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mikhaila Apr 16
there was nothing profound about me
my love
for you
the sun to boil my heart,
scream of **** in moonlight kiss,
the substance of my urging soul,
a world to murmur for my joy,
I am beyond the nature of perception,
angels cry the beauty of my strife,
I’m left alone in the absolute unknown,
my eyes are diamonds in the night,
a shaft of evil melting high,
the sun engulfs my innocence, my youth,
my urge boils deeper and deeper,
profound mist of scents and energies.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
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his fingers traced every angle of her body
like a mathmatician conjecturing a new formula
slowly yet profoundly
This isn’t profound, really it's profanity.

I’m far from crazy but on the brink of insanity.
I can’t think straight, sometimes, but I can never stop till he stops calling for me.

All of my addictions, yeah they really caught up to me.
Coughin' out what’s written like the words come from God or something.

I don’t know though, really I am lost.

Like in the jungle of my thoughts and the trees keep branching out
and the growth will never stop.
The greenery is beautiful; when it rains it pours.
When it stops raining I start begging him for more,
until I realize the rain is what I need to enjoy the scene.

The seasons are essential in order to dream.
Amanda Dec 2018
The world may judge you before you say one word
But one word may change the judgement of the world
Profound if I do say so myself
I want to pick your brain for lunch to discuss the ongoings in this world and your views on controversial topics. I want to talk about the various books you read, the various shows and movies that entertain you. I want to know more about your beliefs, what appeals, riles, fascinates and triggers you. I want to know what makes you glow and dim. to watch you paint with different hues, form various constellation and explore the black hole of unexplored matter. I want to converse about the uncanny topics and the stigmatized ones. To know more about the philosophy, biology and chemistry of your existence and this world. I want to know about the intricacy, profundity and complexity around rather than keep to the surface topics.
Shewrites Sep 2018
I no longer enjoy
solitarily and silence
Nor the bliss
of tranquility in stillness.
It sickens me now
It's like...
It feeds the lonely monster
dwelling inside me and
poops out negative thoughts,
making me over think
about little things,
And the bacteria
That comes with it
deteriorates my optimistic immune system making it weak.
Then eventually eating up my whole identity leaving me empty
and thats when i start to question myself... who I really am.
I feel like my soul
is completely lost
in the abyss
of my own profound thoughts.
Swimming in the infinite universe in my head.
Unable to return
Just floating in the void.
I drowned myself in coffee and work
My body responds oddly.
Plus the defeaning silence made way for me to hear my inner self murmuring about life
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