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She is a maid
She takes care of  household
Is she a daughter?
No, don't be archaic
She is a domestic help
She is someone else's daughter
Poverty made her depart
From her parents so far away
Supporting her and her parents' life
She prepares and serves food
Cleans utensils and the floors
Washes and irons clothes
She is paid for all these
What's the great deal?
Have millions of dollars in coffers
Physical service your own won't offer
They can send you more dollars
Physical love and care
They don't have time
Who says God doesn't do miracles
Isn't it a miracle?
He bestowed millions with poverty
So that they care for you and serve you
Maid is one of them
Someone else's daughter
Can you imagine your own daughter in her position?
Prickling chill goes down the spine!
Treat your maid like your daughter
She is someone's daughter
Far away from her parents
Love and care for her
She would serve you better and better!
God Blessed Jul 1
Who's heard me has a miracle heard:
God makes this ******* speak The Word.
I was once
A man/women
Like you

To keep the pain at bay

I was once
A man/women
Like you

Sorry, I can't help
As you expect
Let me first wear
That PPE
Genre: Clinical Experimental
Theme: Personal Protective Equipment || In The Background Of COVID-19
Note: If the server is not safe, how can you be?
Zack Ripley Feb 9
The air should be light.
Filled with joy, not fright,
On this cold winter night.
And for most, it is.
the difference between
them and me, you see,
Is that they are not prisoners
Of their minds. They are free.
I was sentenced to this life alone
Without a home to call my own,
After I served my country.
Oh, what a world I was shown.
Don't misunderstand. I had a good life.
I lived the American dream,
Complete with a house, a dog, a beautiful wife.
But once I signed up for another tour,
Her heart couldn't take it anymore.
She walked out the door.
When I came back, I was too embarrassed to ask for help.
So that's how I got here,
Feeling like I only have
myself to blame.
But even as I join my fellow outcasts,
Forgotten, and unloved,
I smile with pride
Knowing I was brave enough to play the game.
Every morning

I woke up

with a gratitude

another day


to prove my


Something to take

in strides

a beautiful


provided to serve

human life

making this world

more better and

beautiful to

Christmas at Forest Heights Baptist Church is something to behold,
We are busy elves, making our church beautiful, colorful, and bold!
We are a small church with a big heart for giving.
We give to Lottie Moon, the Angel Tree, Halleluiah Night, Thanksgiving baskets and more.
Our love for Jesus and His grace make us give generously with our time and love,
We--without need for recognition, serve because we serve a loving Creator above!
Forest Heights’ members do not wait for Christmas to help our fellow man,
Daily we serve those who need a helping hand.
Remember, Jesus’ tears were not for the pain He endured.
No!  It was for our sins and disobedience to His Word.
So, let us be grateful and kind to others this Christmas and beyond,
God has blessed us with His One and only Son,
and another year filled with blessings, mercy, and grace.
Let’s leave footprints of love until we meet His embrace and loving Face!

Merry Christmas to All!
This is a poem I wrote for my church for this Christmas (December 2019).
Steve Page Sep 2019
And when you BLESS
Be prayerful,
careful to be mindful
that God's presence is vital
if actions are to be blessful.

And when you bless
just stopping and sitting
signals that you're willing
to be hearing
while your tongue stays stilling.

And when you bless
yes feast over several courses,
invest is slower morsels,
be someone who pauses
to hear other people's stories.

And when you bless
and not just in church,
but with imaginative verve
serve all of your neighbours
even those who are homeless.

And when you bless
yes dare to bare
a little of your story,
more of the messy history
that brought you here.

And, less you think
that you might have impressed,
be mindful that
we all put on our pants
one leg at a time
when we're each getting dressed, yes
we all equally need
God's ever forgiving kiss
so with no eye on who's looking
- just BLESS.
Notes from a Sunday sermon.   Love a good acronym
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