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you gave me false faith, i took it with honor,
i gift you my space, went lower and lower,
can't say that i'm angry, can't say that i'm glad,
you mustn't be blamed for boiling my blood.
the one that is guilty is my tender heart
that made me believe, i won't tear apart.
i am the blind lover and you are dishonest liar.
how dare you play with me? i guess, you didn't know your affection on me.
don't blame, still love.
v 3d
her eyes stare emptily
but beneath the surface she fights
for the liberation of her soul from this suffering
How many are they?
Lights embedded sky, you asked,
Too significant.
Questions remain unanswered,
Yet you'll understand,
The why to your why.
FJ Davis Oct 5
While most people resent your imperfections
your soulmate is irresistibly drawn to you
because of them.
reborn from despair
we find strength inside ourselves
choosing life, not death
Wayne Wysocki Sep 24
A gypsy told me destiny
Has etched the road ahead --
Someone else expressed that we
Can plot a course instead.

While worldly scholars speculate,
Perhaps the truth goes thus:
The universe just shows the way,
The rest is up to us.
Copyright © 2019 Wayne Wysocki
Bede Sep 22
Every emotion fills my brain
And I'm left here to sift them.
I'm grateful for time
Dedicated to myself.

My wants, my needs,
What is it I need?
I tell you the one thing;
A hug every day.

To have someone to hug
To hold, and they hold you
That is a treasure
Worth holding close.
I just need hugs and thoughts, smiles and kind words.
Cat Lynn Sep 21
The sister I loved and could grow close to
You've disappeared... I was accused
Don't know who you are... but you were someone I knew...
I have lost enough... but you were one thing I didn't want to lose
Too many wounds... but that exploded out of the blew
"You're over thinking..." But I knew the truth
How do you people feel now!? You've ignited my fuse!
Because now... She's not the person I once knew...
....I miss you Rachel... Please get well soon...
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