiently.
For now all what is left, is but immortal smoke.

~ Umi
I had to write this twice
Because hello poetry was down when I wanted to publish it and the draft disappeared almost completely =)
I hate my life
Our Eyes, our precious eyes, God´s comfort
they are the windows to our heart
God will never take away this greatest valuable support
He is healing all the ailing parts
He is a God of Greatest Love
His Residence is straight above
We can never imagine His Love for us
so greatest, that surpasses truly all things with plus
believe in Him as a child is truly a must

my heart is crying all the time, my dearest Kim
terrible monsoon inside all parts
please, know that all poets here love you very much to the brim
and we all pray for your well being
hear the beating of our praying hearts....

created with love,
Sylvia Frances Chan
This humble verse is meant as a support for our dearest Kim, who is still suffering from ailing eyes. May this verse contribute a tiny bit to your healing process, please have patience, God hears all prayers, sure.
You came closer, to me--
      But still there was distance,
I fall in love with you,
      As sleep to a fatigue *****!
Perhaps the sky don't need the land,
      In the way you were needed to me;
Perhaps the moon-lit-light is not so loving to a dark night sky;
      As you were to me!
Wishing to speak and behold your hand once again,
      But it is a love, which is never to begin.
I seemed to have been collided with your fragrance,
      And forget about all my sadness!
I began to make a 'necklace of poems' for you, that you took as a gift,
       And in a return gift, that age-old pain,
My spellbound heart had received!
       I even forgot the way of coming back,
While having a walk with you...
       And now you left me alone here,
Writing something like my name,in the sands of your love.
       Our incomplete love, will not be completed ever,
       And you become an image,
What I'll remember forever.
               _Sougat Dasgupta.
"Few emotions can't be described in sspeaking, but can be in writing..."
juttu Dec 2017
A lot has been written about monotony
Here I’m only trying it from my vision
It won’t differ much from yours
But even monotony comes in different flavors
Mine is bland. Unimaginably bland.
So much, that I fear the day I spit it out,
it will leave me bitter
I make feeble attempts to break it
A lot like a fifty year old couple argue & fight
They are not trying to spice things up
Just sorting the disagreements and inconveniences that crop up, further strengthening their bond
Each one is a proven pain in the other's ***
But it is familiar, comforting pain
Losing track of the days that I lost
The days they come and go so fast
I’m preparing myself better for the days to come
‘Every new day is an opportunity lost. So you’ve got to seize every opportunity.' I was advised..
It was 00 hours when I woke up
from my untimely slumber to start
this new day on this new note
Although I’m skeptical of the meaning of new day
I don't think they meant it in the technical sense
The day they were referring to probably begins
when the sun shines so bright that it is hard
to keep your eyes closed and pretend to be asleep
In a semi awakened state,
you clasp your genitals,
then scratch them,
stroke your stiffness,
wipe the drooling mouth
or partake in other preferred activities
in any order you deem fit
and thereby amass the requisite energy
to seize the day by the *****
Me,? I’m not really a morning person
It takes a couple of hours for nausea to subdue
After I spat all the toothpaste residue
So I take this to be the start of yet another day which has begun,
and will roll,
with reasonable certainty,
just the same way as did yesterday
Or the day before
Or a day the week before
But I wasn’t here since the beginning of time
I grew from a microbe to a maniac
So I know this is just a phase that will pass
But I can’t seem to place
the beginning or end of it
Shedding hairs, bloating with worries and fat
I came to the sudden realization
that this will soon end
Whether I like it or not
Whether I force it or not
It will come to an end
Like every other thing that started
Here I am, waiting for it to unfold
Like the spectator I’ve always been,
passive with fear and with justifiable cowardice
When the days become too repetitive, you can't tell reality from a recurring dream..
hungry for the tons of resources
that lay beneath the
hungry for them and looking
to find what else can be

the hunger is never ending
we're consuming more and more
the hunger doesn't abate
as if there's a colossus galore

the world's population
exhausting the
the world's population
eating every crumb of

yet the day will arrive
when our precious resources
aren't readily at hand
they'll be depleted in supply
running down to a level  
that won't service demand

too hungry the population
too hungry the  population
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