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Arguments never seem to stop the past always seem to come up , leaving cant find a way the next day a good day the following allowing your whole day ruined.
Martin Dove Oct 5
I think I saw you on the edge of reason
Where the pope sells freedom and kings commit treason
Indeed I saw you standing there boldly
With hearts in a basket you stood by so firmly
Indifference was screaming right through your expression
Then you laughed and you cried till you scared away the last angel
The creative spirit has always been mad
For how else can you create what others had banned
This is just another riddle for you to decipher
Just as nothing in this life is a choice that we muster
Martin Dove Oct 5
I had no idea how terrible it all was
Until I matured a bit and opened my eyes
It cleared the mist that I often now miss
For the eyes of an unwilling devil
Seeing the tragedy unfold from a first-person level
I remember it all from that *** awful view
The bad things I’ve done, over which I had no control
The outcomes I hoped with the manifestation of some
Who am I kidding - I’ve been among a fortunate few
Except for the fact that life dealt me an ace with a ****** *****
Not quite like anyone - an outcasted sole
With depressive thoughts - eating them straight from the bowl
Until euphoria strikes - then I’m a lightning bolt
These emotional storms - they strike me as cold
Who am I to cry and complain about life
Everyone is united by the suffering light
The random subscription to a life with a set rhythm
If only I could command my heart not to wither
Martin Dove Oct 5
The price for existence is that nothing is free
The choices you make are fixed in high degree
It’s all predetermined in infinite ways
Determined, determined by natural sways
In some lives you die while some have you fly
How can you look at life with a serious eye?
While knowing what science has known to be exact
But how then, can you take living lightly as a given?
When nothing you do is ever truly forgiven
I shall fight to succeed...
A warming to those who seem to hold me back....
The is the promise... I shall proceed.
I have "done things your way"
For to long...
In the shadows... I have an iron will...
I have been studying you... to find this way...
To press onward......still..
Through your "smoke and mirrors.."
You thought you had me trapped in fear....
The "war inside of me..."
That such caused?
Why take such credit?
It shall be you that will see
see me clear
That I shall keep my passions.....
A better life "dream?"
Such will never die.....
"Keep this fashion"
Not in clothing....  such in soul...
After keeping me "under your control"
I shall rise up... at the last moment...
Take down your "magic show.."
and take self control
Of my life...
which shall soon be worth a fortune..
Stay with me? By My side?"
Or stay behind me,now, through your overwhelming blind pride.
Emerson Sep 30
I will be the red in your blood, the colour that bleeds from you
It bleeds when you ruin it
That beautiful skin
I will be the red blood that is within you

I will the orange in the soft glow of your bedroom light
I will be there, every day and every night
Letting you fall into a deep sleep
I will be orange light that will glow forever

I will be the yellow in the sunshine
That lights up your pretty smile
I will have to leave sometimes at some point
But I will be back
As the yellow sunshine

I will be the grass green that bends under your bare feet
When you roll around and laugh with joy in your heart
I will always be there, no matter where you go
I will be the green grass that surrounds you

I will be the blue in the evening sky
The blue in the sea you watch each day
I will sometimes be a little stormy so I hope you forgive me
I will be the blue that follow you

I will the purple in the night
As the world starts to fall asleep with you
I will leave but inky temporarily
And I will guide you to bed each night
I will be the purple night

I will be the pink in the flowers you pick
And wear in your hair and around your neck
I'll die someday but I regrow
So don't worry, I won't go
I will be the pink flowers

I will be the White Walls that protect you
Day and night
Morning or evening
I will soak up all the loud noise
And keep you safe
I will be the White Walls

I will be the grey in the rain
That falls and creates puddle at your feet
I will cry with you when you are sad
Embrace you when you want it
I will be the grey rain

I will be the black in the words you will read
You will read them someday I hope
Maybe you'll remember or forget
But remember this
I am the black words you will always read
to monkeys
files in the
What you want to hear
before your eyes as wish
meant for a target,
the same
as its creator.
In words:
What we've come to call
"a heart missing a piece."
In words:
Easy marketing.
to monkeys
cyber waves
for validation
What would you like to hear?
What world would you create?
Tickets are 10 for $10, today.
duncan Sep 24
the winds of change do
make me sick.
i cough and sniffle
for time already spent
on my hometown honeymoon.
And as the dust started to settle, she looked around.
The ashes drifting through the air, only making her scorched surrounding more grim.
The cinder danced in the air.
Fluttering to the ground with grace.
It was hard to imagine that a furious fire had done this.
Somehow she knew that the flame would never truly be quenched.
This would never truly be over.
The burning coals exhale hot breaths onto her feet.
Whispering what was yet to come.
The burning ashes smiled knowing
they still had time
to burn her alive.
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