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Amanda 2d
What gives cops the right to do whatever they please?!?!
Forcefully vacating premises that on a whim they seize
Rendering multiple people homeless
Innocent or not
Not caring if the right perpetrator is caught
Deceiving to benefit their colleagues and careers
Law-abiding and criminals alike filled with fear
Padding pockets with taxpayers money
How come the majority can’t see something’s funny?
And if their comfy salaries are not enough
Slyly shake down any person they cuff
Too often dollars are unreported
Come up missing after everything is sorted
No justice for the public
Rich or poor
Those poverty-stricken get ****** much more
If you can afford bribes you at least have a shot
Even then
Not every pig can be bought
They wear badges so they face no consequences for sin
Abuse power again and again
And it’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see
Citizens powerless in the land of the free
If we rise and protest we’ll gain their attention
End up in jail if we even dare mention
The multitude of ways rights are violated
We stay silent while the system is hated
Because if you do catch police doing wrong
In court hear the same ******* song
They work together to keep us from what’s fair
Doesn’t matter where you go
Corruption is everywhere
So do not expect aid from the government or a judge
Like law enforcement
Their opinion won’t budge
Every option offered to help
Just another fallacy the media sells
They are all in cahoots
We’re ******* from the start
Look at statistics spread out on a chart
So do we rebel when the law’s not on our side?
Those sent to protect us only lied
My whole life been taught cops are not who to trust
Everyone around me is brainwashed they must
In vain I hope our country will change
Have no clue what it will take to rearrange
Til then go on hunkered down and scared
Praying by miracle my freedom will be spared
I know I am good deep in my soul
But know better people who end up on parole
For now ******* may have the upper hand
It’s time to finally take a stand
We are strong enough
To succeed if we unite
We can make a difference
Push for what’s right
No matter who you are
Black or white
Put our differences aside
Give our all and fight

Honestly we probably can’t fix this
But there’s a chance we might
I hate cops more and more every day. I have literally lost everything I own for a second time because of them. And I may not be 100 percent guilt free but I know my rights were definitely violated while this happened. *******...
I witnessed their cause.
My mind couldn’t accept it then.
The pain and death,
Suffering of children and fear.
The deception and manipulation,
Forced control set their workings.
It lay slathered in the atmosphere of personality.
You can reach up and taste the very nature of evil.
Deeply immersed into the innocent eyes of youth,
Lies the havoc of evil’s ruin.

The vastness of man is infinite.
Set his course and it will never end.
He conceives wicked essence.
Its disturbance anxiously screams,
Never to settle.
Barren hosts lay in wait,
Ignorant they are being the inception.

Colors of a new dawn,
It speaks of death and sorrow.
What could one reconcile,
From their bitter decay and mistrust?

It is seen, the pale gaze of angst in hollow eyes.
Innocence must perish with evil,
The ramifications of injustice is paid.
Why this price?
Be it so high that all must perish?

Subliminal notion steeps with defect.
The idle lay in mediocre peace of ignorance.

© 2020
Zachary Kinnett
The ellipse table spins,
around the bottle passes
Six wizened kings
Stooped drunk on their *****

They discussed their forefront
their kingdom's wealth and prosperity
bantering and confronting
small ambiguous disparities

Until one man stood up
wobbled and unbalanced
He died there corrupt
The whole room was silenced
Mose Oct 6
I am starting to see the cracks in I.
The voice that I could not differentiate from.
The part of me I mistakenly identified as I.
Whispers its grievances like ghost rolling upon 3am.
As if my mind is its corridor to haunt.
Oh, no longer I, the one that associates itself with me.
The ego is the one who pronounces I.
Hangs off your existence like Corporate America preys on the poor.
The part of you and I that questions am.
The one voice that separates us.
Same as the fake border that pronounces mine, yours, and theirs.
Ownership that never fails to remind you.
It’s the voice that degrades you.
Same as the men who teach boys that boundaries only exist for state lines.
It’s the part of I, that am bears in the burdening of pretending…
Pretending that the notion that you must be this or you must be that.
The promises we keep to I instead of am.
These are the same silent alliances our egos share.
Parts of us that accepts submissively.
That trades profit for war.
That values trees as paper.
That mistakes water as a product not a right.
That part of I that tells you that the land belongs to I…
But you see, you are not I, you are not the ego.
The part of am reminds you that reminds that you –
That you belong to the land, but the land does not belong to you…

Mose Oct 6
The matrix is just another name for institutions.
The ones that own you.
Come here, number 258-65-4562.
Provides you social security in that you are only a number.
Tallies on what they can take.
A way to count you.
Devalue your spirit down to a decimal.
The monetary value of what you can contribute.
A worth they just can never seem to buy into.
Enslaving our people, cattle to which they devour.
An empty stomach with a pit in it.
Pit seeded from eve’s apple.
Turning brothers to thieves with slightest taste of power.
Authoritarians filled with greed.
Putting our sons into attires that strip them of their generations.
Giving them guns to spite our neighbors.
All for those who we are nameless.
An extra decimal, partial space to a means as an end.
Hanging off the sentence of history rewritten in the favor of those who should be forgot.
When nations beckon
And the world refuse to reckon
Desires begin to burn
Upturning to the last one
Heart throbbing against self *******
Fighting battles along the way
Liars in exhornorated in white robes
Perambulate, freely reassuring false hope

Beggars bellowing bad breath
Living luxurious life like Lords
Tailored thought thieves take turns
Chopping cheap chops
On platinum platters
Thinkers in their infinite wisdom
Making hilarious descisions

What's there to it
In this vain world
If not, that by your greed
We should be crushed into nothingness
Then maybe our eyes will open to see
The world for its cunningness
Every year; we sing
We're independently free
From colonisation regime
From human-slavery
Free from
Antihuman policies

Impose on we
By em British colony

Free from slavery
to a free-free world
Free from brutality
to a greater course

But when exactly
Will we be free
From the war within

When will we be free
From talks of guns
When will we be free
From wars and bombs

When will we be free
From bad leadership
Coz all I see
is corruptive cliques
occupying governmental seats

When will we be free
From terrorism
territory separatism
Religion barbarism
And tri-balism

When will we be free
From governmental deceit
And societal laws
Made by bribe-filled judge
Whose laws only affects the poor

When will we be free
From godfatherism
And political regime
Where the corruptive folks
Are immune to probe

When will be free
From deadly disease
State of emergency
And economical insurgency

When will we be free
From violent street
Filled with vicious police
Whose only role
is to harass those
Who can't afford 50 naira note

When will we be free

The north is filled
with refugees
victims of terrorism
younger kids
with nowhere to sleep
Roaming the street
Trying to get their belly feed

The southeast is the zone
where them militant roam
Armed to the bone
Brainwashed and scoped
By them Biafran folks
Shooting this; shooting that
Disturbing peace and breaking pipe
yearning for separation
of our beloved Nation

And what about the west
Them Wild Wild West
the district where
Godfatherism dwells
Ruthless men
Political theft
And fraudulent youth
Who often get used
By political dudes
Senseless thugs
Whom at the end of all
's abused and dumped

And human-right activist
Who aren't really for the citizens
Political sheople
Misleading the people
The only thing that matters' ah
getting their pocket's fat

I'm not here to preach
But when will we be free
From being brain-feed
with lies and deceit
Most people can't use their head
Yes, unless it is used for them
Most now follow religious leaders
Instead of the Lord
Whatever the preacher says; is right
Yea, he is the man of God

When will we be free
From enchanted beats
Musical *****
That aren't up to feat

When will we be free
When will we be free

Raise the Green-White-Green
And steadily roll the rim
Even though the white seems gray
I believe one day
We'd be chanced to make
This country great again
So let us pray

O God of Creation
Direct our Noble Course
Guide our Leaders Right
Help our youth the truth to know
In love and honesty to grow
And living just and true
Great lofty heights attain
To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.
Anais Vionet Sep 29
You can think of this
pandemic as an novel
slowly unfolding.

We are characters
caught up in the plot - we're the
heroes and villains.

We bring our desires,
educations, biases and
social reflexes.

All the small sins and
great vanities of mankind
have a home in us.

The challenges we
face, in chapters yet turned
would scare the angels.

Will, we, the people,
psychologically flinch
in this, our great hour?

If so, expect no
Crispian Day speech of legend
to mark our passing.
America has never been weaker or in such danger.
I wish I were richer
I wish I were smarter
Or in a better political situation
Send help
Please Send Help
South Africa is falling
The government cannot protect us
The government is too corrupt
The government keep making mistakes
Political parties in the country are killing farmers
Caucasian Farmers
Political parties in the country are promoting ****** of Caucasian men, woman and children.
Black Lives matter
What about the rest of us?
Don't we all belong as equals?
Send Help
Please Send Help
South Africa is falling
They're burning our buildings
They're burning the country
Our government prioritises money
Over the welfare of our people
One president to steal money and another to come
Send Help
Please Send Help
South Africa
Is Falling
Women are being *****. Children are being *****. Men are being murdered. The people of this country are going to begin an uprising. Send Help
Feather light words exhumed
heavy as Mussolini's clock
coo coo times, chimes
and a fascist bird sings;
sweet and succinct

Taken as is
might slight delight
The vitiation of words
in the phrases
Petals dead on a wet, rotted bough
Ezra Pound was a Poet and Fascist Collaborator
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