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logolepsy May 24
he planted an uncertain feeling in her heart.
he watered it every single day with drops of hope
until she became exposed to a little ray of sunshine to make it grow



and brighter..

then he suddenly cut it before it blooms.
he left her wilted
until every surface of her heart
has gone dry again~
way back 2016 when this misfit allowed someone to sow uncertainties in her and until today she’s reaping  heartbreaks
Baazi-chan Apr 13
I wished to start over.
Love become to much.
For my taste.
I left the past behind.
Along with it.
My uncertainties.
Life become simpler.

As everyone knows.
It won’t remain.
For long.

You made a move.
Without my knowledge.
It felt unreal.
Things become certain again.
Love blossomed.
Though tough times we faced.
It felt good.

As everyone knows.
Even happiness.
Doesn’t last.

Distance become your forte.
Silence your words.
Your mind else where.
Heartache approached.
From no where.
When questioned.
Answers become clear.
With reasons unforeseen.
Love still in the mist.
But uncertainties over took you.
And gave us its end.

You are the love I found.
I am your love you gave away.
For K my first love
Jo Swan Oct 2018
In the shadowy, silent street I walk
The darkness of the night engulfs my spirit
Like the soddy soils covering the rock’s
Brilliant colour of ruby, red passion.
The daring dreams for the future
Has caused my soulful eyes to ashen-
Blinded by the present reality-
The dreams begin to fade.

In the shadowy, silent street I walk
The mind has lost its mentality
And strength to wade
Through the current bleakness of life.
The midnight shadows of the street
Have caused me to lose sight.
Can the faith of the heart bring light?

In the shadowy, silent street I walk
The cicadas buzz bitterly in the quiet street,
Stirring memories of mundane voices
That has caused me to cheat
Myself from making personal choices.
I cry silently in despair
For fear has swept my sense of direction.

In the shadowy, silent street I walk
A distant street lamp lit up the solemn street
Providing me with a sense of protection
The heart burns with a passionate heat
Providing strength for my body to move with affection
Towards the mystery of the shadowy, silent street.

(c)2018 Joanne Chang
Sometimes in life we can feel lost with the direction of life we must go. Life can be full of insecurities. I hope this pain can reflect these uncertainties.
exist Feb 2018
everything will be okay
a reassuring phrase
used by
that don't possibly know
the outcome
the future
solfang Dec 2017
happy new year,
never thought that
the current me wants to
celebrate another year;
filled with uncertainties -
but countless possibilities
happy new year guys! had a hunch that it's gonna be a great year ahead
Jerielle Lasac Feb 2017
If you doubt your capability to love
and you are emotionally unsure,
perhaps I am not the one for you.
No, I am not your cure.

Know that you are about to love someone
who will not hold you liable
of helping her define her existense
for she knows in thee she is responsible.

For I am in the rescue of my own soul,
teaching my heart how to behave.
I cannot be in love and be a hero at the same time
with someone who still needs to be saved.

Because my mind is a galaxy
of wonders and uncertainties
and if you do not know your direction,
you will be lost in my infinity.
Sally A Bayan Oct 2013
next to my cup of hot bitter coffee
my bowl has a cone
an avalanche of heartache cereals
that is about to fall...
a plate of
peppered uncertainties omelet
beckons to be gulped and wiped out....
but, alas, i feel already stuffed
i can no longer swallow...
i decided to skip breakfast....


Copyright 2013
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
And suddenly I'm uncertain
Like when farmers wait in vain for summer rain
Confused like a child
Don't assume just yet
Meals are cooked when they are cooked
This isn’t the first Saturday night ,
When your muse will gently kiss a faded parchment ,
And give birth to verses
That will keep me awake all night.

This isn’t the first Saturday night ,
When I will spill more ink than a wounded soldier ,
Writing his last letter back home ,
From the treacherous trenches
Of scarlet love.

But then the trenches I sought refuge in,
Are more treacherous than the rusted bayonet ,
With which he will script ,
The final chapters of his life .

And yet like him ,
If there’s one thing I have come to believe in ,
Then it’s this :
There is more comfort ,
In believing ,
In an unshakable absolute ,
Than there is in hiding ,
Beneath the mills of woolen warmth.
There is more naked grief ,
In letting your dreams ,
Be hinged to uncertainties,
Than there is in daring ,
To brave the winter without your warmth.

And yet you wonder?
Why I detest absolutes,
Which need a blanket of uncertainties ,
To survive the chill of a Saturday night ,
A night which as it drags on,
Like a frozen Nicholas sleigh ,
Seems to mock every fiber of hope in my being ,
Fibers that I unravelled to adorn
The dwelling of My absolute.

This isn’t the first Saturday Night when the tale will remain incomplete
Without that innocent question I crave to answer

For you are my absolute ,
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