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Color 4d
Yuchu 7d
I shoved the absurdity into the woodpile
The fire was crackling and raging
Licking the bottom of the *** that is already worn
Demons and ghosts and phantoms of people who went crazy are dancing inside
Why are you moving it, how tiring!
The cat in the room asked
Why don't you join us, how stupid!
Red ***** on the chopping board asked
No, I said, no
I used ridiculousness to pile firewood higher
The fire will not go out in nine hundred and ninety-one days
I'm going to use this fire to cook, bathe and change clothes
When reality is more absurd than even magical realism stories...
Lara May 21
A part of life where you’d like gravity to stop

And just fly away

Decisions are a part of growing up

Sometimes it’s hard to decide
Sometimes it’s easy to decide

Sometimes it’s hard to accept decisions
Or make decisions

Decisions affect your life
Decisions can hurt or make you happy
Or both at the same time

Everybody makes decisions to make their life better or get another chance

After making a decision
You feel freed
But there also is this other feeling that hurts
Make your life better with the decisions you make
Your voice is a music to my ear.
Even if i may not see you, but seems you're here.
Now I am giving to you my love and care.
Please accept it, I am sending it through air.
Isabella Mar 23
If we loved each other,
Pushing differences aside,
We'd accept each other,
So people wouldn't hide.

All our colors would stand out,
Instead of just blend in.
Our world would be beautiful,
Instead of "Full of Sin"

Respect our neighbors,
Hold their heart.
And keep it from,
Falling apart.

Love and peace,
Let go of greed.
Love and peace,
Is all we need.
Only one thing can calm my raging seas
can soothe the overwhelming sense of doom
only one thing can warm me and give me light
in my darkest hours

She smooths over the bruises
and kisses my scars

Only one person has ever truly accepted me
Has taken my hand without fear or greed
She is the purest thing in my life
The only thing I need.
platonic love is still love
You take the worst of you.
You take the worst and hide it away,
Deep in a dark building,
In its dark basement,
In the darkest room,
And lock it away.
Hidden and forgotten.
You hide it because you’re ashamed;
You hide it because you can’t erase it.
So it’s buried with all your flaws,
Never to see the light.
Time convinces you this is who you are.
And you believe it so.

Then someone comes along
And sees what you want to become.
What you can become,
And the light they shine on you
Is the warmest your skin has ever felt.
You want them to know the real you,
Not the version common eyes feast on.

You clutch the key in your pocket,
Twirling it in your trembling hand,
Wanting to hand it to them,
Allow them to venture to the depths of your failures.
You want them to see it and exclaim
“I still accept you.”

The thought fades,
And you’re reminded of the storage
That haunts the basement of that lonely building.
You see the terrors tucked away
And imagine what this special person would think.

You are a hoarder of horrors,
Too afraid to let anyone see,
And too afraid to let go.
Amanda Jan 6
All I know has failed me
Caused me grief and pain
They say I should have learned by now
That the fault lies in my brain

I will try to correct my thinking
Disconnect some wires in my head
So that instead of being hopeful
I'll just suspect the worst instead

I hurt on a daily basis
So maybe it's time to accept
Redirect the patterns in my mind
So that agony I will expect
Sick of getting my hopes up
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