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Last Night, I cried My Tears.
On this Pillow of Mine.
Remembering My Woman,
whose Virtues were Divine.
A Classy Woman,
with Mystical Powers.
She was the only Rose,
in My Garden of Flowers.
She walked in My Shoes,
to share all My Tears.
As the Months passed by,
so flew the Years.
How much I Miss,
this last Love of Mine.
I'm Drowning My Sorrows,
on a Bottle of Wine.
Danica Jun 15
I am a cemetery
And all of your memories engraved
With your name, months and date
I am all that lavender and daisies
Waiting for clouds with heavy rains
As you left and ruin me like hurricanes
We are the cemetery
Rose Apr 27
why plan the days?
when days aren't considered days
without you

when days are too much,
count the weeks.
a slower paced and a
happier checkpoint.
weekends are my favorite
Nylee Mar 28
Three months down now,
Everything is falling apart.
The worst part is
It wasn't the distance
No matter how many times I'd visit
You still felt like something was missing
What you were convinced that I couldn't give you

I had to shut that door
So you would go find what you're looking for
So you'd stop telling me you're going to make it work
'Cause after three months babe I don't believe you anymore
Eliseatlife Feb 17
Time is what we want most
We all need it
But time never waits
Time never stops


Use them
Time is now
I’m disappointed
I feel our love story is coming to a close
And you forgot to enter it
He promised me a great love
So I opened the door
Fifteen months I waited
Now I’m not sure what I waited for
Clinging to what he said
I kept the door open
And I didn’t find you
But I found my faith instead
So if you ask me how I feel about
What I’ve been dealt
I will confidently assure you
All is well
Selina Lin Jan 11
The first time we met
was when we were six.
Your knees were pale and smooth.
Mine were littered with scars.

The first time we met,
They waited for the sky to fall.
They waited for days, until
they realized the sky was not falling.

Life went on.
We grew side by side.
The sky had yet to crash
into the sea.

They waited—
months flew by—
the prophecies cannot be wrong!
they said, shocked.

I told them that prophecies were just fairytales.
I was six, and I didn't believe in fairytales.
I told them they were wrong.
I was too confident.
maria Dec 2019
100 feelings
3 months later
1 place
I'm coming homeeee

December 13, 2019
Bethie Nov 2019
I haven't written a poem
In 10 months, almost
Which is the same amount of time
We've been dating

And in the past 10 months
I've learned a lot
I learned to show emotions
And to cry

I learned the joy of having a person
To love and to love me
And I also learned the complete and utter pain
Of constant distance

I learned to not fear companionship
Or intimacy
And I realized how much it hurts
To miss those things

So these past 10 months
Grew me
I was handed my greatest dream
And biggest fear
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