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A fairytale ending lost
Your discretions are none of which to be proud
You travel a winding path to find yourself
The light at the beginning is now but a shimmer
This self exploration of which you harped
Lead you to the edge of being lost
That shimmer now fades
Deciphering the signals of my heart,
the way it ****** down with experiences,
None of the feelings could reverse the chemistry,
until she came under my shade!

Plethora of thoughts rushed within,
the blood vessels did make me feel,
the eruptions of hormones
and finally the tear gland worked on right !

Couldn't it be like I could help her?
But I didn't.
Just as a new plant couldn't bear a flower,
I was immobilised into my existence.
Wished I could heal her pain,
but maybe the experiences won again.

Her tears never did come out too,
My tears waited for her's arrival.
Oh! How much should I thank you sister?
For making me alive- even a little was enough!
I was too hit down by experiences until my sister came today and said me that -" Brother, something is paining, I wish it gets better. Its there since days ", and I was like - What happened? and she retreated away by saying-"No, its okay, with glimpse of tears. Maybe she didnt want to drop down her tears and maybe I didnt want to cry. Maybe I wished to hug and she wanted to hug me too..
Ilion gray Nov 24
I will love you,

Until the heavens  
Of earth collapse,

I Will live for you, Never ending

you were formed
Above the firmament,
Before existence
You witnessed,

              All things,

My child, your mother is a mighty moon,

she can not be tethered,

Your father,

     I, Am the wild fire,
That's walks with rain.

were made between
And rock;
In the ****,
Of her mountains.
Just Below heaven.
On a night that
the density of light
set the clouds aflame,
And the sky,
could not be mapped,
And the stars,
Revealed their true names aloud,
in the hidden
The names *** gave them.

Amid all of these things-

You were made-

         Drawn From Rivers
That carve
out of the earth,

And drip,

softening stone,

a creek
A forest floor-

It was here
That the almighty

forged Existence-

With His hands of wind...

you slept through many lives,

resting Until, the heat
escaped the fire.

Every night,
That summer
I listened
to the sound
of your
Body sleeping-

the silence.

Here I am,
a fire-
running wild
through the
sun burnt,
tall grass Of days-
Watching them Wither,
                   And crumble
To dust as they pass...

I, Could not make them- stop.

I, could not keep you.
now everything is a cage-
            here I am;

Without the immensity
Of your laughter
embracing My heart;                                                      
                                                                ­        I am un-done.

I've sat awake for months,
Replaced the  blinds with blankets,
These days,
it is the light;
that can not escape darkness,

each minute;
makes a feast of seconds,

The starving  hours,

Eating away Every minute.

             Here I am.

And the weight of
dreary day

devours everything.

I, am barely breathing.
Traveling,  through the world;
Wading through
unending hours.

The heat of your tiny
Being Wrapped, In gypsy golden
Hanging from my shoulders,
           Sliding   down
                          my back,
                                        Or resting across my stomach
Bringing me morning,
               The presence of your breathing--
                                                     ­                    I, am un-done

I curse the sun,
                I  reject its rays--
                           Always arriving,
And yet--
It Leaves
Before it comes.
                                     I am         un-done,
And I am never awake--

  I knew,
I would
Have to
              watch you go...

I knew How, 
   I would miss you.

when, the foreign moon
That wild fire needs something beautiful
to burn;
                    I watched her,
                  wrap you in wind;
Where stellar clouds
Begin, and end--

                                   And time

   swallowed us whole.
(For: Ilion, my son/From:Ilion the Gray, your father)
My friend was narrating
Her side of loneliness
And, all of a sudden
Without a word
Walked away into the dark night.

I found her,
Lit by starlight,
Standing on the river bank,
As it were, measuring the river flow;
There were no tears in her eyes,
She seemed reconciled.
Fate could not always be cruel;
She must wait for better times
Which she knew was not far off
Now that
She had seen the dawn smile on her,
In it seen his face aglow
Like when he often crushed her in his arms;
She knew his love for her was alive.
And quietly,
She turned her face towards me;
The glint in her eyes
Betrayed her heartfelt relief.
I understand.
That you are frustrated.
Alone like a dot.
In the puzzle of your routine.
I know.
How thoughts can become clocks.
The terrifying performance of repeat.
I share it.
Your idea of total estrangement.
Blonde avenues without a silver soul.
I believe you.
Those sharp ideas to break free.
To be ruled by pure impulse.
I’ve got your back.
That plan to draw meaning.
To assist others to pleasure.
I realize that too.
That you’re at the edge of the night.
That you’ve got goosebumps as stars on your skin.
I do not deny it.
The vastness of every unused minute.
Cold, the cold bored instant.
I share your opposition.
To the lake of doubt that drowns the hope.
To the ache of death that drives the howl.
I understand.
How small a part of life can sting.
I know.
That you are frustrated.
Alone like a dot  .
She is gone
she has walked away
leaving me longing for her
and my heart now beats
a very sad rhythm
my eyes dry and sore
seek the darkness of the night
to hide
not wanting to see the world lit
but for how long I ask
I must find and bring her back soon
how else can I survive
without the breath of my life
without the basis of my life
Daksh Nov 19
Why can't you see?
Why aren't you amazed?

It's true not false.
That earth is a small part of the universe
Doesn't it scares you?
Another billion galaxies?
Another trillion stars?
Another trillion clusters?

Where a star as small as the size of my eye ball can weigh like the sun?

Where time stops and we age differently?

But my girl
Love is something that separates us from the universe.

Look at the moon;
They shine for you
Ormond Nov 18
Threadbare young lovers
Lost blooms felled in November
White petals in snow
Ali Ashraf Nov 13
under one roof
were the dreams,
was the beginning
when love was in bloom
under one roof
we loved and lived,
we touched and kissed,
we laughed with kids
under one roof
but then we strayed
from the dreams we saw
the boundaries we laid
under one roof
but we try to compromise
even when love dies
and the worse times arrive
under one roof
and I may have wronged
but I still long
to have a strong bond
under one roof
so please for our family's sake
the future of kids is at skate
let us happily stay
under one roof

© Ali Ashraf
We were together for years
We sat beside each other for months                  
We talked for days
We shared the lunches
We fought at times
But that didn't lasted for long

Everything was normal between us
Until someone announced the day of farewell
I felt a panic in heart
But didn't knew for what
I do know that the situation must have been  same at the other  end

But we did figured it out
It was the fear of separation
The farewell could have been same as it was for other
But Condition wasn't similar between we two
Because we knew the fact
That there will be many years
Between this day and the day when we will meet next
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