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Poet and king and dæmonologist
The LORD hath said destroy'd his people are
For lacke of knowledge; what thou know'st t'exist
Of euil thinges and spirite thinges noir
The subiects shelu'd within a grosse grimoire
Thou hast made clearly knowne to edify
The bodie of the Lord on which a warre
Hath bene declair'd by th'father of the lie
Dæmoniacques deceiu'd by Sathan die
A second death quhere dying hath no end    
And euerie wicked witch wuld sooner fry
Then die the second death and then descend
A seruice thou hast done to Gods elect
Giuing them eies the Deuill to detect.
Astonishingly beautiful world spins around sun
Good and bad souls balance out
To come play with angels
Demons emerge
One needs the other
Cannot survive without
Good cannot exist without evil
Thomas Harvey May 16
Look yourself in the mirror
Tell me what it is you see
Is your mind any clearer
Has the guilt made you free

Take a step into the light
Is it harder to walk each step
Whys your face beginning to turn so white
Are you finally ready to accept?

The pain and anger held in your heart
Doesn't it burn you up inside
To know you played a part
So go on and hide

Yourself away from your feelings
Go ahead burn all the bridges
But the gamblers still dealing'
And you’re stuck on the ridge

It’s time to face the truth
Be a better man
Go dump that bottle of Vermouth
Lookout into the dam

Face your fears and make that climb
Watch yourself as the fire burns
Time to face the demons in your mind
So, buddy when are you ever going to learn
Jeremy Betts May 1
I've fought a lot to get it out, tried to keep it out, but I can not
I scream and shout,
Even post realization that it's all for nought
Had an ill advised, never properly revised, recurring thought
Form an in home gym enterprise to exercise demons on the spot
More issues to stack like russian dolls is all I ever got
Caught each slow kiiller by keepin' it in house to follow the origin plot
Scrip changes happen often regardless of what me, myself or I want
Zero red yarn supplied, can't attempt a connection with any new dot
I play my part in my story as the man forgiveness forgot
Both what I keep in and what spills out identified as the source of the rot

Bea Rae Feb 29
As the walls close in

The demons inside my head

Steal every breath I take
anotherdream Jan 29
You took away my life
When you said that I should die
There's no reason I shouldn't cut you off
When you still believe in lies

To think I'd ever hurt you
Just confirms you're out of line
I know I'm not the best
When it comes to making time

You know I would have died for you
If you let me even try

I would have put away desires
If it meant you were alright
I would have gathered everything
Just to throw it into fire

I would have killed myself for you
If it meant that you could fly
I would have only prayed to God
If He could just give me a sign

I would have brought you all the roses
From the shop just down the street
I would have purchased every one
If it meant that you were free

I would have taken you somewhere safe
Just to show I have respect
I'm not like the other guys
I'm just looking for a friend

A soul I'll learn to cherish
When the skies are turning gray
A voice that puts to rest
The insecurities that I face

A place my thoughts can sleep
When they're keeping me awake
Your hands that I can hold
When I'm running out of strength

Ocean eyes that I'll admire
When the clouds are making haste
A nose that I'll make fun of
When you don't always get your way

Or your arms that will embrace me
When I've fallen in too deep
The words you whisper quietly
To make my inner demons weep

They will tremble out of fear
Cause they can't haunt me anymore
I know my worth when I'm with you
While we're sitting on the shore

Your mind is an ocean of ideas
That I'm diving to explore
My demons no longer there
When I'm lying on the seabed floor
Surrounded by your loving nature
As I get to know you more

You are everything to me
Which I know I've said before
But only when I'm in your arms
Are my inner demons ignored

I'm embraced by surrounding waters
Like I've finally found a home
Where I'm at my deepest point
But I no longer feel alone

I'll be hitting my rock bottom
But can make it out alive
Your words are enough to hold on to
When I'm on the verge of dying

They may take away my possessions
They may take away my pride
But I'll never let them take you
Even if it means I die
A poem with many twists and turns from beginning to end. Not the most consistent piece I've ever written but it feels good to get it off my chest!
Jeremy Betts Jan 10
What do you do when you don't feel safe in your own head?
Uncomfortable in your own skin, afraid of the demons under your bed
And all the monsters that have been locked away out back in the woodshed
Waiting for the day I said would never come is now right around the bend
It'll be here any moment, why pretend?
I worry more about what was left unsaid
Cautious of the where we're being misled to, not the when
I try not to fear what I can not comprehend
Really couldn't tell you if this is a life I'd recommend
Can't possibly know until the end
So come around again and ask me then

Nickolas J McKee Dec 2023
They loved and latched,
As I fail in love with his eyes.
Know God felt matched,
Demons today, angels surprise.
Forgotten Dae,
The ones all children should whisper.
“Hush, Child, Say!”
Lost lonely inner soul drifter.
Evil mate good,
Resurrection is always near…
What done or should?
Nay, haven’t you forgotten fear?
we are their fall,
tangles and all…
All coming soon in my 14th poetic series, humbled by yours truly. Thank you!
Nigdaw Nov 2023
I scream at the demons
pushing over indiscriminate objects
tripping me through clear doorways
knocking things from my feeble hands
laughing constantly in my head
like evil clowns
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2023
Demons are God's mistakes

Angels that could not quite make the cut
I am an atheist but I like to use a little artistic liberty from time to time when wrting
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