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Steve Page May 27
Yeah, but I'm cute in the face.
Or not. No matter.
I'm chosen and loved.
That's the crux of the matter.

Yeah, but I'm still young yet.
Or not.  No worries.
I'm chosen and loved.
Not living past glories.

Yeah, but I've still got time.
Or not. No difference.
I'm chosen and loved.
I got my deliverance.

This I know.
I'm chosen by God.
I'm loved by the Saviour.
He calls me his friend.
I rest in his favour.
important to get your perspective right
If a picture is worth
A thousand words
What's it worth
In dreams ?
Is there such a thing
As a cheap dream?
Only cheap words
My Dear Poet May 22
Things that fall apart
often fall out of place

Things that you lose
are often lost without a trace

Things that are stolen
are often taken before your face

Things that are returned
are often found without a case
Mark Toney May 7
value sweet friendship
be quick to resolve problems
don’t let the sun set

Mark Toney ©️ 2023
5/7/2023 - Poetry form: Senryu
Do we choose Bitcoin, or a CBDC?
One will control - one will make free
Bitcoin works through value and wealth
A CBDC works by cunning and stealth

Bitcoin is open - for everyone
The first and best - can’t be outdone
A CBDC is permission based
Your every action known and traced

Bitcoin is widely decentralized
Stable code - we won’t be surprised
A CBDC is CENTRAL by name
And code will change to suit their game

Bitcoin’s NOT able to discriminate
Freeze your funds - or control your fate
Yet all these can happen with a CBDC
And likely will, just wait and see

Which one has the money that’s sound?
Bitcoin’s issuance is known and bound
While a CBDC has no limit at all
With inflation causing the value to fall

So which do you really think is best?
Do your research, then mentally test
Which is controlling and which is free
When choosing Bitcoin, or a CBDC?
This is Bitcoin Poem 012 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
Steve Page Dec 2022
... that is not important.

You’ve spent your time
– so much of our time -
on something that is not important.
And what’s more, you already knew that.
And still you went on
in the hope that it might redeem itself.

We both know what’s important
and what’s not.
We know what is worth our time,
our attention, our tears,
our sleepless nights.
We know what is worth our pain
and what is not.

And yet,
you have near exhausted your time
and, by extension, our time
on something that will never reimburse us.
Something that has cheapened you – us -
and has reduced us to this.

I need to know -
will you fight for something that is important?
And are we important to you?
Relationships  are tough
Steve Page Nov 2022
There are things of great significance
greatly sought
greatly valued
which I cannot put in a search bar

There are things I cannot place
on a spreadsheet
or in my pocket
which I place above all else

There are things I find
difficult to quantify
impossible to define
but which have immense meaning

And so, I do not try
to capture them
to count them
and instead I invite them in
prompted by the first Reith Lecture of 2022 (on the BBC)
pilgrims Sep 2022
When I say "bet"
life begins. I wager sweat and limbs.
The thrill is angelic hymns.

Until a hit is missed.
do I fear love is duplicitous?

energy from unfolding mystery.
Cradling a chalice of compassion with gentle filigree
my hands hold perfectly.
Feeling trust, I sip then pour peacefully.

Worth is free.
Passed down from one generation
to the next
not knowledge
but values - limiting beliefs

constraining, they were not healed
raised in the system, they knew only to heed
what is worse, their children plead
victims of the system their parents preach.
Systemic racism, systemic sexism, systemic- it never ends. flawed systems need to changed, not perpetuated further.
A short quiz for you
Check all that are true
Expand your view
Of this novel breakthrough

Bitcoin is?
A neutral system of value transfer for humanity
The most secure financial computer network
A money based on energy that can’t be counterfeited
The most reliable monetary system yet discovered
A protocol like TCP/IP that can be built upon
Making isolated power sources useful and valuable
Allowing people to think and plan long term
The first truly sound money with a known supply
A censorship resistant medium of exchange
Hope for those living in authoritarian regimes
A transparent ledger for clarity and accountability
All of the above
This is Bitcoin Poem 026 at and you can see it displayed on a background when you (copy and paste the link below).
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