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Father help me place my value in this and this alone.
I am a child of God, the one true King.
When all else fades away, nothing can strip me from that truth.
When I don't feel like enough, remind me I am Yours and You are mine.
I am Your child, what a marvelous thing.
I am so beloved, I am made in Your image.
When every other attribute is stripped away, I am still this.
I am Your child, nothing else matters.
JP Goss Sep 29
If it’s not rich
It’s not worth the stomachache—

If you’re gonna trip
You’d better hallucinate—

If you’re lost in Elysium
Talk once to the butterflies—

If you love Fate
Become the wet dreams of Delphi.
Michael A Duff Nov 2017
She was drown in the sarrows of a past she dare not escape.

Bound by an invisable chain, anchored, and weighed her down.

A painful comfort of dysfunction, this chain rubbed raw places in her mind.

Like an addict in her ways, kindness and happiness slipped through her open grasp, so she could wade into the familiar waters once again.
it is sad how some you love SO dearly seem to love their problems and past more than the life they could lead in the present. The observation is this damage creates a dysfunctional behavior where the victim thrives on problems, not happiness, and can and will help everyone but themselves.
And when I see you

Everything aligns
The mood
The hope
The spirit
The energy
And many more
That can't be explained

That you are

And that is beautiful
Single reason
To believe

What you are
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Your Worth || You Are Enough
Thank you

A genuine
Well being
Genre: Inspirational
Paras Bajaj Sep 9
She gave everything;
to the one who lives miles away.
She took everything;
from the one who lives near.

She is light;
to the one who likes the darkness.
She is dark;
to the one who likes her spark.

She played along;
with the one who always wins.
She won;
against the one who can't see her lose.

She fell in love;
with the one that never tried.
She fell in hate;
with the one that never lied.

Her heart is warm;
for the one who don't care.
Her heart is cold;
for the one who is always there.
Instagram: mr.parasbajaj
Eliza Sep 1
i am so unbelievably terrified
of letting down the ones i love
that i cannot let them love me

i am a self centered

but i can’t do anything about it
and if i try
i cry
and if i try
i die
because i know it is not me
and it’s not who i am

but when i don’t try
i make others feel worse
i tell them i’m okay
but this life is a hearse
and i’m stuck in it
my body is dead but my mind is alive
and i’m banging on the walls
but i’m too weak to break through
these emotions push and pull me in every direction

the coffin in the hearse that contains my body
is traveling over a bridge
the driver of the hearse went unconscious
and i cannot do anything
because if i try
i die

i won’t be alive for much longer
because of my attempt to be stronger
but the weights are tied to my feet
and this ship is ready to sink
and i am not ready to go over board
but as i plummet
head first
into the ice cold water
i look back on those who threw me in
those who wished to **** me
and smile
yes, i died.
my body was not contained though.
i died.
but, my body was not in the hearse
this is not meant to make things worse
i did die, that’s not a lie
but just let me try
to let this get by
my body was not in the hearse
it was not left to sit there forever
my vessel will sink, but my ship will sail
as soon as this is over
i won’t be in jail
i won’t be stuck in a cell
my life is a living hell
but if you don’t wish me well
if you step on me
and rip me apart
it will give me a start
to help you hurt me
to help me help you
because i don’t care about me
i am not important
but if i affect you
in any negative way
that is me
hurting myself
locking myself
in the coffin
in the hearse
with the unconscious driver
now at the bottom of the ocean
locked up
in the cell of its own misery
please don’t help me get by
it will make me feel guilty
but if you just stay with me
and pretend like my head is empty
that is okay
because you won’t be worried
and i will have no hurry
to leave the side
of those in my mind
one day for me
my mind will touch the sky
and my death will make me alive
Bhill Aug 31
Is it understood that time is of no value
It's wasted
It passes
It creates aged elements

What if time ceased
Think hard about this
Hard, I mean think heavy

What if time sped up
This needs to be considered
In all quirks of the natural world

Time is unexplained
Time possesses numerous undertakings
Time, is it on our side?

Brian Hill - # 223
Is time on your side?
Owen Cafe Aug 27
Anger is not passion.

Passion can make you angry.
Anger can breed passion.
But do not confuse the rose from its thorns.
Do not let the horns of self gratification
confuse you for value.

Passion is as pure as a first kiss,
as powerful as an earthquake radiating from the soul.
Anger is as naive as a bullet in a gun and as weak as..
"I didnt mean to"

Do not mistake anger for passion.
Anger is not passion.
You are not anger.

You are passion.
Thoughts on social activism and arguing for the right things the wrong way.
Carl D'Souza Aug 9
In what ways
do I make others
joyful and happy?

How much
do I make others
joyful and happy?
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