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Peter B Aug 27
He is watching us
he's appreciating our efforts
to stay alive.

It pleases him,
when we carry on,
and multiply.

He loves when his children
do what they've been told,
without making a fuss.

When they obey,
he smiles.

He loves his people,
like master
loves his slaves.

God likes us,
the way we strive
to stay alive.

He doesn't like
those of us,
who wants to die.
And as we have been slaves to life, we will one day be slaves to death.
Kate longshaw Feb 14
Been too long since I have created,
Since i've drawn or wrote owt celebrated.
Having a breakdown to reality,
Working out how life is meant to be,
Unshakled mind but still not free,
I now make sense of the things I see.
Open mind does lead to free thought,
Free from the sick indoctrined fort.
Free thought leads to controversy,
When spoke folk try belittling me.
Words are the most dangerous tool,
To brainwash those who learn at school,
Make us obey each fascist rule.
Why can't we all open our eyes
To all the enslavement and lies?
Why get angry at those awake,
Who care for you for goodness sake.
Instead of cussing those in power,
You insult those while in moods sour.
Laughing, oppressing piece of mind,
With tyrannical words far from kind.
Outrage seething from closed brains,
Not folks faulght, we have been trained.
To regurgitate the lie and do not think,
And let them mould our mind to shrink.
Dissmiss the real with a curse and wink,
Is this what you really want in life?
To let greed and hate and fear run rife?
To stop humans thinking for self,
To keep the slave masters in wealth,
Staying downtrod for there good health?
All roads lead to Rome it's said,
And we're walking roads that they tred.
His story not history,
No truth wrote, why can't you see?
No Darwinism or big bang
No cells turned fish who did evolve
No axles for us to spin,
The puzzles there for us to solve
We can't let the demons win.

Kate Longshaw
Andrew Jan 26
They used to worship the Creator
Now they worship job creators
Because of their blind nature
And aggressive nomenclature
They sacrifice life and limb
Bringing all that is grim
Making the world dim
Not listening to Him

They won’t budge
While they judge
And hold a grudge
As they trudge
Behind whoever has the answers
Or can cure their cancer
Like a magic necromancer
Raising skeleton dancers

They’re sheep
They’re slaves
I’m not deep
I’m just saying
Their praying
Donkey braying
Causes slaying
Fish filleting

Christianity seems stupid
After they’ve used it
Which is *******
From a ghoul’s wit
Who can’t cool it
Becoming enslaved by anger
And afraid of strangers
Any threat of danger
Nullifies Jesus’ manger

The pious anoint them
The rich exploit them
I wish I could avoid them
Instead I just annoy them

They say the Bible is the greatest thing ever written
But I really love the song Subdivisions
Which they call derision
But Jesus said we would do greater works
Yet the mere idea of that hurts
So they act like jerks
When I tell them not to compare Hattori Hanzo swords
They formulate violent hateful hordes
Expelling anger they’ve stored
Towards me
Trying to set them free
From a more manipulative breed
Until I hate them
And underrate them
After they understated
Jesus’ compassion
I can’t see in their fashion
Building a fascist far right bastion

They scream
And yell
Their dream
A hell
I can’t tell
How they fell
Under the spell
Of a holy well

They’re lured
By a cure
And obscure
The truer
Who can make progress
But meet resistance
In holy offense
And insistence
We may need some distance
To make up this difference
Fervent warriors come upon a field,
A trickle of men storming the grassy abyss,
prepared with shields upon their hearts
and weapons ready at the finger tips.
Their hearts oscillating to the war cries
and to the sounding drummer's march.
A prevalent threat casting shadows overhead;
Awaiting the freedom bell and the open air,
the men charge with their pens cocked
and their ink basins filled to the brim.
Kayla Gallant Dec 2018
We know this isn't good for us
This rinse and repeat
Rut **** of a life
Yet here we are
In this clone army
Brains exposed
Bathing in acid
Killing ourselves
Not too fast
Hate to cut this misery short
God forbid we follow the exit signs
Carved into our souls
Don't die a copy ❤
de Negre Oct 2018
from his hand, the cotton folded,
and from hers, she spun rough string.
then from his, the letters bolded,
but from her tongue no songs to sing.

from his heart, he felt no pumping
her cuts and scrapes had not left marks,
from the wheel, he heard the thumping,
from her eyes, she looked as stark.

their posture spoke obedience,
with feet and arms that hurt as such,
in their thoughts, all fists were clenched,
though their souls felt cold to touch.

from his hand, the paper stolen,
and from hers, the same, again,
and in his mouth, the gums were swollen,
her eyes, a place always like fen.

“respect” their cold leader once said,
“is what you ought to have.”
their labor left them feeling dead,
and for this, he had no salve.

from the thread they harvested,
they sewed him his expensive clothes,
and once the laborers felt bested,
he raised his hand, more came in droves.
laborers and slaves built america
someguy Oct 2018
Where am I? What is this? How did I get here?
Who are these strange unfamiliar creatures around me?
Like arduous bees they are swarming to work for the best of their kind
Or so I’ve first thought, when I saw their world
Not looking for reasons, for judgments, for cause… to me they are like a virus
A despicable spawn – relentless, unstoppable, greedy, they’ll destroy everything
Even if they don’t profit at all, they’ll die for their ego – such is their law
And in this whirlpool of blood, lust and wars – one question is born
What was the science for? What for was the art? What for was the flight of thoughts of our kind?
Why are we here? What goals to pursue?!
All meaningless was it, just for the time **** sake? Or are we just animals that jumped way too high above our heads?
Was it just that, or was it something more? I guess we won’t know, I guess we are here to find it out on our own

Remember your birth, remember your name
And never you dare to forget all that pain

Please take this blindfolding light away from me
It burns, hurts, melts my eyes, it makes them bleed
Breathing is hard, air crushes my lungs, I’m coughing with spit
I beg of you, stop, you’ve done enough no enslave me
Just tell me, what is the reason of all us, people, existing here
Brought to this world all together, together we’re born and together we die…
Prison – one word to describe this gloomy nefarious cell
A place where no light reaches and no sun shines
And If you’ve ever come to this forsaken land, my friend, listen to my advise
No matter how much you want to escape, this nightmare will forever chase (you),
And even if you’re brave enough to choose suicide, the “man in the tunnel” will always bring you back to “life”,
They’ll never let us run away from this cage, from this doom, from this Hell,
This is the place where our eternity shall be spend and where our hopes will die… again and again

I slit my wrists and I crush my bones, I poke my eyes and I cut my throat
No virtues exist in this realm of despair, where God has been drowned in the pool of a software
I choose my fate and I choose my end, so I choose to meet it standing straight with a sword in my hand

The world flickers me, I flicker back,
A butterfly, I feel so tempted by this energy and light
But it’s like a dejavu, feels like it’s not a first time,
The pictures of my past lives blink in my eyes,
My mirror of soul, my deceiving sensors of truth and lies,
And again I find myself surrounded by convicts, by prisoners... they are my mates
We all share same world, same home, same cell,
Still we can not even try to understand ourselves,
Doomed to exist in this chaos divided we fall, united… we’ve never stood a chance
Our nature has already taken care of us – no matter how much we try to help, to support or understand
We all are chained in our brain cells, we are condemned and we are slayed
We even can not help ourselves, we all are left to die in pain, in misery and loneliness
Help will not come, just not today, and not tomorrow… and centuries will pass, and we will still be on our own,
In pain, in misery, in loneliness… we all are here to die once more, one billion times more, before our torture ends… again…
And then… world flickers me… will I flicker back?

After this fraud, this lie, this pain
I will stand up again and again
I will come back and in my veins
I will digest all of that hate
And with my bare hands I will
Tear all the matter, time and space
Destroy this universe in flames
And on the ashes I will build
A new beginning, my new will
No God’s forsaken land will be,
No creature will be in misery,
No pain, no fear, no more lies,
And no more soul will be baptized,
For I’m legion, I am many,
I am that God that you’re praying!!!

I will remake all my mistakes,
And for forgiveness I must pray,
For all of this is my own fault,
I’m sorry, I was wrong

But do not worry living beings,
This universe and all you see,
I have created from my own,
An endless, everlasting source
The source that runs through you and me,
You humans call it – energy!

I will come back and I do swear,
I will not rest until I’m better,
I will be greater this I pledge
And just as promised… I’ll create the perfect world for every single each (of you)
This is some kind of a mix of poetry&prose that represents an evolution/diversity of thoughts of a human being about our world (though generally addressed in one direction).

Small spoiler here - at the end I wanted to weave in some of Nietzsche ideas, mainly the Ubermensch idea.
Ricky Oct 2018
I see this guy at work sometimes.
He looks drained.

Eye lids halfway down.
Neck dropped.
Walking so slow, as if he wants slow down time.

To his left there are kids playing with cups, he looks at them and smiles. I guess that brought back memories of feelings of freedom.

To me freedom is having no fear.
I don’t want to fear paying bills on time, I don’t want to fear trying to create an image people would accept. I don’t want to fear the reality that maybe my life isn’t going the way I’d hoped.

I want freedom from all that.

But “realists” love to say that’s just how life goes.

In African American History class, my teacher told me that Harriet Tubman only saved about 60 slaves, and most of them were family, but there’s a quote from her that says ‘I could have saved thousands - if only I’d been able to convince them they were slaves.’ And that got me thinking. Back then some of those slaves probably thought that that’s just how life goes too. “That’s how things are supposed to be”

Well **** that not me.
I’ma challenge “reality.”
Maybe that’s not my reality because maybe reality can just be your own perception of it.
Mixed in with a little hard work.

So I’ll change what I listen to, I’ll change what and who I’m around because “sweet love and sunshine, if it’s all in the air, then it’s all on your mind.”
Live Ya Life.
Only one chance to get it right.
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