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we feel so
and so we're
to reveal how
we are from

How's that one
working out?
I've been here
26 years
and I finally
figured it out:
for as long as we
feel no responsibility
for the Earth as ours,
we may as well start
counting down hours
Farhan 6d
In my court,
You were guilty.
But you pleaded not.
I was the lordship,
And our love was your defence
None was the prosecution.
And the result was your absolution.
A constant stream of arguments flow in my head (the court) as to whether she should be guilty of leaving me or not. I myself argue from her side that she should not be guilty. And that I put up a defence strong enough that the other voice shuts up (prosecution). I fight for her against myself.
Webster’s dictionary defines 'jaded'
as “made dull, apathetic,
or cynical by experience
or by having or seeing
too much of something.”

Let me tell you about my divorce.
Left me destitute with no remorse.
Thought it was a match made in heaven
But how could it be when it was forced?
Three months living in a blissful hell
There was no way we could tell.
My wife left me, abandoned me
In our apartment by myself.
She said she didn’t love me anymore
As she walked out the door
She filed for our divorce
Using $200 I had saved up, of course.
It seemed like she unraveled my universe
And as if things couldn’t get any worse
She was pregnant with my daughter
And tried to keep me away from her.
It seemed like every day I was cryin’.
I didn’t even care if I was dyin’.
Pain was so bad it’s like my heart
was ripped out of my chest by a lion.
Yah, and it’s like...

I just got tired of carin’
And I just kept starin’
At my hands and my feet
‘Cause I got nothing in between
I am jaded
I am jaded
I wrote this several months ago. Originally, it was a rap, with a lot more to it. I wrote this to help myself and others get over the pain of divorce. Since then, I have healed, but perhaps it may help someone else.
Marina Kay Oct 6
I've heard that distance makes the heart grow fonder;
but somehow it seems to me,
melancholy is the mislaid piece,
for the pangs in my chest
have only grown stronger.

We're 3000 miles apart,
on separate time zones and continents,
your absence from my eyes
captivates my consciousness.

Replaying our memories
and flashing pictures too,
my mind plays its tricks
to remind me of you.

As if I could forget
that spellbinding time we spent,
on the days and nights
right after we met.
Missing Jordan.
I know you have your reasons-
ones I couldn't hope to understand-
but your apparent apathy creates between us a


far greater than any ocean.
It's infuriating.
Whether it's the situation or me not getting my way
I can feel myself slipping
from you and from myself.
Mandalina Oct 5
I always knew this would come
and I've tried to come to terms with it.

I really have.

How much I try
I can't shut out this feeling.

It creeps up to me late at night
and in the light of day.

I can't escape it.

I'm living in denial
and I'm constantly freaked out.

I feel it every sleepless night
and every moment with you.

I don't want to leave
and I don't want to say goodbye.

Can you hug me one last time
before the panic takes over my body?

The pain gets stronger and stronger
each and every second the day is closing in.
The horrid sound of my own screams
fill my ears as my eyes desperately
search for another way out.
I don't know what to do without you
and losing you is my only fear.
Secret words given at every possible moment
promising that it won't be a farewell.
"We will always stay in touch"
but I can't hear you for my despair and anxiety
are muffling my hearing.
I'm trying to comfort my cries
but I don't know how.
I know you don't want to freak me out
but I can't help it.
The day of our last goodbye is coming
sooner than I expected
and I just want to close my eyes
and hide.
Because I can't take the pain of
being abandoned by you.

Piyush Gahlot Sep 21
I see you here,
Just beside me near,
Your soft voice I can hear,
Whispering my name in my ear.
I am drowning in your memories.

I hear your laughters,
I can hear you crying,
Still remember your hugs,
Your surprise kisses,
Beautiful scene of you making your hair,
Baby em drowning in your memories.

I miss your stupid face,
Your innocence and that grace
That slight grin,
Beautiful little chin,
Those perfect hair,
You making that stare.
Baby em drowning in your memories.

I loved you then,
I love you now,
Doesn't matter if you ain't near,
Losing you , I have no fear.
But yeah em drowning in your memories.
Missing her close near. She ain't comming back. All I have is her memories. Still I feel she is with me somewhere.
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