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Low as can go, so low to the ground
Ace this ride at the show in the town
Windows up, windows down
Depends on who is around
Pass by quickly, make some cash
While they pass while I crash
They roll off the curbside
I roll off by exit signs
Empty tank while they keep going
Bumps and holes, my stance keeps mewing
Hitting every one that I see
Cringing every time its too clean
Making a living and making stacks
Living at home and living at the track
I can go and yes I am back
You all gonna see what you lack
Sitting at the back side you all gonna see
What I can do and what I have for me
Place down at the table, make the bet
I got this and I ain't gonna let
All you dominate and take the crown
I gonna take this town and take down
The throne while you sit aside
I gonna sit down ain't gonna let this slide
Watch me as I take over this night
Watch ahead at the lit up tail lights
You are sad and trash I can drive
Can't go no where don't you lie
Take the backseat while I drive
Enjoy this sweet and fast ride
The others slowly follow behind
I just watch my mirrors all the time
Yeah, yeah
They all gonna drift and turn
What they gonna see is my flames burn
Listen to that bass and that exhaust
The sounds of the others getting lost
Way back there I'm up here
Where did they go can they not steer
They cannot even race
They just can't keep up with my pace
While I get ahead they behind
I'm up here can they find
Flash the lights, drive away
Get up there and we can stay
Up in first up in class
While they trailing behind my
We can reach the dot
On the map we have got
The power and the skill now
We gonna reach that town
We made it to other side
We made it and we didn't die
They all gonna see exactly why
We can make it they can't deny
Watch as we drive by all the Midwestern cows
Listen as I play this beat on the cloud
Gun it we don't time click click kapow
I love this one, got stance?
n e o Dec 3
red, yellow, green illuminates the road lined with beads of the sky's tears.

the constant honks echoes in the frantic passageway.

frustration makes its prescence felt.

when will this end?
Steve Page Dec 1
More than one previous careful
Much more than moderate use
Less than unreasonably hoped for
Subjected to excessive abuse

Above your typical mileage
Much rusted under the sills
Worn patches in the fabric
Stains from occasional spills

Go faster stripes have been added
The rear windows now have a tint
Extra headlights recently fitted
A perfect first car, don't you think?
Memories of searching for my first car. A Vauxhall Chevette.  Painted 3 shades of bronze.
Johnny walker Nov 30
The 1960s loved the cars and motorcycles built to last I dought very much we'll have cars from today lasting to be classics wonderful
all the music exciting always breaking new ground colourful fashions girls in their mini skirts
so pretty to see, made
I want to be alive, youth
was having Its day and
living life to the full I thought this would
never end, the hippies
had It right, peace and
love, It so sad we now
have to live In a world
that didn't take the
time to
Thought of the sixty's new ground making music exciting fashions pretty girls In mini skirts made one want to be alive
frankie Nov 28
you liked to live life in the fast lane
speed straight down highways, no slowing down
no brakes, no time to hesitate
no time for limitation on your desire to obtain your preoccupations

you liked to focus on the present for a short while
until the now signalled its change to the slow lane and began driving the speed limit and you could no longer race it
from then, it was pretending to care while searching for the next body type
no two were exactly alike, you always had a hunger for a new rev in the engine
sooner rather than later, the present became a distant memory that you left stranded on the side of the highway and you took the driver's seat in a new model that you should've taken passenger's in

you did always enjoy revisiting your antiques though
they were the ones you knew were too attached to forget you
until one day, your most prized possession refused to turn on its headlights and refused to run for you
and thus began the inhalation of your premium body type collection

off to the races speed demon, good luck finding another car to race
i have no idea where this came from
Jordan Hudson Nov 22
Rocking the banner
Driving with manner
People stare, people glare
My car looks great everywhere
Making a difference
Sporty style
You can see it from the distance
Further than a mile
Decals upon the side
Logos and badges
TRD and VVT-i
Don't think so, put on your glasses
Then you'll see dents and scratches
Don't point them out or there will be matches and ashes
Just kidding but I'm not joking of pointing them out
The fixing of the flaws is what I'm all about
Dent here, dent there, scratches everywhere
I'll take care of it though
All it needs is a good repair
Its not like it needs to be towed
It's just the normal wear
But it isn't just a Scion you know
It isn't done, not just yet
Give it some time and patience
But having it in the first place is one goal met
Next goal up is getting my licence
Just have to wait a while to avoid debt
Views on views
Making me mentally confused
Financially *******
My card didn't go through
Card declined, parts I can't find, but the car is mine
I can't do everything, what did I do?
Or what I didn't do or what I could have done
But owning the cool car on the block is fun
But owing so much money on my card is a ton
I want to be done with this and just run
Help me ***, what have I done
My car is expensive and hard to pay off
Jordan Hudson Nov 22
Highway, street, it's right up the road
Hotel stay, motel meet, star of the show
Raise **** day, shell station meet, the more you know
Accelerate, stance nation meet, car is too slow
2.4 the fragile four, the friendly ricer next door
Four banger, rice ganger, listen to her roar
Blow the engine, ****** on the floor
No brakes, stock intake, kick the Civic ricer out the door
Fake TRD blew the other rice away
Crop dusting some Honda today
Left some old Civic on the side of the road
Couldn't count on V-TEC anymore I suppose
I got VVT-i, the never dying ride
The electronics are fried, I won't hide or deny
But I am the roadside guide
Follow mine
Let's go
Line, line, line, line, line, line
Straight, dash, yellow and white
Line, line, line, line, line, line
Yeah, VVT-i
VVT-i power!
lorenz coleen Nov 13
you used to accompany me home and while we talked about
my friends or your friends or anything at all, you had
this habit of shoving your hands in your pockets and
looking away with a cheeky smile, you said you’re only like that
with people you really like, so i guess you really liked
me, and guess what, billy john, i really liked you, too

once we separated ways, a river of cars would flow
and i’d throw one last glance at you before leaving for home
as steps encouraged the distance between us you would
watch my figure disappear amongst the shadows of the busy cars
we were like that for years, and for each day something was
different, like my hair, your jeans, my accessories, your lucky charm

we were like that for years, and for each day something was
different, like your smile, my alright, your attention, my reassurance
we both knew that we were slipping away but we couldn’t let us
know because there was just too much to let go of, or perhaps
there were too many memories, but let me tell you that
i saw you with a girl, across the river of flowing cars
your head turned away and your hands in your pockets
i guess you really like her, billy john, and no longer me

this time, i was the one watching you disappear amongst the shadows
Talking to the air
Waiting for an answer
Waiting for her
Thinking of roses
Car racing
Hands shaking
The crows crowd the
My regrets
A man waits for his ex lover at a bar. She doesn’t show and he begins drinking, sinking wallowing in shame. He gives up drives and spins out of control in anger.  He hits his lover waiting for him on the corner of the street. depression sets in and death surrounds
Broadsky Nov 6
How many miles left?
Can my tires make it, or have they corded out already?
Am I driving on rims?
Move, please I beg of you, get me there. Take me back where I was when I felt something other than this hollow emptiness that now echoes my marbled halls.
You sputter with one last puff of black smoke. I rest my head on the steering wheel, realizing this Rube Goldberg device stopped working long ago.
I don't care to lift the hood and diagnosis the issue, finding a remedy for your fluctuation.
So I'll just leave you here, with a white t-shirt in the window, but I'm not coming back.
I'm growing, you've stopped. I'm leaving, you're not.
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