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yosemite, yosemite!!! when the sirens go off with a bang, let the trumpets reighn an then comes the rein, ferror of beings, king collossal!!! so much fear the pain will preach, then the label attracts with a gov collapse time will cease, GOD will elapse from seize, soo seizure!!!!

**** the diplomats, **** that ***** ***** puffy, forget them fugees, throw it down no pun intended!!! indeed i might achieve heavy freight with heaven gates, bill gates an alabama!!! money on my mind gotta satellite in space widda heat sensor looking down, lazer beamin that’ll take over the world!!!

bodies, illuminatic sanctions, hobbies, gravel an paint make the women faint!!! cant compete so its my treat, welcome to the life of the great backin!!! super power, super human, making gravity electricfy… poppin these trycromes handeling dice folds, so much dough call me pinky, *** sticky!!!

i said it once, woman ill say it again, 15 billion cash ain it thats nothing… 5 miles deep where i keep, underground castle, let the flood gates go, flood zone, might miss, got a miss, dont miss!!! i hit an keep gettin, i get it at it more then benjamin, 1 count n out knock floyd may out…

super junction, my tugg goes tougher then the bible,  count sheep so i sleep, wifey wait!!! i cant, im the man on these fields, in these pens with the many mens, henns, bitchs n bottles!!! i smoke that hood grip… i invented it, i am that bompton an martin king out here n furgy!!!

The Don
Your music haunts my ears
And steals my soul
A staccato whimpering glow
The audience claps
The show's over now
Go home to danger
And commune with your total stranger
Everyone is putting on a show, whether they mean to or not
Tanya Feb 7

I looked through every playlist,
with a hope to find You in the songs
to hear Your voice, track You in melody
Let my ears enjoy;

I searched for You in the cabin
where the book You gave me lays
I found You in some poems but then
You’re somewhere, far away;

Maybe You are hiding in the t-shirt,
I can sense You there,
only scent is what I find -
I search for You again.
Patrick Wood Feb 6
Advisers, confidants, close friends,
hear my beckoning.
So betrothed to the game i'm wondering
if you ears are turned red
from my constant berating of facts and formula
from my phone, from my bed.
From a far away place, listing all the times I've spit last week
they're all-seeing bloodhounds
trapping me in beloved rat race
..."To Jimmy Turner, Kathy Lintz and Peter Bensinger, advisers, confidants and close friends, thank you." - an excerpt from Ryne Sandberg's induction to the hall of fame
Madeleine Jan 21
Whispering of sweet
nothings from the pick up lines
to cute sweet nicknames

sweet elegant songs
from music, loud and gentle  
written just for you

from indoors to out
bird singing sweet melodies
thunderstorms rumbling

doors slamming all day
food sizzling on the stove top
people snoring late

your majestic voice
so cool, calm and Collective
your voice is my guide
And yet again
I hear that familiar melody
running through
my ears.
it brings me tears.
I close
my eyes
and take a listen,
to the music
that brings me to a
whole new kingdom.
But it's
nothing special
playing that music.
It's just a piano
that sounds so fantastic.
How much I love the piano...
Penguin Poems Dec 2018
Holes in my ears? 8.
But including the ones in my heart?
Or my soul?
Or my head?
Too many to count.
You can't be mine,
Because it's still her, right?
Your eyes seeks for her.
Your ears likes to hear her voice.
Your nose likes her smell.
Your brain thinks of her.
Your heart shouts her name.
I can't be someone else's,
Because it's still you. Right.
My eyes seeks for you.
My ears likes to hear your voice.
My nose likes your smell.
My brain thinks of you.
My heart shouts your name.
You can't be mine because it's still her, right?
I can't be someone else's because it's still you. Right.
Bunny. It's for you.
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