Gemma Aug 11
He's rubbing me
through my clothes
something wonderful but unfamiliar
does it so very well but I can't let him know
Because it will blow the atmospheric fear of being bad at this sort of play
He'll soon find out however as I'm gonna overload
all over his face.
Willow Aug 1
I wish that someone will notice...
I wish that someone will notice that I am falling apart...
I wish someone will notice that I am not just sensitive...
I wish someone will notice that I am depressed...
I wish someone will notice that I have anxiety...
I wish someone would notice my scars...
I wish that someone will notice that I have a fake smile...
I wish someone would notice the days I don't eat...
I wish someone would hear me hovered over the toilet...
I wish someone would care enough to even be suspicious of me...
I wish someone would tell me everything will be okay...
Qwn Jul 25
living in a house that isn't a home,
eating, sleeping, breathing, alone.
over nothing
besides what i put on my fork
Stuff your mouth with food, so that you can stop your crying.
Don't think twice about the effect it will have.
You'll take care of that later, my dear.
Trust me.
mikumiku Jul 15
Don’t release your cumming
Just release my single
I don’t think it’s stunning
When that thing is jingle
Pussies taste like Pepsi-Cola
Pussies taste like Marabou
See a pussy – I say hola
Eat that thing like caribou
Wyatt Jul 12
Five stars, a rare treat.
Your stomach is rumbling,
sounds like you're hungry.
Here's a couple words
prepared so pretty
to feed your inner thoughts.
Craving, you're aching for this.

Eat it up,
lavish in the attention.
Decorate your plate
with all of this affection.
Marinade the moment,
we'll go on a couple more.
Longer and longer we go,
the deeper we indulge.

You eat at my mind
and you eat at my nerves,
it's like you're starving
to make me hurt.
Desire is wired inside us
and we won't leave empty
until we're hungry again.
You eat at my mind.
Gale L Mccoy Jul 10
i know the taste of rot
the cloying smell
growth of the wrong kind
simple shape turned

this isnt the kind of fruit
that can be throw out
i eat what i neglect
day 10 of 31 days of poetry
The world is a cruel place
It is fast-paced, unrelenting and unapologetic
It eats misery for breakfast and serves anger for lunch
When supper time rolls around you start chewing on regrets and lost opportunites
No leftovers, eat your mistakes, make sure to clean your plate of the crumbs and broken promises
You're not really hungry but you eat anyway
It's the only way to make sure you get your small serving of dessert and hope
If you're lucky you might get a bit of self-confidence to gnaw on
You sit with a full stomach and exhale your invaluable opinions
Yes, the world is a cruel place
But you still have a place in it
cait-cait Jul 9
i might as well just devour you ,
now that you’ve
                           shredded my stomach
and laughed .

i never would’ve guessed
would take
a knife to my heart ,
and then rev up an engine —

a chain.

im sick of looking at your face ,
sick of
thinking of you ,

                                  sick of smiling
from my grave.

i guess we can say
you stole that from me too .

you are proof ,
even demons need to eat —

and this one
is very ,
inspired by my best friend stopdoopy’s amazing post breakup love poetry, i decided to be violent for them. I wanted it to have more swear words but it just didn’t work out. the opening line was originall different. Also, happy birthday to me!
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