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cmp Apr 20
Ye much like akin of sin not rut
Hence zen at stake compel
more than ye to truly accept
spell bound land that cast lite
Which lost harbinger never apart from
Hence ye might must perfect cursed fu
Which counter kia hast long sprung
Cause lark of loss gawd proudly sing at heart
I am nor what living script meant
I am sinorut via host welcomed descent
Hence destiny account for wake of us
Though fate continues too miscount era
Hence we winerves through serving evil in labor good at work
Seven where the **** tomorrow went
Jme Love Nov 2022
Our egos were bigger than our hearts. Our pride bigger than our minds. We couldnt take a loss yet neither of us won. Trust became an issue but only after i was honest with you. Fighting caused so many problems only because we couldnt solve them. At a loss not knowing what else to do. I ran away hoping to get through to you. I never wanted to be away this long. I just wanted you to say you need me and to come back home. But like i said once before, our egos are to big and we let our pride take all control. Afraid to lose we couldnt give in. But you tell me is this realy a win?
Sometimes winning means taking a loss
And sometimes we can mever win at all
Ruhani Aug 2022
"You seem a little lost
"where are you headed to miss"
I looked back at the bald monk
his face beaming supple and warm
"I don't know! that is why am here
you have all the wisdom-
so tell me where do I belong.
Monk held my hand,
hand soft like petals of rose
"your path is already mapped
just believe in self and go forth".
"But how do I know if am moving right
what if I fall and never find the light".
Isn't it life to shuffle between white and greys
if I tell you everything
there is no sense in living your days
so fall or fight
slouch or stand upright
it's your life after all
own your defeats and wins however small
you are here, merely to witness the whole.
Somewhatdamaged Jul 2022
These voices in my head
Cant resist,dosesn't understand
Locked in the cage of my own skin
Always busting me to throw in

These voices, won't give up
They wont give in
Dragging me over
Always following me
To pull me under
They're pulling under
Can't win the war in my own game
Pr nandni Jun 2022
I forgot to be happy
On something I should
I was eager,
I forgot to smile! in order to chase something bigger....

Today when I can't decide whether
I lost or I won
Hard to gather my self....
To keep fighting!
For every step,
For your next move, when no one is around you!
I ignored to be happy!

Suddenly you are awake, by reality of your situation.
When you konw, its really different to hold.
Hard to breathe, heavy heart, blurry vision
Then that things which you ignored initially,
Is the only reason for happiness
Today you are left with!
Zack Ripley May 2022
You've been waiting for life to begin
not realizing it's already begun.
You've been waiting for love to let you in
only to realize you need to let love in first. You've been waiting for a chance to win
not realizing you've already won.
If you've gotten this far
and still haven't found what you're looking for, take a closer look around.
You might have had it the whole time.
mariella Feb 2022
I hope we all win in battles
we don't tell to anyone.
Madeleine Feb 2022
I believe I win
You believe I lose
It's a win win
xavier thomas Jul 2021
Ref blows whistle: (Full Time Out)

My man curled, screen, then tried to do a slip.
Size you in, and hit you really good in your lips.
No calls guaranteed, from these wack funky referees.
I’m ready to turn up on the court, bro, down with me?

Hell yeah my guy! ******* and attitude kinda tight.
What a mess, Aye, Zay let’s put these boys to rest.

Straight facts! Next play they’re running flat.
The next time he do that, we’ll lay him on his back.

Time to respond. I'll get the ball, hit a crossover, and pass it through.
Hit your shimmy dance, shoot and move, shoot and move.

*****, you ain’t got to say -ish!
I been ballin’ since 5th grade with the same tricks!

With the ball gripped, and a fake little drive.
Average 14p-10r-5a + an OG can still fly.
Just observe, I’m about to send these boy my regards.
Have the crowd singing, “Oh my Lord!”

Bet fam, love your crazy attitude!
We gone gang up on these rookies and beat them by 62!
Abuse them, with the upmost tempo vicious.
Dunk, score, scream and shout make them feel like quitting.

On Defense, guard #2 the short chubby dude.
I’ll guard #32 that look like a raccoon.
Go man to man with the little peasants.
When it’s all said and done, give these fools zero leg room exits.

I'm dunking on chumps like O’Neal , offense-defense real!
Got ice in my veins from the thrill when I block and steal!
These little boys can’t stop me for -ish!
With my corner 3-pt nasty wet jumper, they gone have to recover.

Yup, make them suffer. We dangerous!
Whole team will lose confidence dawg, big trust!
Now let’s just chill, relax, stay focus no relapse,
watch our backs, but aye fam… where the ball at?

Ref blows whistle*: (Ball in!)
Spicy Digits Apr 2021
I've sang for you
Danced for you
Bled for you
Bowed and curtsied
Dogged and *****
I've fought for you
I've won countless times
Ribbons and plaques
Handshakes in the dark

The game continues to play now
in my head
for you
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