Rebecca May 5
Haunted, broken, & scared –
is how she felt because of you
& there was nothing you could do
to save her.

His words that he spoke –
cut her like a dagger,
& he didn’t know that
his words were like a knife –
when he tried to save a life.

Haunted, broken, & used –
is how she felt because of you
& she rose back from the dead for you
to come back & haunt you.

December is the coldest month of all –
much, much colder than his heart,
he didn’t know that she would fall –
fall into a million pieces –
losing herself, losing her heart.

Haunted, broken, & lost –
December reminds him
what he forgot.
He forgot how to love,
in the coldest month –
with his cold heart,
he. fell. a-part.

Looking at her grave,
that’s where he laid.
With a tear being shed,
and his dagger in his hand.
Elliot Apr 12
its been weeks;
perhaps even months
since the words that left my fingerips
made me proud
Abigail Hobbs Apr 12
I sometimes get stuck in January
when December was trying to be forgotten
As January rolls into February
and then into March,
time passes before my eyes
But my time with you
is not forgotten.
Forgive the past months, they're a part of you forever.
We start in August
Only because we must
When it hits September
We become a new member
Then we have fun in October
Where we forget to remain sober
While we give thanks in November
We begin to lose the ember
The blur moves into December
There we will remember
We wake up in January
To end our merry
Then we embrace February
To find our fairy
And we begin to March
For the colorful arch
Which we greet April
To show we are able
Then we see May
Where we each go on our own way
To strive in June
Is what we consider a boon
The party arrives in July
Where the fireworks fly
And we start again in August
Only because we must
Douglas Goins Feb 28
In two seconds.
You caught my eye.
You placed yourself in my world.
& I saw you.
Through my eyes.
& no one else's.
Your smile shined.
The way the sun & rain reflex the rainbow.
You were worth the seconds.
In two minutes.
I knew your name.
One I will never forget.
It reminded me of the stars.
On a night with the one you love.
In complete darkness.
With only the stars to show you the way.
You were worth the minutes.
In two hours.
You took me there.
Showed me the place in your heart.
Where your dreams and nightmares rest.
Trusted me.
Knowing id never hurt you.
Telling me what made you who you were.
What chapter you were in the big book called life.
You were worth the hours.
In two days.
I knew you.
From your first love.
To your first heartbreak.
What made you smile.
To what made you frown.
I felt you.
As my sunshine.
My sweet sunshine.
Warm & graceful.
A new flight.
Like Dancing.
Around & around.
Not afraid.
You were worth the days.
In two weeks.
Our lips met.
Taser pulses went through me.
Like on the fourth.
Angels clapped & played music that day.
Overwhelming the skies.
Making drops fall.
Bringing nature to life.
You were worth the weeks.
In two months.
I felt those two words.
In love.
In deep.
Deeper than were titanic sank.
Where no explorer will ever reach.
Will never discover.
So deep.
We created something rare.
Not even the book of records could contain.
I tasted what we were made of.
You were worth the months.
In two years.
You wore all white.
I wore black.
We made a promise to commit.
To stand for another.
Through thick & thin.
Better or worse.
Till death do us part.
Never moving on.
Longing to be held in traffic.
& watch the cars pass forever.
We are ahead anyways.
Where we belong.
Like the text in a book.
Or keys on a keyboard.
Or cold with snow.
& heat with sun.
Two as one.
We finished.
With two simple words.
To make it official.
You were worth the years.
Téa Rhyno Feb 23
My days lately
have been sad, and dark and grey
I hope to find better, brighter days
maybe in the month of May

April hasn't come yet
but I'm prepared for oncoming showers
maybe all the clouds I see over my head
are just trying to water my flowers

The flowers that were frozen over
in the harsh month of December
the ones I've buried deep, deep down
the ones I can't remember

I know that the day will come
when all my flowers can finally bloom
I hope that time comes to me soon
but if not in May, then maybe June
Lady K Milla Feb 14
We move on so carelessly with an unsaid goodbye
We tickle our cheeks with tears we would never admit we cried
We even hold it into the brim until our eyes become red and swollen
And we let our voice tremble, our chins even shake and give in
Yet the months pass and become years so fast
And we bathe in hot tears for all the cold years
And we live on with our days accustomed to these ways
But just know that I would have rather choked on a said goodbye
Than to have lived all my days with a silent cry
Camilla Green Jan 20
In apple growing-warmth,
I found oceans between eyelashes and Pacific air.

Ligamented with smoke, skeleton hands crafted cigarettes of honey and curling floral sweetness.

For soft-haired royalty, I bowed my heart and washed my skin in space and rainy wishes.

I drowned myself in polish remover, to show the stripped beauty of love and life
to a sun who lives off alcohol and notions of wouldn't it be nice?

But I, the noiseless patient spider,
who has flung gossamer after thread,
am reaching for nothing but an earth flower,
one who sees through rose-pink eyeglasses,
and speaks in feathered song.

Still I sleep well under starless skies,
where urban northern lights burn the dark,
charred there by city windows and boundless passing cars.

Here, I wrap myself in a cloth galaxy,
and I paint the sun with blackberry juice,
trading gold and diamonds for the simple hope
that someone might live up to you.
Mallory Write Jan 16
In the hot, blistering, orange summer haze,
I’d once again been left;
Left in a haze

And the calming effects,
Of words you had left,
Grew on,
Into a haunting repetance

I lack in any response

In the light, reminiscent autumn breeze
I’d been held to watch again;
Watch again as you leave

And the dazzling effects,
Of the touch you had left,
They fade,
Slowly, into a wish for such again

I lack in any response

In the cold,
Monochromatic ice,
I grasped just too late;
Too late to think twice

And the chilling effects,
Of assurance you’d left,
As I failed to accept it

I lack in any response

In the first light,
Brightest of spring,
You return to me,
This to cause me to gleam

And the way I effect,
Your return from having left,
I glow before you

You lack in any response
About a girl who has difficulty physically expressing emotions.
Allyssa Buenafe Dec 2017
I've been away for a while,
It seems like nothing is ever going to change.
Forgive me.
I hope you don't mind but I'm afraid to stay and hurt you any further.
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