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Ash Johnson Oct 15
Oh, but you don't understand.
The hours I spend:
Pacing, speaking, moving, singing,
Pretending to be somewhere else.
In the beautiful palaces I've built
From nothing more than a few scraps
Of lost memories and forgotten moments,
Existing in a resin wall.

Oh, but you haven't grasped,
Just how much it saved me
From the broken cracking landscape of my
Ever-wandering mind.
And you'll never quite reach
The fact that while this world I've crafted so
Lovingly, it still can be my
darkest, vibrant hell.

For the palaces have fragmented.
The corners hold deep secrets
And the castle of my mind is darker than you
could ever fathom.
You may call it childish.
Look me in my face and tell me how
I should spend more time out here than in
my meticulous world.

But I ask you why?
Why should I give up my safe-haven,
When the world out here is the
Darkest I've seen.
And I have seen horrors.
Crafted from my own thoughts,
Created from my own being,
And none can compare to your world.
Nikolas Oct 9
To be young, is to be little and be elderly,
Is to carry all the weights put upon me,
And daydreaming continuously,
Is what means to be young.

Pressures push me to the side,
But I believe they'll do me right,
I'll have to take me as I am,
And do the best with me I can.

Old is old, rust is rust,
But young is old, and rust is gold.
I'm still a naive small being,
And responsibilities are towering in front of me.

Hope to grow, and hope to show,
I'll stay ambitious, won't stand low,
It takes one big breath and one take,
The best outcome is my own stake.
Elena Mustafa Sep 30
In my day dreams
I believe I am
In paradise
Or better yet
When the cherry blossoms
Are full blast
With beauty
And i sm wearingba beautiful kimono
With a dangerous
Samurai sword
Every time I go under the covers,
My eyes long to find you.
Is it just a euphoric essence, or am I really falling?
Oh! I’m so afraid of telling.
Some days I wake up with your bold eyes staring at me, when I hallucinate.
Some nights you’re just a sweet swimmer swimming in my ocean, when I hallucinate.
When nights are so long,
And I can barely sleep,
I rest upon your figure, when I hallucinate.
You have no name, no face, no game, no race
Only a someone whom I rely on
My chance to escape, a feeling of being loved.
Oh darling, Let’s meet there again,
When I hallucinate.
s y kalindara Aug 20
I can only spin
sirenic scripts
when I'm stargazing
about your lips.

Copyright © 2020 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Forever daydreaming about you, J.
Aurianna Aug 13
If my hands were numb to your touch,
and my eyes were blind to your affection,
I would still compose love letters for you with my lips.
For I could never piece together,
the perfect words that express truly how much
I care for you.
So instead I speak in tongue.
Breathlessly sliding my mouth in and out of yours,
like the pause in between a sentence.
You're a book I don't want to put down.
i write to express myself in a way i could never speak with my mouth
bones Aug 2
In this space its just you and I,
Among the fields of green and blue,
The sun is setting and the wind is brisk,
My body feels light as I close my eyes.

The sun feels nice on my skin,
Its soft rays make me feel warm and tingly,
Kiss my tears away and say that you love me,
Tell me you'll stay and will never leave me.

Can we stay like this for a little while longer?
Im not ready to let go of you just yet,
Hold me close and sing me a lullaby,
Put me to sleep one last time.
Butterfly Jul 26
Sometimes it's nice to be lost in your own thoughts.
But I've been lost for to long.
I bought a cow bag. It's legit a cow plushie as a bag. HE NEEDS A NAME, SUGGEST SOME NAMES IN THE COMMENTS??
Nicole Jul 18
Lusting lies
Soulful cries
It was not in the book
I made it up in my mind
Maladaptive daydreaming...
Godlink Jul 4
Always stuck in my head,

lifes not what its seemin,

so sick of daydreamin,

lost all feeling,

it's not that bad,

I swear I'm not mad,

   not depressed just sad,


non alcoholic,

acid trip sitter,

wannabe life quitter,

it's a life full of depression,

but where is the lesson,

all a little bit different,

but what's the difference.

I hate that I hate,

myself man that's great.

Sick of daydreaming,

I've lost all feeling,

the cards gods been dealing,

wheres the ceiling?

Will death make me glad,

I'm depressed and sad.
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