Esther Krenzin Dec 2018
When the tears spring to my eyes like a salty mist
this is where I go
where I stay
All my thoughts and feelings pour out into words
bleeding and transforming that which is
into something tangible
For though I long to scream, to shout, to cry
a small creature within holds me back
and I don't know what it is
What is this beast that slumbers inside?
I find myself an anomaly I cannot understand
and wonder if others think the same

They say I am harsh, cold, and mean
and I know, I know what I am
but something small and tender
aching and afraid
urges me to unleash my claws in a desperate attempt to
defend my heart
It is impossible to ignore, because it abides
deep in my bones
and when I was young and starry eyed
I used to tell myself it was okay
but its not
it never was
When life becomes hard, I do too
and I am sorry, ever so sorry for those who unleash
their own claws on me
for they will find a whirlwind of steely fangs and ire
bursting to the brim with ferocity

I am broken, splintered, ever so weathered
from what life has thrown at me
I see now that it isn't about
Its about living
But how can I call this living when all the softness
I used to see in this world
is gone?
There is a monster within that hurts ever so much. There is a monster within that bares its teeth and bites.
Jo Swan Jan 9
Animosity allergens,
dark as the Dracula’s dungeon,
insidiously infects the heart.
Vivacity begins to part.

In the realm of my subconscious,
I've confronted my madness.
There’s a monster in me that should die-
my morale withered and dry.

My spirit polluted with hate-
toxic as organophosphates.
The psyche is a perpetrator
who lusts for the power of ******.  

Drowning in the depths of darkness
of my wild imagination,
I’m shocked by this revelation!

The epiphany of my evil-
influenced by the vile devil,
my ego- sinful and gruesome.
Dear Lord, what have I become?
gabrielle Jan 8
the field full of
beautiful grass

cold wind and
cold stones

a lot full of glooom
the lot, full of tombs

sudden revelation
of you are gone

after all weary fights
and my fault insight

i haven't said sorry
and you were gone fully

in the warm heavens and clouds,
my soul is within you.
"you were mine"

wait for me, i'll be with you again, someday.
Nathalie Jan 1
There was that moment
an instant of recollection
which drew her inward
and awoke this symphony
of memories; unleashed
without prior warning

It was a time of revelation
a pause from her usual
escape;  her distractions
had no more savour and
it was time to let go
of what needed to be released

The keys to true freedom
was in her hands
and it started from one
truth; the raw undiscretions
of what had been taunting her
yet unresolved, buried within

Moment of truth,
the time was right
She was ready to see
what had always been
before her, but had not
been ready to understand
fully just yet...

Flame Dec 2018
Do you ever hurt
And stop and think,
Is it the disease
Or is it me?

But then,
You realize that
It doesn't matter
Because the disease
Is you
Rizz Dec 2018
You started drinking when you saw your dad drunk just so you could numb the pain
Now everytime you're drunk your kids do same
Its a viscous cycle and it will only continue
To break it had to come from with in you
Next time you see a bottle
Don't gulp it till empty
Or drink it because you're empty
Show SAB that you're stronger than that
Show the ones you love that you're no longer that man
Show them that when you're sober you can stand tall and not crumple like the twin towers
Show them that without the ***** you basically have superpowers
Show them that you can clean your system
Let's mark your kids off from the alcohol victims
When last did you see them
They don't love you the same
They know the old you
The man that drank his pain away
Thought that the bottle was his only healing
In life he was a zombie
He just had no meaning
You could stab him,but he wouldn't feel it
His nerve endings lost forever
But he is a changed man
To his kids , he'll be better
Breaking news

Back to our existence a Big bang theory was a comic story,
the only big bang that happens every day brings distruction
it was the sound of a bullet escaping a gun to find home in a spinal cord

in other news
cracks were discovered in a happly married man.
we are all broken after all.
till death bring us together, for another funeral called revaluation.
It's crazy how we still argue about the formation of the Universe just to deflect the big issue which is"After life". But we die everyday.
KingOfHearts Dec 2018
Dec 2018 - To Tenalp Thrae, Namuh Sgnieb:

It is 2018 and the world still plays,
I've walked passed a world with lesser to say,
The ****** walks silently, their faces made up of stress,
Not surprised that a grimace would be the face's way of rest.

As the snow may fall, or the sun still may shine,
This world is clearly shaded darker this time,
For the forests deplete, and the people pollute the seas and skies,
At the end, which is near, the world and everything dies.

People preach of peace, yet they dance silently in chaos,
Changing the script to change this fate may give off some payoff,
As they mute reality with drugs and music alike,
Their eyes are all they need to create some type of strife.

On another note, let me end this one with this,
There are souls that don't know that good exists
We are claiming progress, but I've seen this all before,
A worried soul can see the waves of war,
No change can lead to a stage of fear,
The conclusion to the story can't be good if no one is here...

Everyone will eventually
Need some form of true love
During the moment time is resumed.
Kevin Aug 2018
With a sunset stormed in all the evils
A creeping temptation to abomination
A swirling appeal to haphazardness

Then came a wild night when i let things go
An ordinary aberration from a chaotic junction
An occasional stray from a lost path
An intentional overlook of unscrupulous mischief
A through misjudgment under ruthless predicaments

With a sobering dawn i found myself
A delusional justification for foreseen consequences
An unconscientious injection of fleeting remedies
A deliberate neglect for recurring failures
A self-inflicted blindness to vindicate oneself from misery

Then it is a calm morning
Though i know that it is all in the history
I cannot avoid the reappearing of the serene night
Whose other side awaits the furious storm to shatter me down yet again
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