Ari Jan 5

my ears often listen to what they don't want to hear.

instead of picking up all the words that;
boost esteem,
demonstrate love,
my auditory perception has acute awareness for words that;
exude hatred.

i cannot come up with an inkling as to why
my hearing is sharp enough to hear the whispers of disdain, yet deaf to all expressions of affection...

it disconcerts my mind to a point where i now believe i only hear what i deserve.

Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017

Like flies in tackle box,
Hardware bolted to their lobes,
The ladies earrings.

Ladies earrings compared to fishing hooks
Triale Soran Dec 2017

Stupid hands
Of course you’ll burn yourself
If you touch the hot pan

Stupid eyes
Believing in illusions
That are obviously lies

Stupid ears
You rather listen to lies
Then face your own fears

Stupid mouth
You say the wrong words
And make things go south

Stupid Heart
There you go again
Breaking apart.

Meg Howell Nov 2017

A daily riddle
Has come to mind
Where abstract words
Break an abstract mind
And things once healed
Fall apart
After the moon hits that mark
Thoughts are runny
Dilapidated ears hear harsh lullabies
But no baby cries
Just you and I
Cries fit for the night
The dubious night
The doubtful night
The dangerous night
Our night

Mohamed Nasir Oct 2017

where two ears meet they formed a heart
and in the middle of the heart there's the ear
in the twilight weary his most fraught with fear
is to linger alone in the damp cold and desolate
unloved clothed fed and wrapped in a blanket
his children left him converse with the wall
uncouth remarks sometimes do befall
nice to hear a soothing voice
to consult for advice
not he likes
to be told
deaf he maybe
don't speak  mumble out loud
angry if you must but please don't shout

Elena Basophil Sep 2017

Eyes on my back.
I can feel them.
I can feel them
Watch my every step.
I can feel them
Watching me from head to toe,
Staring into my deep blank soul.

Eyes on my back.
I feel them shred my clothes to pieces.
I feel them from the corner of my eye
Watching my every move.
A word I utter,
A step I take,
They see. They hear.
They know them all.

V Anne Jul 2017

I like feeling like danger girl.
I like feeling like a shooting star
blazing across your eyes
and gone in an instant.
I love being the whimsical
day dream of a woman
I had hoped to be when I was twelve
and feeling trapped.
Listless within my own body
yet every nerve ending was electrified
like I was an overcharged battery.

Zip. Zap.
I want to dash across your heart
leaving no bruise or cut
but a stinging burn.
Icy me all you want
but I have already combust.
I live in my own scorched skin.

Zip. Zap.
There’s a ringing in your ears.
The whirl of wind
winding past your head
ruffling your hair
raising goosebumps
yet you cannot shiver.

I like feeling like danger girl.
I like free falling this role.

Zero Nine Jul 2017

She'd gone from discharge straight back to the office, dressed in her sweats and intake band. She got into the elevator, fingered lucky seven, and rode the way up stuck in molasses thoughts, in anger and shame.

She was no one's property, The Agency's least of all.

The neon lights over River City's southeast side popped and sparked, dancing gracefully in the array of dull grey derelicts. She watched them exploding through the safety of the glass.

She'd tell Asgar exactly what she thought.

"I don't give a fuck about the why, I give a fuck about the how. How could you do that to me, man?"

I was doing you a favor.

"No, don't even -- you were doing your fucking self a favor. "

Oh, of course. We all thought you might like to have some teeth, Miriam.

"Don't say my name like that! I'm not your fucking daughter."

Calm down, okay? Please?

"You made a decision about my body that was not yours to make. If I want to be a toothless crone, that's my business. If I want to have one tit and a dick, that's my fucking business, Asgar. "

And when it was over, as most do, she rode the way home with her head hung below her shoulders, wondering if the words she'd found to say were too true. She wondered, what some wonder, if her truths were better used when they were cut from the script to defuse inconvenient situations.

When she went inside, Miriam threw her keys and her clothes into a pile by the bedroom door, pulled the band from her wrist and then stepped into the shower. She'd go out. If she truly weren't worth her weight, then she'd throw herself to the city, hoping to trade what was left for sex.

And drugs. Drugs, too.

alan Jun 2017

Walking around the rim of acid water,
"swim on in, you won't get hotter!".
Open your eyes under the brim,
burn your eyes and find it dim.
"Follow me we'll rinse your ear"
search for a hand but you cannot hear.

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