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You tell me you have mistakes
Society is pressure
And courage is all it takes
Then it keeps getting better

Well, thank you for writing this
On instagram and facebook
Under a pic,edited
That you perfect boyfriend took

Instagram is the weapon
For the new modern women
Pictures look like heaven
But they'll chase you like demons

You can't put your weapons down
Even if you think it's sh**
You can't give up your fake crown
You are just too scared of it
Mirror, Mirror
what do I see?
My demon staring
back at me!

That very same demon
that gives me fright
in early day coffee
and every night!

The demon is handsome
with devilish smile
Sad, they don't know
that this demon is vile!

There's times that he buries
himself deep inside
But, when he comes out
there's nowhere to hide!

The demon is tricky
at every turn
disguised as an angel;
ready to burn!

Fantastic achievement!
You're doing great!
The demon said, "Nope!"
then pooped on my plate!

You're doing much better!
Keep up the good work!
The demon says, "Whatever!"
Man! He's such a jerk!

When I tried to fight him;
my body would ache.
I've finally learned
that that's a mistake!

I made a decision
to let my heart mend
and welcome the demon
in as a friend!

You can sit quietly;
don't ring my bell
because if you do
I gave you all of my trust,
and what I got in return was a slap to the face.
You convinced me that you were fine taking things at my pace.
You convinced me to go back to your place.
Where my soft skin with your soft fingers you would trace.
You happily took me in your embrace.
And now I can’t seem to erase...
your face.
Written: September 20, 2018
Show me your five closest friends and I will tell you, your past,
They hang like stiches to cover what life has taken from you,

You were born with eyes rotating 180’
Then the death started to walk on your back demons hunting you,
So you evolved upright, 90’ no look back.

We make friends based on what we need or what we have lost.

Show me your friends, show me your scars,
Now look at my friends, can’t you see I’m in pain.
Coke on my gums makes the whiskey go down like water
And so I feel nothing

So I'll destroy myself alone so nothing holds me back
So no one says "Enough."
And wilt my world into ruin

I won't blame you for not saying something
I won't blame you for not "saving me"
How I can't be happy that you're happy

Because I look in the mirror and see something I do not believe
Something that'll never be enough

Daylight breaks and the dawn has come
So I guess I've been up all night

My ancestors are all angels up way too high and probably disappointed in what and who've I become
But still I don't care, they're all dead
Those lucky fucks

Of course I'm sorry and of course I wish I had the will and strength to realize what I'm doing and what will become of all this
I'll unleash it all, certain one day I'm sure that I'll regret every single thing that I've done
But right now, I have no future
I simply have the next day

These words are the very breath of my demons
And I haven't heard from an angel in ages
Through the eyes of the beast in me, I've become friends with the abyss and it has politely invited me in

So another for the writer
Another bottle all by myself
To soak my soul
And drench any dream or hope of a happy life
I might have had left
Working piece that needs feedback, I found this in an old journal and I really see a gem in it.
rebecca 4d
I don't understand
p e r s i s t e n t
I was fine two minutes ago
u n c o n t r o l a b l e
I know I'm okay
o v e r w h e l m i n g
e x c e s s i v e
I can't
i r r a t i o n a l
d r e a d
why did
d i s a b l i n g
I even say
p o u n d i n g   h e a r t
s w e a t
do that
t r e m b l i n g
why am I doing this
s h a k i n g
I can't
s m o t h e r i n g
do this
c h o k i n g
c h e s t   p a i n
d i s c o m f o r t
help me
n a u s e a
save me
d i z z y
I can't stop
u n s t e a d y
am I
l i g h t - h e a d e d
f a i n t
am I
c h i l l s
h o t   f l a s h
they all
n u m b n e s s
think that
t i n g l i n g
a freak
d e r e a l i z a t i o n
no one will
d e p e r s o n a l i z a t i o n
l o s i n g   c o n t r o l
love me
“ g o i n g   c r a z y ”
why does it feel like I'm
d y i n g
N o
n o
. . .
. .
Alex 4d
My demons are different than your demons.

Your demons hide in the shadows of your mind.

Where ancient spiders spin cobwebs screaming legends of old desires.

Your demons hide in the space where the pig is slaughtered, but not eaten.

That feeling of disgust and self hatred twine around your throat, your hands tightening so you can finally reach heaven.

My demons are different than your demons.

My demons fear the dark.
They can only see through my eyes.

My demons enjoy the light.
They bend and manipulate it, turning protons into electrons.

My demons are not afraid to show themselves.
They throw dirty words into my head like laundry that needs cleaning.

I eat soap and water, rinse, repeat.

But I can still feel their filth in my mouth.

My demons throw the pig in front of me, take my hands, and force me to squeeze until guts are all that's left.

Not caring if I'm screaming for them to stop.

My demons don't allow me to feel pity.

They leave me to make my own noose.

Because I'd do anything to make them shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP.

My demons are different than your demons.
b a c k
a n d
f or t h
wHaT DiD YOu JuST sAy
tHEy HaTE yOU nOw
sweaty palms
screaming silence
silent screams
B e A T i N G
t o O
F A s T

I    caNt    bReAtHe

nEeD tO scReaM
nEeD tO DiE
I nEEd ThE BlOOd
i LiKE tHE paIN
doNt WaNT tO FeeL

its not going to be okay

too stained
to keep fighting

cant stop




cant keep



nothing kills faster
MaxiM Jun 7
Supremacy is the evil within.
MaxiM: Demons
When I Traversed The Spirit World I Attempted To Wake The Dead.
The Dead Only Slept So On I Did Move, Moving Through The Spirit World.

When I Traversed The Spirit World I Tried To Play With The Fae.
But The Fae Only Dine On Fruit & Red Wine, They Tried To Circle Me To Dance For All Time, But The Dead All Stayed Dead So On I Did Move, Moving Through The Spirit World.

When I Traversed The Spirit World I Was Spotted By It's Demons.
They Hung In Packs, Slobbering For Snacks, Rearing Up To Attack,
But The Fae Fought Them Back, Im Not Their Kin But They Don't Relax.
On I Can Move With The Fae On My Tracks.

When I Traversed The Spirit World I Saw A Sight, A Giant Tall, Sat On Mountains Watching All. I Ask The Giant Where I Am, Death He Said Its Where I Began, To Wake The Dead & Free Those Scammed,
Like Myself Be Released From The Damned.
Harry Roberts - Traversed The Spirit World
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