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1 for the money
2 for em honeys
3 for my real bros
who know, how it goes
Tattooing above all
Thought she was trying to make me fall
personified when my hearts in it
Minds eye's traces perfection so lit'
lady luck an artist or must have ink, I think
option 2
she's batting lashes with lace and mink 
Sitting watching, it fall in my lap.
Taking my breath giving my passion back
No competition in this category
Only one I'm battling is me 
She gave me v.v.i.p
Walked to the front free
Quid fingers crossed
I think she got you, u not lost
Do what u gotta do
Blow kiss
call her your misses
Fk b day wishes
She got the world wrapped around ya fingers
Red ink stains everything it lingers
Seems like she **** karma
Ended your drama
If she was real say take her home to momma
***** but not taking about anyone specific
Just that feeling u get when u winning
No hidden meaning, new beginning
Nothing between the lines
Just ink No lies
Just life's throwing back matching gang signs 
And to think u were gonna let them rob
Back in the day when I asked for job
On a side note
Your style....   .
Yeah boi.........Nothing.........................
 I wrote 😂
Laughing just another thing I forgot to mention
Why u think i ask so many questions?
This test paper my research, written...
I can carry on for days with this one tho ....
Ill just drop at
( the following text has been omitted).yo

*want add so much more but..  
Lemme drop it there.  was really about getting  tattoo equipment and a new phone and not putting much effort to find what I need 😃
Minds want to get raw badly though and add fk whatever 
Haha fk 😂😂😋
Know to much
Speak to little
dailythoughts May 20
They won’t just touch my soul and set me free
Eagerly will open the deepest of wounds and fest on my worst fears
Harshly undress my faith and crush my hope

Victoriously laugh to celebrate my doom
Bleed me red to suffer in dry tears
Waltz with my ghost to slowly scatter my temple  

Taunt to enliven my mistakes
Proudly glorifying my shames
Only to win a soul that has been defeated

I sense them overstepping my shadow
The monsters catching up with my heart and mind
Will I score the final touchdown or will they devour me whole

Touch so contagious
The poison burns running wild in my veins
Won’t be long for when I am all at once taken away
good luck to me
Maja May 14
people fight wars,
but often forget that one battle is all that is needed to win.
vohnul buchet May 10
maybe someday you'll meet a man
who will never blame you
but at the same time you may find out
how good it is to develop a character further
if development is going in the right direction

honesty must be cruel
that's how it moves on

I am wild
and lazy
and needless
sometimes I win
and sometimes I lose

but the main core is clear
nothing is a competition

so be tough
and do not cry
You will meet people in
life that like a
fixed game or a
rigged deck.
The dice will feel
heavy, or the
take may be
A jockey might hold
the whip in the
or the champ will
go down from
a glancing blow.

Don’t be surprised when

you see it, you’re not
imagining things.
Some people need
it this way,
they’ve been on a loosing
streak for so long, they’ve
even lost

The best you can hope
for is ten seconds
of one day in an entire
lifetime when it’s a level
playing field.
And if you get that
be ready, it’s
your turn.
Swing for the fence,
win by a nose,
take their *******
head off.
Maja Apr 19
I’ve fought myself before,
ready to win at all cost
I’ve already gone to war,
and I’ve already the war lost
I can't win against myself.
Brent Apr 10
I inevitably stood before a world with wars
And won most of battles up until now
I never did keep track of the scores
Now I face myself filled with questions of how

They say the greatest battles lie within
Within my mind's mountains and heart's seas
I'll arm myself, wait for the battles to begin
Begin to march to the land of the yearned peace

Someone whispered to me "be still and tough,
For the night's still long and filled with terror,
You'll fight with all your heart, that'll be enough,
You will win, then, the uncertainties'll be lesser"
We'll get through our personal battles and soon make sense of our life's biggest questions
Zack Ripley Aug 2019
it doesn't matter how many times
you win or lose, my friend.
So take my hand and I'll help you rise again
everyone is fighting a battle.

individuals, all made of metal
still, they are soft and breakable
everyone has a spot where pain leaks
mostly it happens when truth speaks
don’t mix it up with weakness
the word I’m searching for is uniqueness

everyone is fighting a different battle.
sometimes it makes us feel like metal
we are hard, and still so soft
just like a tulip, like every petal

- gio, 01.03.2019
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