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I've been doing some reading
on some things
those of which do not matter to this article of self-consciousness
the glory
of the unknown theory
have you ever had that feeling
i cannot begin to deepen your physical understanding
i will change the world
this is my glory
this is my understanding
i hope you find yours
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust) – 81

BismillahIr RahmanIr Raheem

I am in a circle.
Enclosing with an everlasting light
Until I am at ease in eternal silence.

I shattered my infinite silence in evident agitation.
Am no more in the of eternal light
All around me I can see only the darkness.

Thou I instantly realize my Noble Beloved verses
Eternal silence obtains the deep knowledge.
You naturally have to study and attain.

To attain, you need to exercise patience.
Grasp yourself to properly exercise.
Therefore, you can carefully follow the eternal silence.

Eternal silence secures the unique key.
It will unlock your fierce heart.
To gain the deep knowledge!

Allah Khair….. Khairul Rabul Alameen Yah Arrahmanur Yah Raheem

Ummah Thurab – Badshah Khan.
©UT-BK 2019
Rubayiat Al Thurab (Verses of the Dust)
LolaPark Mar 28
It was raining
light shower drops
falling away.
The leafless trees
with open arms,
welcomed the drizzle
until midnight.
I stayed awake
because I could;
The soothing sound
told me I should -
write to you
one last goodbye
till I see you
Next winter time.
"After winter, must come spring" - Everything is Everything by Lauren Hill.
Myrrdin Mar 20
Maybe I needed you to walk into my healing
In order for me to let you walk out of my wounds
Here we go again, pain.
How long, now?
I love you more
than I ever.

How long, now?
How long's it been,
since you've loved me?
Did you ever?

I'm not upset.
I'd rather have these
frequent sleepless nights
than have a dream.

I'm not mad at you.
Could I possibly?
I'm not upset.
How could I ever?
expected me
to be a perfect circle.
With no sharp edges or rough
corners. I'm sorry, but I'm not perfect
in the way that you want to me
to be. I am perfect
in my own
All of us are!
Keyan R Mar 13
At odd ends it’s crazy, seeing how we used to be
I must be the lazy one, always looking out at sea
You see I never ignore the shore, I love to explore the floor call it a tour
I’m not even full of glee, the magic is never as bright as it seems
You’re supposed to be my best friend, yet you’re gone cause of some salt water in your mouth
I want to stop the doubt but I recognize that someone has been influencing lies; Saying we’ve done worse things at one time, that She’ll be fine, and I should let Her go this is a sign
I sigh constantly stressing, I don’t know if this is a trial, a testing, cause right now I have nothing
This is harder than I ever thought it would be, this is the pain in my train of thought
I think about You in more ways than I ought
This isn’t about You though I am just letting off steam but You’re a main factor in this head full of dreams
Broken and bashed in my spirit is trampled, I’m left confused for this was a harmless joke
Am I just a muse for your little gag, at least I came to talk to you after the fact
But the thing that hurts the most is you lied, and I gave the chance yet you denied said you were gonna apologize together despite you’re suppose to be my ride or die?
I don’t know anymore telling the truth, I’m more alone now seeing the route I’m not being used these are my honest computes
In my mind the only solution is quitting this contribution .. it doesn’t feel like you’re the same like you’re not trying
And this is punishment or maybe you’re showing your true fangs, this is just lame and I don’t know why I feel forced to apologize constantly for that security without a gain
My circle is small, and I’m gonna close it, I’ll see your outside with the same face I froze with
My friends thought it would be better to see me smiling rather than being so depressed and down in the dumps. So they covered my car in chocolate sauce and mini marsh mallows. A little gag...but little did they know...
Madhumita Mar 5
cardboard crowns   (awash with)
liquid laughter   (cascading)
all around   (litany)

empty eyes   (searching)
borrowed bliss   (enlightenment)
stale sorrow   (breaks me)
Farheen Khan Feb 27
There  is no light
That can take my darkness away

I was born  with a  bright heart
But like a night to every day
My light was taken away

There  is no sun to my moon

Loved by the stars
I found my world
River Reed Feb 25
Crying eyes
Never dries
Forever masked by my devilish disguise

Time and repeat again

Closing distance
Beyond the blur
Intrusive screams and seething slurs
Makes no difference

Time and repeat again

Fleeting retreat
I’m in too deep
Tear tattered sheets
Just following trends

Time and repeat again

Hoping for miracles
Choking on eerie tolls
All in my head
Tearing full — unaware (and repeat) I tread

Time and repeat again

Subsiding pain but repeat I’m drained
Infinite circle —  REPEAT! I’m drained
And again and time and repeat

Crying eyes
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