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The fang of a vampire sinks in deep
Blood of the body against her teeth
That piercing sensation as she drains
The collar of my shirt soaked in blood stains
That weakened feeling I feel stumbling around
With the world around me swirling around
My hunger has altered into a crave
The old me has met an early grave
I can hear the hearts pulsing and pounding
The smell of fresh bait in the surrounding
I can't escape the hunger pains
As thirst for blood runs deep in my viens
I no longer use a fork when I eat
Because the blood of another taste so sweet
I've slept through the day I must feed tonight
But I must resume my slumber when the sun beams bright
My inspiration
Is my desire
My desire
Is my need
My need
Is my deed
My deed
Is my feed
My feed
Is my treat
My treat
My inspiration
They sell God
In festive season
To feed their children
They buy God
To win favours
The poor artists
Couldn't win favours
Sell Him
For them to win
His favours
Poor artists find it difficult to survive.
l b d Oct 7
midway between
the rope and the wheel

the energy withdrew
at the last quaver
A poet
doesn't make poetry
to feed the imagination
It makes it
to speak like air
In reality, poetry can mean anything to anyone, but in order to make poetry as incredible as your idol, you must stop holding yourself towards those standards. Speak with your heart, not your mind, you're better than any idol out there.
Poetic T May 23
Seen in the distance,
        beauty glistened
though ocean waves..

"Help me please,

                              She smiled,
  as she dragged him under...
Poetic T May 17
Death is beauty,
               as the rose atop of death
feeds on the nourishment of
                                   an empty shell.

Even though its petals decay,
                              its reaches higher

than the tomb
                      to bring life crimson to the surface.
From the womb of Coronavirus,
Comes the birth of a new human being With a noble cause, a new purpose, a renewed vision, and a new mentality, one that would

Listen to people's cries, and lift their spirits,
Sheds tears over the innocent lives claimed by the illness,

Values close family ties, friendship, and Recites a wishful prayer to
Alleviate the suffering of the distressed Souls,

Protects the elderly, takes care of their Neighbor , spares meals to feed The Hungry, and renders services to others and Expect  nothing in return,

A birth of a new human being,
Who thinks, breathes, speaks and acts with Kindness ,
Who’s molded from humility,
With a mind full of reflection, and a
Soft heart encompassed with love.

Hussein Dekmak

Tizzop Feb 17
we're stopping to breathe
vampires and zombies
have come to eat...

you don't know joe
you don't know sue
what's going to be:

let me tell you:
some human stew
ain't nothing new
to dem creatures

you're just a feature
a gimmick
some meat
has to be in it
Today be a good day. Haha.
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