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Sunwriter Aug 27
Be quiet maybe smart
but no

Truly how far are
are you going to go

With your voice unheard
just knowing your opinion
is not being heard

So although most are quiet
in the response, but if you are silent

You give them the power, and that's
on you cause you have the power

It's just you gave up when the work
get's tuff

So you may be thinking to be
quiet it the best

But it's only letting other
stop you from your goal in life
Just speak voice your side of anything cause your story is worth the time
Nigdaw Aug 24
I wish I had learned to play an instrument
there is an untouched part of my soul
that will never have a voice
a chance of expression
I can never be truly lost
in music
Kyle Aug 13
I lost my voice
I was use on crying silently
Having a breakdown in my room
Full of darkness
Without them knowing
Alone, hyperventilating
As tears fall from sadness
Empty, I am
I tried to shout
But my voice wouldn't come out
I heard nothing
But just silence
And me, sobbing
I lost my voice
Mitch Prax Aug 9
I hear your voice and
I hear poetry, music
and everything nice

6:11 PM
Kamal Jul 29
Came home today
Oppressive silence
Sun rays warming cold walls
Thought I lost my voice
Can I speak?
Could I talk?
Can I weave my words?
Knitting my vowels?
Stitching my consonants?
Forming sentences
Making sense again
I do not know
Have not spoken for long
LC Jul 25
at first, the thunder cracks my eardrum.
the rain punches the soft ground after
being held back by the clouds for so long,
and I cannot see past the blanket of darkness.
as the storm rages on, the thunder roars,
but my body knows best like it always does.
my hands carefully craft a cup of strong tea,
and my body rests in front of the fireplace,
and the obnoxious thunder lowers its voice,
and the violent rain's touch becomes softer,
and I finally see the light peeking through.
I can feel the memories being pulled away
stolen in broad daylight
dragged from my consciousness
shoved into the compartment labeled neatly with your name

your voice stumbles its way through long hallways and down seemingly incessant stairwells
until it reaches a room with security so adept that not so much as a whisper goes unnoticed

your touch floats from neuron to neuron
getting lost in my space
until it is drawn into an empty corner
where it will stay tucked away out of my reach

I am losing you
piece by piece and moment by moment
exactly the way I knew I would

I am losing you, being robbed of my remembrances

but don't you dare, not even for a second, think that I ever let you go
Jaicob Jul 5
Bruised and bandaged blisters
On hands ravaged by wars
Against one's own life through years
Paired with cascades of burning tears
And left dangling o'er wooden floors.

Though you may run from your fate,
You'll never escape its iron grasp.
Reality will grab you and hold you down,
Pulling you under a diminished frown
Until you end the pain at last.
tree Jul 5
i'm sure everyone has loved a song that they've heard somewhere,
but they don't know the name of it
or how to describe what it sounded like
and so you try to replicate it, but it is not the same
and so you try to listen to other music to forget about it,
but it's so stubborn that you don't notice the new notes.

i knew someone who was like one of those songs
oh that was a beautiful experience, he was beautiful, and his voice was like the song i couldn't get out of my head

i remember his face and his voice and him just enough to recognize him but not enough to find him, and
i know enough about him to know that he exists, but not where he does
the thought of him gives me butterflies and excites me, and i want to find him but i can't, i know some but not enough
and the thought that i have lost him forever destroys me every moment of my life

even though i don't know who you are or where you are or how you are, you are real and the way you made me feel is real and i know that you exist somewhere and someday somehow we will meet and i will bask in knowing that i wasn't wrong about your beauty

now i cover my ears because i know
if i do hear anything else
either i'll be consumed with my want for you
or i'll forget you altogether
' i don't even know your name,
all i remember is that smile on your face ' - shawn mendes

(based on a real experience but i have moved on i swear)
Ahmad Attr Jul 3
My vocal chords have been tattered
The lyre in my throat has been sent on fire
Now I can’t sing my songs to you
Is it because my voice
could have shaken the Earth?
My lamentations
could have been heard by the heavens
there are so many things that I can’t say
but they can be sung
there is so much pain flowing in me
and I want to scream on the top of my lungs
but I have been stripped of my power

Now I can’t sing my songs to you
Is it because my voice
Could have changed the seasons?
My melodies
Could have turned the ocean tides
I could have sung you love songs
My hymns could have sent chills down your spine
Like a distant winter long gone

But my strings have been plucked apart
Is it because my Crescendo
Could have taken light from the sky?
My Vibrato
Could have made the heartless cry
My voice could have theft the moon of its beauty
It could have stopped the skies
It could have eclipsed the sunrise
It could have harmonized with the larks
It could have birthed the stars
It could have made time get lost in itself
It could have saved me from the depths
It could have shown you divinity
It could have made you fall in love with me

But the lyre has been set on fire
Is it because my Harmony
Could have done something not meant to be?
My Symphony
Could have made you feel love for me
Now I sing softly in my solitude
Hoping my whispers can reach out to you
The whistles, and falsettos coming from my chest
Are only capable of causing unrest

Looking back on you my dear Eurydice
You’re a lost cause
For my enchanting voice is long gone
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