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I can't help myself I been fantasizing about you lately while I'm drinking, I can't help myself I been contemplating these feelings obsessed with you I don't know

Drowning in my misery this love ain't fizzling another bottle got me drizzling damn girl what you do to me, self abuse I ain't loving me stumbling to my fucking knees another round need energy spinning room ain't scaring me I see you watching me come closer, another round to soothe this trembling another round is you hearing me Intoxicated love, I'm fucking drunk! I'm fucking! don't nobody care all I love is this bottle here, it's just me and you trapped in a tiny glass, shot drank out these memories this love is a tragedy alcohol keep seducing I'm in love with your misery violent love you keep abusing me, flooding up the kidneys pancreas ain't forgiven me Liver getting bigger, Lord please deliver me addiction she's controlling me

I can't myself there something about I can't put this bottle down this sensation you giving me, I can't help myself confuse and inebriated girl your love got me fornicating

Now I'm crashing (crashed)


Got me feeling like J.cole trying to burry theses bottles addiction my power trip

Sing this part:

[Got me up all night thinking getting another drank, got me up all night singing Alcohol a love song, got me up all night ( all night) empty bottles it's a horror story]

Fade in:

Now back to reality overdosed man that was close, addiction won't let me go! Baby girl just pour me more I can't help myself no, I can't help myself no! Too deep in the bottle

Another round to the head like oral sex I'm in love with the Hennessy this liquor keep pleasing me addicted to your misery this love properly killing me, fucking me up mentally visually is blurred love, me i'm just an alcoholic she stares as she poisons me seductive she know my taste, toxic relationship got me hungover damn I hate being sober, pursing your love in the bottom glass I want it to last, but girl you ain't right me, I enjoy you using, I'm just drunk deep in your love fuck

I can't help myself I been searching for you in bottom of the bottle, I can't help myself I been loving you endlessly that feeling you given me addicted my love
Avi 7d
There is this light
in my hallway
that flickers as though
betrayed by a
ghoulish hand.
But if you turn
the dial just right
it begins to
shine, oh so bright.
It’s rather funny.
Mostly ‘cause I never
truly realized
that the light… is me.
Fatima Oct 4
Can’t tell you I’ve been thinking about you
Because I cant talk to you
Can’t talk to you
Because I can’t tell you I’ve been thinking about you
See the conflict?
I’m stuck
Don’t know what to do
Olive Sep 26
The panic is building inside,
Making it feel like a rollercoaster ride.
I thought that I was happy,
But now unlocked feelings have set free,
Leaving me with inner conflict,
Unsure which direction to pick.
My stomach tightens at thought of action,
While my former strength loses traction,
One moment I want to flee,
The next moment I am proud to be.
What am I running from this time?
Would playing hookie be such a crime?
If it meant discovering this truth,
And abandoning this depressing sleuth.
I want to shake off this darkness,
Before I am left feeling sparkless.
I want to break down these walls,
Before another part of me falls,
Leaving me a shell of myself,
Hungry for knowledge and lacking wealth.
I must invite the light in,
So that this darkness will spin.
I still feel the rumble of panic,
Leaving my thoughts helpless and frantic,
Encouraging motivation to flee,
So I can be alone, and free.
Em MacKenzie Sep 23
We determined our future in a game of M.A.S.H
but the outcome we could never measure,
and you know what they say about one person’s trash
it ends up being someone else’s treasure.

My eyes are black and blue,
bruising that came from you.
With nothing right to say and nothing left to do.
I sewed my mouth closed, next time I think I’ll use glue.

Her heart strings were pulled just too tight,
they would snap and break with any given pressure.
And she could never hit the notes just right,
but one person’s disdain is another person’s pleasure.

My eyes are black and blue,
bruising that make up shows right through.
With nothing right to say and nothing left to do.
We played every board game but never stopped with clue.

I’ve never been one for odd numbers
unless it’s the number seven.
Numerology really makes me wonder
is there a mathematical equation to heaven?
My birthdate became a date of rebirth
as every year I killed a part of myself,
it’s not that I believed myself to lack worth,
it was just a challenge to see if plastic happiness could bring health.

My eyes are black and blue,
representing every shade and hue.
Like a serene painting of morning dew.
I’ll keep spinning it until it becomes true.

“He was a painter who only painted in red.”
There’s that connection between art and bloodshed.
I hang all those pictures on the walls inside my head,
‘cause they’ll never match the colour of the room with my bed.

My eyes are black and blue,
but even the swelling can’t block my view.
With nothing right to say and nothing left to do.
I’ll have to accept there’s somethings you can’t construe.
Annie Sep 20
My outer layers are ephemeral,
Shifting from day to day
At one time, all I want is some rest
The next, to go out and play.

There’s an Annie that loves to be seen by others
Full of charm, glamour and style
This person is rare, and once coming out
Likes to stay in and hide for a while.

The scientist in me loves reason and rhyme
It gives her a means to an end.
She’s the most relaxing to stay in for a time
But fails to amuse her friends.

Emotionasia loves deep conversations
The kinds hipsters will have in college
She’s impatient, tempestuous, selfish at times
And has deep empathetic knowledge.

When I chance to change, which happens quite often
I don’t understand why I’m here.
It’s scary to see the world different each day
Both wonderful, and filled with fear.

I’m not just a disordered amalgam of traits.
I have purpose, a worldview, a home.
But when each of these traits in my change every day,
It’s hard to think much is my own.
AditiBoo Sep 20
There is sadness in your eyes
Your laughs they are all lies
There are thoughts battling in your mind
At war against each other, leaving you behind

But you’ve mastered the pokerface
When your demons scream internally
You casually greet the world with grace
To your despair, they remain oblivious eternally

There’s a tug of war under your skull
What you’ve been told clashing with your beliefs
Their debates so loud they make you dull
And picking a side only adds to your griefs

You’re stuck on a rusty see-saw
Neither up nor down
Left with nowhere to go
You’ll sink before you can drown

There is a yearning in your eyes
To be free of having to make a choice
To be broken of moral and social ties
To hear the crackling of your voice
GraciexJones Sep 19
It feels like a battle,
Me and my mind,
I don’t want to be the kind to run and hide,
I hear myself quick to judge,
Not only myself but others

I want to be kind and strong,
Adapt to society,
Be comfortable in the skin I walk in,
Protest for my rights and equality,
Raise my fist,
Stand up for what I believe in,
Without being afraid anymore

Instead I look at myself in the eye,
Wonder why I am so flawed.
I failed to see the wild flower inside,
Full of ambition and desire,

Walking around holding my breath,
Repressing my natural feelings,
Supressing the layers of my ego,
Unwilling to follow my intuition,
Repetition of the same issues,
Waiting to be consoled,

I want to wake up.
Accept my place on this earth,
Thrive within my creativity,
Be a decent human being
Share my vulnerability,
Reflecting on my mentality,
Working through my past tragedy’s,
Reclaim my identity,
Get rid of the toxicity,

Recognize my flaws,
Break down these walls,
Reach out for communication
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