Sanny 3d

I still remember the first time I heard your voice.

16 years ago you blew away.

Your words spoke to me.

One of my dearest memories..

I'll never forget it.

I fell in love with your words.

Every day you kept me going, kept me alive.

When I lost hope you were there.

And now you're gone.

No more words. Only grief.

Another star burned out.

A piece of me died with you..

Now you're frozen in time.

The ghost who walks
In this lie
I look for an answer
An answer to why
Chained and changing
In this skin
Its weakness gives birth to pain within
The voice that haunts me it claims to be you
You start your conversation with "you hate me so much"
But I know if you did you
wouldn't talk to me you'd be out of touch
You want my attention to claw at my skin
Love is hunger it aches within
I love you but that answer is thin
Hollow, the truth swallows all I say
I pray that you find me in a better day
Somewhere in the sun
For all the grey days
Pave the way
For eternity
and I couldn't be without you this world.

Sanny 6d

You put the words in my mouth when i couldn't speak.

You knew how i felt before i did..

You helped me through the worst times of my life, and you were always by my side.

Just hearing your voice sorted out the chaos in my mind.

You were there, a never-ending comfort, no matter how broken i felt..

You were my calm in the hurricane.

Your voice guided me, through all struggles.

That voice is now gone.

Forever recorded, but now gone.

But what about the future?

Who's gonna be there?

No one can ever replace you.

For 16 years you've been my best friend.

I'll keep your memory alive.

Rip Chester Bennington.

Is there any faith in a single voice,
Lost in a crowd of mute supporters,
And swallowed by the noise
Of ignorant and arrogant bastards?

It wasn't until I captured you on film
that I realized how beautiful you are.

All those times you walked into the deli while I was working, I ignored you,

but it was my camera that made you a star.

On film, I got to pause, take a second look, slow everything down.
I got to see body language, color-corrected skin, and hear your voice's sweet sound.

I have a 3rd eye, and it rests inside my Canon camera,
like finding hidden things never noticed within a large panorama.

I'm grateful for this 3rd eye -- and this 3rd eye is grateful for you too -

Ever since the minute you walked up to the microphone and said
"Please be careful of that girl's camera when you move"

thank you for your kindness
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