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theforest 11h
one of the rarest flowers
in the world
is the kadupul
it only blooms
for a few hours at night
and is the most expensive
of all
when i read this
i thought of your smile
and how hearing it
when you speak
on the phone
is simply priceless
the kadupul, aka queen of the night is rare indeed.
A note of sarcasm

Colored his reflection

The panel was perplexed

At the inflection in

His voice but no

One raised concern

This was not uncommon

For his character

To induce others

In his tirades

And leave them

Confused by the theatrics

Not a day of relief

Went by, the drama

Had no end and

Was simply relived

In different chapters

Of the same story

I  heard the voice of silence
tormenting my soul
with spirits of nothingness
each day switching sentience
into my heart screaming
quiet in the shade of melancholy.
I get scared to go to sleep.
it means I’m leaving him.
even though it’s all temporary,
a fleeting darkness soon to pass,
I still seem to struggle with the idea.
when I close my eyes to rest,
anxiety stiffens my bones.
I crave his velvet voice,
rocking me to sleep. it eases me.
without his presence I cannot sleep,
it’s nearly impossible.
my soul has already connected to him,
it needs his reassurance and shelter,
to feel safe enough to fall to sleep.
it takes so much energy for me to on my own,
but with his voice it’s fast and it’s painless.
because I know he’s right there,
there to love and protect me,
soothe my anxious heart.
I need him to fall asleep,
because I’m scared to do it on my own.

it’s too late at night and I desperately need your voice to help me go to sleep
Don't stifle your voice,
Just because,
It doesn't sound the
same as society..!!
If I am writing about you now,
then you have stolen from me
something as precious
as the gem I was named for--
my voice.

I'm afraid our encounters
were never quite as cinematic
as Disney's animation--
no tantalizing mist of green
shrouding our figures,
no sweet harmony
evaporating from a
frightened, rouged mouth
in wisps of golden light,
and absolutely no
happily ever afters.

you've always had
a catty flair
for stepping all over me
like a Just Dance Mat--
yes, I'm quite familiar
with the way you toy
with others, myself included;
and the **** has never
defeated the Game Master.

Call a ***** a *****;
I know very well that
I can't change you
or what you did me.

I can't undo the hurt.

But I can reclaim my voice.

Through poetry,
I will say all the things
I wish I had the courage
to say to you
way back when
in response to your
cruel fuckery.

I will expose you
for what you truly are--
a petty,
sea (witch) *****.
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The only thing that is more intoxicating than her eyes is the sound of her voice.
episkey Jan 14
Forgive me,
I crossed the line,
I heard too much,

yes, i heard it,
in noise, and in silence.
the forbidden voices.

my world has two kinds of voices,
the one i can hear,
and the one i can see.

forgive me if this sounds weird.
but things are never normal for me,
i have been cursed, i have 6

forgive me if it goes astray,
i was dreaming when i wrote this
courtney Jan 14

D   i  e.

W  o  rd  s

d i  
                    T oo.

If   I   live;
Some thing s
             Go t
                 T o
                 Gi v
Joseph Thiede Jan 12
I loved you blind but could not see
your true colours revealed.
I have a voice but could not speak, I
realise now that I was but weak.
Your words sharp as knives, cutting me deep.
Your opinions are the only ones that count
and your desire to have your own way...
I'd try and resist but get cut again.
On my own I lick my wounds
but no one knows the pain i feel.
No kindness did you ever show. To me.
Only to those who did not know.
No happiness did ever grow, between us.
Un-reciprocated love I had for you thrown
back in my face.
Now I am free, I try to move on...
but the irreparable damage you have done,
still lies within me.
These words you will never hear,
though I doubt you'd shed a tear.
You don't deserve to listen.
You've moved on to someone new,
I just hope they love you the way I did.
These words, their effect, is very real.
In time I hope they heal.
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