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Xallan 6d
Poetry is a food, a fueler, a filler
Of that emptiness we hope to resolve
Words are a chemistry, a balance, an equation
For nutrition of our nonexisting soul
Words- we take, we bake, we fill
Ourselves too full, we are gluttons
Sticky letters dissolve to
Nonsense,  and hang off our tongue,
Always dripping, never falling
I began this movement, this culinary labratory
Where we mix chemicals together to
Create two-dimensional poisons of ecstacy
Lost in our minds, on our lips, savoring
Every drop-
Wyatt Dec 5
I told her
if she wanted me
that she would need
to eat my heart out.
Whole, she complied.
As she bit in and ate it,
she quickly regurgitated.
The awful taste of coal was
bitter and over-saturated.
She broke it off swiftly,
yes she ended it quick.
Never held a punch,
she had such brilliance.
Just like that, she was gone.
That thrill didn't last for long.
Khoi-San Nov 30
Santa's coming
of joy
tied to pockets
Upon a question
my five year old nephew
Brynn S Nov 21
Burst of nothingness
Fallen into mind
They scream
They bleat
Falling silently
Nothing to fleat
The flies swarm
They fleat
The tombs hide
Continue to eat
Gasp and cry
Buried inside
Sketcher Nov 5
The smell of butter, the taste of flour,
Children will mutter for half an hour,
Until everyone's food arrives,
Mouths full and away with the cries,
Of chattering people and loud music,
Eating is the only language fluent.
Made this while waiting for breakfast... Also, I know the last line doesn't make sense. That's the point.
Mind Matterer Oct 21
Skin tight.
Bone hugging, more like
- is what is wished for and deemed right

The only way to
Grant this wish, fulfill this desire, correct the wrong
is to get rid of the hiss, right?

And in order to do so,
The Snake
will come slithering up and through your torso,
as a reaction to the bristles on your toothbrush;
Resembling grass
coaxing the snake out of its hiding.

Leaving your body and mind
Empty, relieved, satisfied and pleased.
Yet so fraught, disappointed, fearsome and creased.
Penelopejayde Oct 19
i become
very aware
of my chewing
when there
is somebody
**** in the
Aware of that someone is a stray but let me finish my lunch
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