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Time will show
the path
fit for me.
My only hope is that
it puts us
Then I'll be both happy
and lucky.
newpoetica Dec 2018
i don't want to romanticize it,
but i swore that when we were together, something fit
was it that on our first date,
we had such a great time that i actually stayed up late
or was it that after one month you promised me
that every indefinite sunday morning you loved me, you would brew tea
perhaps it was when i revealed everything about my past
you told me that despite my broken pieces, our love would always last
you never made me feel less when we were together
even when you bought that one jacket, when you know how i feel about non-vegan leather
throughout our small-matter fights,
we still came together to make love on those special nights
but, i don't want to romanticize it,
because i swore when we were together something just fit

you shaped me, so thank you. i'm glad that i got the pleasure to love you.
... so i'm 17 and have never had a boyfriend, but i'd like to think that my future one and i would split amicably.
Grace Dec 2018
Wearing someone else’s coat
Their pictures in the pockets
Makeup on the collar
Maybe it’s too big
Too small
Sometimes other people’s clothes
Just don’t fit right
Nosipho Khanyile Dec 2018
Our love was fitted, warm, comfortable and subtle,


our hugs felt like trying to put a triangle piece of lego into an indented circle; forced .
Tara Dec 2018
To make the pieces fit,
I dissected my being;
    for the kids in school,
    for my teachers.

To be accepted,
I abandoned who i was;
    who my family is,
    where I came from.

To be like the others,
I stopped listening to myself;
    what I wanted,
    what I loved.
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
It's just how it is
A fitting two of us
The dance of night
How love is meant
Love is love. No questions.
Lovely Nov 2018
We've got that push, that pull, that friction.
We've got that ying, that yang.
Side by side.
I feel like you could ride with me symbolically.
Take our broken pieces.
Make a symphony.
You and me.
We are a walking contradiction.
I feel your fingertips in high definition.
Learning all of your twists and turns.
So carefully.
Your anatomy.
Playing tetris.
Bodies on the mattress.
How we fit together.
Perfect messes.
All of your edges.
Feel the chemistry when your kissing me.
There is poetry, in our symmetry.
When you move with me.
L Nov 2018
But somehow in the mix of everything
I still don't fit in my shoes
Yasmeen Badaro Oct 2018
Where do I belong,

in this made up town.
Surrounded by fake crowns,
and bodies walking around.

I do not belong with royalty,
Nor with the common.

I’m broken and made,

into what I am today.

I wear this façade,

to not be out flawed.
Though I fit here,

It is not where I belong.
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
Lungs emptied,
I try to cry out but only cry.
My heart beats fitfully,
like a toddler deprived of their favourite toy.
Dread overcomes me,
wholly and completely,
as I realize you aren't coming back.
Heaving sobs will be replaced by
quiet tears,
a silent suffering that comes only with time.
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