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Seanathon Apr 19
Smashing ivory
Pounds like loving ***
But without the sudden sweet release
All there is left is ivory keys

Other days,
I put my
in the fridge.
Or is it just me?
Ickabobroe Mar 12
I tap away at the keys
Not a care in the world
Unable to realize what those notes mean to you

I tap away at my keys
Looking for a sense of accomplishment
Looking for the perfect story to be told

I stare at the keys
Not knowing what to do
Pressing but not quite knowing where to head to next

We tap away at keys
Whether be piano or screen
We never tap in time
U n t i l   h e   p r e s s e d   t h o s e

s i l k y   k e y s ,

I   n e v e r   k n e w   t h e

e m p t y   s p a c e

i n s i d e  o f   m e .

T h e  m o r e   h e   p l a y e d ,
t h e   m o r e

I became.
The space in me
was no longer hollow
and soon began
His music filled my soul like air fills my lungs.
The light will be shining
on me.
I'm supposed to be the star,
and yet I'm so
The keys will be right there,
waiting for me.
Black and white
silky, ivory keys.
Don't worry,
I tell myself.
And yet I know that
I will.
Tonight is my piano concert. Man, am I nervous!
All day
I wait,
and I wait,
and I wait.
Just so that I can come home,
to sit down
and play.
To touch those silky
black and white keys,
and to play the music
that comes out a piece of me.
All day I sit through school, work, homework...
All day, I just wait and think to myself about what a reward I will get when I get home. I always know that my beautiful piano will always be there, waiting for me, and that is my reward.
myrrh Jan 2
Sinking moods, forever stuck in interlude
Staring at grey skies like it's a reflection of the mind
Bearing no fruits of labour; a slave to life's servitude
Constant excessive sighs & an inability to unwind

Only light in one's eyes, is a reflection off one's phone
No life in one's voice, only a overcast monotone
Vessel's surrounded, but one's soul is alone
Drained from weeping & can't even groan

Liquor & ******; distractions from the consciousness
To put the anguish at ease, digressions is a necessity
Shut the door on itself & swallow the keys
Endlessly stuck in a state of cecity
tainted black Dec 2018
i locked up
my heart in a
c     h      e        s      t  

buried it
d     e       e     p
beneath the earth

of false
    h      o      p         e    
and droken dreams

now I'm
searching for the
k                  e               y

from the
one who holds it
d       e       a        r     l      y
Brandi Dec 2018
Tap tap tap...
Break out the apple and cut in half

Tap tap tap...
One ee and ah
Two ee and ah

Rough as nails you see
Trust me it doesn't get easier
Practice is essential
Resilience of the mind and soul is helpful

Then wake up and what do you see
A great big world and you have the key

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
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