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If the ocean is the same for the fish imagine that the Universe which is God is like a big ocean and humans are like a fish which ever swims in this beautiful ocean of God's never ending Heavens. The soul of man becomes so perfect when it grows in the Almighty perfection of God. Men, who live on Earth, drown yourselves into the beauty of thy soul and in thy soul you shall find God and when you find God you found his secret keys to unlock the doors which lead to the mansions of his eternity. Trust your Goddess, for Jesus is teaching me these things.
James Study Aug 14
flower scent linger
kind hearts soft voices mingle
white horse at pasture
I saw an ocean of oceans…
Surrounding the Kings throne –
Like a mote
Of frozen glass

Transparent and crystal –
Shimmering and glimmering –
Like a tranquil,
Sunlit sea

But on the seas horizon
I saw Fire and Blood
Racing toward me,
Like horses prepared for battle

I yelled aloud to the King,
But my words
Were snatched up by the winds
Sweeping along the expanse!

My voice, and my life,
Were lost.

My hope, and my soul,
Were dead.

Suddenly, the King stood up,
And raised His arm –
Commanding the Fire into the sky,
And the Blood into the sea

And I watched the blood
Melt away the frozen glass
Until it was completely gone,
And there was no more sea

And I felt my heart
Burn within me,
As though the Blood had
Melted something in me

I once said that I don't want to be like my father
He was too harsh a man
I once said that I don't want to be like my mother
She was too passive a woman
To make do with what I've got
Paste together the pieces of a broken puzzle
In the past I believed that God judged me;
according to how people had judged me
I believed I was loved only conditionally;
according to how those around me chose to love me
A degree, percentage or not at all
But I was missing in this picture
Where was the unconditional part of love I now ask
What happened to having a moral compass
However morals seem to have gone out the window
And the compass is broken
When my mother died
I was deeply saddened
When my father died
I felt alone
Who is left I shouted
I am now truly alone
My mind emerged to a deeper understanding
A new revelation
If God were to be my parents
Blemish free
An unconditional love
My earthly parents were then just vehicles
There's no need to model myself on either of them
I could just simply be
For in reality they too had no mother or father
Perhaps they never knew this
Their parents also just vehicles
Stepping stones to life
Then truly no-one is an orphan
Do I feel lonely ...
Why would I
Why should I
How could I
When I am never alone
Though I don't always feel that this world is my home
I shall continue to sing a song
Write a poem
Whistle a tune
Thus I have thrown caution to the wind
People passing through my life
Like ships slowly disappearing in the horizon
Sailing away
I observe them come and go
Should I wish them back
I'd rather wish them well
Who has sailed has sailed
Continuity man's key to survival
Written by Sean Achilleos 20 June 2019©
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Bryce Jun 18
All of you below
Are little tiny ant-people
Bumbling through these funny streets
Hidden beneath my shadow.

With their cut cuticles of hair
And those knotted clumps of muscle
Around the pebble streets they roam
To destinations unknown

All around are towers of steel
All air conditioned and ventricled
Made of stone and office drone
They are the buzzing hives of employables

On the street the blood cells meet
On embolic artery of Battery
On varicose Vein of Sansome
The exoskeleton of this city
Curbed with Grey
and auburn streaks

Far away
Beyond the bay
In the neck of a wood's decay
The tiny ants feast on bark
As cars fly past on an interstate.
If you ask me, he lit the match that set the Moon on fire
It’s not a myth; I was there, when I had no home
And I walked in Saturn’s ring rain for so long it sloughed off my skin
I marched, trying to flatten the crater I’d made
Because I was ashamed of it
I was the last meteor to hit his heart; the loudest
But that was so long ago
The quietest revolutions are usually the most violent
If you ask him, I smelled like Genesis and Revelation from the inside
******* insatiable
I slathered honey on my cheeks and boiled my blood
so hot until my arteries turned charred black
I licked my wounds from the impact and discovered just what the hell was poisoning me

If you ask me, I didn’t know him last night and I won’t know him on the last night
But my God, he inspires me
Ylzm May 22
A book was given,
but the man cannot read.
Another can read,
but cannot understand.
A book of secrets,
in a plain tongue.
A strange tongue given,
secrets revealed.
Bellissima May 13
I grieve through rose-coloured dreams,
petalled eyelids enclosed,
for a sweet awakening–
the revelation of being.
Ylzm May 5
if seen,
now burns alive within.

now leads,
by hand.

to those whom it was given,
now revealed,
to the ignorant, who never desired it.

That which baptised the Earth,
a spring that waters Jerusalem.
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