Sage 1h
We are lighting up
just to try them out
See the smoke escape
From darkened mouths

Watch the swirling clouds
meet the horizon
In a laid-back town
Leaving your pure-white gown

In the backseat
Just too young to be treasured
Just too old to be loved
We are driving
We are racing
not-quite-classic car

A place of our own
With cigarette burns
And a world of steel
Needles to numb what we feel

Without a care
Higher than the smoke blows
Burning pavement and open skies
Sending letters of our lies

In the backseat
Just too young to matter
Just too old to run
We are living
We are losing
A not-quite-classic car
I've got me
A new ride.
You'll want to
Check it out!
I'm not one of those pesky environmentalists.
I ain't ever gonna' make you
Ride a bus.
I'll pick you up,
And we'll go deep
Into the countryside.
Don't worry about the cost.
I'm paying  for the gas.
In an undisclosed location,
We'll park my beautiful ride.
Go into the backseat
And make love
I'll leave the engine idling
So the stereo will play
Sweet romantic music
To get us
In the mood!
In the United States,
We currently have a President,
Donald Trump,
Who denies that Global Warming,
Caused by carbon emissions
Is a reality.
I guess Americans really don’t want
To give up their cars?
A car
Is a status symbol
And an aphrodisiac.
Feminist assertions aside,
If a dude has a CAR,
And can pick up a chick in his car,
He’s more of a stud….
Than the dude who doesn’t have a car.
Just as denying Global Warming
Is denial of scientific research,
Having a “slick ride”
Improve ones sexual potency.
Why can’t we Americans just admit
That we want more SEX
Instead of buying more cars,
And wasting so much gasoline
By idling our engines with the air-conditioning on
While looking at our gizmos?
This poem was influenced by this sexy photo, "On the open car" by Baro Kim from South Korea.
kk Jul 2
Swerving in, I re-enter
A roundabout conversation
Driving mindless words
You make me flushed
It gives me a rush
As all of our cars
Scramble out of our garages
The dark shadow to lift a car spirit
How he sparked his plugs came like
fireworks the car business became
a showroom sex drive salesman
Whatever turns your red hot light to
green monster engine
muffler twilight night
Her beauty mark hit
your parking spot
Your headlight was my eyes
bedroom delight
What's between
two lovers and a car
Car body built you
touched my red velvet
Buns of the seat
Don't blow me down
with your storm tires
Those exhilarating drives
  raise my fire
Anything he drives
gets you crazy
the hot nutritious lady
he hires

Drive one mad
sex drive patriot Brady
The heavy metal lady
That extra special heat what
picks me up not a coffee
  racing cup and please
no horse
with hot wheels  stirrups
her mind is
always stirred
up for something
so exhilarating I know
how to find
better than anyone
Taking a course in acting
out parts new and used
What a car guitar fender

No fix-up mechanic job or
mating or
car copying
hot rod racing
The Lexus car makeover so many
imitations but no VIP
Those hot tamales the new cars
We really don't want to settle for
the used cars no lemons
White Mercedes, those ladies
he drives  you insane even when
you're on the Jet hot plane what an
hot flame dating no insurance
How it races my expectation he road
so quick I missed my star more

The heart expensive oil he boils up
when he fills  his gas synthetic oil
Overflowed by a gas leak

Every week something new
We love all the addiction it
drives you to another
dimension more car space to
her fascination
So delicious when you arrive
at your destination

Man’s best friend cars

Greased full of aggression
no denying

Staying firm hot wheels
rebellious rim

Meeting one another chances
always the car trim

Cars possession passion
gives us the drive

We crave rivalry and rave

“Drive Me” or drive through

Exhilarating speed and sexy sigh

Drive in roller staking pups and
doggy drives mating

Corvettes  enticing
Sextets all we do is text
Buy cars Hollywood pricing

What’s next? Hot Ferrari she is
so busy creaming and
car dreaming
with her piece of Canolli  

Sex craving energetic so erotic car shapes

Mustang Sally so sultry
He’s the fury mustang
Shameless sinners drive away

Drive away see you later

Spiritual connection French car

Another car and writers event

Cool car actors drive to any extent

Tires and minds get tireless

Everything becomes wireless

Your body like a vehicle
driver's seat

Sex drive destination
you give into his car
mind mileage

What a ride you win…
Do we have the drive the capability to race to go at our own desire add some fuel of his fire  do you think we can outrace someone's heart of a car
wyle tan Jun 22
Good morning from Chumphon, Thailand

I awake with happy birds
and country roosters' crow
lazy and slow

I pity busy morning
filled with noisy cars
rushing downtown
anxious and hurried with cares

By Wyle Tan
Written in bed.  22 June 2018
Poetic T May 25
Breathless pauses coincide
        to waiting in fruitless
        An inability to
        move forward,
                              traffic jam.
Just jumping in.
Everything comes to a halt.
The first few moments don't seem as bad.
Depending on length.
The line of cars.
In a sea of metal
Something wow happens.
Metal crashes into metal.
Causally passing by.
Everyone is okay.
Making sure to see what happened
They drop speed.
The police attempt to make it through to the scene.
Little to no debris.
No never-mind to the expensive cars brought to a halt.
The Mercedes Benz, the Porsche out of place slow moving along.
A Black Nissan Sentra with two kids playing in the backseat.
The other side is free to go as they please.
Compared to most places this is nothing.
Try New York. Atlanta. Texas to name a few.
You just jump in, moving from point A to B.
Life is admittedly too short to walk a great distance.
A two car pileup a few miles ahead.
Bumper to bumper no one gives space to breathe.
A Cadillac honks in frustration.
The Black Nissan honks back in attempt to get over.
Inching closer to maneuver it's way in front.
After everyone takes a glance at the pileup.
Traffic is back to normal.
The two kids continue to play like nothings happened
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