mjad 1d

You are fading
People crowding over you
I refuse to let go of the memory
It's still there only vaguely
A wisp of your voice
your eyes
your hair
It's all barely there
I see a beautiful blonde and green mix
A voice hard to identify
But it's yours for sure
I need more
It is a desire
A mental wanting
It's all I can do
I need more of you

Your body shows the path that leads to insanity
Your smile tells why my heart belongs to you
Every single kiss
Every single touch
On your body
Awakens a volcano in me
Your boobs on my chest
My hands holding your butt cheek and thigh
“Go a little bit faster”
You whisper
I surrender to your voice
You control me with that voice
I follow your command
I’m a slave to your body
It speaks a language I can understand

Embraced by this shape-shifter word,
to relive the birth of sounds,
your voice is the ever anacrusis.

I was asked about you
casually in a conversation,
and your name escaped my mouth,
for the first time in months.
My breath hitches,
and I feel a cold draft past my cheek.
I tell them, "he's doing great,
just fine."
And I brush you off as if you were
just a piece of hair.
But secretly, I wish I had more to say,
because as much as I try to
push the thought of you away,
I'd love to talk about you
and say your name
for hours.

originally written 6/28/16

Yet, the speed of light
Is still slower than
My heartbeat
When I hear your voice

originally written 2/14/16
Tara L 5d

A void
Too fragile
Thus easily destroyed
Invisible glass
It surrounds us
Bulletproof truss
A harrowed scream
Loud it seems
Vibrating dream
Unheard theme
Mainstream screen
Disappearing sneer
Silent voiced

Just some recent musing on free speech.
Hailey McMullen Apr 18

Your voice; a melodious tune
that replays itself in my head,
and as I watch you speak
the words dance off your lips
and linger onto mine...

Divine. That's what you are.
A being so rare, so bright, that
I am fortunate enough
to have crossed paths with you.

And though our paths may not
be intertwined, the thought of you
is burned into my mind.

You have left your mark
and I am scarred.
So beautifully scarred.

alyas 'Ana' Apr 17

I always hear you call her name.
That young, aesthetically-made woman you've always admired.
I hear you call her everytime.
You call her name in a whisper.
It's like you are slightly asking the wind to deliver her your whimpers, just in case it would pass by to her house,
or in case it would whip past her beautiful face.

Everyday, I hear her name.
Every night, you'd go insane.

Not a day would go by in this time
will I ever forget how your voice shrieks
when you blurt out her name.

I love how deeply you feel about her.
I love how your eyes sparkle when you think of coming out to meet her.
I love how just by hearing her name makes your knees weak.

I'm sorry but whenever I hear you call out her name,
I only remember my pace right even before she came to race.
I never went away when you decided to bring her close,
just because I know in myself
I would have to get used to it day by day
hearing you actually call her name.

And hearing you call her name,
this may be sane,
but with me,
will you ever be the same?

Sean Scribbles Apr 17

My ears are open
My eyes are to the sky
God I will try
But help me let this go
If I must

For she is more fair than everything. But she is not mine. No words... Just the sight. That would say it all. If it were possible.
Allyssa Buenafe Apr 12

I am an object so use me to your ill advised.
I am nothing more than a slender figure beneath the sheets.
Once occupied beside me but now,
I am alone.
I am alone and scared.
You have left me in a crumpled manner,
an innocence stripped,
Mind erased of thought.
I had lain there in amidst your peppered bruises,
sprinkled all over my body like the gentle snow outside but nothing was ever so gentle about you.
I had fought,
I had kicked,
I had screamed.
What more could I do than to lay down in defeat beneath the rocks that were your hands, your body as a brick.
Your raspy voice in my ear as I lay limp,
In the sheets,
Once occupied,
But now alone.
How could I have known a smile so sweet,
A voice so smooth,
A gesture so kind,
Heavily turned to hushed violence,
A slip,
A fall,
A dark memory.
Your hand clamped over my soft lips now torn,
Your body between my bare legs, now bruised and red,
My mind innocent and pure now rots with your voice that rings in my head as you dump me in my normality.
I sorely walk,
I sorely stumble,
I sorely drop into the hot water to burn your touch away.
I will not forget you,
I will carry your scars you left,
And I will pretend I did not exist that night.
I died in those empty sheets,
I was embodied into the name I had earned.
Slut, is what you called me.
I will not forget how you wiped your hands on me,
I will not forget that I am nothing more than an object.
Use me to your ill advised.

This is a very personal piece and if I need to make any adjustments or changes, message me privately.
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