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sushii 33m
i and i
are like water & /?%%

when i am dropped into myself,
i spread out and disperse
when we make contact

me and me
clash like water & /
the water fizzling out at the /?%%'s  mere touch

my /
always wins
and the people i love
suffer at the hands of it.
हामी चिडीयाघर बनाएर
स्वतन्त्रता कैद गर्छौ
संग्रहालय बनाएर युद्धका
बिजय, पराजय कैद गर्छौ
पहिलोमा जिवित
दोस्रोमा निर्जिव
यि दुइ बीचका हामी
कति जिवित र कति निर्जिब छौ  

संग्रहालयलाई चिडीयाघरमा राखेर
चिडीयाघरलाइ संग्रहालमा राखेर
रचिरहनु भन्दा
सबैले शान्ति निर्माण गर्न लागे
धर्तीमा बिजयका कथाहरुमात्र हुनेछन् ।
शैली : प्रेरणात्मक
Hunter 2d
Shut your mouth
Take your **** head south
I will not stop now
I will figure this out somehow
This won't be my end I vow
I will push on to be my best
While you'll go south I'll go west
I don't need to walk far on this earth
To find how much I am worth
I am as powerful as I let myself be
So I will give you to the count of three
Head down south while I’ll go west
There is no time to rest
My destiny is in my hands
You will not stop my plans
For you cannot win
And I cannot lose
न तोडन सक्यौ, न मोडन सक्यौ
न यो मनलाइ आफुमा जोडन सक्यौ
न हल्लाउन सक्यौ, न सुकाउन सक्यौ
न मेरो विचारलाइ भत्काउन सक्यौ
न लडाउन सक्यौ, न बदल्न सक्यौ
न दिल चुडाएर, जलाउन सक्यौ
आकास र धर्ती बीचको पुललाइ
न बलले पन्छाउन सक्यौ
न किन्न सक्यौ, न खोस्न सक्यौ
न यो मनलाइ एक पल चिन्न सक्यौ
पद, प्रतिष्ठा भन्दा माथिको यो दुनियामा न तिमी छिर्न सक्यौ
न मेरो स्वाभिमानलाइ
न विचारलाइ, निचोर्न सक्यौ
दबायौ केहि क्षणमात्र, न तिमीले जित्न सक्यौ

न तोडन सक्यौ, न मोडन सक्यौ
न यो मनलाइ आफुमा जोडन सक्यौ ।
शैली :अमूर्त
Sanny Dec 5
The words of not being good enough.
Yet you can't leave me alone.
A game without rules.
So who's winning?
Who's winning when the both of us are losing?
Lily Dec 5
It was us against the world…
We could have won.
Im split between two,
good and evil.
Sitting one each shoulder
kissing my neck.
Caressing my brain
one more than the other.
But I will not let the devil win,
I'll hold on to the good.
Until happiness decides
I no longer deserve to be happy.
Daniel eason Nov 30
Ive been on a road to nowhere for the longest time now
Is it time to give up and give in
I just want out without the need to shout
Acts of violence in the past
Traumatised feelings seem to last
Traveling anywhere just to avoid myself
Im sick of chasing wealth
Its just bringing me bad luck
Living in a place where nobody gives a ****
Chasing rainbows
Chasing dreams
All we do is watch our screens
Lets throw away electrical items in the bin
Lets not let them win
A poem about modern life
Latifah Nov 27
My father warned me of the monsters,
that live out in the world,
He called them strange looking strangers.

but he didn’t warn me of the monsters,
that live under my bed,
He just brushed it off with:
“Sweetheart, that’s all in your head”

so I learned to fight them on my own,
until I realized,
there is no battle to be won.
You can't win a battle against yourself.
SEHO Nov 15
I am today
A grain of sand
An insignificant moment
Yet it is a grain of sand
In the desert of time
Where my the wind is life
Mountains of hopes and dreams
Pits full of anger and fear
There is no forecast in this desert
No such thing as expected change
Today are mountains
Tomorrow is caves

Wherever the wind blows
Whichever way time goes
No matter how tall the mountain has become
Or where these pits come from

Walk through your desert
Moments here will never come twice
Joyful moments can only come by if you climb
If you walk through your desert

The desert of time

©SEHO | http://www.seho.site
Walk through your desert
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