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Carlo C Gomez Jul 13
Come and stay with me
in Hammerfest

A compact town
a compact love

The harbor and your heart
within walking distance of each other

White night
civil twilight

A disc rather than a point

Where the multiple exposure
of your first day smile
never subsides

Shofi Ahmed Jun 21
Rive! Split apart,
up and down
circle both ways.
Let the pearl be
down the sea
and the star
up on the high
find the sky.
Not a perfect circle
yet to scoop the last
decimal of Pi
it's fine.
Let a loophole be
only for an eye!
Shofi Ahmed Feb 27
The fairies of colour
lovely might give you
the whole ball of wax.
With the algorithm on your side
but how long can one hold the water  
walking on a deep spinning earth?
Forever closing in never a perfect circle
there is a fine gap an unseen other side
maybe until the moon if ever
reaches out to the deep walking earth  
the pi creeps in the sun follows by!
Hermes Varini Feb 11
Hwenne, och! slawlie IT, an’ unco Licht!
Afoyr th' wounded frae Lyife Ghaist-Ancestors,
At Calanais Stane Sirkill Auld, an’ Verra IT, Micht!
Wae th' Lost ay! o'er Deep Tyme Unforgivin’,
Hidden Bleezan ay, Sacrificial Rite at Myrk Nicht!
Th' Stowed Oot Moon Conquerin’ rayses IT, tae mee!
Amydde Thae Verra Bluish, cannae nowe ye a' see?
Cauld Cluds ay flashin', an' Verra Thay A' Hye!
Ainlie, ainlie Raw Rid Bridie sloch Ah!

A composition of mine in archaic Scottish as flowing into classical Latin, and as associated with the full moon as seen at the Callanish cromlech ("INTRA SACRUM CIRCULUS"). “Wlf” is an archaic Scottish variant for “wolf”, whose character as thus naturally consistent with the presence of the full moon ("LUNA"), still unfathomable and intact, as a sheer phenomenon. "POTENTER" (adverb) reads "in a powerful manner". “Ah” stands for “I”.
Shofi Ahmed Feb 6
The moon sways
down the sun’s half eye
for it every mo
is the elephant is in the room
before the sun zooms out  
deep down from the pi.

Magic is uncracked within
that first light breaks out
dawns in the eternal night
is a shiny tear in the speechless
witness’ open eye,
on the tight lips, deep runner silent pi!

Men on the painstakingly polished circle
may have hewn out riveted eyes.
Up more is set free deep down the pi,
bottom in anew, in open paradise!
I S A A C Feb 4
I reignited the spark, reconnected to the hearth
reconnected to the heart in me
it was dark, cold, and scary
I was mocked, bold, and contrary
to my own beliefs, seeds I could never reap
due to the fact I was running miles
in an attempt to protect my inner child
from the incoming tsunami, the bottled up tears
the resurfacing adolescent fears brought me to prayers
but I reignited my spark, I embarked on a new start
where my path is filled with purple roses
a new beginning as the circle closes
its the circle of life, its the purpose of life
I reignited my spark, extinguished my strife
ScaryGary Oct 2021
I am shocked that people still say "you reap what you sow". Really? I kind of get the idea they're thinking of sewing eyes shut, while reaping their vision. Then they shapeshift and look like a possum/demon ******. I don't think they were thinking purely. Just to say such a thing would get you killed in iowa, in some farmer communities. Other states too, but i like saying iowa...and ohio. Plus, the relation to sowing and reaping. Ohioiowa Iowaohio! That is fun. Maybe i am so twisted that i used those states so i could say the words. Sung it three times and see if you don't feel like a cross between drew carrey, slipnot, and neil young. Then see if you can make senior citizens believe it's some native words. Ohio and Iowa were named after tribes, but didn't we make the words? And senior citizens made us? So weird. Get it yet dopes? Some of you say dumber things out loud. Like "conspiracy theory" should be locked up for conspiracy to conspire with theory, or maybe "theory of a theatre" Even a plain and simple theorist can make a hypothesis. Do you know what this means? It means that there are more dumb citizens in america than there is illegal aliens. Speaking of aliens, why do you turn green with envy and then turn red when someone alienates you? Is it because they use education to alienate you and you use lack of education for everything? Well education beats you. A **** first grader could come up with theories, and probably spell it too. It's funny for a while, but really if it came down to it...and we could get along without you blaming your inability to communicate on anyone but yourself, who would wear the "i'm with stupid" shirt? It's my shirt, and i've been looking for you, so we could stand next to each other and talk. Can you imagine if i could get a real conspiracy, or theorist to open up and actually know what a thesis is, and be all theory and no conspiracy, we would be famous. I hope you did read this you mental health industry science project. Now, please go somewhere you've never went yet. I suggest school or hell. My bad, but hell keeps getting harder con theorist

company keeps company with who company keeps
do i look like those who don't sow what they reap?
only bleed at home, blood of defeated is for streets
a leech waits in mud for that life that it eats

serving sunday service mud made of human dirt
blurred first by certain pain and imperfect hurt
discomfort in the gospel hotheads stirs pots
personal relationships, demons heat with the hot

friends without sin you cast all of the stones
forget about sin choir join in to crush the bones
trends of the soul you better let your master know
perfect people who never search only reap what we sow
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2021
Imagine the bird of time
the sun is on the fly
shining the quantum of time.

From the bottom
the Planck length in the east
flying round the clock to the west.

Half way through
it could be at the twilight
but it sings a swan song.
Nothing is a perfectly round stock
not even the sun’s clock.

Around the two fine points
in the circumference of a circle  
no length is a set fixed
minimal Planck length.
Always be an irrational gap
breeding anew pi decimals
never the same nor ever ends.
Always new, a little more,
an uncharted ****** mole!
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