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Pallavi 2h
"Acceptance is a key word for happy
and successful life.
Everything will fall at place
you need not to strive"
gabrielle Jan 11
Why worry ?
I can't do anything,
and you still don't love me.

It is fine.

Why worry ?
I love you unconditionally,
and you still don't love me.

It is okay.

Why worry ?
When I accept that
you won't ever love me.

I accept.
a stress management skill whereas

if you either lost something and you did everything for it, but it's still gone or you lost something and did nothing 'cause you accepted that it's gone.

it's still the same, it's just a
matter of acceptance.

even if i didn't do anything and
i love you forevermore, you
won't still love me.
I offered rainbows but he preferred black clouds.
newpoetica Dec 2018
this life is not always about our dreams that are expected

instead the reality of our life becomes merely accepted

it's not wonderful nor is it bad

something about realization is sad

we just accept the mediocrities

when we wish to attain our wildest abilities
MawaLin Dec 2018
There are parts of me that I am still learning to accept.
It's in the roots of my hair,
Embedded under my skin,
It darkness my knees,
On the bridge of my nose,
Rolls off my tongue
To the alignment of my toes.
And as I grow, they too grow with me.
Akanksha Raizada Dec 2018
I have find the cure of my pain..
Now i have less pressure and strain..

As i accepted he is not mine anymore,
But that doesn't mean i am *****

Accepting we are not made for each other,
Accepting when he was mine is now one beautiful history chapter

Accepting that he is not mine,
Doesn't change my love for him

He was a beautiful memory,
But now he becomes a story....

Accepting the fact i want him for lifetime,
But also accepting the fact that he can never be mine..
This way acceptance is healing my pain.
Farhan Ahmed Dec 2018
white flames fly away from the black ashes
And the bucket of holy sins empty through Sighs
When logical statements will fade through reality
It will be difficult to breath
Nylee Nov 2018
Why doesn't the mirror lie
Why does it make me cry
showing my flaws
right on eyes
no chance to hide.

how many questions I ask
answers come out harsh
finding it hard
even when on guard
it awakens my ears loud.

how much should I pretend
what is there to understand
in the shadow
I don't follow
Keep hoping in vain.

Where should I go now
where does the river flow
where is solace
what point should I turn
and when will I learn
to accept me?
Spitz Nov 2018
I know I am not an easy person.
I know I overthink it all.
I know I can be insecure.
I know.
But I promise you,
while it is hard for me to accept it,
I will give you love
with every part of my being.
I will love you
with a passion and fierceness
that will make you wonder
where I was this whole time.
I will make you forget
every imperfection you have,
because I love all of them.
I will comfort you
when life draws your tears.
I will care for you
like the sun cares for the earth.
I will try to be everything you need.
I may not be very good
at being loved,
but I promise you,
I am good at loving.
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