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Spitz 5d
I know I am not an easy person.
I know I overthink it all.
I know I can be insecure.
I know.
But I promise you,
while it is hard for me to accept it,
I will give you love
with every part of my being.
I will love you
with a passion and fierceness
that will make you wonder
where I was this whole time.
I will make you forget
every imperfection you have,
because I love all of them.
I will comfort you
when life draws your tears.
I will care for you
like the sun cares for the earth.
I will try to be everything you need.
I may not be very good
at being loved,
but I promise you,
I am good at loving.
Heera 5d
you will never accept
I will never say,

thankful that eyes  don't speak
old writing
Riptide Nov 9
I love you.
I said it.
I. Love. You.
please accept me.
Spitz Nov 9
You missed out
on one badass queen
who would have given you
her entire world.
This queen never needed saving.
She never needed you
and she sure as ****
didn’t need your ****.
But she wanted it.
She wanted to give you herself
and to accept every piece of you,
but you missed out
on the best thing that
could have happened to you
because you're too selfish.
And she got over you.
Alexander T Oct 1
these thoughts in my head
theyre destroying me

I wish it was slow
so I have more time

I am losing it
I hate this
I am trying
bit I am failing

she is hurting
and I cant do a thing

maybe I should just accept that
that could be the answer
but I have to help
I cant leave yet

I cant leave her
she is the one

I would give her my life
so she could be happy
but I know that wont happen

I am at a loss of words
I dont know what to do

I hope you feel better
I hope I can help you
because you helped me
for anyone
Amanda Sep 25
Hate that I miss you
You are not here with me
This is the way
Life isn't supposed to be

I wish I could tell you
How I want to run
Away from the darkness
And things come undone

You do not know how much it hurts
To hear words you say
Deep inside still knowing
It won't be okay

Scenery flies by so fast
Lifeless, dull, and grey
Memories come rushing back
Wish they would just go away

Hate that I still want you
I need to move on
It's so hard to accept the fact
That you are just...
Its crazy how one day your best friend is by your side and the next there is only an empty space
Unfortunately you are not for everyone. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will love you regardless of what you do and how nice of a person you are. Not everyone will vibe with your energy and not everyone will understand and support you.

Even though it is a bitter pill to swallow at times don't let it make a turmoil of your emotion and deplete your energy. Because your time and energy is so much more precious than exhausting yourself by shapeshifting to pander to the whims of others, moulding yourself to fit in every where and hence retaining no shape to call your own.

Choose not to sacrifice your uniqueness to succumb buttering up their bread. To Be selective with your energy by politely waving them goodbye to stand by your values and lifestyles that most deeply resonate with you. Choose to take social risks regardless of the awkward glances and haughty whispers. Choose to not care of what others think to the point it stifles your ability to take risks and disrupt your social satisfaction.

For there is nothing more liberating than to not waste your life allowing the faultfinders to dictate your actions. To seek to align your actions with your heart. To stand up for something, to do and believe what brings  content regardless of it being disliked. It is beautifully candor being your authentic self.
Amanda Sep 13
Carrying a thousand mistakes in my arms
Thoughts weighed down by words and worry
In my mind rolling back and forth
Judgement making vision blurry

Surrounding area fades into the background
I watch anything but you
We each play with the other's feelings
A foolish game we both are used to

All my stress becomes complicated
Stretch my patience until barely there
Give myself another headache
Wasting peace on you, I stare

Friend? Foe? Not sure anymore
In your eyes darkness is rising
Love you no matter what shape you form
Any secret identity you may be disguising

I take your hidden baggage
All that I will never see
Welcome confidential cargo onboard
I will accept you for you if you accept me for me
I'll take you for who you are if you take me for everything
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