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rig 1d
close your eyes
(i close mine)
shut them tight –
               what you see
               is one light
               i want us in:

these hands (my hands)
                                        are yours.
these arms (my arms)
                                        are yours.

lay your head
on this chest (my chest)
and feel.
               your song.
                                             this heart.
(my heart)
– that’s you.

these lips (my lips)
on your cheek
               are yours.
this voice (my voice)
and these words (my words)
in your ear
               are yours –
                              for you only.

               a butterfly hurricane within…
               a clock forever broken just right…
               all the stars only an arm’s length away…
– that’s you:

               my nightlight.

(you can open your eyes now)
I’ve been quiet for too long  
Had a voice but I couldn’t speak
I stumbled when ever I tried to speak
But then poetry came along
To quiet the crowd
So I could be heard
I now have a voice
Hear me scream on this pages
It's been awhile since I found my inner song,
I've been looking at everything so wrong.
I disappeared into the great sea of darkness,
I tried my best but was always seen as heartless.

How can I make up for this time here?
I long for my friends to be oh so near.
I wish this wasn't the way things had to be,
But it'll take me awhile to find the real me.

I understand if you can't just wait around,
I won't be upset if you give up on my sound.
Just always remember how we used to be,
Look at the way we used to laugh and see.

                    in silence

                                        is the world's

                                                        ­          most addictive

                                                               ­                                  substance.

        pills, drinks, syringes, lines... are just the Tools of Suffering
                for people whose prime preoccupation has become
                                   self-imposed silent suffering.

but Yoouu

                     are NOT on
                                                 that crap!

        ­                                            Sis!
      ­                                              Suffering!
I message from myself to myself. I've never been an addict but I have sat in bad situations, too hopeless to Heroine myself out. Self, let's NOT do that again!
Kennedy Feb 9
there's a voice in the back of my head.

it's unfamiliar and my body aches to know where it came from. it sounds like a song that i don't know the words to but the music and melody are way too familiar, and yet still not close enough for me to remember. it's a voice that's soft and gentle. something almost too shy of a whisper but loud enough to wrap itself around my lungs and make its way into my veins. it's a voice i hear in my heart. a voice that is no longer a voice but a hum that's now a part of me.

and i still can't find it. i don't know where it is. i've been searching the ever endless filing cabinets that fill up my mind. color coded and a voice coated in something so smooth i could've easily mistaken it for honey. there's no record of something this beautiful.

maybe one day i'll hear it, but for now i'm writing in hopes that i'll recognize this voice as mine.
my voice is still missing.
Emma Pratt Feb 3
memories from the past keep echoing
like little drops of rain tapping on the windows in my head
remnants from the storm only I could see
the scent of death weaves its smoky hands around my neck
i scream

but my voice is only a whisper
my screamswordsfeelingspains
are just dead leaves carried on a heavy w
dead leaves you crunch with your feet
Spicy Digits Feb 17
I made myself so.
So small
For so long
So talk over me,
I won't mind,
I made myself so.

So quieten me,
If it's what you need.
A speechless soul,
I silenced myself so.

Daddy didn't see you
So take your aim
Argue and I will cower.
I taught myself so.

Spread corrosive untruth,
Use me and chew me out,
I oppressed myself so.

I see the end light,
And imminent reprieve.
So do what you like,
I'll make myself so.

Try to unpeel my skin,
Titanium dermis,
Beating bass drum,
Gold flecked arteries,
Narcissus shikari,
Lover of innocence,

I made myself so.
Allesha Eman Feb 6
Underneath fractured rainfall
a shadow remains of the person you used to be
Your thoughts fly among the doves
having escaped steel cages of clouded silence
and comes gentle rain,
washing away the unforgiving cold

As your dreams pour out of your voice
A continuation of my previous piece "The Miseries of Healing"
Hannah Feb 5
finding my voice is so ******* scary

how am i supposed to fill up that much space when i'm used to constantly shrinking myself in the presence of others
Moe Feb 2
I am tiny and idle
I wonder curious at heart
I hear clanking of eyes
I see untold murders
I want to expand the voice
I am soul and dented

I pretend
I feel
I touch
I worry
I cry
I am

I understand
I say
I dream
I try
I hope
I am...
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