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I do not approve of what they do,
Yet I love them         just the same.

I cannot accept what they think and say,
But I accept them          for who they are.

They hurt the people that I love the most,
And I hurt                to forgive them again

If they were you, they'd be easier to love.
Yet I am the source                of the blame.
I accepted this fact that you took a place in my heart.
The door to Jesus is not far away
Around the corner if need be.
Often we live trapped  
Beyond our thinking
Afraid of making an effortless decision.
If nobody cares to accept you and wants you in this world,
accept yourself
and you will see that you don't need them and their selfish desires
Do not resist.
Just let it be your all emotions.
Just sitting and watching them. Just watching a storm of emotions.
Accept it.
I'm sat watching the world go by that all I seem to do these days for I have no desire to do anything
For life Is just not the same as it was once with my sweetheart but she gone now I accept that but it this emptiness
Don't think this feeling will ever go away and that the problem every day a struggle but have
to carry
Hemlata Roy Aug 3
Bring happiness
Empty sadness.

Spread humanity
Accept unity.

Fill your heart with kindness
Fill colours in emptiness.

Forget strife
Love life.
Good thoughts can make your life happier.
دema Jul 31
three little kids
spend every friday
after school together,
make fashion runways
out of eachother’s
building halls,
went from going
on field trips together
to each discovering life
in separate ways,
one grew more popular,
one grew more reliant
and one more in peace
with her surroundings,
how can it be that
they learn to accept
that bodies grow and
distances increase
but not that hearts change?
reflecting on my 2 childhood best friends
Niki Gray Jul 31
Reaching, rising,
touching, striving,
grasping success,
don't accept less.
Trying something a little different.  Thank you as always to all those who support me and read my poems.  Shout out to Christian, Favour, Sheela, Court, James, Sydney and Jim.  Thank you also to my big brother Todd for encouraging me to be awesome everyday...Haha
I don't know what happen to you. I wish I could help you.
Just know you not alone.
I do accept and love you.
No matter who you are.
I wanna be your friend.
I see that sadness in your eyes.
I do worry about you and you are important.
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