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I S A A C Dec 2022
i am a robot
stuck behind all these roadblocks
what came first?
the road or the blocks
i wish i didn’t give a ****
i wish i understood what it was
riddled with curiosity, plagued with confusion
never understanding the extent of my emotion
i am a robot
i am a token
i was made to be used
made to be broken
Cledentine May 2022
Isn't it fascinating?
Telling you they're down
Telling you they're suffering

Isn't it amusing?
Telling you they give up
Telling you they want the end

Pessimism fills their statement
Dejected faces
Inconsolable souls
Shells impossible to move

Yet it amuses me more
Their smiles
Their laughter
Their permanent changing masks

Their tears
They wipe off
As if it's a raindrop
Just happened to come down

How does it feel?
To be in pain
To hurt
To be happy

How does their life go?
Having more marks
More than in my system?

It must be really amusing
Norman Crane Sep 2021
and if we never reach the stars
       ( to explorer v...)
her robot said
       (...fatal error [...] oxygen supply...)
what matters is we are
       ( crewmen left alive...)
together, even if we're dead
Carlo C Gomez Apr 2021
Welcome to Misadventure, you're drawn to it in some berserk way, maybe due to it's atomic habits or technological urges,

sometimes there are cool, but irrational gun-totting robots who speak in foam, their presence detected by iron filings or teeth fillings or both or neither,

I just know there are tire tracks on your wife's new dress, the smell of gasoline coming from the guest bedroom, and a half-eaten Stouffers lasagna rotating on the record turntable,

and here a replicated version of your wife dances to the Italian Song, her ******* like lodestones, upturned and pressed together,

drawing you to them in some berserk way,
and they give such life and merriment to your brain's parcel of needles, that they prance and sway as if the devil were in them.
An absolutely drug-free inspired/written poem...Lol!
Victoria Apr 2021
There was a sort of whizzer boy,
The tinker blinker clinker boy,
With gears and knobs and springs abound,
A head full of thoughts and gears that go round.

He liked to paint and make and build,
For every craft, yes, he was skilled.
“Working hard but with time to play?
Why, that’s my favorite kind of today!”

But what made him different, you see...
He was always quite metallic-y,
And when it was his time for bed,
He charged his battery, and turned off his head.
Evie G Mar 2021
Life is a system
and i am its product
producing mosaics
and i am its robot
life gives me a function
and have a-  

Here is my product
another mosaic
for i am a robot
and that is my function
but i have a hand?
That is not in the system...

Am i a mosaic?
A rainbow of robot
and then is my function
to lend you a hand?
Programmed in my system
to give you my products?

Am i a robot
devoid of a function?
An empty hand.
A useless, silent system.
No products.
No Mosaic

What is a function?
A powerful productive hand!
A hyper-intellectual system!
A booming blossom of products!
a busy

I take from your hand
and inform my system
I create my own products
Perhaps, I am the mosaic
Perchance, I am the robot
and I function.

Bumps from the system created my hand
creating my products, I dictate my function.
For I am the robot that made the mosaic
and I think that's alright.
Hey there! this is my first attempt at a Sestina so feedback would be most appreciated ! its a really cool form and i recommend you all try it. I went into this will an expectation of what it would be and by the time i finished it it was something else, wild how this stuff works.
Matthew Feb 2021
I'm a

My frayed wires
by my familiar
square head

Execute {


There was an error running this process ERROR CODE: 5709
Abner Ros Nov 2020
Copper walls insulated the cold heart of gold,
   with limbs of steel extending out,
touching the comparably icy concrete floor.
   The perfectly symmetrical skull of bronze contained
   an inhumanly small encephalon of cobalt,
packed with scarlet wires and a
near invisible flashing microchip.

Alone in the sterile room,
the infantile Adam,
now standing for the first time,
observed his surroundings as he further
         extended out his limbs – taking his first steps.
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