Trying to tap telegrams
On the back of my phone
In a faux leather seat
In the back of my mothers car.
Anyone will tell you I have a
For the contrary
And there’s strangely no argument,
Where I got it from,
The seatbelt sits uncomfortably across my throat,
Stopping my words,
A space formerly only occupied by her gaze,
Though my future career may benefit,
My current psyche does not.
My quick lie offered me
a knock-off respite, obviously overpriced and inevitably shoddy, but real and present and there for me even while it was dropping away like a slow knife, falling beyond my desperate dive towards the inevitable piecing of my carefully structured delusion, counting the cost of those few moments of delayed capitulation.
My quick lie lied to me.
I panicked. And I'm paying for it.
She accused me
Of never really loving her,
And I took it to heart,
In retrospect,
I loved her.
It's just that she erected barriers
To receiving It.
It wasn't the type of love
She really wanted.
The enemy is the opposite,
but they operate the
Keep your eye on the true light.
Lyn x
Olive Aug 9
The mind is a confusing maze
While I’m in it I’m in despair
But without it I’m left in a daze
I miss him
But why?
But how?
I felt trapped
Like a bird
In a cage
And now I want him
But do I?
This confusion is sparking a rage.
I am happy
I am balanced
And yet my brain cannot release him
He has my heart gripped with his tallons.
I cry while my brows furrow
I want to curl up in darkness and burrow
To hide from the conflict of my mind
And somehow come to find
The answer I know is true
And yet the lies of my pain renew
Leaving me senseless and still, confused.

I have found someone new
Who fills my heart with joy and woo.
If only it was enough to block out the past
Yet somehow I am weak to the thought of my last.
I know that door should remain closed
For I was not free and this is the path that I chose;
It is one that will lead to more happiness
And release me from a possessive crapiness.
That was my life with him
I now have everything I want and more
And yet somehow I am longing for
What once was and what should not be
For I am who I am, and I need to be strong to stay free.
Today's Virgo Horoscope says,
"To be truly humble is to see yourself in everyone, despite different skills and values."
If your values system  disempowers you,
Should I accept it?
If I love you,
I want you to be strong
Rather than weak.
I want you to be smart
Rather than stupid.
I want you to be exceptional....
Not mediocre.
I want you to OPTIMIZE the potential of your mind
Rather than neglecting it.
If you choose otherwise,
You'll be just another cog
In the Capitalist Machine
That can be replaced
At any time.
Daniel Aug 5
Imaginary lines create borders
They create nationalism, identities and conflict
They shape who we are and unite us as one
They initiate wars and take away life
And only look out for their ‘own’

In hostile times imaginary lines create a sense of devotion
These imaginary lines don’t physically show
Yet they make people feel safer

Imaginary lines make nations
They look out for themselves
Neglect others ‘help’
And try to dominate others

If only imaginary lines were never confined
Then maybe we wouldn’t need nations
As idealistic as I sound
Deep down we are all the same
Yep, pretty idealistic but if only it could work...
I have to respect
The Cult of the Individual
People have their divergent sexualities.
They want to be accepted
For who they are,
But acceptance doesn't necessarily result
In  cooperation,
And there is no guarantee
That it will lead to achievement
Or success.
Though I must respect It,
The Cult of the Individual
A Kind of  
Spiritual Dead End.
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