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Dance in the rain
Where no one can hear you screaming.

Dance in the rain
Where no one hears you crying.

Dance in the rain
Where you make all your moves
Till you're exhausted and you fall down

Dance in the rain
Where you'll rise up clean from the mud.

Rain inspired🌧️
I was burning my walls
when freedom had called
but not long after
did those firefighters have it stalled.

It was hard to fight back
when the flames died down
the walls grew back
and I fell down -

But what they still couldn't dim
was the fire I had
burning within.
No one can extinguish your inner flame!
I may let the rain fall today
so I can take you out from away.
We will walk slowly
because we just have an umbrella
to share each other.
The more you run away,
the more you get your body wet.
Close your eyes
and hold me tight.
Everything will be won by fight.
Indonesia, 12th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Tears can splash to the ground
You could shake in fear and rage all you want
But as soon as they smile
And push aside your claims with a laugh

You're absolutely ******
Evan Stephens Jan 14
I am staring out
at the black shoulder
that fell an hour ago
across the yard lap,
thinking about it again:
that love is a game
with no way to win;
but you can lose more slowly.
Alphia Jan 11
I looked in your eyes because your eyes are the most amazing future on you.

I ask you a question but first I close my eyes I may not be the prettiest or brightest but I am asking that you pick me because I already picked you and I can't live without you I tried so hard to live without you and it hurts me everyday of my life so can we fix us together?
I just want us to be a thing aside from the bullsh*t
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
You don't follow rules
Stop playing games with my heart
Forfeit so you win
Everyone knows you are a player
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
They have no foundation
They have no base
They are just in the air
Fraught with great fears
They indulge in argument ad hominem
To tear apart their opponent
Win their case
Purely on feelings and prejudices
Not by solid, logical arguments
But by attacking
Character, morals, reputation or credentials
They indulge in argument ad hominem
If the spirit isn't broke,
Yet all your dreams are up in smoke,
Whose ego will you now stroke?
Was it always a joke?
The famous saying goes - If it ain't broke don't fix it. Sometimes there are imperfect pieces to a perfect puzzle. The human spirit, though imperfect, has the power to change almost everything unless ego gets in the way.  

Your spirit vs your ego - Who will win?
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