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Kyiomi 2h
If you haven't noticed
The fake smile on my face
Or the forced laugh I've created
Or the empty darkness in my eyes
Don't cry if you see my grave

Darkness and demons
Silence and nightmares
Screams and lies
Have always been my friends

I'm always reaching out for shadows
Because they know my name
I can touch shadows
Because they can see me

Another excuse
Another lie
To keep you from knowing
I want to say goodbye

Lies are here to haunt
Because roses aren't always red
Violets not exactly blue
Society lies, and you know it too

If you didn't notice
Don't scream for my name
Once you see my grave

How can you if you're screaming for a stranger?
Pink-Haired Wildflower
I know you.
I see you.
everyday at least once

Your pedals are short
   and cute
   chopped off at the chin
Your clothes are loose
   and indie
   style, you wear so well

You walk so confidently
      each stride your own.
You glitter shining vibrantly
      like the stud in your nose.
You smile so easily
      and laugh with no care in the world.

Pink-Haired Wildflower
do you know me?
do you see me?
each time I pass you on the way
I look at you
and try not to stare
your flowered beauty beholds me

I wonder what you think of me
This bent over gait
   fool. I am
   struggling to stay upright.

Can you see the weight on my shoulders?
The stress in my complexion?
      my gnawed on nails and torn skin
Tell me, what do you see in my gaze?

I wish I possessed your confidence.
Your grace in billowed petals.
Your fragrance has a trail
   that always circles back to me.
   everyday I see you.
   though I say nothing.

Whatever you are
I want in a bouquet on my bedside table
as I lie there
trying not to cry
or die.
Let your rank beauty infect me
aromatic surround me.

Be mine.
Lay claim to me.
Show me your ways.

or at least learn my name
as if I knew yours

You're a stranger to me Pink-Haired Wildflower
last night your dyed your hair Blue
For this girl I see literally every day. I've never talked to her, only seen her around campus. Today she came to my work... I have this weird feeling of connection to her
Madison 4d
He stands next to me in the grocery aisle

A migrant from who-knows-where.

He's just like me, I suppose

An unknown guest

A visitor, with a scarcely-filled cart.

Perhaps I'd pay him no mind at all

If he didn't stand close enough to me

To at least be an acquaintance.

He lingers at my side

Too comfortable to be considered a newcomer.

I shuffle away, bag of flour in hand

Ensure that he is but a sojourner.

Later, though

He finds me in the checkout line

Eyes mysterious

Lips telling.

"Need any help with those bags?"

Brain frozen in discomfort, I shrug.


So we walk to the car

His hands on my bags

Mine on my keys

As we venture across the parking lot.

I pop the trunk

Wondering how I'd feel

If I had been helped by a female instead.

Still, I help this man

Try not to misjudge

As we silently put away my finds.

In my mind, however

I continue to evaluate and second guess

Not for the first time, I wonder:

"Is this kindly stranger friend or foe?"
Louise Oct 13
Have you ever longed for a stranger?
Do you find yourself zoning out, looking forward to remembering their mannerisms and quirks?
Writing of memories from a time yet to come—it's both hopeless and hopeful at the same time.
To get excited about something or someone coming from a time and place of uncertainty, that should make me feel something else aside from excitement itself.
Fear? I fear not. It's all anticipation running around my haywire of a head.
When you see me or when I see you for the first time,
What will you be wearing? In what color?
Would I be sad and sober? Or would I be happy-drunk?
As embarassing as it would be, we know we'll have to talk to each other, exchange a few words or we could say things enough for both of us to fall in love with each other right then and there.
Would I passively tell you how I hate that week or would I start to tell you about my contradicting dreams of setting out a life of restless travels
and living in a quaint little apartment that sees a good amount of morning light and how it's going to be filled with wilted flowers, antiques and fifteen cats?
I know I would want both although it's careless and contradicting. But this is just one and I have a house full of them.
Do you even think dreams have to be logical?
Do you believe that we have to be careful in order to get to our dreams or do we go the exact opposite way?
I hope you'd share some of your dreams, too. The more careless, the better.
Would my heart still be beaten up to a pulp by then or would it beat foolishly once more like a brand new snare?
How about you? I wonder how your heart would sound, even now.
Is it punk rock one minute and classical the next or perhaps Disney when you're spacing out?
And I can only wish you're not even half of the lunatic that I am, because I know I need a bit of a balance in my life right now but hey, whatever and whoever you are, come as you are anyway. It's just a wishful thought.
Would I even get lucky enough to come inside your room to dance and spill my last ounces of colors in every corner?
To splatter your walls with my poorly-written poems would be another careless dream to add up on my long list.
Would we like the same music? Would you like drunk dancing as much as I do? Would you prefer watching the moonlight or basking in the setting of the sun? Would you fancy my humor? Would we romanticize escaping reality and the city because we know it imprisons us like nothing and nowhere else? Would I hesitate or anticipate seeing you for the second time? Would you anticipate seeing me over and over again even after seeing me cry because I'm too drunk or too sad or too happy or everything at once? Would we surf with the currents or confine to the safety of the shore?
Or do we stay friends?
Or do we stay friends for only a night?
Or do we become strangers, just strangers?
Or do we become strangers again after being fiercely in love with each other for so long, after being there for each other through the sunny days and storms, after being friends, after we were strangers?
If you see me for the first time, I hope my made-up face and my ever unruly, hand-combed crazy hair would make up for my much crazier mind, to say the least.

But may we hurry up a little if we can, answer these careless questions before they pile up.
I'm drunk, so pardon the structure and all that sh-
D A W N Oct 12
trapped in my slumber
our lips met, fool.
mouth clashed
perfectly to each other
matching puzzle pieces
but it was just
a mere
such a
daunting scene
of a stranger's lips
i crave to find in reality.
i still write but i barely post, my bad
Till that time
You were stranger
So do I
Just as a myth
Forever was far away

A second or less
It belongs to US
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Time in our favour
Jaden Rivera Oct 4
You have issues trusting people?
I have issues not trusting people.

I knew my best friend for a day before she stabbed my in the back.

wow, If you cant trust someone you met that day, who can you trust?
I literally would trust a stranger
Peter Balkus Oct 2
I am no stranger to Love,
there are days I wish I was,
how easier my life would be
if there was no Love in me.

But, would it bring me a joy,
to live my days Love far from?
But, would they be happy times,
would I have much wider smile?

I am no stranger to Love,
there are days I wish I was.
But later I bite my tongue,
fore without Love, I am gone.
Sarah Sep 28
Nameless stranger
Come and be my friend
Let us explore this life together
Let us enjoy it before it ends
Read me your so many books
And I shall read you mine
To explore worlds beyond our reach
Worlds made up by authors minds'
Let us learn about ourselves
Let us learn about the world
A world so divine
Yet somehow brutal and cold
Nameless stranger
Come and take my hand
Tell me all your little secrets
And I shall tell you mine
Show me what are you hiding behind those fake smiles
And the pains you conseal behind pretentious happy eyes
Tell me how they broke your heart
And laughed at loud at your pains
And I will show you my broken parts
All the dreams that went in vain
Be careful from my sharp edges
I don't want to cause you another scar
Or add a new wound to your still bleeding heart
A nameless stranger
Yet you are no stranger at all
Those who have experienced agony
Can recognize souls as damaged as their owns.
I wrote this based on an actual stranger I saw a couple of times,
If you notice any mistakes in spelling/grammar do tell me, I'd much appreciate it
With you, I never earned,
The power, to intervene.
I feel invisible, most times,
It’s how, it’s always been .

You never gave me,
What I gave, without thought.
An ear for the stories,
Of the worldly wars, I fought.

This distance on the map,
Added to what, you outgrew,
This cup infused with my love,
Wasn’t the strongest brew.

I felt powerless, most times,
You were out of my reach.
There I sat alone, sighing,
Staring at stars, on a beach .

Did you look at the sky?
Feel the strings pull and tug?
Even if you felt it, ever so slightly,
A wormhole to you, I would’ve dug.

You decided for the two of us,
And cloaked me invisible.
You never gave me any power,
Over your life, to cause any trouble.

I wished, the promises you made
Didn’t come with an expiry.
Even in death, I will keep mine,
This love remains, my burden to bury.

I was so easy to put away,  
I never caused any drama,
Treated me like an acquaintance,
Washed me off your karma.

You stopped acknowledging me,
Moved on with your vice,
Who was I to intervene now,
And give you any advice .

You made me into a stranger,
I knew you, from many lives before,
I live this life without you now,
This hurt will last for many more.
Thought it should rhyme :)
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