Like the sunset
On a rainy day

You are missing

How is it
that one person can be both
the sunset that never came
the sun that set too soon?
Death of a father
Think back to those days when you were a little person.

remember your father

Think back at how you looked up to him and knew,

remember your father

He may disappoint you but he will ALWAYS be there.

I don’t care.

Would my father have left, if I was not born?
And would I have become his favorite son?
If he’d let me, if he’d let me.

Would I have become, the son I became,
If he’d stayed in my life?  And if he had stayed,
Would I still be?  Or would I be?
The same as I am!  Angry at my Dad!
Or would I see, he’s not worth it?

And I don’t care!  That Daddy wasn’t there.
I don’t care!  How he is now.
And I don’t care!  That Daddy wasn’t there;
Because I have love, from my Mother.

So rejoice with me, because I speak my mind
And I say what I mean and I’m not angry,
Because I don’t care; no I don’t care.

And if you can relate, to the words I say
And you understand, what I’m saying today,
Then it’s ok; yeah it’s ok.

And I don’t care!  That Daddy wasn’t there.
I don’t care!  How he is now.
And I don’t care!  That Daddy wasn’t there;
Because I have love, from my Mother.

And I don’t care!  That Daddy wasn’t there.
I don’t care!  How he is now.
And I don’t care!  That Daddy wasn’t there;
Because I have love, from my Mother.

So I thank you Mom, for the love you gave;
For your warm embrace and your smiling face
And I do care, yeah I do care.

Because you were always there!
You never walked away!
You are always there!  If I need you.
I thank you Mom!  For everything you’ve done
And I do care, now and always.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Wejdan Apr 14
You were 25 years old when you lost a loved one.
I was unborn still. I was on my to your destiny to be a daughter.
You got a wife and 5 beautiful daughters but pain is buried through your body.
Part of you tried to let go but you failed.
I no longer will pat on your back because you are now in your 60’s
It is way too embarrassing. It is as embarrassing as when you found out that I was in love.
You sigh when you hear of him, it feels hopeless.
Man loses the battle when his father isnt near.

Yes! I now understand.
Welcome my new followers :)
Jo Barber Apr 13
As a child,
you watched me,
ever careful.
You held a mirror before my face
ten times a night,
to see if fog appeared there.
You stroked my hair
and sang soft songs.
With your lullabies,
my sleep was always long.

Now it is I
checking your breath
ten times a night.
You pulse so shallow,
it'll disappear any second.
Jo Barber Apr 11
I'm jittery as fuck,
just plain out of luck.
Wishing I could duck
out of here and take just one drag.

Surely, that wouldn't be so bad.
I'm going a tad mad.
My will has never been ironclad.
Trying hard not to blame Dad.

It's the grand killer,
nearly makes me shiver
when I think of all the unnecessary pain.

If only it didn't hurt so good.
python Apr 9
Mother only had a father figure until '75
Only up to a few days before her first candle was he alive
A singular heart attack to cause multiple heartbreaks
Widowing a woman with four kids...they need to strive
Despite being born in '98, I only had a father since '12
Fourteen years of searching for a father figure; i'd delve
Chapters worth of excuses for disappearing, the nth book to shelve
He picks her up when she falls
Walks her down the aisle holding hand
Whole life he puts her above all
Just to see her being taken by another man...
Mother, a specialist has called us,
he believes something is wrong, astray, askew,
but you tell me it's all no reason to fuss.
Mother, your words have caught onto me like the flu.
Mother, you're infecting me to become you.

Father, mother says we cannot go,
to neither the recommended counseling nor therapy,
and for some reason you agree,
but just yesterday you told me,
you resent what she has done to your children.

Mother, I am sorry you have overheard what I've told my dad.
I promise, I never meant to make you sad,
but now you're screaming that I'm glad.
Mother, I do not rejoice!
Please, stop putting these words in my mouth! It is your choice!

Mother, this ordeal can end.
Remember, you were once my friend?
Mother, I know I have grown to fourteen and now I should be more kind and more mature.
Still, you say, I am just mean and for my cold eyes and empty heart, there is no cure.
Mother, your words shape my world, despite my hesitance to believe them.

Mother, I am sorry that I sobbed three years ago because of your screams.
Mother, I am sorry that I turned my back on you while we both fell through countless seams.
Mother, forgive me, please, for I try my best and I am your daughter.
Mother, forgive me, please, for I try my best and I am not my father.

Father, I miss your defense.
But to expect your words in my good chance again is dense.
Father, I have made every excuse I can to make you the favorite parent.
But, father, my lies to myself are apparent.
Father, what happened to the days when your guarded this wretched child of myself from mother's verbal onslaught?
Forever I would have you for forever, I thought.

Father, you will die soon, because you do not care for your body.
Father, I cannot live without you beside me and my family.
Father, protect my brothers and my sisters just a few more years.
Father, don't leave me again yet. You are not him, do not run for a few more beers.

Mother, you brought to me an alcoholic.
Mother, you brought to me his precious child.
Mother, with this baby, now nearly four years old, I still frolic.
My beloved little sister.
But mother, the drunkard threatens to come to us again.
If he tries in court to steal my cherished sister, can we win?

Rapacious alcoholic, with each and every bone in my body, for you, I feel such loathing.
Somebody tried to make me tell him my "complications" and maybe I shall just grant him this if he ever thinks again to care why I left.
04 08 2018
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