Pantoum I - Non-Rhyming

I took my diamond to the pawn shop
but that didn't make it junk@
though I didn't get much money for it
just enough to buy a meal

what makes something junk
when you come right down to it
if it buys you a meal
and can satisfy a need

when you come right down to it
what value can we give
to satisfy a need
when we swallow down our pride

what value is there really
in any things we have
if they swallow up our pride
like useless diamonds pawned
Pantoum II - Rhyming

I took my diamond to the pawn shop
but that didn't make it junk@
didn't get much for it
value, it seems, had shrunk

pawning doesn't make it junk
if it satisfies a need
even with its value shrunk
pawned diamonds make you free
@ "took my diamond to the pawn shop, that don't make it junk" line from Leonard Cohen song.

These are harder than it sounded! Just randomly chose a Leonard Cohen line I like as a start. I called these "playing with"...but I need to *work* on some if I want to get better at this form!
Madolyn Apr 14
i think i've always had an urge
to rip myself to pieces
to value myself less than others
and although it's unhealthy
i don't think i hate it
i let my mind destroy myself
because i definitely deserve it
and as long as others don't get hurt
i don't care what happens
i've always been taught to not be selfish, so i became selfless to a fault
Tess Apr 12
Come into my view.
Come before my gaze.
So I can see you,
through this thick, gray haze.

Through the illusion,
you pretend to be.
That makes me caution,
this reality.

To view the real you,
shouldn't be too hard.
Do you heal those near you,
or simply discard?

Does life hold value?
Is your word sincere?
Do your friends know you,
to hold them quite dear?

I care not 'bout looks,
height, weight, or your race.
All the lives you took,
can't be replaced.

No physical murder.
Only mental death.
When under fire,
do you care who's left?

Come into my view,
So I can see clear.
You do not want to.
It's the truth you fear.

My view's untainted.
My beliefs neutral.
I see the frayed thread,
of your betrayal.

I see the real you,
your imperfect soul.
Will you start anew,
with a new life goal?

Don't make deception.
I can see your lies.
the hardest to try.

Come into my view,
either near or far.
Your sins though a few,
make you who you are.

Don't falsely live.
A lie all can see.
Change cannot outlive,
What you refuse to be.
Do you view people for what they are, or what you want them to be? How do you view yourself? Call your view into question.
I want to fly
In the blue sky

I don’t have Aeroplane
Nor have wings

I still choose to fly
Through my imagination

I bet I’ve experienced
Pleasant and happy journey

Much more than those
Who have wings or Aeroplane.
I Just want to Fly
Nightwolf Mar 21
Time has no face value.
Mystic Ink Mar 17
In Love,
There is no loss
Both win

Ladies first

This way
Genre: Love
Theme: simplicity is ultimate sophistication
krahisunknown Mar 13
i can longer think straight. i find it difficult to breathe. i'm no longer that boy who can do things for himself, you took every inch of my power and used it against me. I'm not strong...i'm weak. you abused every inch of me physically, mentally and emotionally. But I thank you for doing this to me as I've now come to realise that you did all of this because you're afraid, lost and scared about what I can do. You broke me into a million pieces, but don't worry I'll fix myself.
Alexis Mar 11
How can you not see
That you are the root of your Toxicity
How can you not understand
That when you put a monetary value
Before anything else
You become the sum value of exploitation
Hi De Mar 6
what you do not see in yourself,

others see in you.
lift yourself up

love your life
" I don't care if it's a joke in your eyes." She said with no hesitancy and a certain sharpness in her voice. Her softness faded and boldness came over. Her stare was razor sharp as though she could kill someone but it was also disciplined more than impulsive. It wasn't rage, it was fire; fierce and courageous that l hadn't ever seen her dress in. She looked intimidating but strong. She looked daunting but fearless. "There is a limit to jokes, I do joke around and it is fun to a certain point. But there are words and actions I will not tolerate and that is my personal choice. My boundary. I don't care if I love you or if you are my friend. I don't care if you are the closest person to me or the farthest. I will not let your actions or words compromise on my self respect anymore. It is my self value that I stand by. Your actions, words do not define me. The way you treat me does not bring down my worth and neither does it matter to me anymore. I am not a reflection of who you treat me. I know who I am now, I know what I stand by. I am not afraid of losing you or afraid to be seen as a person who overreacts" She stepped in closer, sending a shiver down their spine. "This is my self respect, value, and boundary - accept it or leave"
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