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Life is beautiful
For the fit and fine
Tons of money
Tons of wine
Clubs and hotels
Dance and dine
No worries
Nothing to whine
Life is ugly
For the poor
For the suffering
Nothing to frolic
Nothing to rhyme
It's a punishment
Well defined
Life is beautiful...
Life is ugly...
Sal AK Mar 9
As I am
As you are
As we were before trying to fit into a shapeless world
We found a place in each other's heart...
As we are
So flawless
So effortless
We fit into the shape of love.
Siren Oct 2020
There is only one box.
One space to fit in.
If you do not fit, you do not belong.
So I must fit. I must belong.
Where else would I go?

But it feels tight and ill-fitting.

Why should I sacrafice my edges to fit into a space
I do not want to be in?
So I went.
To embrace my edges in a place where there is space.
Words about home.
Sarah Flynn Oct 2020
I’m still a child
playing a game
of musical chairs.

I’m just trying to
find a seat with
everyone else.

I’m still going
around and around
and around again,
searching for my
chance to fit in.

but every time
that I think
I’ve finally
found it,

as soon as
I go to sit down,

life pulls the chair
out from under me.
Ash Oct 2020
they say they were molded by the pain
so why should I fit that mold?
is it not enough to break free of it
carve my own shape
and mend what there is?
gen z struggles
chang cosido Sep 2020
i have forced myself
to fit into different skins
so many times ;
like how water takes the
shape of its containers.

how many persons
do i have to become
before i could truly
become myself?
Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
As an engineer
I constructed
Roadways, highways
Earthquake Resistant Structures
Never understood
Life's fractures
The result of
Life's tremors
To do some retrofit
To make life fit
Mysterious are His ways
He engineered life
Such a way
Engineers fail to
Learn it anyway
Naveen Malhotra Aug 2020

What is the meaning of life is a question prime
The answer to it is anybody's guess
Life is beautiful to the fit and fine
Who have plenty to dance and dine
For the poor, sick and suffering
It is a punishment well defined
They find nothing to frolic and rhyme
colette alexia Aug 2020
Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe you can handle it
Because maybe her dreams aren't quite as big

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe you won't hold against
Me how easy it is to fall for friends

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe this is for the best
And she'll teach you things that I couldn't

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe I needed this
To see her in my place so I could love again

Maybe she's a better fit
Maybe you and I weren't it
But I'll always believe that we were worth the risk
colette alexia Aug 2020
I didn’t think that you were something
I could grow out of
But our love
Doesn’t fit us
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