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sara Sep 18
Sometimes I feel out of place,
like I belong in another time .

I wonder why I was put here,
like I don't have a reason to be.

Than i look at you,
and it all feels right.
amber Aug 30
our broken pieces
are not a match
instead of making me
you scratch
and cut
Em MacKenzie Aug 9
The puzzle piece was right but the picture’s wrong,
gifted with a short window but I needed long.
You know there’s no outcome I can see obtaining a win,
and your outsides are mingled with those that are in.

You can’t tell me that I’m clearly right,
I thought I was the only one putting up a fight.
You know we can’t go around in this circle anymore,
and my insides are bruised, swollen and sore.

But I’m not fit to rule, no,
I’m broken in half instead of small pieces.
I beg for each molecule to grow,
but I’m out of contracts and short on leases.
It’s plain to see the impact on me
that naturally you shape the best version I can be,
but I’m not fit to rule, no.

I’ve got strength in supply except where I need it most,
under the impression that I’m hanging on to a ghost.
For once I concur that the best things in life are free,
but my outsides keep my in from escaping.

But I’m not fit to rule, so,
I accept the disappointment with the empty hands.
Another deal that’s a cruel blow,
the hour glass; broken, but there’s no stopping the sands.
It’s plain the see the impact on me,
but I’ll continually suffer in solitary.
But I’m not fit to rule, no.

Keep on running, keep on gunning,
close your eyes and plug your ears.
Keep on running, I’m sure they’re coming,
share the skies but not your fears.
J F O Jul 11
We were two halves
trying to fit
our pieces

We took away
fragments of
little by little.

Not knowing
we were already
slicing chunks
off of each other
becoming someone
we no longer

It was then
we realized,
no matter
how much
effort we put,
how much
we stripped off,
we couldn't force
the pieces to fit.

You and I,
we weren't right
at least
we tried.
I tried to change for you, you tried to change for me.
I tried to change you. You tried to change me.
We tried to make things work between us but we just couldn't fit.
Every part of me
means something
and it meant
nothing to you,

like every piece
didn't seem to fit you,
yet here I am
holding a piece of you,
Important parts of us
There’s a place on my hip
Where your hand would fit
A place on my neck
To lay your head
Nuzzling and cuddling
In bed together
Permanent satisfaction
You and me forever
Love you Romeo
Erian Apr 12
I opened my fist
To engulf the moon
In a fit of love
That I'd go far further
Then the Milky Way
To be in your arms
Nylee Mar 14
It is magical
when the nature creates the world
So perfectly imperfect
That I, a misfit, can fit right in
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