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Some of us
are just
a free meal to
Curious brains
Lustful eyes
Hungry egos

Know your worth
and become good appetizers
to the ones
who value you
Like a feast
from paradise
Flesh over fiction
validation over volition
find the angle
to carve desire,
find the curve,
to contort the insatiable itch
seared by the rapacity
of modernity.

We transcended commodity,
we're free,
not in sense of liberty
the shackles still remain
but our worth diminished.
Kail Nov 23
This senseless self-preoccupation
sends me straight to ****
and I can’t tell if it’s your fault or mine
it’s fine either way, I’m not sure I care at this point
I’m just tired of every piece of my life feeling so painfully out of joint
my heart conjoined with assumed opinions and criticism that even Satan would call excessive

And I push you away like you put this on me
that you expect me to be just like everybody else
or maybe that perspective veils the reality that I know I was made for more than this
******* away my time and energy worrying about if I measure up to what you expect of me

I mean, you want me to look like your firstborn son
how can I even begin to measure up to that after everything I’ve done?
or at least this is the tape I run repeatedly in my head
And in a way it’s like I dread hearing anything besides it
because if I hear a different sound
I’m bound to bigger responsibility and I’m pushed to the brink

And I find myself sinking beneath the terrible thought that you’re disappointed in me
That you find me disgusting and can’t wait to be rid of me
But while I’m making self-pity my revelry I so often fail to see the devilry of my thoughts
not catching that I’m thinking way more highly of my brokenness than I ought
and we’ve fought over this more times than I can count,

I know.

***, how many more times do you have to show me that the way I think just doesn’t work?
How many more times will you remind me I’m not loved because it’s earned?
That your firstborn took on the curse that I deserved
I’ve read and heard the story a thousand times
even though I forget it at the drop of a dime
so remind me again, I don’t have to try so hard
to be the son you want and that...

you’re not nearly as far away from me as I think you are
I often feel like a bad son. But what I feel and what is true often don’t mesh together.
Often times when unappreciated,
We feel our value decrease,our ego crushed and our abilities downgraded,
But really our value should not rely on what others think,
It should rely on what we know of ourselves,
Trust and believe in yourself,
It wont matter if no one else does,
Respect yourself;only someone with no self respect wont respect you,
Placing our value on how people see us or what they say of us is not stable,
Because people see us the way they see themselves,they treat us the way they treat themselves.
And if they don't treat themselves right,they wont treat you right.
Therefore you do not want to base your value on how someone else values themselves or not.
Know your worth.
Amanda Nov 11
Made me feel beautiful
Yet sometimes hideous too
Held my confidence in your hand
It crumbled when we fell through
Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful
As the screen flashes, you can't reply in this conversation
Would this be your final decision?

North to South, West to East
So many things I've missed

You've changed a lot and so, I am
I wanted you back — but ****!

How if you left me in pieces
I don't really know how to fill up those spaces
The gap and distance between the two of us
Are this movie we're trying to produce have to end so fast?

You took me to the wonders of this world
You made feel special with your hands to hold
But in return, I made you feel bad
I made you sad and I am so sorry about that

To be honest, I don't deserve your love
I don't deserve to be with you, with all your kisses and hugs

I'm imperfect as well as my fingers while yours fits perfectly
Your message is the only thing is want to see
I'll be waiting no matter how long it would be
I'm hoping you still love me

She is waiting...
I'm waiting
Read. Like. Love.

This is for someone I took for granted. I'm sorry and if you also did, share it. Leave a comment down below. Luv <3
Save your,
Effort and
For those
Who care

Save your,
Words and
For those
Who deserve
Theme: Conservation Of Energy
Gordon Chai Oct 24

how many do i need
to feel like something?
Tia Oct 21
Where are you when it's dark?
When it's hard to take what they bark
When I needed to breathe my deserved air
When in their eyes I feel so *****, so bare

I wanted to know you ever since
Ever since everything knocked me down and made  some sense
But yet you were nowhere to be found
You weren't there, you left me behind

Was this your natural nature?
To not show up even if everything is so hard to endure?
To let me be dragged and lay on the floor?
To let me be drowned on my sea of failure?

You kept running away
Leaving me to doubt myself when I fail
Putting me in the box with couple of locks
Caging me with no escape luck
Finished in June of 2018.
Kada Oct 10
If you forget to realize your ***'s master, you'll settle for being someone's side piece.      
Why settle for something you don't deserve?
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