The schism obscures
The sound of your voice
And our song.
Epochs of existence
Extend out and back
To a time
Before the fall.

But no vast expanse
Of distance can
Dim the light of your memory;
A sweet, shining tribute
To how we laughed and played!
Vivid images of your smile,
Your dance, your sweat, and
Your joy flicker within!

Still, an ocean of earth lies
Between this
And then and
That and when
I was with you,
In the same close space;
Us together,

Those days of youth have
Never left my mind;
They purify my soul like a
Your touch as an angel,
Once lost in my past,
But now found,
As if by accident.

You and your painful past –
You and your renewed future,
Slightly unsure of who I am…  
Let me remind you!  

Let me show you our history
In pictures of words --
And the silence between
That speaks louder --
Where you will find
My heart, wet
With the tears of my
Bitter years.    

Let me tell you again
Who I am,
Who you were,
And why we said goodbye.
But I don’t really know why, then.  
I saw you there,
As if by accident,
And I don’t know why,

But somehow
We still understand
And believe in that
Time and that place.

Yet there is sad separation
That drowns our embrace,
Pulled apart by currents
Of life
And time,
And the distance between,
Dimming the sound of our voice…

But not our song!  
Still we sing,
Still we dance,
Still we play,
And still I see
Your bright smile,
In this same close space,

I'll never leave this,
Our close space,
Where we are together,

Always friends.

My angel,
Wherever you are, whatever you're doing… my heart still feels you near me…
Your beautiful eyes,
Bewitching face,
Your... that… heavenly hair,
Your ingenious walk, your sugary talk, your life-stopping smile, your melodious anger,

You are beautiful in everything you do and everything that you are…

My sweet angel of pain and resurrection,
You have made me surrender my heart, soul and life at your tender feet…

This silence from you kills me
Torments me day and night
With tears of agony, I smile before everyone
Hiding that crushing feeling your silence gives me…

I yearn every second to be yours… only yours…

My sweet angel of love and hate,
Where are you now?
Your warmth is what my body seeks,
My souls searches….

I love you to every eternity I take and more than that.

Sharp sighs and the smell of coffee,
It filled the cold morning air
Of my small room in the apartment.
Grey filled the shadows of my face,
As I hugged myself on the spring bed.

I hadn't been feeling well that morning.
Maybe it was because the old woman
That lived beside me was smoking,
Slowly filling her apartment with tobacco
Instead of cats that meowed gently.

I didn't feel like going out.
Maybe it was because room 7 was open
And out came the strong figure of a man;
A man that'd left his children and wife
I was scared that I'd hear the sobs
Of his little young'uns and his wife
Again for the 5th time, and I'd break.

I didn't want to open my blinds.
Perhaps it was because my apartment was right across room 10,
Housed by a lone boy in his teens.
And maybe if I had open my blinds,
I might have seen his blue glassy eyes
That sobbed for the warmth of
The childhood he had missed and lost.
I swear I heard him howl last night.

I didn't even bother to dress up.
I knew I wasn't going anywhere,
Especially when it was room 5's time,
To remove her dainty mask and honour the drunken sailor's days
By cussing out her only child
And leaving scars in his heart
That no amount of candy would fix.

Don't get me started on room 1.
Oh, room 1, a poète maudit.
There she lays all day in her gown,
Sipping coffee and listening to bicker,
Scooping ideas to weep on paper.
Room 1 had problems of her own,
But she wouldn't dare to confront them.
Not today, at least, room 1 was tired.
Nonetheless, today, room 1 was very observant.

It was a strange small apartment.
It specialized in crazed sane people,
People that didn't grow up too well.
People that weren't quite broken,
But weren't quite fixed either.
They were often cracking under
The own weight of their sins and flaws
But they managed to wake up everyday
And maybe.. Just maybe think
"Today, I'm going to fix myself."

Maybe tomorrow, the old lady would decide to get a bit of fresh air.
Maybe next week, room 7's door will close shut again and ooze with love.
Maybe next month, the kid would've decided to make use of his mouth
And scream "I've had enough!"
He'd bring his mother to tears -
Because that's what she wanted;
For him to stand up for himself.
Maybe next year,  the young teen would pick up his school bag and live his life.
Maybe a month after that year, the poet would've shared a masterpiece.
Maybe by then we'd all have lived better lives and left the apartment.

But today was not the day.
Today nobody had thought to fix themselves.
Today everybody clung to this strange place.


Sometimes we all just want to stay in a place where hurting is okay.

This place is sad without you
It heaves a sigh

Emptying it of our things
Signifies the end of making memories here
The end of filling the air between these walls
With our voices, laughter
Sharing life

I want to load the memories onto a hard drive
And preserve them perfectly
So I won't forget them

I'm afraid to shut the door
And leave forever
Without you

spinning hearts
lost control
clean separation
dark desperation
stark realization
as distance grows
in this unfamiliar
space once called
my home


Homes can turn to museums and new kinds of uncomfortable space.
Engeli 4d

Once we were roving fibers
underneath the moon river savannas
making sweet melodies of the night
those that caress the hearts

The beach is our blue - eyed pastime,
where sand castles were built
waves were tossed by our laughters
and those magical things that sparks we shared

But suddenly you are gone cold ice
when I hold you I bleed
my house turned to freeze
i can no longer hear your heart beat

We are like  strangers  
strangers  at each others silhouette's
like we’ve never met or shared
our sweats, tears, and laughters

I don’t know who you are
as you’re different now
I want to be numb
but my heart doesn't allow

Echoes from the heart

I notice that I don't have a  "Generation Gap"
With ALL the Young Generation.
Some young people,
Half my age or younger,
Perceive things just as I do
I a Nutshell,
I think that the Conflict is between this Extreme Individualism
And Developing a Sense of Coummunity......
Not necessarily  between Generations.
Of course,
If a person my age can't RELATE to young people,
He might content himself with LOOKING at them.
He might become a Voyeur
Rather than a Teacher.
Capitalism tells young people
That older people are likely to be  BURDENSOME for them.
If older people want to be appropriate,
They should look at Porn
Rather than trying to RELATE to younger people!
That way,
They won't be violating  anyone's
"Social Boundaries"
Younger People are just TOO  BUSY
To carry on a Conversation
With people who aren't
"Going Places".
Of course,
If the norms of Capitalism and Christian Fundamentalism,
Contradict each other.
Capitalism pushes people
Towards that which Fundamentalism
Supposedly condemns.
I notice that many of my younger peers
Are not any more happy with this impersonal state of affairs
Than I am.
When I'm HOME or at the LIBRARY,
I can use my Computer to communicate with people far away,
When I'm SURROUNDED by people,
Do I need to cut them all of"?
Oftentimes, I  feel that I must listen to music in Public Places,
Because I know it would be perceived as
To try to connect in any way
With the "busy" Young People there.
So, Community,
Is Countercultural
And Pornography is perceived as more appropriate
Than trying to UNDERSTAND
One's fellow human being
Who might not be a member
Of the Same Generation.

Sanjna Manoj Jul 18

Our tangled bodies,
Your arms encasing mine,
The whiff of jasmine in the air,
We slept off, without a care.

Buttons on the floor,
Strands of hair that you say tickle,
There's blood on the door,
Life, after all, is too damn fickle.

Tomorrow shall find us,
With flowers all over,
Mourned for a day,
But love is here to stay.

Tomorrow we will be together,
Your arms encasing mine,
Till then sleep,
Oh darling, sweetest sunshine.

Love shall remain forever, and after.

You went out of sight, you went out of mind,
You went out of sight, you went in my heart so blind.
The pain of your leave, I had revealed to none,
The pain of your leave, for you were my only one.

I hid the truths from myself, asked myself to comply,
I hid the truths from myself, but never confronted with a lie.
The mysteries I blocked, become one history,
and the history I spoke, was just another mystery.

You were all I had gained, you were all I had lost,
You were all I ever wanted, yet I compromised your cost.
And now the stars we had placed, twinkle every night,
They twinkle in this darkness, to show me your light.

I feel a bit strange, as if I have lost track of you,
I need your presence, I need it for those moments few.
For in your absence am I, just a grain of sand,
come save me from this oblivion, just lend me a hand.

You're everything I had gained, oh my memory,
Now stands your absence, in the way of my memory...
Now stands your absence in the way of my memory...

**(written on - 19th May'17, in memory of my close friend)**
Amina Ally Jul 16

My heart trembles at your shadow
For you know not my pain
Thought of being raw with you
My sorrows refuse to then remain

My love and breath vastly linger
My thoughts lost in essence
Your soul deep I feel to remember
As my core senses your presence
I love you

I m deeply love
I deeply love you
To deeply love, I cannot leave you
But I deeply love
Though I cannot have you

Your fingers to touch me,
To hold me while I cry
I love you
While you cannot be mine
I deeply love you

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