Amanda 2d
I love chocolate.
Chocolate disappears fast.
No more once eaten.
Zach Hanlon Feb 11
the parasite
and the host
eat, eat
feast on decay
eat, eat, eat
i'll feed you, parasite
eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat
consume me
skyler Feb 9
the satisfaction
of numbers dropping at your feet
and the warmth
of nothing in your stomach

Hayley Feb 7
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible
Seeing beyond the pounds of makeup
I smear the goops and snake oils
Onto my face hiding my true self
So I can morph and mold myself
Into whatever bullshit society wants me
To be I have an ich I can't
Satisfy because that would
Ruin the hour of miticulous painting
And perfecting I had just
Done to my horrifically
Ugly face
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible
Like when I lock myself in a bathroom
And repent for the caloric sin I
Committed that day
Until both my heart and stomach are empty
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible
Like my invisible tears that I hide in
My heart at the fear of seeming
Insane weak or afraid
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible
Like seeing past the phrase “I'm fine’’
That I seem to repeat over and over
Until it becomes my signature greeting
Vision is the art of seeing the invisible
Like when I glue on a smile for those that
Love me
Hayley Feb 7

Weight can be heavy
Or barely feel like lifting anything
Weight is the reason
Anorexic models are
Goddesses in the public
Eye as they strut with
Snapable ankles
Down the runway
Of life
I want to be these
I want their protruding ribs
They're thigh gaps their
But as I sit
Gawking at the
Fat on my stomach
And pretty much everywhere
I begin to wonder
Is it worth it
To be toothpick thin
To starve your body of
It's basic primal needs
To wake up only to skip
To vomit out
The sinful calories
To one day never
Wake up and leave
Your family alone
To wake up only
To obsess over
The number on the scale
I shake my head smiling at my reflection
Pulling my shirt down
And limping out of the bathroom
I would eat
Whenever I needed
Whenever I wanted
I have shattered the heavy
Iron chains
Of the goddesses that
Forced me to believe
That my weight
Determined my worth
I like eating very much, call it a passion coz obsession sounds too mad.                                                            
Give me a sandwich tuna mayo one sliced tomato on bread times two.                                                        
Not enough!
Time for chicken donner on nan with everything on: hot sauce, salad cream with salad, peppers too, Jalapeno style. Add an order for onion barges, samosas and chips in pita bread with mild sauce on.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!
Half an hour later, an Italian beckons. His pizza looks cool! I say three types of meat, sliced, on top. Extra cheese, deep pan and two types of olives. Munchy time and yes, I enjoy this meal.
Later… What next? English fish and chips with salt and vinegar and a drop of gravy. No mushy peas, I hate them! I’ll take two fish cakes on the side. Traditional English grub down the hatch. Then meat and potato pie on a muffin. Careful not to burn my mouth! Did that before.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!
Time for some American influence, supersize me! Huge portion of fries, mega big burger and a litre of strawberry milkshake.
I’m multicultural in my diet. Foreign people are cool when it comes to their cuisine. I love Norwegian apple juice, as I need a drink after eating their goats’ cheese on rough white bread.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!
Chinese crispy duck is desirable, just like egg fried rice and prawn crackers. All available food is welcome, I’ll eat your left over’s on my trip of eating.
Yummy yummy in my tattooed tummy!

Sitting, trying to write, nothing
comes to me. Nothing is what it'll have to be.
Over the weekend and immediately
following the election demonstrations in the streets,
Not my president! But today is Monday
back to work and the business of business in America.
Never have we been fierce warriors.
Rhett Butler got that right: in any confrontation
with the state a platoon of new recruits
with automatic weapons outguns the stately
samurai. Ken and I were eating veggie
burgers and drinking local beers over worries
our fellow Americans will soon start shooting
Jews and Asians, lesbians and disabled veterans
whoever's recommended on the news.
There's a learning curve to disregarding tweets
and the remedies offered on facebook. Our refusal
to be more than the sum of ourselves
is our saving grace. Therefore, let
the peaceful transfer of power proceed.
Democracy doesn't guarantee smart choices,
just a chance to correct the mistakes we'll make.


The plane stayed in the air
with Republicans and Democrats peacefully sharing
the dangers and discomforts. The TSA
checked for weapons and bombs cheerfully
and everyone looked healthy, beautiful and happy
even the old and frayed.
                                            President Tweet
cannot detain travelers for being discreet.
Because we hardly talk to the Other
will there be another Civil War?
Unlikely. But I want to tap
the guy who leans back to nap
Would you consider removing your balding
head of hair from my tired face? Landing
at last is the true answer to our prayers
no new wars and the plane stayed in the air.
cait-cait Feb 3
i dream we live in a different life ;;

you are pretty
and i am

and i stare into your
eyes and you
look me all over

almost . .
like i am food .

but you do not eat

frankly :
you never could

i wish I was who i wanted to be,
. . .
technical problems .
Derailed Jan 20
It was just before dusk,
Tomorrow in sight.
The darkened sky,
Lit only by moonlight.

The birds encircled,
Some unfortunate prey.
I watched from a distance,
This wretched display.

As midnight emerged,
The birds dove in to feast.
In a matter of minutes,
They devoured the beast.

The carcass was bare,
The birds elapsed.
I saw what was left,
And my demeanor collapsed.

Though the body was shredded,
The remains still fresh,
I could make out a face,
They had consumed my flesh.
There comes a point where there is nothing left to give.
her food is rotting
you can see the mold on it
she shoves it away
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