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abi hayes Jul 13
Dear Dad,
I no longer
Have to sit
Silently as
The words
You say spit
at me like fire.

- It still burns
Kimiko Jun 27
There is no safest way to face your own darkness and pain
Running from it won't help, it will always catch up to you one way or another
Hiding from it will only eat you up inside, for its the silent parasite that pretends to be passive
You are a lot stronger and braver than you think
You are beautiful and wonderfully made
You don't deserve to cry all your life, you are much precious than that
Pain and sadness is Only a "part" of your life, its not the whole picture
Identify the things that is keeping your from being happy
Bring it to the light by laying it all down through a prayer
For only God knows your heart better than anyone
You don't even have to say a single word for he knows what you need
He Loves you more than anyone could ever love you
For his Love surpasses all understanding
He sees you beyond your failures, your pain, your regrets and incapabilities
For in His eyes, your are always "Enough"
Thousand words
Can be written
On Mother's day ...
For the thousand words
You hear everyday...
Of Mother's love..

No words for Father's day..
For, Father is not a word
But an emotion of boundless
care and love.....
That's neither spoken nor heard
But .....only sensed and felt
So much , Inexpressible by words!!

And dads are always mad
In loving their kids
With madness hidden
Deep in their hearts !!
Divine masculine
Divine faminine
Both traits in one
One dominant
One recessive
Male figure, divine masculine
Male father
Male figure, divine faminine
Male mother
Single parent I am
Today I am father
On this father's day
I shall be male mother
On mother's day!
Both masculine and feminine traits are present in an individual. Your gender is decided not by your genitalia but the traits which are dominant. Balancing both the traits makes you a good parent, a good human.
Megan Jun 17
To the one that has protected me
That feeling of relief
No more anxiety

Yet that feeling is so distant
Later came from a sister
Her descent crushed me,
It was like losing you
My protecter,
Unfortunately one that I hardly knew.

Dear Dad,
I'm sorry I was taken from you. I realise you knew how to protect me, intuitively and unfortunately I was met instead with a man not so much to his own. He intimidated me. Ive missed your real presence all my life. Never thought this went so deep. But finally i'm making my way out of the lies. The lies that taught me, men are to be feared. I love you Dad, through all the years and i'm sorry I was taken form you. To both of us. We'll get out this mud.
My hero and first love. Through karmic debt we've been pulled apart.
Cole Aug 2019
You don't care.
About me,
About your sons,
About your wife.
You lost her.
You lost your eldest.
You lost me.
You're loosing your baby boy.
I'm more of a parent
To that ten year old than you are.
He hates you.
I hate you.
You hate us.
It's neutral.
It's normal for me.
Having a broken family.
Friends say you'll be okay.
I'm already br-ok-en.
Along with my family.
"Are you okay?"
" I'm ok. "
I put on a smile.
It doesn't reach my drowsy eyes.You go about your day
While I am in the bathroom,
Staring at the mirror
Wondering who I am.
Wondering the best way to **** oneself.
You think I'm fine.
That I'm happy.
You're wrong.
I'm br-ok-en
Not ok.
I've become the monster
Underneath my bed
And my father
Made me this way.
He made me loose my mind
And he doesn't care.

Robin Görtz May 19
A pair of eyes collides
With one identical pair,
The first pair owner lowers
His head to bow as heir.
The second rises slowly,
Triumphant lifts his voice,
Commands, commands this brainless
Descendant of his choice.

But number One refuses
He negatively shrinks
And in the eyes of daddy
He stares and never blinks
A “NO” still echoes somewhere
The word becomes a sword
It riddles Second´s ticker
And One is without lord.

Pale but smiling number Two
Congratulates his son.
Reassuring number One
His loss means that he won.
Then Two drops dead
At least in part
And moves no inch of bone

One, alone, falls into pit.
Pit uncertainty.
One can´t think straight,
Brain so full that empty.
Two wore coat,
Two´s coat heavy.
One still wears it,
Legs are wobbly.

Take first own step
Sa Weol May May 19
A child begging to be with his dad,
Ride a bike going to the north,
Where her cousins are there.
Sitting in the front,
She saw her dad's hands getting calluses
from an hour biking,

Still seeing her dad with happy smile,
and she don't know why,
Maybe because of the smooth road they're taking,
or the pastures they're passing by,
Trees swaying so as their hair
As they contradicts the direction of the windy day,

The ways are getting longer,
But she let her eyes to freeze on the right side,
it passes beautiful sceneries,
enough not to get boredom,
Getting to the place,
She sees her father, though tired from a long ride,
Lots of stories to talk to her grandmother,
While she plays with her cousin,

This child step
on becoming years older than before,
Realizing that memory as more than anything,
to be treasured
now she misses her dad
while she's away from them,
working for long hours
not getting enough pay,
planning to get farther to them
to earn more than enough

But whenever I gets back to that time
where I used to beg to be with my dad,
I now know why happy he is riding his bike,
I just like to be a child again and go back home now.

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