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Mays Benatti May 17
A stranger stole my heart
left a mark I can’t deny
I never got to touch you but I feel you everywhere with me
It’s like our souls are intertwined
Isn’t it strange, stranger Or should I call you beloved stranger who stole my heart
You’re not a stranger no more
You have a place in my heart
I saved your love notes incase this is the last time you’ll write to me
I saved your voice notes incase I never hear you voice again
You said you’ll be back when you’re own you own two feet
I pray to god you find your peace
M H John May 15
my mother always warned me
about what to do
if a stranger ever tries
to come up
and talk to you

but she never warned me of how

the body you lay with
the second soul
you choose to bear
can become a stranger
at the drop of a star
as well
rory May 14
the seagull wildly ***** its wings
soaring in the heavens above the sea

the vivid blues and whites and sparkling lights
are blurry as my eyes follow the shadow of it

the bellow of the rumbling machine,
the soft hissing of the salty water,
and the caws harmonize altogether
seemed to comfort you in your slumber

your face holds a soggy, reddish, unknown look 
and brows furrow in an almost single line,
as the rays of the searing sun graze on your skin

in a place of ever-moving and constant waves
you are still, stagnant, and at peace
as if your world has stopped; ours has not
Heavy Hearted May 10
Although I dont know her all to well
With a first impression flawed
Ive wrote this poem to show and tell
her happy birthday! I KNOW, this is odd-

Who writes a poem as a birthday gift?
So personal yet incomplete-
Its because im here so spirits lift
And to show remorse for my deceit

Im not really as rude as i was;
Not nearly as mean of a *****,
Still im unfiltered, simply because -
When around lucie hehe, sometimes I switch
So Shay,
im sorry
for unleashing my inner *****.

Happy 24th Birthday- from me, to you-
Im too poor to buy presents
So I hope this will do.
With words incandessence
Do you boo boo!
SelinaSharday Apr 28
Such a manly man very rare
Dripping with forbidden
Complexities bringing out the besties in me.
Touching places imaginatively.
At thoughts of beauty.
Guilty guilty..
Diamonds sparkly out shining reality.
I was driving to the store for some seasonings and something refreshing.
As the sunlight kept appearing rays of bright.
Pulling down my sun visor.
The heat of the evening. Gets hotter temps are steaming.
As my mind starts to reflect.
Trying hard to redirect.
Flowery thoughts best to forget.
Walking down grocery store isles.
Looking for black pepper, and onion powder.
As emotions inside scream for hearts attention gets louder.
I need to get some tomato sauce, parmesan cheese,
Feelings leave me alone please,
hearing that voice "come here baby I'm recalling.
Woman quit running suga your stalling.
He states I see you truly I've been going thru my own
lonely thangs I'm a man. Living day by day
working hard laboring with these hands. Meeting life demands.
Your cool such an Angel Brush me with cool wings.
I do compel.
I admit I fail. Just need water from glowing wells.
Mercy for me..
You run away from me.."
Guilty guilty ..please forgive me if I trouble.
I'm shopping isle hopping escaping. All I want is to find my own paper.
That will belong to the words I scribble on it by my own flavor.
Pen courting simple free good dots careful no out of the line spots.
Finally at the register ready to check out.
Tempting treats thoughts to grab them mind plots.
Don't grab any candy junk at the register. Keep it moving.
Guess who's entering.
As I'm exiting. Beautiful luxury manly casually strolling up to me.
@SelinaSharday_H.E.R POETRY S.A.M 2023
Serendipity Mar 21
By the window she wavers,
elegance and grace
unfolding from the movements of her gloved hands.

Animated red lips
move with skill
as she tells a tale
that would make sailors blush.

Eye's flashing and dashing
like the lighthouse
in the middle of a storm.

A whirlwind of blonde hair
who had fought with the wind
sits awry on her head.

I watch as her story unravels,
and the air around her buzzes
with her electric voice.

I make the mistake
of escaping with her wallet,
and am left to wonder,
how her story ends.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 26
alone and an imposter,
deep in syndrome.

she absorbs the frost of seasonal ghosts
and hopeless feelings
of death and darkness.

she only shows one side of her every time.
she calls a random number
from a bar in the middle of the night,
seeking to confess
or find solace in the voice of a stranger.

but any stranger might just happen to be
a lie detector.

still she lays bare all the duplicity
and fragmentation of self:

prescription bottles with two different names,
elaborate façades in Los Angeles
and in New York,
so complicated she creates
something she calls the lie box.

inside her purse there's a collection
of file cards. "I tell so many lies," she says.
"I have to write them down and keep them
in a box so I can keep them straight."

alone she waits for either
sweet apricity or identikit:
each a memento of her faces.

Anna Mink Jan 25
Write a lament on the fake bathroom tile,
where you waste your father's hard earned money.

As you throw it up in disgrace of your body
and throw your hunger right back in his face,
tell him he's not done enough for his family.

Watch where the truth gets you when you're not allowed to lie.

~ A.M, F.H.
A remark on a stranger I know. Maybe it's a rant, I dunno.

Written & Published 25th of January 2023.
driven by a ghost
possessing my body
I lived with a mind
a stranger with no identity
a thatched soul, fake
- no authenticity
quivered in fear
of people in my vicinity
may they never discover
the imposter - my entity.
Cutezeni Nov 2022
You left in the morning in a daze
I stayed waiting for you in a haze
Made promises you said you’d be back
It’s been 2 years no looking back.

Showed up in a dream you said you were close
Finishing up school and work and chores
I don’t even know you anymore
But you keep your promise and me on my toes.

I loved you when I didn’t understand you wholly
I wanted you when you were broken completely
But you made a choice to go back and leave
Left me crying and calling out in a heave.

Now you said you’d be there when I’d come too
It’s been a minute I don’t know what to look for in you
Been a great friend, a great ally
Seen you walking looking back at my side
Maybe you never forgot who I was
But you’re starting to look like I don’t even know who you was.

Bring back the higher note, the old soul
Bring back the promise that you made in your past
Four folds ago
Four years ago
It’s been just minute longer than before
Maybe I’d remember when you return
Why you left to earn
And didn’t come back in turn.
Do I even know you?
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