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Supine to the sky and the stars scream your name.
I listen to your voice the way I like to hear it.
my version of heaven
Don't forget your promise to the stars.
Don't let all the misery, tear you apart.
Don't let your heart blow away in the wind.
Don't let my memory go out like a spark.

But if you do tonight.
I'll just close my eyes.
So I don't have to see,
when everything I love
Is set free.
Will I ever be anything if I don't speak up now?
Will someone hear my voice if I don't call out somehow?
Will someone run towards me and say it's gonna be alright?
Please someone, anyone, help me win this fight.
I'm falling, drifting through this darkness
دema Oct 5
i’ve taught myself
to be silent when
i shouldn’t,
and now i’m not
when i should,

there i go,
obliviously, relentlessly
and uncontrollably making
my voice worthless and worth less.
teatears Oct 3
two voices
sing like one

one song
but now it's done

i still can't

forget your voice


because your echo keeps filling up my hollow heart
I'm crying
but my tears are not valid

I'm screaming
but my words are silent

I'm standing
but my existence was absent

because I'm young
I'm young
"you're still young how much can you know"
Brad post Sep 28
This ****’s been going on,
for far too long.
It took me talking to him,
to know something was wrong.

It started as a whisper,
so quiet and weak.
I could force it to silence,
without having to speak.

Then my mind and body,
started to waste.
He started to gorge,
and fell in love with the taste.

My slow decline,
was the foothold he needed,
and his tendrils grew,
where I didn’t know they were seeded.

His control grew bigger,
till it shadowed my mind,
and the whiskey fog I was in,
had simply turned me blind.

Then one day I was through,
enough was enough.
I was going to take control,
I had to be tough.

That was the first time,
that he spoke to me,
and that “no” was enough,
to finally make me see.

I tried and I tried,
again and again,
crying through his laughter,
trying to pour him out through a pen.

He was poison,
like a cancer you see.
He was killing us both,
but everyone just blamed me.

Then one day I realized,
I couldn’t get rid of that voice.
To do that meant death,
and that wasn’t a choice.

He’s a part of me,
but disconnected too.
A bystander to the hell,
that he’s putting me through.

Now every day is a struggle,
to quiet his voice.
Trying to convince myself,
that I do have a choice.

So he’s here to stay,
the monkey on my back.
The ominous stranger,
who calls himself, Jack.
We all have that voice, some are stronger than others.
Yoh Esters Sep 28
The sounds that riddle out from her. It plays an instrumental tune as it bounces in the atmosphere.~

Too soft yet still noticeable, light enough to find me when I'm lost and strong enough to lift me up when I'm down.~

This is the shape of her voice.~
Erian Sep 26
In your silence
I'm finding my voice
Ray Dunn Sep 25
stained on my sleeve.
lost to the breeze.
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