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Peter B Sep 2
Where are the eyes
that never cried?
Where are the ears
that never bled?

Where are the hearts
that never broke?
Where are the mouth
that never screamed?

Where are the men
that never hurt?
Where is the woman
that never been sad?

Where is the hope
that never died?

Where are the eyes
that has never been blinded
by the light?

Where will we go
if there's no heaven
we can hide in?

Who will shelter us
if there's no shepherd
among the frightened hoard?

And when we reach the destiny,
who will be brave enough
to open the heavy door?
Mark Wanless Aug 8
the sound of nothing
in our ears and the empty
is all around us
Feel incredibly unloved and unwanted?
Because the only person
that would love to spend the
whole day
With you...
is your one year old.
And that’s only because
she spends the most time
With you
And you’re her buddy.
I’m not minimizing that love
or taking it for granted.
But it’s hurtful
not to be just ONE person’s
first pick.
Their favorite human,
their best friend.
Someone who wants to share
And memories
With each other.
Because you simply,
mean that much to them.
That is why my heart
is sore.
It was quite music to their ears,
Music to their ears:
Your shouts and Screams,
Your inner fights out,
Wars spit with the venom of a serpent high,
Knowing, just knowing how it feels:
It was quite music to their ears,
Music to their ears,
It hurts like Hell,
Your shouts and Screams,
Music to their ears,
Music to the ears
Your shouts and Screams.

Hard times expressed,
Making something of the beauty one can find,
What went wrong,
What went wrong?
Why weren't those mirror reflected upon your existence?
Why do they enjoy making us suffer?
For you to find,
It's for you to find
It was all
Music to those ears...

Music to my ears all my shouts and Screams,
All the laughter and the tears!
Star BG Feb 6
Eyes they set on beauty,
as morning sun quenches moment.

As ears aligns divine birds
that sing with orchestrated music.

As breath rejuvenates
to see mirror image and smile.

My heart beats in beauty
mirroring in heartbeat own magnificence.

Mirroring the radiance of the soul
that reveals a lotus flower.

That vibrates to guide my way
in steps of dance.

Thoughts they understand
a spark of Divines perfect lives within.

I be co-creator of thy sea.
inspired by Sarita Aditya Verma a gifted poet.
One day I heard her say:

“I have a dreamy kitchen.”

I pictured pots and pans hanging above

an old-fashioned stove, a light blue and white checkered

tablecloth on a wooden table for two.

And the morning frost beyond the kitchen door,

not reaching the warmth of her ears

from the night’s sleep.

I wondered:

What does she have for breakfast?

Does she make herself two sunny side-up eggs?

Is she too busy for eggs?

Perhaps she only eats yogurt before darting out the door.

You were always darting, not quite rushing,

but too fast for me to say hello.
Abner Ros Nov 2020
Incessant beeping infests my mind,
Words and phrases all intertwined.
Cease that noise you alarming freak!
It has been ongoing for all but a week.
Like a drill to the skull
A sound never quite clear
I beg, what say you with your chime so queer?
Unable to transcribe what you whisper so dear
I guess I must give up attempting to hear…
teddy Nov 2020
your constant, unending noise
i rebuke thee, '*******!', beautiful mind strangled into crude curses
profane in nature,
rituals of execration in the dead of night and stillborn morning,
lit by a brazier of an ungodly hued red,
as you roar like thunder into delicate ears.

'please be quiet'
i petition to the wailing angels
stabbing at my eardrums with harpy claws,
rip my brain to shreds in echoes of outraged confusion
'tearin' out your hair like a banshee'
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