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Once upon an asphalt road, under a starry sky and in the midst of a desert...

I was walking towards infinity...

And then as if from another dimension,
A stranger appeared on a familiar bicycle
With a face veiled like the darkness of the night...
And began to accompany my wandering soul...

We talked of all things that the heavens would permit,
And in a way that our sounds would forever leave behind their stains in the fabric of time...

He was neither a friend nor a foe, neither a kin nor a lover...

He was just  like what a page is for a poet, or a guitar for a musician...

A vessel for the unknown that I was to experience...

Once down the asphalt road under a starry sky...

On my journey towards the infinity...

I was glad atleast my heart was

That I had a stranger for company!
This poem is about a dream I saw...few months ago. And it was pretty weird. How our mind craves for somebody to understand us that sometimes even strangers seem to be enough!
Anyways, Thank you for reading this! :)❤
Andy Chunn Jun 25
Lonely words cling to weak fabrics
Of shallow and wasted minds
Like the free flowing of life
From a blood stained fountain.

Temples of direction and aim
Empty their contents into the fury arms
Of helpless longing, needs, desires,
That lure the man to mankind.

“Can I help you -- Let me help you.”
He looked through me kindly, lonely
With but a fleeting fire,
Shook his head, and walked away.
eva-mae 2d
you sit and eat cereal off my floor.
talk about the way it was before

I know your soul like I know no man's land
You know little about me.
you sit and eat cereal off my floor.
I talk about the things i want to be

ode to the peach tree,
sage leaves and chai tea,
to learning how to play guitar,
to undressed, endless summers
wherever you are.
Summer 3d
I’m a ghost,
peering at my physical body down below—
there but not really there
I’m a stranger
looking on the burning world
with cold, unseeing eyes
I’m the haze, the curtain
veiling the living and the dead
I’m alone
August 4d
the scars on your hands and knees and thighs and arms
tell a story.
but can i afford to learn that story?
Laokos Oct 10
i am Orpheus in the clouds
playing clown for the masses.

i'm half of the shaft of light
breaking mosaically into
millions of pieces across the kitchen floor.

i'm a smoky chandelier swaying with
the bravado of a censure on high-holy-day.

i'm the royal velvet lining your blood.

i am a poem, without reason, read to you
by a stranger.

i am 200 tons of cracked granite one thousand
feet above you splitting off from the face of
the mountain.

but more so than any of that,

i'm a peculiar kind
of nothing

typing words onto
screens before
i die.
Rajdeep Oct 10
Dear Ajnabi,

Na jante hue bhi mil kar acha laga,
Na kehye hue bhi keh kar acha laga,
Na chahte hue bhi chah kar acha laga,
Na baatein kiye hue bhi
Baatein kar ke acha laga.

The hum anjaan
Ye baatein jaan kar acha laga,
Tumhe acha na lage
Phir bhi mughe acha laga.

Yhi to hai do ajnabi ki khasiyat
Ki kux bhi na jaan kar
Sab kux acha hi laga......    

The eyes through which
I looked at you
were colored by
my own prism.
The colors that
I cast you in
were not your
yama verita Oct 2
when you say,

"don't talk to strangers"

does it mean,

i'm to be alone forever?
Swati Tyagi Oct 1
You came in my life as a stranger
Curly, hair, dimple on cheeks,
Smoky eyes for attracting me
With your story which had some
Pain to speak.

Everything was in your favour
You nailed in my heart by saving my life
From danger as a braver
Hanging out with you was my pleasure
You was the one who came in my life
With fun like a treasure.

Your gift for me was so sweet
The novel you gave twist my life
"You was sleeping since 10 years"
The words of dora make me surprise
I ran to find your memorize.

You was standing in front of me
But the tone of your voice was strange
You are not the one whom i love,
Your appearance was change .

"I killed you in the novel , you are my character Miss lovell, you are not alive "
The words of that stranger makes my heartbeat shrive.
Hope you loved it💕
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