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you’ve turned me
a nomad
running helter-skelter
in all cardinal directions....
cos when it’s all said and done,
it’s your smile
that i keep looking for on every street

© 2021
It is over now.
I bow my head as you leave,
Rain fills your footprints
i’ll be waiting, the usual place
no rhyme, no reason
just a glimpse of that face,
seething anger takes a lil toll
a bit of dancing to soothe that soul

at this karaoke bar
loneliness longs company

conversations with an empty martini glass
brings bittersweet memories of good times past,
i wish you best in that search for green
here, things will be the same
just a lil less sheen

© 2021
dedicated to all those who.are lonely
Rama Krsna Jul 24
those kohl rimmed eyes
soak a tristesse beyond words,
bitter sweet memories
which now lie buried
in the sands of time....
underneath that ram-tough exterior
lies a delicate lily
clad in chanel
vulnerable enough to wither
under the auspices of a full moon

© 2021
inspired by a beautiful pink moon today
M Vogel Jul 22
I see you  in the layers
between the layers--

One,  stacked atop
of the other,   but none
losing their God-given, loft

I see your tears--  watering
a Universe,  parched..
Wanting to say  that it
knows,  the true color of  rain
or the difference  between  

and the bad,  kind of pain.

I reach  for you
and you dissolve..  evaporate--

like you were never, mine.
Were you ever,  mine?
my beautiful Tristen--
the last  shall be first <3
Janna B Jul 17
Why is it that
your happiness
seems inversely proportional
to mine?

Why is it that
your happiness
seems, perversely, disproportional
to mine?

But when we were together,
your lack of happiness
consumed all of mine.
I think my daughter told my ex that they’ll meet my new friend. He looked like a wreck when I saw him, and it makes me feel so many things.
Rama Krsna Jul 16
did you feel that lil tug
right inside you?

that’s no murmur
my darling radha
just a melancholic tune
floating from my magical flute
sent your way
packed with all my love

© 2021
WistfulHope Jul 14
Where you should be
I no longer see
If I blink you are there not here
Make it stop
Make it start over
I don't want to be missing
The life I had with you
You told me it wouldn't last
And I ignored it
I ignored your warnings
I lit the match because I wanted to see
And how bright we were you and me
But the light went out
And it reeks of sulfur
And you're all gone
Without so much as a smoulder
Stranded in the dark
I feel out my way to where you were
But my fingers only graze
The damp cool air
That has taken your place
I'm suffocating in this frozen hell
You told me it was coming
But I didn't listen
I didn't want to believe our days were numbered
Not when the moments were so sweet
We drank them like honey
But I can't hit repeat
Instead I am here alone
Waiting for a match to re-light
But all that remains is dead nights
Come back. Please.
Landon Keys Jul 6
Six years
A house built with rotten wood
Walls crumbling down
It's my breaking heart
JKirin Jul 3
It hurts, my love.

It hurts, my love; I’m filled with sorrow.

While you are here (close but miles and miles away),

what can I say to change your mind so you’d stay?

Don’t go, my love…

Don’t go, my love, where I can’t follow.

Let’s think together of some other way. Stay.
about not wanting to part with the loved one
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