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The wind wrestles with my hair
And fills my cheeks with pink.
The thickness of the day surrenders to the coolness of the night.
Fleeting hues of violet and yellow
Set my heart on fire
A promise of warmth.
The world is still.
But the fire goes out and the shadows flood in
Unveiling the deepest depths of darkness
The stars scream out:
The sun will rise again,
The sun will rise again.
be-no-one Mar 12
the night
will always do it's best
to separate
dusk from dawn
but I have faith that twin stars
will always be
And when I'm around you
I can dance from sunrise to nightfall
I can dance and proudly stand up tall
I can dance from dusk until dawn
i can dance and never shall I fall
I can dance and forever stand up tall
I can dance from sunrise to nightfall
Just for you
Because of you
When someone is in your life and just makes your heart dance simply by being around them.
Solaces Mar 6
The air is cool this morning..
Walking down a grass filled road..
One last star says goodbye..
Before the morning sun shines it away..

The morning kisses the night away..
Soon becoming the day..
Wishes of dusk skies not to far away..
The evening star resonates its goodbye to the day..

Moonlight cascades the night with borrowed light from the sun..
Memories of the day begin to run..
Night and day in love forever..
Chasing eachother but will never be together..

Dawn and Dusk...
Dawn and Dusk...
Hugoose Feb 27
Glowing Windows embedded into mouldy brick walls
Ivy climbing the gutters of neighbourhood roofs
Skies becoming burnt out like charred blackened fields

Tall spiny trees project shadows onto the road below
Leaves curl up to receive some weakening light from above
A formation of sputtering cars cling to each turn they decide to make
Cloudy milky light bounces off faulty windows that exhale the aroma of somebodies impending supper

A heavy truck manoeuvres itself into the blistered bitumen horizon
Dry deflated branches make obscene gestures towards passers-by
Gardeners rummage through their bags as they near the end of their working day
Their faces filled with an expired enthusiasm for breathing

Parked hunks of metal pelted with dead itchy leaves
Windscreen wipers hold fragile twigs down against grotty neglected glass
Chain-link fences link disparate housing and the sleeping people within
Some dispirited unsatisfied psychos gaze up as they catch a moving bus

Smoky Incense billows down from some apartment balcony
The air becomes cold and sharply fills these ordinary streets
Engine sounds try to supress the divine quietness
They only merge into it

Now the stars are out and about
Bright specks waddling in an aerial pool of dark blue
You turn the key and walk through the front door
Hopefully you enjoy this, I'm kinda strange about sharing what I write and I get rather shy but yeah enjoy, I'll stop talking now
Dominique Feb 26
backstreets at dusk radiate a soft charm
thoughts trickle down like nightfall on the glass
beneath the urban blue we're out of harm

you tap an aimless rhythm on my arm
laugh at graffiti on the overpass
backstreets at dusk radiate a soft charm

a ****** of words breeze through the evening calm
they pirouette away from conscious clasp
beneath the urban blue we're out of harm

catch a falling leaf in your open palm
we wander slow though the road glimmers fast
backstreets at dusk radiate a soft charm

your eyes blur mellow and lose the alarm
aureate dream dust just beyond our grasp
beneath the urban blue we're out of harm

we fade our wounds within this twilight balm
forget your feet and leave them in the grass
backstreets at dusk radiate a soft charm
beneath the urban blue we're out of harm
blissfully unproductive
Badshah Khan Feb 9
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 23

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

Shine yourself in the direct path of your eternal loves,

So others can walk fearlessly, in the direct path of eternal love,

Without any key hurdles, in the deepening dusk,

Wisely seek the divine wisdom through your eternal love;

As eternal love, enlightens your wisdom path at deepening dusk!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
I've lost count
of how many days you've
been gone.
But I still think of you
from dusk till'
Xallan Feb 5
I wish to be buried forever into the twilight
In the light before dawn and and dusk
Dark, apocalyptic, shadowy world
Barely more light than a candle, now
The sun has been snuffed,
The moon remains groggy under the horizon
Still deep under covers, in her dreams
Awaiting a sun to come and burn them away.

To remain ever on this moment, here, now,
Feet settling on the moss
One with the earth, then separate
Gravity and inertia back together again
To the distant mirth of youthful joy
I ponder my old age
I am left to empty boxes, and empty spheres.

Now, who? Who? Who is there?
Whom can I fight?
What is it here for me to conquer
To ensure the continuity of this moment?
None, and time shakes her head
As she glides past suffocating me
The mushrooms are left to rot
I reluctantly turn back to the light
To day by day, I return to life.
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