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Mark Wanless Jul 17
young man in the stream
was then there now wild conflict
did the best he could

does the best he can
Eslam Dabank Jul 12

O, sun, O! Throw your rays in the eyes of the gun holder,
Blind and distract the evil growing older.
O, wind, O! Rumble the Earth, take away what is on his shoulder;
The gun, the scope, and the darkness of the soldier.
O, sea, O! Cleanse the defiled with salt and strike with anger,
And with the boiling rage of souls lost, let cities smolder.
O, anyone, O! Stand still not, act, not endlessly wonder,
For our existence and dignity they sunder.
O, anything, O! We have banished our humanity down under,
And desperate me, the help of nonsense is begging for.

PS. this land does not beg - with pride it survives,
But a lover, for their love, would beg for multiple lives.


In this land, they find joy in kids’ blood shedding,
And find fear in our voices singing,
For our songs remind them we are the beginning -
The beginning of the past, and with us the future is ending.
Even the land recites the truth with each day passing;
Olives, fig trees and Zeit and Za’tar are here, our right, marking.
They witnessed the hounds barbarically afflicting,
And God’s chosen nation, in his name sinning.
But, from our misery we shall continue springing,
And from your fake prosperity you shall continue suffering.


Sons of a lesser God stripped me of my name and identity,
Left me a stranger on the soil I tended with my own hands daily.
However, dear soil, I see your beauty covered with your enmity,
I see the real you throughout the words they say viciously,
The real you - not what they try to sow in history, desperately.  
I see the blooming Jasmin behind the bitter cactus of Naji Al-Ali,
I see that your fondness is, of their ***** presence is not worthy.

I see that the true you; your divinity,
Not as them, who see you as a shelter for a refugee.
Dinamus Jul 11
You say I've changed
Into something I can't recognise
Yet still I wage
War on your cold scathing eyes

So tell me who
The predator or the prey?
You look into the mirror
And see everyday

True colours are but shades
Wearing them like an effigy
Plastic, like make believe tales
Is this who I'm meant to be?
Hoshiko Jun 22
I hated conflict
So, can't create peace others
Lion raged alone

However ignored
Turn back on experience
I'm very afraid

Foreigners lost in
stranded on Java island
I never returned

Hoshiko, 22-06-2021☆
In Haiku's journey
TazDaManiac May 8
conflict causes pain for a moment
silence causes pain for generations
harmony to us
is just a box of disdain, envy, and fury
waiting to be opened
so speak now
or forever hold your peace
Leah Carr Apr 26
You're not gone
But I miss you

You're not frightening
But I fear you

You're not lucky
But I envy you

You are kind
But I despise you
Dee Apr 10
I'd like for the conflict to end,
The one that is in constant battle,
Inside my head.

Money, goals and dreams,
The things both wanted and needed,
All blown into smithereens.

It feels like there's no white flag,
No brief pause to the madness,
Just a constant hum and body bag.
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