It wasn’t log ago in our history
We had  Presidents we could see
And seeing them didn’t make us puke
Or think of dying from an incoming nuke.
Recently our country was a symbol
Of freedom and hope for the planet.
Now too many people hear America
And, red in the face, say “Dammit!”

The crooks hide behind
The Capitol Hill wall.
What the people want
Is nothing to them at all.

Two, four, six, eight! Who shall we eliminate?
Those who fill their own pockets greedily;
And always kiss the ass of Big Corporate,
While they cheat and steal and lie constantly
We know how much each Congressman makes
We know it’s too much, but certainly not millions.
So come come they get so damn rich in office
And can magically turn thousands into billions?

We know something has gone badly wrong
But decade after decade we just ignore it.
The facts are out there for our scorecards
If we would only sit and simply score it.
Yes, we know they keep moving the posts
And change how we must play the game.
But if we let them cheat us and rob us
Holding a gun to our heads is almost the same.

The crooks hide behind
The Capitol Hill wall.
What the people want
Is nothing to them at all.

It seems like some think this is Old England
And we have our own impervious royalty.
Well, there is only so far this should go
And rightly call it by the name of loyalty.
After a point we are just being dunces
Who bend over and beg them to kick us again.
Anyone else who did that would anger us.
But that’s what happens when we listen to spin.

Can't fight the good fight on the streets,
cannot make a difference with fists alone.

Doesn't matter much to elevate it with a gun,
only to end the same as it always was?

Won't stop the damage just because you feel it...
...only action, becomes an insurance against the wave.

tincture your eyes


Today I raised my hand because I wanted to understand;
understand why we can never forget.
A million from all walk of life
came forth to support your cause.
I read all of your letters and saw your speeches too.
But I reflect on the state of the nation,
and wonder what would you say and do.
Would you say what was the point,
was I misunderstood?
Separate but equal was unconstitutional under the law,
at least that was what we thought.
Look at todays’ schools,
would you have questioned the results?
Lack of resources and inadequate facilities
are the places designed for us.
Poverty is the leprosy that the government will not touch.
I saw a video of your speech on Capitol Hill.
Your eloquent words move me still.
Especially the part of your little one
being judge by the content of who they are.
I remember how everyone applauded and cheered.
I think about your words,
and ask what was the point?
How come I cannot walk the street with a hood on?  
Why must mothers cry because their kids did not come home?
It is just like in your days as if nothing has changed.
Still fighting that old ideology of: biological inferiority and hate.
Especially with those that swore an oath to protect.
I remember reading your letter when
you were in Birmingham behind bars.
I got goosebumps as I read,
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
I must confess, that is took me sometime to understand.
But what about Washington and all of the states,
would you say that they understand?
Would you say if they care at all?
Just look at how they sell their souls.
Would you ask why they celebrate your name,
if your message is not being heard?

We've reached the end of year one
and Trump says he's done more
than any other president
from any time before.

So, what are the accomplishments
of Trump and his intrepid crew?
Well, here now is a partial list
of what they did, or tried to do.

They lied about inaugural crowds
and introduced "Alternative Facts",
inspired a worldwide women's march
to protest Trump's disgusting acts.

Hollowed-out the E.P.A.,
deemed climate change a Chinese hoax.
Paris Accord and regulations
gone, in puff of toxic smoke!

Wrecked the State Department and
Muslims, he said, must be banned.
Insulted NATO and U.N.,
brought shame upon his own homeland.

Attacked the mainstream media.
Railed and ranted of "fake news",
unless it came from Fox and Friends
and others spouting all his views.

Gave praise to Russia - Putin too.
Investigations started.
Comey started digging and
was forcibly departed.

Poked and taunted Kim Jong Un.
International drama!
Obsessed with slagging Hillary
and Barack Obama.

Battled healthcare, N.F.L.
and Planned Parenthood.
Tried to ban transgendered troops.
Claimed that coal is good.

Would not condemn the Neo-Nazis
down in Charlottesville.
Filled his swamp with sycophants
up on Capitol Hill.

Puerto Rico half destroyed.
Paper towels he gave.
Huge cuts to the National Parks,
decreasing land to save.

Claimed that Trump saved Christmas and
gave massive tax cut presents
to the corporate oligarchs
with crumbs tossed to the peasants.

Debt ballooning! Conflict looming!
Divisions far and wide!
G.O.P.'s not stopping Trump.
Have they even tried?

Claims to be a stable genius;
A smart and big success!
What legacy will Donald leave?
What awful, dreadful mess?

These were just some accomplishments
of which I have kept score,
but they just scratch the surface.
I could rant for hours more!

But haven't we all had enough
after Trump's first year?
It feels more like twenty!
Let us hope his end is near.

This was my Year One "trumpoem"
that I wrote for you.
Hope I won't have to write another
after year two!

You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: January 14, 2018

An intensely timely attempt to right a Ship of State,

The U.S. Constitution, from a Supremacy Court decision,

'Citizen's United', wrought by it's being dragged

Across the Plymouth Rox, that landed on US, 'cause

We didn't land on it, by the tug, the S.S. Tea Party,

And it's ignoble leader, not ebony, but ivory, working

Together in perfect harmony, merx for more to mercs for war,

Amongst the 21 flavors of, in this 'baskin and robbins' of

Supremacy, the united suck of assassins, through the lack

Of 'separation of church and state', demanded in it's

Fallen noble leaves, the Founding Document of this great

Nation, that actual religion of the bi-headed false gods

Of mammon, wealth, avarice, and mollock, extreme violence,

Grinding up seed, exemplified in king george and his dick,

Cheney's, along with the republican conspiracies' elite's,

Purposeful non-prevention of the attacks on 9-11 and their

Unnecessary, "unending war on (supposed) terrorism", the

Coup that divided a people, dictating they choose exigency

Over humanity, continually, which set-up the invisible coup

Elections of 11-16, it's installation of Trumpler, etc.,

Not being separated from the state, being sociologically

Programmed into everyone, by the corporate structure's

Convolution's devolutionary direction, undoing Evolution,

Is practiced by almost all behind the masks of supposed:

Christianity, atheism, Hinduism, science, art, Wicca, etc.,

Possessing everybody in that form of self-possession,

And we need to be exorcised from it before we can

Again exercise our responsibility, necessary to again

Realize it's Siamese twin sister, freedom, for the

Intellect can't lead, as the life doesn't follow.

Then illimitable, indivisible you, walking in nature's

Balance giving back to nature's abundance can remember:

Compliance is suicide, we're defiance; if you're not

Taking bullets you're making them; an injustice to any

Is an injustice to all, and if it isn't addressed

Individually, it becomes a global injustice as well; 

"Be the change you wish to see in the world", "the root

Of all oppression lies in (supposed) science", Gandhi; 

Materialism isn't, abolish scarcity based global fossil fuel

Slavery by using abundant renewable energy, now.   reality

Clean DACA and CHIP bills, no wall or ban, help Puerto Rico; please!
Ellison 5d

I don’t believe in fetus
Only an adult could rule at large
Don’t beg the people to lead us
You’ll need a proper man in charge.

I don’t believe in unity
Because the easier solution is warfare
Forget equal opportunity
Your soul in chains to the country do declare.

I don’t believe in transgender
Because God gave us girl and boy
Anyone else must subdue and surrender
All monsters on Earth we shall destroy.

I don’t believe in science
And evidence can go to hell
Should the smarties show defiance
From society we shall expel.

I don’t believe in woman
Because the capable human is man
And if the opposite sex should rise
Whatever they do, stronger we can.

I don’t believe in diversity
But entitlement belongs to the strong
And while we may show perversity
Isn’t it obvious that whites belong?

I don’t believe in reason
Because the truth is full of lies
And all opposers considered treason
Will see their bodies full of flies.

I only believe in smoke
Because it comes from houses of production
That make materials that dope the folk
Of our corporate scum construction.

DISCLAIMER/TRIGGER ALERT: I do not actually think in this mindset; it is merely a reaction piece against President Trump banning seven words ("vulnerable," "diversity," "entitlement," "transgender," "fetus," "evidence-based," and "science-based") in the CDC, or Center for Disease Control. The only true "I don't believe" statement I will make is that I don't believe in restriction. This poem was long overdue; this event had happened during December.

I was hanging out in Canada recently,
in this town named,
-DOgu 'dFaux U

Some kinda' crazy french name....
they had these stop posts,
-lights at street corners?

Every once in a while
at random intervals....
instead of just beeping they....

Said crazy things like,

"Tommy come home, dinner's ready"

"Don't think too hard fella! We just live here."

"Perhaps, sometimes, sound alone, -is enough to dissuade?"

I got frustrated and left,
-went Right
got Lost and...

...shot some people,
                                 complained online,
                                                                ­  and

Ben Meraki Jan 9

We've been betraying our children for generation after generation,
government turned state education into indoctrination,
media no longer speak the truth; experts in fabrication.
How the fuck am I supposed to show allegiance to my nation?

Fascists masquerade as liberals to silence anyone
who disagrees with their agenda, will the day never come
when people wake up and realise this shit just can't go on?
There can no longer be Right and Left,
there's only right and wrong.

Immigration, regulation, European legislation;
fighting over shit while they indulge in self-congratulation,
laughing in our faces while we're running the rat race.
Working fifty hours a week to put food on our children's plates.

Do you really think they give a fuck about democracy?
Do you think they care about the suffering of you and me?
Do you really think that anything is what it claims to be?
All you have is open up your eyes, it's plain to see.

It's an illusion.
It's all collusion.
Make no mistake.
Let there be no confusion.
There's only one solution.
This is my conclusion:

We need a revolution!

When the tide begins to turn,
will you flee to higher ground?
When the sky begins to burn,
will you lay your weapons down?

Incarcerated in our own land.
Yet we keep them on their thrones.
Emancipation only comes by our own hand,
then together we'll atone.

Don't want to do this by the bullet, the blade or the bomb.
If we use violence then we're giving them what they want.
Any excuse for the use of firepower.
Send in the troops whilst they regroup up in their high towers.

They won't hesitate to slaughter us like animals,
and so it's evident that we need a new kind of war.
But if necessary we will still take it by force.
This is a New World Order we're fighting for.

Our greatest weapons are our minds and our eyes now.
We need to read between the lines, see through the lies now.
Draw the digital battle lines. We can rise now!
Are you with me? Had enough? Do you despise how

we're being asked to select our own dictators?
If we refuse to elect you, you fucking piss takers,
and we can keep our resolve, with you repudiated,
you shall not be absolved. No ajudicators!

We're disillusioned
with this intrusion.
This is your fate.
This will be your occlusion.
Our world's reperfusion.
Inevitable conclusion.

Hail the Revolution!

When the tide begins to turn,
will you flee to higher ground?
When the sky begins to burn,
will you lay your weapons down?

Incarcerated in our own land.
Yet we keep them on their thrones.
Emancipation only comes by our own hand,
then together we'll atone.

Call to a revolution in thought
April Jan 8

Each day when I rise and I walk out my door,
The world that I see isn’t mine anymore.

The rules are all bent so I can’t see their shape,
And on every street corner I pass police tape.

When you sign onto Twitter, catch up on the news,
But it might not be true, so watch out for the clues.

They say, “Hey, you’re transgender? We can’t let you fight.”
“Oh, you’re black? Or you’re Asian? We’re best ‘cause we’re white.”

If they’re caught in their lies, they don’t overreact,
Mumble “something-or-other alternative fact.

If you glance out your window one night and you find
A torch wielding mob, well, just never you mind.

Join the big three ring circus! Its painted faced clowns,
And its ringleader with his red white and blue crown!

So turn on your TV, watch the latest debate,
And what you will see is the next Watergate.

Or just do what I do, use your eyes and your heart,
Then you, too, can watch as fear tears us apart.

Or maybe it won’t, if enough of us see,
When we all work together, we still might break free.

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