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As my mind drifts off
to that place with you and me
my body gets Lighter, my cheeks get Warmer, my smile gets Wider        and my stomach gets a visit
by a thousand Butterflies.
Xgaizer Mar 7
under the
big old tree

smiling to me
I'm holding
to you
and I'm
Talis Ren Mar 8
We wonder so much
about life beyond Earth
that we forget
the lives we live.

The imagination likes to
give and take.
It was cold, the breeze  
Next to a window,  I rest
A cup of 5 minutes noodles sat on my hand
Eyes on sunset, I drank the soup.

Poetry book, sleep on my lap
Music in my ears playing Adele
Open sea and I'm in my own world.
Perfect, perfect enough for this art.
If I could would I gather the courage to win your heart
****** you under my spell
Ignore my minds rationale saying, "you don't have a chance!"
Look into your beautiful eyes without fearing of rejection
Graze your jawline with my hand
Whisper the unvarnished truth
Rather than daydreaming about it
To this day I still wonder
If I could, would I?
ryn Feb 3
I often see myself...

Sitting in the shade
of a lone old tree
set in the middle of a field,
on a warm, breezy afternoon.

Leaning upon the trunk,
I’d feel its gnarly bark
gently pressing into the softness
of my back.
Making it seem as though
in turn, the tree, too,
leaned on me.

As my fingers play
with the tips of grass
that grew lush around me,
I’d think of people I know.
And whom amongst them
would share this joy like I would.

I would spend many moments
concocting poetic lines in my head;
As my eyes trace the haphazard
flight of butterflies.

An occasional gust would come
and sweep up
the fragrance of nature into the air.

I inhale...


It lingers strong for a brief moment
before receding into the folds
and blending in with the smell
of the earth and freshly trodden on

Such a day would only induce
calmness and peace.
Such a thought would seem too far
to grasp.
But such a dream keeps me
MicMag Jan 29
el gato perezoso
descansa allí
tomando las cervezas
que yo no bebí

abajo se ve
un rio furioso
voy a bañarme
Seguidilla form (from Spain, así que decidí escribirlo en español)

Inspired by my wandering thoughts at a riverside bar/restaurant named The Lazy Cat
Euphie Jan 10
I enjoy many things about you.

The three undone buttons on your
white collared shirt.

Your collar bone peaking from behind
the strips of fabric.

Your large hands and messy chocolate hair
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