Most people glare with grey
they hide in shade
in sight of sun, fade away
as colour dies, they never stay.

But as I write in grey
for others never to notice
when the number of views are lowest

I learn.
How do we optimize for...

The most talented engineer in the world
Into third-world existensionalism hurled.
Needing more to provide for immediate family
Than solving greater criseses of humanity -
Should their ultimate potential remain unfurled?

Or an artist -  who through his or her art unites
Races and genders. - who through talent reduces fright?
Who due to geolocation is marginalized
Or more likely -  is exploited and politicized
And in the end disillusion becomes their plight?

How do we optimize for...

Value to most.. being a deciding factor?
Over being a cause of the day to some ex-actor?
What if we were compensated by value to humanity rather than economical pressures?  How many people would make different choices about what they do every day?

Does not come piece by piece
But all at once

A sudden arrival -
No signs
No warnings
No alarms
A sudden loss

It despises time
It disrespects the place -
A grand enigma
Inescapable fate

No one is exempt


Do then what good you can do
Love then as hard as you can
Live then like today is your last

Because death

Does not come piece by piece
But all at once
Bright and bold people
Few are gold
Rest are gold plated

I feel I am a carbon particle
With the warmth of heart
I change my worth
Either Coal or Diamond

Flexible to that level
She said

With mesmerizing smile
Lastly, she emphasized

Diamonds are forever
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:  You deserve nothing less
Katelynn May 22
Are just glass,
And those scales,
Are just numbers.

You rely on them.
To tell you your worth,
As if they can speak.

You let them control you,
Let them consume you,
Every thought,
Every moment.

You let others,
Control your actions,
For just a fleeting moment,
Of trying to fit in.

But what if I told you,
That isn’t needed.
What if I told you,
That you have been cheated.

Would you believe me?
If I told you that they lie,
Or how they do not truly see you,
So you don’t have to cry.

For that glass does not know,
The smiles you bring,
For that number does not know,
The joyous tunes you sing.

But darling just remember.

For that mirror,
Is just glass,
And those scales,
Are just numbers.
I feel that in society today all that we care about is fitting the "perfect image." Sometimes we become obsessed with it. We fail to realize our true value, and that mirrors and scales do not hold value. We all have our doubts sometimes, but I hope we can all realize our true worth ❤❤❤
Maria Etre May 17
ethan gaskill May 11
she said that a second is
(one /31 million 536 thousand)th
of the time it takes for earth to make
one complete rotation

i said a second has
an independent value
because i love her
Once I asked
Random people
Show me your happiness

Child, showed me their SMILE
Adult, showed me their GADGETS
Mature, showed me their BANK BALANCE
Grand age, showed me their CHILDREN
Sage showed me brightness in his EYES

Happiness is dynamic
Understanding  based

With maturity
It changes
Temporary to Permanent
Objects to Values
Dream to Faith.
Theme:Happiness In Motion
Rain May 1
Dancing, carry you out to space
Dancing, frees your mind out to the sky
Dancing, can take you from place to place
Dancing, can let your thoughts fly high

Dance with all of your emotions
People will hear the story in your dance
Imagine you’re lost in the oceans
And finally you see the chance

Dance like no one’s watching
Cause then you’ll lose your mind
Dance like someone is catching
So that you won’t be left behind

Dance out the story of your own
So that your value will be shown.
PLEASE READ!!! I take no credit for this poem, as it was all done by my fabulous friend YaQi, who believes she's no good at poetry. I disagree, and decided to post her wonderful poem here. Enjoy! : ))
Mary-Eliz Apr 25
Pantoum I - Non-Rhyming

I took my diamond to the pawn shop
but that didn't make it junk@
though I didn't get much money for it
just enough to buy a meal

what makes something junk
when you come right down to it
if it buys you a meal
and can satisfy a need

when you come right down to it
what value can we give
to satisfy a need
when we swallow down our pride

what value is there really
in any things we have
if they swallow up our pride
like useless diamonds pawned
Pantoum II - Rhyming

I took my diamond to the pawn shop
but that didn't make it junk@
didn't get much for it
value, it seems, had shrunk

pawning doesn't make it junk
if it satisfies a need
even with its value shrunk
pawned diamonds make you free
@ "took my diamond to the pawn shop, that don't make it junk" line from Leonard Cohen song.

These are harder than it sounded! Just randomly chose a Leonard Cohen line I like as a start. I called these "playing with"...but I need to *work* on some if I want to get better at this form!
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