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Anastasia Sep 18
do these tired eyes lie to you
with their dulled shine
and plain blueish eyes
don't you understand
im just
of course you're a good person
you didn't make me feel bad
i swear
im just tired
i mean
thats probably it
you didnt do anything
im just...
No Imelda Marcos, she,
One good pair of shoes for me,
Plain, flat, sensible, black,
No **** high heels, alack,
But I can walk where I want to be,
One good pair of shoes for me!
You wait till you get old! Feedback welcome.
Finders seek;
I seek to find
That which I lost
And lost my mind.
I'm at a loss
Now that I've gained.
Insanity's fancy,
Mundane's plain
acacia Jul 18
way over it: over the shape of air: done grasping into short strands: never flinging into shallow depths: a fly on your wall
but it's too plain to see
Ink flows from my veins
I painted my mind when true colours i gain
But I damaged my heart which was plain.
Abigail Hobbs Mar 25
Golden boy, tell me you love me
under the distant, golden sun
In a golden grained field
where we can explore this love
Amidst the grained plain
where wildflowers roam
where wildflowers it has gained.
AnxiousOcean Mar 25
rainbows did not interest me anymore
I could always hear my demons' roar

a sound sleep could not save me at all
how would you expect me to stand tall?

even the flowers that bloomed through sun's ray
couldn't make me smile, couldn't make my day

a hug could help, but only for a minute
deep talks made sense, but no one swam through it

laughter became rare and expensive
I couldn't afford one; even my tokens were evasive

they said sunsets could make you happy
oh... um... really?  

what sound should I make when I drown?
should I shout or should I just frown?

it felt like death; I've always wanted to die
happiness was silent... and so was I
It's been a long time. I'm so glad I am able to write right now.
You showed me there was more than the labyrinth
more than the cold still waters,
           the ripples

In a love so intense,
   I saw your past self
        your present
and who you could be

but why could I see this in you and not see it in me?
Title not included...
Sometimes the thoughts and words just flow and revising the moment feels like a sin to its origin
Gianna Dec 2018
how foolish of me
to think i was your number one.
as a matter of fact,
anyones number one.
i´m just another girl
such a plain, average girl
struggling to get by
in a world where nobody
knows her name.
i thought we could've been something
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