Ollie 11h
When she is old enough to remember
I will tell the girl that there is plenty worth treasuring in this world
And though one of the items in the chest may be the fact that her father has stopped drinking
She must be reminded of his personality
So I will tell the ace of hearts that above all she is to treasure kindness
And damn
I hope she believes me
Bry 15h
I want you to love me
Because your blood runs in my veins
And I’ve offered you my love
But you’ve only given me pain
So finally I hurt you
In return for hurting me
Yet I am left with guilt
I don’t feel better, nor do I feel free
Now I am left only with one question
Have you ever felt guilt
For hurting me
Pyrrha 1d
Is it better to have a father who judges you from the moment your eyes open to the moment they shut
Or not to have a father at all?

Is it better to have a husband who makes you out to be a villain to your children
Or to just get a divorce?

To me these questions are a thin line between anger, frustration, saddness, and a bright beautiful life
The answers are obvious
If only they were to everyone else

He walks in the door and carries a storm
For no reason other than he can
Every detail is wrong
Your every joy is his to rebuke
Every second he has something negative to say

Everything about you begins to feel wrong somewhere along the way
Until you no longer love what used to make you smile
Until you can no longer see yourself as you
Rather you see a complete mess of imperfection and expectations you can't meet

It's tiring to hear the fighting
Its sickening to hear the verbal abuse aimed at the children
Its sad when your children long to hear the words 'divorce'
It's repulsive to hear the derogatory words he says to the woman the ring on his finger claims he loves
And theres nothing you can do
Its just as haunting when its aimed toward you

They can't see you are trying your best
When you try harder its still not enough
They are too busy deciding where to place the blame
When you need motivation or inspiration the most
They let you down
They bring you down
You sink when you should float
And its heavy

You know what it is, but when does it end?
I have a very spiteful relationship with my stepfather, I've never thought of writing a poem about it until today.
Emily 7h
Miraculous is a father’s love
When his child’s screaming in his ear

Exceptional how he can bear
High decibels without complaint.

His behavior emulates a saint:
But instead of changing water into wine

He does something much more divine—
Transforms frustration into joy.

How simple is his ploy
Gently covering intermittently
The source of high-volume sound

His sense of timing is profound
Creating novel, unique rhythms
By interrupting the one-note noise
With silence, not violence

Amazing is his patience
As the magic of complexity
Distracts his progeny from overwhelming woes
And produces giggles in its wake.

Sometimes life’s trials we can take
To create beauty from chaos and
Complex rhythms from discordant noise.

Yet friends will often speed our choice
Distracting us from life’s turmoil and
Helping us see the wondrous possibilities.
Inspired by a recently observed father-child interaction.
Father! Father!
I called upon your name
You heed not as days wane

Father! Father!
How long we've played this game
Where you've ran with no shame?

Father! Father!
Years after my youth waned
Why han't you call my name?
"I'm a father, and I don't do a few things.

A father doesn't babysit his kids,
            what are you part time?
Wake up, if your thinking this,
your not father material
                    your a sperm bank for hire.

I don't get drunk in-front of my kids,
                     you slurring your words.
Anger making you lash out.
           That's a problem,  you see
       love is kindness, not anger and grief.

"I'm a father and I do a few things right.

A father reads to his kids, imagination
            ignited in little minds.
"ROAR" went the dino baby as
    it showed mummy and daddy
its new voice that it found.
   Trees trembled and the earth
             did jump for this little dino
showed off the voice
                          "ROAR" it never knew it had.

A father looks after them when there sick.
                           Team mummy and daddy.

Snooty Maggie,
                    that's mummies section.
Green little monsters popping out of noses,
slim trails on white tissues, so gross.
                           Buggers make daddy heave.

Pukky Pedro,
now this is daddies area.
         scrap the chunks,  
         clean the sheets, give them a shower.
Now get the bucket, that rests next to the
                                                 little ones bed.
Sleep my baby, mummy and daddy are close.

A father is meant to show love,
                                    don't be a part timer.
Were meant to be proud of what we have or had
with the love of our life.
                        We created someone,
who will bring a smile to eithers face just with a look.
Stiff pointed leather shoes
worn by my father
my child feet pale in comparison
the cuff gapes around my ankles

I cannot walk in these
I cannot live the life of my hardened father I cannot fill his shoes
I heard a song with a mighty beat,
sung by a woman with a powerful voice,
in a friend of my father's car.
She sang about a crossroads and the devil,
she sang about life.

Then, I heard Fast Car in the same car, I remember vividly.

Many things that have formed me, I experienced at my father's side when he was still walking the earth.
I learned about kindness.
I learned about yearning for knowledge.
I learned how to polish my shoes and clip my nails.

These memories came to bring its clarity in the shower when a song was playing and my mind was running in a maze of reflection.

And now I'm just listening to Tracy again:
                        "All that you have is your soul..."
© Johan Nel 2018.07.12
Whether you’re that kid trying his first playboat
That woman working the cash at Timmies
Laughing with me as I light up over the word ‘bacon’
That girl smiling at me as I fumble with my passports
Or that lonely soul who holds deep eye contact
Because it’s the only form of connection that comes completely naturally
To you.

The look in your eyes
Your spirit for life
You make me happy
Because you’re so dang cute.

I have a crush on you.
On your Joy de Vivre.
A deep affection,
Like that which my father held for me
That one morning
When I was skipping around the house
Crazy eyes and wide smile:
C’est ton joy de vivre.

C’est fou comme la vie est belle;
et c’est fou comme vous vous êtes beaux.

La joy de vivre;
c’est la définition de l’amour pour l’autre.
You are invited to come to dine with me, From now through all Eternity, Believe in the father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, And dine with Jesus as your host, To live in Heaven Eternally, All you must do is.......?  
For years I looked at this words framed on my walls along with Foot Prints"until I remembered Lancelott my knight had mailed it to me on a card 40 years ago and just Like that he pierced my heart with his bow, his ray of light and my cup of thorns was no more
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