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fall in love with yourself
the way that you want
to be loved.

stop letting strangers take
refuge in your body.

you are not a
momentary place.

you were not built to be
someone’s hideaway
or vacation house.

you were not designed
to handle people
walking in and out
of your life.

your body is tired
of hurting.

tell these short-term
visitors to leave.

the scratches and
scuff marks left by
their careless actions
do not define you.

you expect abandonment.
permanence feels foreign.
someone staying feels
unnatural to you.

but please remember that
you deserve to be
so much more than a
resting spot for someone
to briefly stop at, and
continue on their way.

despite what you may
believe about yourself,
you are not temporary.

please, be kind to yourself.

as you travel through life,
remember that it doesn’t matter
whether you believe it or not.
you are worth it.
and not believing that doesn’t
make it any less true.

please, stop searching
for another guest.

find someone who
feels less like a tourist,
and more like a home.
Let others strive to win a bay wreath crown,
Since nothing gold can stay that gilded is
With fool's gold; let them strive while I write down
What rust cannot corrupt for being His.  
Worldly esteem awaits the faithless great
Devoted to the craft of writing words,
The very words the Lord will uncreate
For glorifying not the Lord of lords.
The contest that I'm in's a different one:
To write the words predestined still to live
For being valued by the perfect Son
Of Father God, to whom these words I give.  
In short, I strive to win (this writer warns
The other pens) from Christ a crown of thorns.
Spriha Kant Sep 27
Hushing my voice isn't needed as I never inflict pain on my throat where my voice's value is nugatory.
What After the rain falls down ?

When everyone leaves your town ?

What After all lights burned out?

When you can't stand loud

What After you dreams come true ?

When no one is in your crew .

What after ........

When no one's there to call

Waiting loan at hall .

What After you reach the edge ?

Now no one is in your maze .

Its end to your fame,

Now there's no one who knows your name

No one is with you

Cause you leave everyone who's true.

You spend your life in lies

For sake of your coat and ties

You can't return to the them

Nor to your memory's frame

So , what After..........?
Dante Rocío Sep 10
Anyone who carries out
lives through
depths, complex
peculiarities in own
in their acts and affiliation
No matter if you’re plumber, cleaner, calligraphist, writer, sailor or any other deemer,
you won’t ever refrain from Poetry,
you want it or not,
if you exude tailored and ownly born
ways and wisdom understandings
only your steps in it have
Alicia Moore Aug 31
to know time,
is to know
the value of life.

to understand time,
is to understand
the meaning of 42
without a visit to the afterlife.
to create time,
is to create
complexity in existing chaos—
not the organisation one hoped for
while watching the sun at peace.
Pockets Aug 29
Sleep ran away with the sheep
It Made me wonder how I messed up counting
Now it’s 2 am and I’m struggling with the math
Adding in distractions
As the hours subtract
I wish I was back in class
All I did was sleep then If only I could do that now
Maybe I need to be laying on a note book and pencil
While I listen to some old person *****
that ill need to know this
You know Thinking about it tho ain’t that some ****
School couldn’t even teach me how to sleep
Yet they try to value
the weight of your dreams

Let me
Treat you
A piece of art

A living art
A moving art
A breathing art

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: forever
Author's Note: So mute, yet so loud.
I am dull and rusted
and I have been had
but, touch me
return to me my shimmer
for my value lies in the palms of your hands
and in the creases of your lips
so, kiss me
with your cursed blessing
and stifle me with royalty
so that I may finally
know what it feels like
to be worth my weight in gold
long live the Queen
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