Learn to drive.
Something that I jotted down while traveling England two years ago.
Strange to think it was so long ago.
Ramish 3d
Our fingers graze each other.
Past like every morning,
It's happened so many times without progress,
That, I'm worn in.

We're touching but not quite.
I almost walked into ongoing traffic, not paying attention
But your arm grabbed hold of me and told me,
We can't function unless we are in each others presence

Loving you makes it easier to be human
Loving you changed me, made me a new man.

When I die I don't wanna be a ghost
I wanna be a stranger
Cuz then maybe I won't make the same mistakes
And hopefully, I won't say the same things
Fuck this town and fuck my dirty hands
When you're strange, if they like you then they gotta be stranger
But they're just strangers

I want to find a home wherever you are because home is a place where you find solace and peace and honestly you bring me solace and peace.
I wanna find a home in your lips.
I wanna find a home in your front passenger seat.
I wanna find a home in your bed.
Would you be kind enough to let a stranger in?
Please don't ever become a stranger I don't know anymore.
Ramish Apr 4
I remember
Walking across Interstate 695,
With two pairs of shoes in my hand
It was 1 am
And I was dazed,
So dazed that I didn’t bother to look next to me
And as I walked further, I heard the sound of bone breaking, and a muffled scream
As I look behind me
I see my brother brain matter splattered
Across the road
And his bones piled up
Creating a fortress for his organs

And that was the first time I witnessed death at someone closed to mine’s doorstep
And it wasn’t the last
Death, she wasn't kind to me
She came back uninvited too many times.
I miss you so much, Ramish
Shrey Mar 31
I was riding down the city
Thinking about the cars
Then i realized I've lost the moon
While looking for the stars
- Me on bicycle
Mrs Robota Mar 27
As people we live in a broken world
There is no denying that
And we're looking for something
We're empty and we try to fill ourselves with money and cars and sex and happiness...
If someone is hungry enough they'll try to eat their own shoes
If someone is hungry enough they'll eat their own heart
We’re empty and we try to fill ourselves by giving gifts and cards...
For those who have been forgotten and underappreciated
We’re empty and we try to fill ourselves by drawing silly faces on post-it notes and giving away our hearts...
Waiting on a thank you
A smile
Waiting to be held
To feel like someone cared
But we refuse to accept a touch of love
Would it even satisfy the hunger?
It's not what we need
Maybe we don't even know what we need
Maybe all we need is a friend to sit with us in silence
As it tries to split us in two
Because we know we need something
It’s why we eat our shoes
Even though they are worn and scuffed and covered in muck
We eat our shoes
Anything that will give us a temporary relief
The sensation of chewing
But it's killing us
And we think we're solving the problem but it just makes it worse
Because the silence splits us in two
Drags us further away from the warmth we desire
We try to feel loved
We try to feel important
But people are temporary
They leave, we leave, they leave, we leave
But if we remember one thing about each other
Let it be the day we were born into this broken world
And not the day we leave forevermore
Abandoned in the church
Because we can't find what we are searching for in others
Or their products
What am I hungry for?
People can't offer that
They let you down
Even the best people die
And in the end everyone will let you down
Every single time
Because they steal and lie and cheat and whisper things to sculpt our opinions of each other
And Jesus I stopped calling out your name a long time ago
I have to accept you’re gone
And my heart shattered into a million pieces a long time ago
But if they remember one thing about me
Let it be the day I was born into a broken world
And not the day I leave them forevermore
Abandoned in the church
Let them remember the simple days
When I made them laugh
When being my friend was the best choice they ever made
When choosing to keep me was the best choice they ever made
When loving me was the best choice they ever made
In this broken world
Was being my friend the best choice you ever made?
Was choosing to keep me the best choice you ever made?
Was loving me the best choice you ever made?
In this broken world
Michelle Vela Mar 20
At a red light
a magenta bougainvillea leaf floats
gracefully through the air,
drifting between the rigid gray toned creations of man,
slowly settling onto the concrete road
as it awaits
the trampling of rubber tires,
with no sympathy.
Brendan Roher Feb 26
Quick, blockbuster ride,
Drive in food and fries
A café coffee with whipped, white lines
Around around we go now,
Riding a caffeine’s high-strung periphery
Sight and a strong sensory flight,
Going where the wind goes: free kites
Open window, downstream upstream shifts
And we’re riding next to other highway street shining glyphs.
A call is never enough to stop our rides
A high so high we see no downs
Here on our feet riding on tops of cars
With our hair wild, topping our heads like windy crowns  
We know our bass booms and sounds rounds
But you may not hear it long
For this freeway has endless bounds
Where we play these booming sounds
With no end in sight
On an endless night-
Boundless air flight
I'd rather spend my life traveling
without any destination in mind
just exploring

A life spent on trains
and planes
roads and cars

Than living at a place
in a country
a city
That doesn't feel like home
because i don't know
the rest of the world
nor myself
Spent 5 hours on a train today
One more to come
and I love it.
oliver Feb 24
i went cycling today,
the only bike in a sea of cars.
i felt like i was the only one living.
i felt like i was flying
and everyone else was stuck
in a black and white world
Watching car grills shimmering in the Southeastern sun
Listening to music with my mind on pause.
Jumping out of cars and walking home on my own
I see a tall blonde woman and a short black man walking home
She's holding her shoes, he's stumbling.
And I'm home before I know it, peeling my velvet jacket off, taking a long shower...
I listen to the music again,
Because it's always there.
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