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SWebster May 21
I’m not happy.
I want to cry and crumple.
To scream.
But where is the point?
The day is the same, the air remains and the birds still screech.
So I stay silent.
No voice given to the devastation inside.
vohnul buchet May 19
as far as I am aware
you are not wonderful
of course you can have
other positions
you may be good
from another point of view

but from mine
I see just a girl
without eyes, without ears
without a face, without a head
as they are
too clear

there is just this behavior
too superficial
to know something deeper
to try to know something deeper
to want to try to know
something deeper

but still, something about you
there is
that is why
is this poem done

however, if you are able
there is a chance to see
how bad this poem really is
written in one minute
like you
history will swallow it
as nothing
as a useless, silly
Maybe there is a grammar/meaning mistakes in my poems as English is my second language. Glad if you'll warn me. Thank you.
Mia May 18
One year. It felt like a cloudy night sky.
Nothing. Darkness, suffocating, painful darkness.
And then, occasionally, there were fireworks.
Moments of joy that last for seconds, until they fade away.

I’ve been trudging through this darkness
With no progress, no developments
Beyond who I am inside.
But the world doesn’t stop turning.

I still feel inadequate and talentless.
I still feel like an empty void
That has it together well enough that no one would look inside.
But I’m about to tear apart.

I need to do something!
I can’t be a parasite.
But there’s nothing I can do.
I feel so wrong.

Help me so I don’t need help.
I've still been writing, just not as much as before. University has been a huge waste of time so far and completely killed my creativity. I also feel alone and useless, so it's been fun lately.
Sorry for vanishing for 6 months, I haven't forgotten about you all.
Boss Wretch May 14
Love is not enough to counter my hate
God couldn't even fix this feelings of rage
Faith is not an antidote for my suffering state
Hell is the only place for me and my fate

But I know what you'll say
This couldn't be the worst...
nyleda May 6
how can I be
less useless?
more useful?
Naeem May 3
Governed by the demons
That call my every move
Tipping the bottle
Downing the last pill
Sinking into the water
Eyes glazed over
The shadows creeping closer
I close my eyes
Awake in my bed I lay
Dried tears across my face
I scream out in anger
And try to dream of that night
Just a thought
What used to matter
Now its all useless.

All those those things I thought were true
Seems like I didn't even had a clue.
Even though I was used to the pain
Cause it was the only thing made me feel alive!
Now it seems to not matter
It was all useless!

Waking up everyday with the same burden
Caught in the web I, myself had woven
What it really seems
Is that nothing really matters!

My head starts spinning
My body's shaking
Thinking about what could've done!
My feet starts walking
My hands are reaching
Desire for my world to burn!

And still I am here
Just waiting for you...
Drowning in the pool of agony
With disbelief in Separation!!!
Sunstrike Apr 25
This quarantine days just has no end.
Alone in this empty space.
No one ask me how was my day went.
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