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Maruko San May 30
Hey, how are you?
Are you grateful for this year?
Or are you mad because you can't go anywhere
because of the invincible disease that's floating everywhere
The disease that hinders your freedom
Or are you thankful because you had the chance
to know yourself more,
the chance to make up for the lost time with your loved ones
Or are you alone by yourself with nothing to do but
listen to the tick of the clock, the beat of your heart and
the classic beep of pure silence
Or does the loneliness that engulfs you acts as a therapy for your
broken soul,
Or is it just the fuel that feeds the monster inside
The monster that makes you vulnerable to your emotions,
The monster that keeps you up all night weeping,
The monster that's slowly drifting you away from being sane,
The monster who everyone calls a “phase”
But you call it depression.
Because no one understands the agonizing misery you’re going thorough
And instead of fighting for being in control
you just gave up and let it roam
because you are now tired of their judgment,
of their criticism,  
of their endless complaints.
But don’t worry you’ll get through this
You’ll make It through this.
Because you’re a warrior who survived war even without weapons.
How are you really...
Brett May 29
I don’t know who I would be, without the darker side of my personality.

The painted desert of night allows me to explore the eternal moonlit forest of my life.

The beating compass of my heart, points in no particular direction.

I pace my steps on its rhythm, though the deeper I venture, the less I can rely on its repetition.

Neatly trimmed hedges devolve into bogs, witches to the west, sirens sing to me through the midnight fog.

The road less traveled stained with blood, a path beaten with hurried footsteps and battered love.

I take to the tress; beneath the wind-strained leaves, the monsters are now stalked by me.

Demons by day evade my pleas. Now, stuck in a dream, they can’t leave.
stillhuman May 24
I have never seen darkness
like yours
So palpable
Terrorizing me
hauling my choice
to ever forgive it

It felt like a knife
inches away
breathing on my neck
cold like the dead
that never said goodbye

I had to fight it
stand rightous to its madness
keep it contained
like blood spilling
from my hands cupped
trying so hard
to just
save it

And I won
or i thought i did
but the darkness remained
still kept me hostage
behind your back
you didn't notice
you didn't see it
the bruise from impact
the apathy covering
hiding sheltering
the obnoxious selfish heaving
of my trapped naked self
enveloped by darkness
The one that almost took your life
The one that ruined our night
that still holds me tight
as i try to survive
and it was never your fault, it never was
SuperNova Apr 27
All my heart has to give
while it's beating like a clock,
to share its warmth for when you cry,

to make you bloom inside
your deep blue mind

All the strength I can muster
before I can't walk myself,
to bring you back from beside the cliff,

to route your daydreams
back home

All the time
I don't have to spare,
to lullaby the demons away

even if it means
I'll be burned by flame,

I'm not here to amend for my past neglect,
but I'm asking for a smile,
I am yet to respect
Sarah Flynn Apr 18
I cared so much about
everyone else that

I must've forgotten
how it felt to care
about myself too.
Sarah Flynn Apr 18
when I was younger,
I had these hopes and dreams
and this one huge goal.

I wanted to leave this world
a little better off than it was
before I existed in it.

now, I've realized that
all I want is to
leave this world

and I don't care if
it's better off or not.
Sarah Flynn Apr 18
I thought that by now
I'd be happy.

I've been battling
these demons for
so, so long.

I don't want to lose.
I don't want to give up.
I just don't feel like
I'm able to keep fighting.

the truth is, I'm not
strong enough

I need help,
but I don't want it.

please, teach me how to
disappear in peace
without taking
a piece of you
with me.

you need to
remain whole.
you need to
fill in the gap
left by my absence.
you need to
keep fighting.

keep fighting.
do what I couldn't.
My demons can't get out of my head,
They yell so hard I'm nearly dead.
So many voices, which one do I follow?
The loudest one is full of sorrow...
I'm not myself at the moment,
Or is my true self restrained by torment?
Don’t come back.
I know that you can’t understand.
I wanna fight.
I’ll win this time.
You don’t think I can?

Last time
Everything was numb, my heart was cold.
Yet somehow you convinced me I was home.
If I shut my eyes,
When I wake up, you’ll be gone?
Ananya Apr 7
Wide white wings with prayers of gold
a promise of sin on lips,
The glaring halo and horns forgotten
watching where the black and white dips.

The silver ball blasts open
scattering moondust from the sky,
Each drop an intoxication
making their aura cry.

My fingers dance on the piano
watching the angel stride,
Not a hint of terror
as they let the demon glide.

This is a place of dreams
there is no good no evil,
It’s a place where darkness shed
and good loses its will.
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