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Luiz 14h
dream without the fear
of nightmares
write your verses for her
like no one will ever read them

recite your poems aloud
like everyone is deaf
shed your laments with a wet face
like you're alone in your room

love her, like she'll never hurt you
die for her, as if you're proud to fall
when she does
M C 1d
I am a ghost
who has remembered what it is to be a man. I weep.
As a man
I remembered what it is to be human. I laugh.
In this way, deep each moment grows a knowing:
all our brothers and sisters observe feeling.
Beneath imposed hurt
and supposed cross
is understanding, human in nature.
Swaddled in this knowledge is a flower
basking in the sun.
Love is real;
as solid as a pebble
fixed inside a mountain.
My conscience Being flows through every atom.
I remember what it is to be!
Air moved with music
as a body is moved by music.
I am a man dancing madly to the drum.
Standing still does nothing for the beat,
which sounded long before i could dance.
Love is the only dance,
Love is the only beat,
Love is the only drum.
How are you   -  darling?
What are you doing   -  right now?
Are you happy with another   -  one?
Is she a believer in - forever?

Now our Souls will be Sisters,
and rent the room,  -  yes!
Now  -  we can rent that room,
It is safe  -  and cook together
or keep the light   -  as dark as y’like

What are you thinking. -  darling?
Is she ironing your shirts!
Does she believe in   -  God?  
Now we can be   -  souls sisters,

We can share our secrets,
How are you kissing her, and do you   -  ?
Do you  -  ? -  make love   -  ?

Is she   -  reading   -  your   -  heart?  

Does she  -  know you?
Does she?
after a while, the door sensed
that it's left to itself now
to figure out whether to remain open or be closed.
this sudden realization,
made it very uncomfortable.

from the moment she walked out of that door,
everyone in the house, had the same strange feeling.
when a women who is wife, mother, leave the house, everyone and evrything feels the void.
BSween Oct 10
I am not his
He does not own me
This isn’t just a phase
But I am his
For he has shown me
A path to clearer days
We were as downy birds,
Sky once had names for us,
Rain pooled into faery wells,
Supernatural was our blood.

We saw each with opened eyes,
And touch was permanent as sun,
Light swooned about our keeping
And the earth was without tomb.

But time soon railed its perishments
And a star turned with pointed wind,
We lost the sun raise of innocence
And the glass of truth broke in a jar.

Now, lovers roam in the still hollows
And reminisce only on stoney banks,
A great ocean of peace was drowned
And to childish walls, a castle of sands.
preston Oct 3
the forming of substance 05
Stephan W

"But I will not drive them (the 'inhabitants') out in a single year,
because the land would become desolate
and the wild animals too numerous for you.
Little by little I will drive them out before you;

Until you have increased enough to take
possession of the land."

Within the sphere- formless and void,
there was all but nothing to inhabit.
Existing within the eternity of the moment,
unable to retain--
it could only experience.

It could behold perfection,
but not hold on to it;

No need..
perfection was ever-present--
In full view of the sphere
and the precious spirit- encased within,
now, wrapped within a living, breathing skin-
this body- for the spirit,
and the spirit for the one body

each part of the heart-- a city in itself.

.  .
Reaching across the chasm,
there is an almost symmetry in
the layout of the cities

     but their inhabitants are unruly

and the spaces between far too great
for any kind of order to become able to
break through the chaos--
there is no longer communication
between the cities.

There is a yearning for consolidated-Sovereignty,
but the cities have long forgotten themselves-
Strewn about.. in the pain of it all,
they no longer know each other.

.  .  .
But the spirit within the body-- it remembers.
There is a gathering back into wholeness-
and so we learn how to wait also.

Parts, and pieces-- members rebuilt-
little by little
Not too fast- take it easy;
70 years, maybe more.
Which way will it go-

There is a promised land;
waiting to be taken--

    one city at a time.

between this distance
and your indifference
is my heart
Andrew Rueter Sep 23
It's time I sail away
You've given me validation
But I must tide the wave
Of my salivation
With separation
So I pull the anchor
To embark on my journey
On an oil tanker
That'll likely start burning
Around the corner I'm turning
Trying to get off your gurney

I see serenity
Ahead of me
And lessening
Your deafening
Nagging incessantly
Like a referee
After ******* me
You wouldn't set me free
And got the best of me
But that let me see
I could barely breathe
Under your tree
So the way to be
Is separately

Your chaos blocks me from peace
I'm falling out of Heaven's reach
Marooned on your beach
Where you continually teach
Me to practice what you preach

I'm trapped in Dunkirk
With my stunned hurt
From your gun spurts
That would come first
Before quenching one's thirst
So you always won worst

I'll burn with rage
Until I turn the page
From this infernal mage
And his hurtful cage

I need to find a boat
To cross this moat
Without getting soaked
By your quotes
And your jokes
Making me want to come back
That'll just be another attack
With my star, what is unwell tonight?
Heaven is made by tears—hell tonight

Keep your eyes ready to cry for long
I will croon, what has befell tonight

I then raised hands in prayers to God
And belief in Lord, I won’t sell tonight

Let me see her for once and for all
It’s really last, it’s farewell tonight
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