Engeli 9h

Oh! Passion run out your door, and gone away!
After, you saw someone walked into your heart
You're ready to give up our love, then swayed!
Only if you get her heart throb, babe!
Those lines tormented my heart and squeezed it out of

But I must say:
A tormented heart stays as strong as a rock and never falls apart
I love you but if you don't, you know I won't force anything but depart
I'd cry and fill my house with tears of sorrow
But my house will laugh and dance again on the morrow

You spoke of her to me with awe
How intense your desire for her, Oh No!
Suddenly my world has started spinning
I felt myself inside dying and thinning

But I must say:
A dying me inside will face that pain
Surely not a delightful feeling but sane
They may arise, but I'm shielded with strength
Only when they melt away and turn me invincible from them

When you spoke of her
It echoed through my ears
My heart can't contend
How you adore her like god
As if perfect - she has no flawed -

She tattooed your back with ink
Your desire for her has grown in blink
I think you were missing the link
For her to realize your monstrous wink

But I must say:
I wrote you poems and letters of love
Maybe it was never enough
But, What else can I do?
If you're love for us has faded away through an empty pew

It would be such a pity
To desire of winning you back, my sweetie
Or seduce you with some kind of love spell
You know I'm not that kind of girl
I'm just me

Yes, we invested time together
We seemed both are content for each other
We dance, laugh and cry - unbroken
I saw no flaws until my dream has spoken
Reflected to me your desire for Con

You think you're the focal point of my life
And it's being unhealthy
And unwise
Maybe partly you're right

But, I must say:
I'm just me
And I love you with my everything
But not so crazy to tied you up my neck
You don't deserve me if you care less

I can sense your feelings and mine
I can get over it and let go of yours
So, You may leave and say goodbye
But before you do, I speak to you
My love never ends

Yet I have to let you go

Dedicated to J.S.

When something bad happens in my life, I start spending most of my time sleeping,
And all of my time distracting.

When you came, I was already on my early-to-bed formula-for-peace,
And when I realized you wouldn't stay, I once again became a princess locked in a castle covered in soot-black night.
The only windows were too high, the only light was flickering hope.

When something bad happens in my life, and if it's great, I wait for time to settle the whirling balls and rack them in a frame
Because I saw most of my pool balls fall in place but you hit the final score and now I cannot trust an effort's worth anymore.
I thought I would part with grace this time. I didn't know you could hurt me on my way.

When you left, you forgot to fasten the doors as politely as you had tried to open them
Behind you, they were left at the mercy of the storm that started soon after.
Rattled until shut, of course. But the noise was so loud it still rings in my ears
Like your promises echo against the walls from dawn to dusk, your poems perch on my eyelids when I lay on bed
To sleep, too weak.

I only hope I didn't come across very vulnerable, that you didn't linger a little longer to see my shadow on the same window,
That my metaphors didn't tell my tale,
That I didn't lose myself if I couldn't win you.

Don't let go of my hand.
I'm not ready to say goodbye
I came to you when you wanted me
Innocence is fading
leaning on your shoulders
I counted all the steps we took
took cared of our memories.
I planed out our future
for an ensured safety for any future children.
I worked.
I've worked.
I gave up fun.
I gave up my smiles.
I gave up my tears.
When i was weak.
Id look forward to the reasons why?
I waited.
I doubted.
I gave up in my young dream.
I Paused school.
Then when i was almost ready,
You Gave up.
You left.
You let go.
You chose me and still let go.
I want to reach out my hand
To you tell you to Not let Go.
But you didn't give me a chance
to figure out why?
You left me all alone.
You've Brought me to my knees.
You've brought me down.
But I'll get over it, soon I hope.
I know you'll become a distant memory.
Now I'm Letting you go
along with these memories.

Delta Swingline Apr 19

I wish people could hear music the same way I do. I almost feel bad that people can't tap into my brain and hear the musical pulled apart into sections.

Each instrument going separately and yet all of the pieces coming together to create this...


I've tried to explain it to people.

And no matter how hard I try, nobody will ever truly understand it. And that's okay.

I wish this poem could tell you everything, but it can't.
Hope White Apr 16

When you told me you were leaving,
you said

Can't you see how different we are?

But the only difference I could ever see is that my scars rise like flooding rivers,

And yours
sink and collapse like craters.

Arshia Qasim Apr 14

A stallion pure and thorough bred
With sinewy limbs and a regal head
Entranced a maiden:  coy, fragile
Her naïveté peeking through her guile
The touch of skin on skin, ablaze
The arching back, the dreamy gaze
Oblivious to the world around
When hearts were lost and hearts were found
They rode around without a care
With hair afloat a back stripped bare
Through wind and water, sky and sand
They trod the depth and breadth of land
Love melding with the sunset's hues
With ochres, crimsons, lilacs, blues
She held him firm as 'e sprinted on
Her hands alive on 'is rippling brawn
Both breathless, panting, fit to drop
By a trove of aspen, came to stop
They laid down on the cooling grass
And watched the stars in heaven's pass.
The moments' magic, in their midst
Where gift of fate their presence kissed
The sound of stillness filled the air
To interject , neither could dare
In the conversations of the souls
No words suffice, nor phrases hold
Each secret there that instant shared
All love exchanged, and none was spared.

By the morning sun, came duty's hail
And both knew what devoirs entail
To be with each , although they longed
Of different earths, their loam belonged
They thought, they planned, they tried devise
But union came at a selfish price
In a firm embrace they held on tight
Accepting it was a time not right
And bravely to departure led
Through aching breasts good byes were said
A part of each, with the other sent
For a farewell isn't where love should end
So holding on their transformed heart
On the stage of life, resumed their part
And each then took their separate way
no matter what, wherever they stay
for rest of time, they had had that day
for rest of time, they had had that day!

There is nothing
That breaks my heart

Those that have passed

Seeing my grandfather
Struggle to live
And his mind
It's fading fast

He sat in his hospital bed
And asked his second son
Where's my mom?
Where's my mom?

She has been dead for five years now
He said after being asked
A fourth time

Reminds me of my uncle
Who lets his phone
Go to voice mail every single time
Because when he hears the recording
It puts a sad smile in his eye
A recording of his wife

The first time I'd heard it
I had nearly cried
Touching as it may be
It hurts all the same

Giving a false hope of life
But death
Is a permanent place

We long to hear them
One last time
See them
One last time
Maybe even just to say

But all of these desires
Bring us pain
Give us a false hope
That maybe they're not
So far away

Even if I wish the same
I will never live
In yesterday

Because I know
That within the present
That piece of her that
Blessed my life
Remains within my heart
And will reside
Until the day that I, too
Will die

Montana Svoboda Apr 10

Walking sticks carved by hand
Grown thoughtfully once
In a place abundant with life
And a well documented history of surviving,
Cut respectfully give to take- a piece of me
Left behind to seed and sprout
Syncopating ancestor and beating heart,

Wander unnoticed leave but still be remembered,  
Little bit older
It’s a little harder to run

Dried for year or two tucked
Next to sage nest flowering alabaster,
Plucked when cracked
Worked with bramble talons scratched
Then scored give to take hands textured
Wrought field rock, leaves whittle flesh to form
Passion is pain is forgiveness is amelioration is repetition
Is hung to cure for a few days-finished  
Well, at some point separation becomes inconceivable
Willow bough adds a year through law of conservation
And I’m twenty-one
But my knees are a broken foundation of sawdust

Ouli Thiaw Apr 6

In the dark alone, drifted in dreams
I hear her piercing voice from afar
In the center of my imaginary realm
My mind did not want to hear the noise

I've tried to look passed it but it came to me louder and stronger
More than i could bare
I had no choice but to be aware
Aware of the pain inflicted in her

I had to look her in the eyes and say those words
Those words that no one wants to hear
Those words that ripped you wide open
Those words that let you breathless
And hopeless
Those painful words
No one can get used to it

That special guest who never warns
That guest who is unwanted
He forces you to say those words
Whenever he leaves,
He left you with an empty whole
A pain so deep that it can destroy a moutain if you had to translate it into actions
A pain that's like a tremendous volcano screaming, thundering
And shelling out his scalding lava like in Pompei

He can separate friends, lovers, partners
Tears one family apart
Take a child from his parents
Blast an entire nation like a wrecking ball
He can come anytime, anywhere and anyhow
You cannot fight him nor can you be ready for his visit

He left you with your tears and that dreadful pain
But no one can blame him
It was all meant to be and part of this material life

He knocked on her door tonight
I wasn't ready nor was she
You can't sleep, you can't eat
You try to mat your eyes shut from the tears and wish this moment never happened
You try to remember those sweet memories and make them last
The harder part is
You need to be strong for your own sake and for the memory of the late person

You wish, you pray to meet again in a better place
Time will heal, so they say
And time fades away
While a part of you is taken away


Sanjukta Nag Apr 4

It's raining in my hallway
and only yesterday I removed
my skin from your raincoat.
The dumb walls now stare
at each other
with your portraits
hanging on their drippy chests.
Your charcoal hair melts
flooding the glacial cheekbones
and messes up your lips.
I wonder how a little stain
on your shirt
used to make you irate.
Now your waterlogged selves
are hanged in my hallway
being muddy from head to heart.

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