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Amanda Jun 14
We have gone through more in four short months
Than most do in four years
Strength has already been tested
Faced some of our biggest fears

Winds of change flipped frowns to smiles
Alight with newfound joy
Played around, laughed like kids,
You have shown me life is something to enjoy

Solving life's many puzzles together
Disagreements never would last
Your persistence and my patience
Figured out our muddy past

We have talked through our differences
Also argued for hours on end
Sometimes my lover, occasionally my foe,
Always I see you as a friend

I've cried with your arms around me
Emotions igniting outrage and unrest
Playing doctor dressing metaphorical wounds
Feel so grateful you were there to stitch my chest

You kept me from bad behavior
Rough my recovery was
High we feel when our bodies touch
More serenely severe than any other buzz

Cutting your heart out I witnessed truth
Didn't realize until it was too late
The greatest discovery I've ever made
I can't undo misakes I grew to hate

Things you handled without me near
Things you held my hand the whole way through
Life has shown us lifetimes worth of lessons
Such short time laughter and suffering too

Sick of getting knocked down
Sad because we can't get back on our feet
Our past shows us determination and effort
Will conquer this damaging defeat
Written 5-17-18
What if
I just

Y eah no
A poem every day.

(Sorry but I forgot to post so this was randomly made up, it's trash but it's something.)
Sagarika Das May 18
It's been months and it's has been a year,
The day had been beautiful when I met you there.

It's isn't a single thing that I remember,
But thousand little things that you did I became part of.

It wasn't just your smile that I saw,
It was the laughter you shared to brighten up others.

It wasn't just the songs you had sing I heard,
But also the lyrics that I couldn't decipher.

It wasn't just the care I always loved,
It was also all the little flaw you had.

It wasn't just your charm that you had,
But all the things that had made what you were.

But it has been a year and months,
And I  wish that we meet again.

If there's a someday that we meet again,
I want to have one day we can be us again.

One day where I won't be shy again,
One day where you won't hold back again.

One day where I don't have to pretend again,
One day where you'll have courage again.

One day where I'll write you a poetry,
One day where you'll sing songs again.

One day where it'll be just you and me again,
One day where we wouldn't care about a forever again.

But it has been a year and months again,
And I wish we have a someday we can meet again.
April showers bring May flowers
They say, they've said for ages gone
But what when April's dry as bones
Parched and bleached by desert suns
And May, her lover, weeps and groans
And the flowers blossom anyway?
Philomena Mar 29
He truly is everything that I have loved
And as days turn to weeks
And weeks into months
Time is running shorter and shorter
I'm not ready to be alone again
I need you
One more month till i'm out there on my own.
Austin Reed Feb 8
Wrapped to our wrist
Pinned on our walls
Dawn till dusk
Time is always present
Before we were born and after we die
It’s measured by memories, effort, split second decisions
It’s of the essence
Apparent to its incapable yearning to stop
It flies by.
Days we spent angry
Hours dreading our jobs
Regrets and what could haves
We’ll never get it back or be there like we once were
I could say enjoy today and take everyday one step at a time
Or I could be righteous to the ever longing tick
Why should I
With the time I took to write this is now gone
I’ll be tired once morning comes
But I did what I wanted to with my time
Choose your time wisely
Because forever is unkind
Seanathon Feb 3
Leave me bare as the trees
Born as the flowers
And blue as the summer sky and then
Watch the falling leaves devour the sidewalk clean
Until the ending rain beings to freeze
And falls like feathers
Again and again
The January Lasts

A literal title
Ivana Rodriguez Dec 2018
I am missing, and still I miss.
Reminisce, is it? Well, I reminisce.
It’s been more than far too long;
I am still without a bliss,
And your touch,
And your kiss.

I am missing, and still I miss.
The silence in my heart roars—
No more does it hiss.
9 months gone wrong;
I’m weary; almost gone.
Darling, my memory of you I cannot dismiss.
It wasn’t a lie
When you told me that time flies.
You said I’ll be forever alone,
But I didn’t listen, and said goodbye.
Now we will die,
And never reunite...
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