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You showed me there was more than the labyrinth
more than the cold still waters,
           the ripples

In a love so intense,
   I saw your past self
        your present
and who you could be

but why could I see this in you and not see it in me?
Title not included...
Sometimes the thoughts and words just flow and revising the moment feels like a sin to its origin
Gianna Dec 2018
how foolish of me
to think i was your number one.
as a matter of fact,
anyones number one.
i´m just another girl
such a plain, average girl
struggling to get by
in a world where nobody
knows her name.
i thought we could've been something
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
It's a secret
Often a vanishing silhouette
into the manifold shades of the night
beneath the endless stars!

It's open in plain sight
seen many a time
in mesmerising first light!
ollie Nov 2018
I dunno if we’re worth being called plain boys
Do you pity the plain boy?
You know the one
I won’t bother describing
Life’s too short to waste words on a plain boy
And I didn’t ask to be the punchline to every joke
It’s just the way it happened
I didn’t ask to strike fear into the hearts of men who don’t know any better
It upsets me to get angry
Because they say I am not myself
They say I am like him
They don’t say it
But I see it
But I’m not angry as often
I don’t insult them
But sometimes I want to cry
Cause I’m too small to make a point and my brain is too large to not be one
What is the point
What is the point
What does this mean
Someday I’m gonna shave my head
For no reason other than the fact that I can
I don’t think it’ll look good
What matters is that it looks
Help me accept it
Daniel Ruiz Aug 2018
it's 9:40 in the night,
and here i am,
writing and reading poetry,
trying to make myself

if you know how hard it is,
to want to cry,
to get the feeling
of rain drops,
forming behind your pupils,
like a late winter rain,
that isn't a rain but snow,
a snow of sadness that covers the whole
wide horizon that is the world i can see,

if you know,
what this aching pain
behind my rib cage,
this feeling of my heart beating,
is, please do tell.

i can feel my heart beating
and again
and again,
at least i can feel it,
but why can i feel this,
that the winter storm
brings along,

now i'm stuck,
in a cabin in the middle of nowhere,
snow covering the sun,
from dancing with my fingers and heating up,
what used to be my will to live,
the doors frozen locked,
my room is the only place i can find warmth,
so let's stay there for the night,
and expect things to be better
by tomorrow.
MicMag Jul 2018
"Pretty boring sunset"
"Those colors aren't so bright"
"Not gonna waste my time with this"
"Not much to see tonight"

And as the crowds drifted off
Expressing their dismay
I sat and watched the last light fade
Perfect ending to my day

Not a scene you'd likely see
In any picture frame
Nor find for sale on postcards
Nor bring an artist fame

But as I stared in silence
Twilight rolled across the sky
Revelation rolled right through my mind
How miniature am I

Though others turned their gaze away
When the sky refused to preen
Twas among the most magnificent
My eyes had ever seen
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
To hide a secret
I found that the best way is
to hide in plain sight
People see but don't observe!
I've lost count of how many times the truth was right in front of me and I didnt see it.
Well, we live and learn.
Tom May 2018
On an open plain
Gazing beyond
A mirage of light

Distant from those
Who hold me under
Grasping for breath
In an ocean of hurt

For I am alone
In this voyage
But for the thoughts
That cloud my view

Upon clear skies
An opening
Distant from those
Who hold me under

Walk as I must
Kicking up the dust
Between my tired feet
And the heavy ground

The path is long
But that I know
Step by step
The seeds will sow
Aa Harvey May 2018
The Mighty Lion

The Mighty Lion, standing proud.
All things beneath him; nothing as loud,
As the roar of this beast, in the middle of the night.
There is no other creature for him to fear
And he has wisdom behind those amber eyes.

So stoical, he stands there;
As he is observing his plain.
All others are running around so quickly,
Whilst he remains unruffled,
With his courageous heart,
Behind his mighty mane.

No challenger approaching; no chance of defeat.
The Mighty Lion stands proudly,
As he rules over all that which he can see.
From the birds in the sky,
Down to the insects beneath his feet.
The Mighty Lion rules with razor-sharp claws
And he can end any fight by simply showing his teeth.

His counsel is sought, to settle neighbourhood disputes.
His decision is final; his words speak only truth.
His eyes can see through liars, as he gains knowledge from his Pride.
He stands there, remarkable, in his domain
And his view is always right.
He knows all of the stories that spread around the group.
He has an army of animals on his side.  
They are under his leadership.  
They are his motley crew.

The Mighty Lion stands apart,
For he is truly their King.
He has earned his place at the Head of the Pride,
But still, he walks alongside all others
And he fears nothing.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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