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Tøast Oct 13
How can I feel like this once again,
Like I’m falling through the floor I thought was made of stone.
I came so far but on closer inspection perhaps I’ve been going in circles.

I appear to have lost my way, stumbled on my way out of the woods,
And lost myself in the night sky.
Perhaps I stood too long looking up at the stars.

Well I stopped to smell the flowers and the world passed me by.
A great wind knocking me down to my knees again, just like old times, old friend of mine.
Safana Sep 6
For you
to see me, ride on a
polar bison to cross,
the Arctic circle and
bring to me, a snow
peacock feather

Safana & Bamalli 2020
To archive greatly, we must passthrough different obstacles
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2
Pi with love won’t die
it’s irrational but rational
between the infinite Creator
and finite creation.

A creation is dead zero
somewhere being irrational
with the eternally Irrational
That can’t be thought,
or felt let alone be seen
is beyond the imagination!
But Qun Be the very creating Voice
at the beginning that
was allowed to be heard!
Giving the rational reason
the creation revives on a tangent.
Turns on to a perfect circle counting on
both worlds perfectly closed!

Follows the Voice in the nothingness abyss
pleasantly resonant throughout
the deepest and darkest hours showing light.
Suddenly the creation becomes so relevant
finds love that was in creating the creation.
It starts to discover its own
seductive narrative arc:
The vital three acts
the beginning, the middle and the end!

But finds no true end
therefore no middle in the middle
no, begin in the beginning.
The creation in the creation
floating in the void nothingness
starts to see the Irrational for good!
Betty Jul 10
Frog on a lily
Jumps to catch a butterfly
Frog on a lily
Not a lot happens when you are a frog!

Trying to achieve some purity of expression and tell a story in 17 syllables.
some nights of sin
lead us astray
away from our roots
repent the next day,
i come to you my lord
for maximum light
wash away my radius &
cleanse the circle of life,
my main priority
the only one,
i worship none
none but I
still i see myself
behind that moon
when you are present
in my heart &
not just beating...
r Jul 1
circle circle circle circle
no corners yet I fall in
to the pattern each time.

each time I keep to my bubble
you just pierce the skin and I seep out
into your circle

circle circle I am gassed
can't breathe for myself

I think of you as a flower
albeit a rose with thorns but a flower still the same
But what you are is not a flower
or anything that grows or smells as sweet.

You poison me with you circle circle circle
circle until I'm sliding down the side only to sink as you open the shaft and throw me overboard.

Circle Circle Circle Circle
Circle I can't seem to keep myself out of your circle
circle circle.
javert May 9
Laying low and waiting
in the grass, see the sky.
Light above is grating,
caught, perfect, in your eye.
How the moon guides you by
its untroubled movements.
Pristine, untouched, how thy
hand makes no improvements.

With the spear you’re weighting,
once again you will try
in the dirt translating
(caught, perfect, in your eye)
that unbroken line. Lie
that your own amusements
could hold that light. Each sly
hand makes no improvements.

While you stand hesitating,
I place your hand on mine.
“Look,” I say, “duplicating,
caught. Perfect, in your eye,
the moon reflected, spy.
Despite the light’s influence,
to your beauty, his high
hand makes no improvements.”

In vain we satisfy
our heart with our reply.
All of us are truants--
all of nature’s students.
form is double refrain ballade per lewis turco's the new book of forms

I think i thoroughly mangled the english language here and for that, I apologize
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