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A sitting sparrow on old willow branch,
the raindrop reflect my thought like moon upon lake.
The heart stir thousands thought.
Man is witness to heaven and earth,
his spirit bellowed in-between.
Where the heart tilt, heaven shift.
Where the heart waver, earth tremble.
So small... so this is my will.
Reflecting in my heart, the ripple is the will.
Insignificant and short-live;
but a single will to move the world.
Ken Pepiton Sep 19
Did you hear what that old man was thinking?

Morphic resonance is the experimental name,
I think we are served by nodes on a net
not spread in the sight of any bird,

a chthonic net of stone,
girdling the globe in granite, crystalline granite,

take it for granted, these boulders are the witnesses,
the scars of catastrophe,
causing us to wonder
how came this to be? Think Yosemite, Ansel Adams POV

Think Matterhorn und Mt.Blanc,
Old Rockytop, and
Dos Cabezas and Long Valley Mountain, all that granite,
old as earth.

Time is the idea we share at the moment,
Earth's is the life we share at the same time.

This is Spaceship Earth, looping Sol as Sol loops Sirius,
and there is no mothership,
no resupply.

This is the only earth, it has survived several civilized
monstrosities. As you know, some mortals can't
imagine not surviving with it, so
we words of earthbound muse,
let slip the bands of pride in time to see,
we are the music,
we make beauty behave as will believes, voluntarily,
it seems,
we choose beauty with little de
liberation, no need to
unlock ledgers and boxes of known safe knowns,

we imagine ourselves
defying the
de-ified con instituted authorities warning,
given us, they swear by the very vicars of the oil:
We warn you…

hell's the price, they swear, that we,
the people, pay for heresy,
dare not think those-
no, no, nor hear and see, or never imagine thinking
a selfish thought,
one you find curiously comforting, for you, your idea,
one heresy breeds another,
soon we shall have a collective
of individual minds agreeing at once,

as all see a particular arranging of colors, in a sunset's
single effortless existence as a thing
with mortal mindable beauty,

did you belive the sunset, or may you, if you wish?

__ unravel, and re ravel to save the thread,
it has lead through the maze before,
I have a witness who tests ifies.

Great unquarried granite, but that forms another story
upon precepts as yet

unglued, un-coagulated, ah, curdled, precepts cultural
curdle and clump together.
Biomes are adjusting the rethinking of pathos,
ethos shall follow,
as night follows day, just wait.

Patience is formed from memes more than experience,
you bet the old man was not lying.

Slow and steady, wins the grace. Take it easy. Fade away…
Real, actual realization, never seems poetic, in real life.
What's there in a payer?
Fooling yourself you can will
There will be a wish fulfilment
Overlooking, it's just a coincidence
His Will coincides
With your will
Prayer is granted
Then you tell
Otherwise, your prayer
Goes to hell
His Will prevailed
You regret to tell
I give here a link to find out what scientific research has to say about prayers ---
What's there in a prayer?
Just to fall prey to His will
When you fail to use your skills
The Limitless limits your strength
Your deeds make you repent
You wish to escape punishment
ibkreator Sep 15
You are disconnected
and the cure for that is

to fill yourself up with loss as love
and not wait on an experience to make it happen
or others to fill you in

only you can make you happy
by your own will and desire
Slime-God Sep 4
Reeling from the breeze,
The leaves are robbed of their will.
So too, is the tree.
Nathalie Aug 22
Thoughts of you
Dance inside my head
Every single day

Not a day goes by that
A song, a quote, a memory  
A feeling doesn’t bring  
Me back to images
Of your face

The essence of you
And your presence still
Linger in this heart of
Mine, and it always makes
Me smile, even though
Tears may at times
Run down the side
Of my face

They are infused with
This joy and grace
For this love I will
Forever cherish

I am so grateful for  
Meeting you as
I was I brought to
Places within myself  
I never knew existed

My wings grew even bigger
And I am more loving  
Because of knowing you  

You are this precious
Gem that I hold
Safely in my heart
You will always be
A part of me, sometimes
I think you always were
Even before that faithful
Day we met  

Although we may not
Be together
In the physical sense
We are in a world  
Of our own
At the break of dawn
Each morning and  
Under the starlit sky each
Night and in a land far
Beyond what the eyes  
Can see…

In that world your home
And my home is the same
And through this vessel
Filled with light and
Dreams of a life
Beyond our imagination,
There is where we will
Forever remain.

who commands the grass to be green?
thus does life take care of itself
without my schemes and interventions
Akriti Aug 12
What cannot be yours,
no further shall be desired of.

Sunk into shallow waters,
gone up in smoke,
narrowly ablaze.

Torn to pieces,
unabashedly re-framed.
No matter what you desire of,
at the end must be yours and reclaimed.
Aleksey Aug 8
You are maligned
Will power was left behind
Never had it cross your mind
Be all your thoughts combined
Happy, only if confined...
I tried something...
Read the first word of every case you missed it lol
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