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——Allied, 2016 movie  


WWII setting, covert operations
in German-occupied Casablanca

"Love and Hunger rule the world."
Consequently to dominate the world,
man had to win a victory over hunger,
after paying a very high price.
Scenery I.  Casablanca
All are of one colour: yellow,
Parachuting into the Moroccan desert,
He swept dune seas, hypnotically,
Not a patch of shade, not a drop of water,
only an infinite sea of yellow sand. 
Action I. Max & Marianne meet

Max Vatan (M) took a wedding ring,
Looking, Searching and Wandering:
Order Code:
1. Your wife dressed in purple;
2. A scarf stitched with a wild yellow bird

(Party Hall,Marianne Beauséjour swirled around)
Slowly, she turned back to him,
Loudly, she shouted out in French,
C’est mon meilleur et le plus beau mari.

Scenery II.

Sunrise at Casablanca desert
And the entire desert is theirs.
As all the skies are the stars and the sun’s kingdom.
There are no doors; hearts are open,”
——Southern Moroccan Secrets.”

Featured Conversations:
Marianne lifted up her lips and asked Max:
“Le Québécois? What are our odds?
Of surviving? 60-40, against. Both of us, I don’t know.”

So, tell me about Medicine Hat, Marianne kept asking
Max Vatan: Pretty green. Rolling hills.
Clear water. Just a place I go when things get dark.
You? Do you have a place?
Marianne Beauséjour: When the war is over
it won’t matter where I am.

Action II. Assassin

Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it,

Beware the feelings of two agents allied,
they strike in the darkness

Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it
Beware the shadows if you value your life
they strike in the darkness

20:31, 20:32… Counting down,
Trois, Deux, Un… 20:35
Allied couple, a possible mission  

Boom! Bang! Explosions screamed
into glass, into fire and smoke.
Is it our only chance of escape?

Before the Mission, Assassin comes 

Nothing to live for, nowhere is safe,

Stick to the light if you wish to escape.

Scenery III.
Along the corridor in the V section  
“they never say what they mean
and they never mean what they say,
and they never say anything on the phone”

Action  III: 72hours Blue-dye” procedure
1st 24 Hours:

Who really is Marianne?
That was a repeated question from Max
As no iron curtains made of steel

conniving happy family with things to steal

A pair of birds perched on a live wire
Only to set up a mission to conspire

2nd 24 Hours

Is this a game or a test?
Max thought he has understood it clearly

That love for a spy is only a game to play.
Have you heard his soundless scream
When the war was there, a game to share
With V-Section, life or death.
A test. A game.

The last hours: Ending letters

Je t'aime, Québécois, Marian said her last words to Max.
She shot herself.
blood and red coat, soaked into the rain  
Her voice swings to Medicine Hat

Where Pretty green. Rolling hills
Clear water…When the war is over,
it won’t matter where I am ..
A young girl, Anna read this letter with her father,
at Medicine Hat.
Quite reflective movie that I watched it 3 times. The story picks up a year later with Max and Marianne married and living in London with their infant daughter in as much bliss as one could possibly hope for during wartime.
Revised 12/08/2020
To entertain
means to be starkers
and dance with veils,
to exoticize war
and tremble in
a thousand rhythms.
Bejeweled as a spy,
don't know why.
Eye of the day,
and a dozen matchlocks
had me inertly settle
upon my knees,
before bending at my waist
to take one last look
at the fiery heavens.
Thomas W. Case's Historical Figure Poetry Challenge, Mata Hari.
Imran Islam Jul 6
The clime without poets is like the soulless desert
Poets drew their dreams in the words of the mind
The morning without poets is like a sunless night.

Without dreams we have nothing to get high
Poets play with dreams and they are cool spy.
Poets bring the sunshine where has no daylight!

Those who are self-sacrificing poets
They are the golden sun in the world.
In the cloudy sky, I'll find that sunlight.

You write so many untold stories
You have so much love in your heart
You're warm-blooded and you're soft.

Sometimes you are calm and reposed
You're smell of flowers and the singing bird
You're shadow of evergreen forest!

Who'd do questions without a poet, who'll answer them?
Who'll think of nature and who'll love it like you.
The world in the evening, let the morning come.
It'll be a disaster anyway, even then here you come again!
Hsenura Jun 2019
"I love you",
I wish to send,
Blowing my cover
And my missions.
"Is it worth it?",
You make me ask,
To leave it all behind,
And run to you.
"Reply anything!",
Yes, I've read.
You know I do, always,
Yet I hold myself back.
"Trust me, I'll return",
I almost sent, but,
Reality suddenly struck
Where promises fail.
"Bye", a last text,
Before the bullet
Kissed my heart,
Soothed my senses;
"Thank you darling",
I thought, unspoken,
As her face flashed
For one last time.
Penmann Jun 2019
Try not to cry.

It all happened before
we all know the story
while hiding undercover
you're also a *****.

Now chew on that you old piece of snitch.

V for Vendetta
Engulfing to play
Never forget those who can't die
D for Decay
Ether will swallow me
Terrible fate
This is my story
A faceless mirage

A black op scenario became a social cliche.
Ylzm Apr 2019
Small nations? Who cares!
Unless you're Israel. Who else?

Why spy and steal
Just slam the steel
Gift in hand, suggests
Your daughter - or son - or else?

Small nations
petty thieves
spy, steal from
small nations.

Big Boys see and laugh
All of mine is yours
If you worship us
You'll be one of us.

But Big Boy wannabe
China, will never be;
Splurged fake money by the ton
But none worships Dragon's son.
Em MacKenzie Mar 2019
Usually I embrace the lack of sound,
but lately it’s been peeling the paint off the walls.
The chips scatter and collect on the ground,
in boredom I pick them up and roll them into *****.
I forget the last voice that touched my ear,
but there’s only one I truly seem to crave,
even when telling me things I don’t want to hear
I find it impossible for me not to cave.

I’ve been playing Spy vs Spy
with my reflection in the mirror.
The black and white catches my eye
but the mix to grey is growing nearer.
There’s something else I want to try,
as the difference between good and bad is getting clearer.
I remember everyone else but forgot I,
I’m not too sure if I should fear her.
So what side are you on?
Are you here or are you gone?

Normally I love the pitch black dark
but tonight it’s drowning me in an abyss.
The structure and outlines that once were stark
are now details even the sharpest eye could miss.
I forget the last person to grace my sight,
there’s only one I wish to be standing in place,
her glow would banish the darkness of night,
whether she was caressing or slapping my face.

I’ve been playing Spy vs Spy
with my opposing thoughts and views,
and lately I’ve just been getting by
by drinking raindrops and morning dews.
A goal too far or maybe too high,
but that’s hardly any breaking news.
So what side are you on?
Are you hand written or hand drawn?

You’re holding me under water, watching me drown so slow,
pulling me up for air and saying “don’t breathe, just blow.”
You’re holding me under water,
watching me drown so slow,
then pulling me up for air begging
“please, oh please, don’t go.”

I’ve been playing Spy vs Spy
with my conflicting feelings and limited choices,
no right path for me so the left I defy,
in the distance I may just hear voices.
It’s comedic how I accept a lie,
and I’m sure she still rejoices.
So what side are you on?
Are you twilight or are you dawn?
Lost in my Head Mar 2019
I tried to be a secret agent
I smuggled the keys to your heart
Little did I know
You had changed the lock
A Feb 2019
are we children, or are we spies
in this city of disguise
when heaven calls,
and the wall falls,  
who will pass us by?
if Jūrmala
by Riga
she fettered
goat head
aim for
orient in
sea yesterday
she stank
like the
submarine there
with Latvia
as Über
recoiled their
way to
Dow Nation
with centipede
in lore
a middle of the road strategu
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