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Luiz 1d
I want to share the moonlight rays
with you under the covers
of the sandy beach at Corner’s Bay

I want to talk to you
feel your warm voice in my ear
and look at the reflection
of the stars in your baby blues

I will feel your candy coated lips
strech and curve to your ears
when I’m not looking

as I will dive deep within you to retrieve
and then release that joyful expression
for you are the last woman on earth
as you are the only woman I see

I will die if I don’t caress your sweet face
and trace every wrinkle
and line with my index
until I know all the contours by memory

I wish for the anticipation of our first kiss
as we come face to face
with our breath of whiskey
and the encapsulating scent
of burning mesquite

I fantasize to be growing weary and tired
listening to every one of your stories
until the break of dawn
as the sun rises in your diamonds

and there in your look, is where I see
the bliss I was never to have again
Maria Mitea Oct 15
Do you have a chariot to fly
trough the blue sky
and flocks of thirsty stars?
This night is all yours,
Wait at the dusk darling,
Meet the night and day kissing,
Be ready,
Break the spell, if you want
Have me,
Be my fighting dreams,
Bring the sweetness of your lips,
Tonight we can taste how is like to be
night and day kissing in the dusk.
bloodKl0tz Oct 15
1.  Headlights glowed like cigarette ends in the twilight

2. As soon as they winked out in the warm, weedy field, and the harsh engine noise snapped into silence, I began to cry.

3. Father stepped quietly towards me and I sniffed as I smelled the earth I was digging, the sweat I was dripping, the carcasses I was covering.

4.  Beneath the distant moon Father paused, watching me sift dirt over the remains of two limp goldfish.

5. The morbid scene glittered as moonlight sparkled off my tears and the half-buried scaled.

6.  A small tribute to their salty home.

7.  As if on cue, the wind ruffled the tops of the grain in the neighboring unshorn field; the undulating stalks mimicked the ocean.

8.  Their grave remains unmarked.
Written for Creative Writing class in 2008, the exercise was called Syntactic Gymnastics.
Norman Crane Oct 6
riverside dusk
      daylight's pale remains
a sanctuary
Lane O Sep 12
It's when the stars lose their shine,
That I see the colors intertwine:
The pale gold of morning light,
Fused with the amethyst of the night;
Then the robin sings its song,
At the marriage of dusk and dawn.
Shifting bruises in unswept dust
Summer whispers to trees untouched
A wind-swept melody
trills through sun-baked weeds
Amber roots seep steadily
Staining the driftless sky
Tony Tweedy Aug 29
By degree I feel the present turning,
as the sun yet once more comes to rise.
Eastern sky that lightens by the minute,
as it pushes heavens starlight from the skies.

One more day upon the pathway,
of where time does bid the flow.
As if by gentle stream or sometime rapids,
and fate compels the path I come to know.

Uncounted I recall repetitions,
on so many long ago, half forgotten days.
Where relentless turning of the Earth,
would shine a light upon life's awaiting plays.

Once light that shone a wonder,
on mystery and promised dreams.
Abundant in every kind of possibility,
to overflowing like flooded streams.

The flow of fate and time,
that set love and dream out upon the flow.
Until only memory of such sunrises,
is all my heart can now hope to know.

The turning will go on forever,
and so too the coming of the light.
But even at this hour I sense the dusk,
and I can feel the closeness of the night.
Getting old.... reflecting... remembering. When life becomes a past and not a future.... or even a present.
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