If one don’t smile,
One is dead

If one don’t cry,
One is dead

If one don’t feel pain,
One is dead

Treasure the values
Of all those emotions,
We smile, cry and feel pain

Human connections.
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
Genre: Rational
Delusional13 Feb 16
Don't speak so much
Your words will lose their value
Don't cry so much
Your tears will lose their value
Don't give yourself so much to others
You will lose your value

This is an advice from a person who lost her value
Mystic Ink Feb 15
Searching a value of “X”
Entered a elite Pub
Faced Daruma eyes without a familiar face
I was Alien to them, and they were to me.

In a drunk state,
Arousing reasons, absence sense
A query of its own  
Bar tender placed s/t in equidistance ground
Judging people by the questions, they ask
Who got the skin, who got the bones
Difference between living and existing
A winner and a looser
“Why”, “What”, “Who” : never ending interrogations
Less control over all senses
Dare to answer all noble teachers
In Wiki’s failure, repeatedly shaking a head

Value of a "Signature"
Weights value of your “X”
Found an enlightening answer
Dynamic code of a life
My 2nd thought, "A drunk seems master of all."
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Mike D Feb 7
Nothing gained
Nothing lost
Of no value
What’s the cost?

Blinded hope
Murdered will
Pointless battles
I have fought

Take some risks
Take a shot
In walls I built
I am caught

The daily grind
Alive and well
In healthy skin
I sit and rot

Restless thoughts
Just out of reach
The things I sought

No hope of hope
No drive to drive
Things others have
I have not

Many questions
No care for answers
This paradox
I am caught

The many lessons
Life has taught me
A sharp contrast
With what we’re taught
Written: September 22, 2017

All rights reserved.
SeaChel Feb 7
I'd much rather hear
your lonely silence,
seemingly with no end,
rather than
your empty words,
which never held any sort of value
to you

nor to myself

Ben Meraki Jan 15
I woke up this morning
with you on my mind,
and fresh memories
of another perfect night.

I'm in heaven when I'm
spending time with you.

There's nothing on this
Earth that I'd rather do.

Outside the rain's falling
but I don't mind.
Because anytime you're around
the whole world looks so bright.

You make me feel alive,
like nobody else ever could.

You make it easy for me
to see the beauty and the good in this world and so

- -

I don't ever want what we've got now to end.
Above all else, you're the perfect friend,

and like a deer, anytime you appear
in a perfect scene,  you can still add the finishing touch.
When you're here anything that I fear
melts away - and you know how I feel girl - I love you so much but..

- -

It doesn't matter if I can't keep you to myself.
It doesn't matter if I gotta see you leaving with somebody else.

I still want you on my side
in this game they call life.
You're the piece that's been missing
for all of this time

and it took me so long
to work out what was wrong.
But I'd never have known had you
not come along, and so...

It doesn't matter if I can't hold you in my arms all night.
It doesn't matter if I cant wake up to your smile in the morning light.

There's so much in this world
left to do and to see.
It could only be better
in your company.

So though I can't pretend
that my heart will relent,
it's OK.
I just never want what we have now to end...

my perfect friend.
Written for a love over which only our friendship presides.
Breanna Stockham Dec 2017
Don't chase, value, love or need
Mass produced replacable things
We seek with hopes they'll make us whole
They'll fill your house but not your soul

Don't skip the ocean to buy souvenirs
Or that's all you'll have in 20 years
Memories, people, experiences, time
You can buy more decor but clocks can't rewind
samantha page Dec 2017
that thoughts of you run through me
like water through a river.
that you are as enticing as a great book
maybe even more so.
that i really really value you as a person
as a friend.
that you are as beautiful as the sky
and i love the sky.
this was from over a month ago and is kinda unfinished but i like it :)
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
"My love,
My Sun God,
The beat of my fragile heart,
The crown of my head,
What is inflation?"
asked the wife to her husband.
"My sweetie  pie,
My Moon Godess Artemis,
My exotic perfume,
It's  simple.
First, when we got married,
You were 36-24-36,
Today you are 48-52-50,
You have everything more than what you had before,
But, your value has become less,
Economy is not hard with a good example
Gavin silverman Nov 2017



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