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My head's so heavy,
                                    it would tremble the ground
after a gracious swish
                                         of a guillotine.

Not a grass stills steady,
                                            not an ear stays uncovered
from the epidemic noise
                                             leaving my head.

Only god knows the loss,
                                             the caused damage
by my freeing thoughts
                                          escaping the unworldly world.

No one could count
                                    all that good I could bring
all that bad I absorbed
                                         while living.

Now, with my head low,
                                           my thoughts may find peace
on glorious gadgets
                                     far from my macabre mind.
Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
I hear clear things that haven't even been said,
I see ideas that yet nobody has had.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
I bear the colour before people see it as red,
I feel by what people have been led.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
I steer my steps as the thoughts have me led,
I peer the ways that they said.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
Sometimes, I feel they have made me grad,
Sometimes, I fear they make me bad.

Sometimes, I'm walking with Jinns in my head;
For understanding, sometimes, I'm so glad,
But sometimes, I'm just sad and mad.
That night someone killed me
No weapon, No blood
But teary eyes full of pains
Lips sealed, soul screamed

If you could read my mind
You'd see a thousand paper
Filled with broken peotry
And deadbeat proses
Full off woeful verses
With mornful of unfinished stories

Just a few words
"You deserve someone better than me"
That night a special person
Turned into a Stranger.
Siyana Sep 29
I can't help the red that comes to my cheeks when you walk into the room..
I can't help the feeling that I get when you're looking at me and I'm looking at you.
I can't help the way my heart beats when I wait for a response from you,
and the pain in my chest when you don't answer, because I realise your love is untrue...
gabby Sep 28
I know your name
But i wish i didn't.
I wish i heard you
Saying it just for me
Then shake our hands
So formal.

I heard girls repeating
You are a nice guy
But i wish i could
Discover that myself.

I wish i could keep
My eyes locked on yours
For hours
Cause those fast moments
When we meet with
Our common friends
Aren't just enough.

Why do i want to know you
Or to be alone with you?

I wish one day we will
Run into each other by mistake
And have our first talk.
Cause now i am not even supposed
To know your name.
But.... i have feelings
For you,

Literally confused. Is it going anywhere?
I hope i have never seen this guy  more than a possible friend.
Arden Sep 23
It is true that not all who wander are lost
But it is also true that
Not all who are lost want to be found

Or maybe I’m I just don’t think I deserve to be found
I feel to lost to be found
I am too far away from who you think I am
That if you knew
I would be a stranger to you
Abdulrhman Sep 15
Sometimes I'm weird
But I'm always stranger
Anon cr Sep 10
Dear stranger
I see you in the corner, alone, pondering
I watch as they dump the weight of their lives on you
It holds you down like a blanket in the ocean
I feel your frustration, bursting at the seems, waiting an eternity for it to all stop
The bitter sweet embrace of the end of your suffering, but the start of a new
You stare blankly, it doesnt phase you
A decision made over time that changes people lives in an instant
They dont see the impact, but it hits you hard
It holds you under, as you gasp for the air that was there only moments ago
Its dark in the flames, its too late to put it out
A simple spark starts a bushfire
You're a stranger to most, passing by without a second look
Some stop to watch the fire, or even add their own fuel
But the few who stop and burn with you, make all the difference
No amount of mourning or action can change the past, but it can sculpt the future
As the final light appears, regret seeps in, attempting to fill the cracks
But nothing can help now, its too late to heal
These scars last a lifetime, though short that may be
I dont know you stranger, but someone does
Des Nicole Sep 6
I look at myself in the mirror
That reflection that stares back at me
I have no clue who it is

I don’t know who I am anymore
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