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Love at first sight is real
Anyone or anybody can feel it
You know my lips can't say it
So I'll see you in my lovely dreams.

Missing you but I can't undo it,
I tried to save it but it's not my way
I love you but you're far away over there
And I know you're the one that keep promises tight in your hands,
You breathe like nobody else
You give me all the things you have
And that's why I'll keep you tight,
Tight in the little cage in my heart.

I want you to love me like nobody else
I want you to stay in my arms
I want you to slowly take my hands
Can you come take the chance?
Far Away is about me having a crush to a hot stranger hahaha I know,crazy right? I wrote Far Away as a song but I don't have a good voice so I converted it to a poetry. Hope u love it.
OV 2d
I met this strange woman
She's not my type at all
From a different world
Than the one I grew up in
And everytime she speaks
It makes me kinda tilt my head
She is like a new style of art
And I want to figure it all out
I don't know what it is about her
I just know I like her
For no particular reason
But maybe that's a good thing
In an age where appearance
Can shut all doors
look further into people than just their face and body. you might really enjoy their company if you give it a chance.
Pyrrha 7d
Some people make time stop
Some take your breath away

You were a mixture of both
Dear Stranger,

It's been a while since we've met.
It's been a while since our eyes were locked on one another.

Dear Stranger,

It's been a while since we've talked.
It's been a while since our souls bonded to each other's.

Dear Stranger,

It's been some time since we've held each other.
That first, second, third, last time we were in each other's arms.

Dear Stranger,

It's been a while since we fell apart.
It's been some time since that long night.

Dear Stranger,

It's been some time since we went back.
It's been some time since we were just extra's in each other's screen play.
It's been more than months.
It's been quiet.
It's been crying into my dinner before eating it.
It's been staring at old messages.
It's been wanting to forget the good memories, as well as the bad ones.

Dear Stranger,

It's been **** since you left me.
But I'll Be Okay.

Hus J Nov 28
Eight. Eleven a.m
You stood by
The shutting door
Perhaps been weeks
Perhaps been months
Glad to see you again

A disappearing friend
Tempted to connect
Yet no where to start with
Not even knowing your name

To whom, as I wrote
Only way to ink your side face
As you fade with the rush hour train

Finding myself looking for a familiar backpack, EarPods with glasses
Not caring it's sign for being late
Almost wish to see you next day
A little spark in the mundane
Not sure since when I started to notice your presence. Hi, how are you.
How to say hi to familiar strangers on train.
Naveen Tiwari Nov 27
There was this girl.

Everytime she took his name,
his heart skipped a beat.
His eyes glittered,
And a wave felt on his feet.

When their eyes met,
Everything else got covered by a mist.
He looked deep into those black eyes,
with his heart In his fist.

Her voice so sweet,
It sounded like a melody.
Lost in that sound,
He was deaf to everybody.

But then one day,  she left.

He did not know where she went
Or when she will return.
That day he lost his girl,
And now his heart burn.

He searched for her everywhere.
But she was not there.
Everytime he heard her voice
He wondered, if going away was her own choice?

He decided to let her go,
Even though now his world was slow.
She will forever be missed,
But he was happy if this was what she wished

He could not be her lover,
But he had her memories.
He did not feel her lips,
But she fulfilled his lifetime of fantasies
Richie Nov 26
People come into your life not for some reason but with a valid reason. They knock at our door always at the right time, never late, never early.

Some stay for a while, others may leave and then, they'd come back. You enjoyed every moment while they were still visible to your eye, audible to your ear and tangible by your touch.

Along the way, they made you laugh, made you cry, and may even hurt you. But, don't point fingers at them, don't blame them nor even desert them. Just keep mum and embrace the scar as a lesson learnt.

When it's time to say goodbye to these people, never hold back. Not everyone will make it to your future. Some are fitted to pass through to teach you lessons in life.

Should the day come and they realized your worth, that person they left behind may never be that same person again. And, that's for certainty.

I shed a tear today not just because I lost a friend. But, it is hurtful knowing that you were true to yourself as a friend. And, that you didn't actually lose a friend, but you just woke up and realized you NEVER had ONE.
BEK Nov 25
She called me 'sunshine'
For a moment, even I was duped
The illusion of warmth filled me

But she was a liar
Or a stranger
I have yet to determine which

I am not the light that the moon reflects
I am the darkness that surrounds it
I am the darkness
She Writes Nov 23
I am learning to love again
This stranger that is myself
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