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Jul 30 · 87
Universe in a bottle
Erian Jul 30
I write the notes
Every day
Looking up
At what never be

I write the notes
Hoping you’d see
Capture the universe
Flying away

I write the universe
Every day
Dreaming upon the stars
Every word a stray

Catching the stars like fireflies
Filling bottle by bottle
I can only hope you’d see
My little universe in a bottle
I’ll give to you someday
Jul 28 · 113
Kingdom of Light
Erian Jul 28
Watch the stars
As they shine for you
Twinkling in the darkened hue
Battles raging against the sky
Heights gazing past our eyes
No matter what they say
You illuminate the world
Brighter than the constellations gleam
After all
The universe can’t compete against you
In a sea of darkness
Engulfed by light
“Remember to reach for the stars, and they won't be able to resist flying into your hands!“
Jul 12 · 209
Only True
Erian Jul 12
You in my arms
Is all that is ever true
Under the everlasting blue
Jul 12 · 131
Erian Jul 12
butterflies still ring
at the thought of your name
flowers aren’t the same
without you beside me
you give me butterflies
creating fireworks in my heart
i wish I told you sooner
but now we’re right back to the start
Jun 3 · 492
Erian Jun 3
No matter how far we fade apart
It doesn't mean we fade away
May 30 · 359
A Night's story...
Erian May 30
When the story ends,
In a vigilant light,
Just know it won't be over,
By the time Dawn meets Night.
May 27 · 220
You makin' me go
Erian May 27
You makin' me go
no no no no no
May 13 · 478
Erian May 13
All I see
Are our frail memories...
May 10 · 307
Erian May 10
You make me wish I could travel back in time..
May 9 · 323
Blue Umbrella
Erian May 9
He'd sing along to the midnight songs.
She'd turn the other way.
He'd run and run to get away.
She'd stay.
Time would fly in their eyes, both dreaming up at the night sky.
All it takes is one day to change a world of what they see.
When they both come to meet under the blue umbrella.
May 8 · 133
His Iris
Erian May 8
He sang along to the trumpets in his head,
as the radio once did.
"I'll always be there for you,"
He stuttered past his heart.
The coldness locking his beath
in a frozen cloud of smoke
intertwining in the frosted skies,
"Then you told me no,"
His hands quivered in his sleeves where scars left no marks,
while his voice was breaking like broken bones.
He never finishes his dying lyrics,
with the notes dangling in the air,
for someone else to pair.
And an iris left at the stairs.
May 8 · 241
Erian May 8
When the lights go out
I lose myself

With every day over
Every night past
Looking in the mirror
I don't see who I am

A long ***** blonde
I'd cut to my ears
Leggings and dresses
Changed to pants
Tees with glitters
I'd change to plaid shirts
I wish I could be
More myself
Then how the world perceives me as

It's always as I see
Staring into the mirror
Where I see myself
In the body of someone else

I lose myself
When the lights go out
Erian May 6
Knotting my kite
I'd travel across cities
To be with you in twilight
'Cause whenever I'm with you
My worries fade
An echo from far away
Without you

I wake up every night
With the thought of you beside me
But that never is true
I miss you
From daybreak to daybreak
Without you

I love you
Louder than starry skies
And Blurry midnights
I'll always be there
To help you through
The times of endless fights
Without you

Without you
My strings unravel
Untying, untying
Breathing gone tight
Untying, untying
In diming sight
I can't take flight
Without you

I promise I won't be
Without you tonight
Without you tonight
Apr 29 · 337
Erian Apr 29
During the night
Thoughts overflowed
Of you and I
I can't sleep
With a love further
Than the sky
If only you were with me
Apr 24 · 544
Truth is..
Erian Apr 24
Truth is..
I miss who we used to be
From the way we used to talk
To the way you challenged me

Truth is..
I still miss you
I try to tell myself I'm over you
But we know that's not true...
Apr 24 · 526
drowning feeling
Erian Apr 24
You always drown my mind...
Even when you're not mine...
Apr 23 · 255
Erian Apr 23
Every song
Every beat
Every one reminds me of you
But they're never true
The more I think
The more they flood
In raging waters of blue
But I no longer
Come to recognize you
Apr 19 · 321
Erian Apr 19
With all the stories
In my head
Wish I could tell you
It all instead
Apr 17 · 403
Erian Apr 17
As the day grew short
Upon the skylight
Hands stretched out
It wasn't right
Shining high
enduring and bright
The sun drew
Escaping the sunlit sky
A love with no night
You're my one
and only

My Flashlight
Apr 16 · 224
Worth it
Erian Apr 16
To me
You're worth it...
Apr 15 · 164
Erian Apr 15
If I could tell you how much
You make my heart pound each day
I would lose sight of the Earth
You blinded me
From who I could be
Apr 14 · 229
our escape
Erian Apr 14
Let's make this our escape...
Apr 14 · 191
Stars & Sea
Erian Apr 14
She found peace
Embraced in his arms.

She told him the universe
So that the moon could hear her smile.

As they intertwined their fingers
Under the moonlight
It felt like the world
Was coveting them forever.

She was stardust
Falling to quickly
For a boy she cherished
Longing in her heart.

He was the sea
Reflecting her love
Unending and full
Yearning from the start.

They never left each other
Through the troubles life threw
For they knew that they
Were worth the billions of lightyears away.

Before they divided
Into separate ways
They watched the sunset bud
Upon the skies haze.

On the final day
The stars kissed the sea
Wishing goodbye.

They would meet up again
Apr 13 · 145
Erian Apr 13
"You're my sun,"
He murmured, picking up the traces of daisies
That scattered the ground,
"My moon,"
He caught the petals as they fell from the cluster,
"My stars,"
A sigh parted his lips,
Dropping the injured bouquet from his hands,
"And everything in between..."
The petals spread near him
Like diamonds flashing on the soil
Forming a cosmos around his tracks.
He lost himself for love and in return,
The galaxy lost him too.
Apr 13 · 159
Erian Apr 13
As the morning light seeped
Amongst the sky
The Moon fled
Until it faded below the horizon
Risking his life for the Sun.

When the Sun arose
She painted the atmosphere
Layering it with
reds, oranges, pinks, purples
To give her praise
For her love
That he would return another day.
When they both
could breathe.
Apr 13 · 188
Why fear the stars?
Erian Apr 13
I stare above
Straying away in the lonely gloom
Watching rockets patter higher
Touching the shining moon
One speaks out to the other
Swinging without grief
Far from what to come

"Why do you fear the stars?"
They call down to me

My shoulders sag
Though a smile grew
Each star reminds me of you.
11:11, and still no you.
Apr 12 · 189
A world full of magic
Erian Apr 12
With color shone in his eyes
Of darkness and light
Deep in twilight
They blossomed like asteroids
Plummeting to Earth
Tiny black holes twirling
From the spheres of his sight
He saw the world with magic
Sparking from his palms
It was extraordinary
To be that love
Knew no such limits
Like the color in his eyes
Apr 12 · 287
I'd go far further
Erian Apr 12
I opened my fist
To engulf the moon
In a fit of love
That I'd go far further
Then the Milky Way
To be in your arms
Apr 12 · 355
Apr 12 · 662
Tracing the stars
Erian Apr 12
We'll be tracing the stars
Across the midnight sky
Hands intertwined in the glistening snow
If only you'd know

Performing like asteroids
Flying in the air
When you're around me
Falling, falling
If only you'd know

We'd piece the suns together
Like a puzzle in our hands
countlessly reaching
Hoping we won't land
If only you'd know

I see the universe growing
In your eyes
A smile, a laugh
That illuminates the skies
If only you'd know

We'll be tracing the stars...
Apr 11 · 455
Can't help it
Erian Apr 11
When I am around you
The butterflies come swarming
You make me breathless
Apr 11 · 248
4:00 am
Erian Apr 11
And you still flood over my mind...
A message to the first person who leaks into my mind every nightfall and daybreak, who still manages to curve a smile across my face when all I want to do is drown.
Apr 11 · 241
Erian Apr 11
In the darkest days and brightest nights,
You're there for me when no one is.
Your smile a cure for every ache.
As the war continues,
You're the safe haven I turn to.
Apr 11 · 111
not so secret admirer
Erian Apr 11
I'll tie the loose strings
Around the glass bottle
Slip in the letter
And throw it out to the sea
Hoping someday you'll read it
With my name scribbled at the edge

Your not so secret admirer
Apr 10 · 271
Till after had no ending
Erian Apr 10
We danced in the heat of the summer,
We sang along in the glistening silence,
We walked in the roads of lilacs,
We caught fireflies in the starlight,
We reached past our limits,
We acted like every day was our last
And what I wish wasn't our ending.
Apr 10 · 246
Let me
Erian Apr 10
I care for you
Don't you see?
I love you more than
Please, let me...
I don't mind
If you hurt me...
Apr 10 · 560
Erian Apr 10
Until we find a way without a goodbye.
Apr 9 · 186
empty skies
Erian Apr 9
No matter how many times I think
It would be better off with you gone
I know I'm just lying to myself
I could never live without you
As a friend or a lover
You mean so much to me
That even you couldn't comprehend
Because without you
The sky would be empty
You're the only love I need
Apr 9 · 269
burning roses
Erian Apr 9
A fire abloom
Deep within my heart
Even a match
Couldn't start the flare
You blaze so brightly
Without having to burn
Away from the field of roses
In my arms
You don't see how much you mean
With or without
A blazing mark
Apr 9 · 349
Erian Apr 9
When I'm with you
My worries
My cares
My wounds
Blows away
Gone like a kite
With its string held
In your grasp
Apr 9 · 206
Erian Apr 9
If I could
I wouldn't have to deal
With feeling hurt
If I could
I wouldn't have to
Hide myself
In their dismay
But all I do
Run, run, run
from the things I fear
Will come my way
Whenever I
Apr 9 · 161
rock bottom
Erian Apr 9
Catch me
If you can
But I'll still hit
Rock bottom
When it ends
Apr 8 · 192
Erian Apr 8
isn't a bad thing
the offbeat
isn't wrong
everyone is special
in one way
or another
and that's human nature
we're made to be unique
be ourselves
in front of others
that's why I love
living in the offbeat
Apr 7 · 329
my medicine and pain
Erian Apr 7
You're my medicine and pain
The scar inside my brain
Can you heal me?
Because all I want is you out
Before I go insane...
Apr 7 · 238
hiding away
Erian Apr 7
I'm hiding you
In my heart
Because you're the only thing
From keeping me cracking apart

If my heart
Ever tears
I know you'll be there
To sew the loose strings
From restraining me from leaving
This broken art

In the end
I guess all I am
Is hiding you away
Apr 7 · 205
last day
Erian Apr 7
Do you ever wonder what it would be like
If everything ended at a simple tic?
What would you do
If it was the last day?
For now,
I don't know.
Apr 7 · 115
lost in the night
Erian Apr 7
As the door closes upon the night
I keep myself hidden
Lost of sight
Something's been different
Like the world's not right
"It's me, isn't it?"
I spoke in my head as a shiver shot through
When I moved my hand, I flicked off the light
Apr 6 · 115
with you
Erian Apr 6
Without you
I'd be shattered
With you
I'd still be broken
If we hadn't met
The world would feel different
For me
And I don't know
How to change that
Apr 5 · 103
Letter to my ex crush
Erian Apr 5
You helped me past my worse of times, and others you brought me back up. I didn't come up to you until I knew we were friends. I lied to you because you wouldn't want to hear what I had to say.  You found out I liked you just the other year, but that didn't stop me from loving you. I thought you would forget. I thought we would split. As the year drawn by and the next grade came, we stopped talking for a reason. It's been hard for me to talk to you since. I've only come to you to admit a few things now and then. Since I told you I am Genderfluid, you locked me away. Now we small talk on the days of art, if anything it's only a hello. I love you, I wish I could tell you. You wouldn't understand. You don't understand. For how long that I had. Now I'm here, waiting at my deathbed. Hidden in the tears of the past I could never erase. No matter if I cut my skin to hide the pain or end it in a single bang, I doubt you'd bother to notice me again. We're not friends. I know we actually aren't. You used me for attention. You made me feel like something. In the end, I'm still nothing.
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