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Bhill Sep 2
the singer should have warned us about his out of tune song
it was so undeserving of our live ears
the melody was unpleasant and the tune horrific
how could there be devotees to such bad talent
it just shows you that some ears are deaf...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 241
Iris Aug 30
When I open my ears,
I can hear a symphony of beautiful sounds.
But it is too often that I let my ears go to waste,
and only keep my eyes wide open,
although they are unseeing.
Alicia Moore Jul 17

           to the
                                of your own

Before your ears are no longer moved by the notes.
Iléana Amara Jun 10
humans are molded with two ears
to hear a story's two sides, to judge without fears
to cut another for the sake of bigotry and injustice;
perhaps to hell do they reside, a conscience without peace.

Bea Aguilar May 25
It’s better to cover your ears.

It’s better to just close your eyes.

It’s better not to hold on to anyone.

It’s better if you will not feel any single
pain that I have been ignoring

this whole **** time.
You Never Listened
by Michael R. Burch

You never listened,
though each night the rain
wove its patterns again
and trembled and glistened ...

You were not watching,
though each night the stars
shone, brightening the tears
in her eyes palely fetching ...

You paid love no notice,
though she lay in my arms
as the stars rose in swarms
like a legion of poets,

as the lightning recited
its opus before us,
and the hills boomed the chorus,
all strangely delighted ...

Originally published by Contemporary Rhyme. Keywords/Tags: ears, hearing, listening, eyes, blindness, unseeing, unawareness, insensitivity, rain, stars, lightning, thunder
Cynthia Jean Feb 9
Don't believe everything
you hear.
People are being
by the tellers
of tales.
History teaches us
"if a lie is repeated
often enough,
people will believe it."
Let us have
ears to hear,
and eyes that see.
May our ears  and eyes
be open
to the truth.
Not just the tellers
but provable facts.
We must each make an honest
for the truth.
let someone else
do your
May we all

Cynthia Jean
February 8, 2020
Sally A Bayan Jan 20
@  @

They're very near the brain
they're on both sides of the face;
not too far below,  throbs the heart...
these vital gifts were given to us, so we
may able to grasp what's being
said......especially, when our children are
the ones talking, speaking about school,
their fears...their dreams and goals...what
interests them...we must encourage them...
and even when they scare us...when we can't,
don't understand their ways, because they
don't agree with ours.....kindly pay attention,
hear them out...their voices, their reasons,
not just what we want to hear from them...
we drive them away from imposing
our own choices on them....let us be their
guides, their friends...give them space, to
find themselves...mold their own identities...

why force our children to be Einsteins,
when they're meant to be....Shakespeares?


Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
January 14, 2020
(pearls of wisdom gathered from my granddaughter's career guidance day)
Just Ivan Jan 18
I have no soul to make use of my spirit.
I have no love to make use of my body.
I have no dreams to make use of my heart.  
I have no paths to make use of my legs.
I have no depth to make use of my arms.  
I have no words to make use of my breath.
I have no gardens to make use of my nose.
I have no kitchen to make use of my tongue.
I have no thunder to make use of my ears.
I have no imagination to make use of my eyes.
I have no needles to make use of my hands.

I have no me to make use of the world.
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