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We drive mad but we have
Fun with ease and we please
But we bad, we just leave
A mark of shame, look so lame
******* with a hint of spice
Mad souls with a hint of spice
We like ice, like to drive
Rock our rides till we die
Rise above and love the fact you can
Understand the fact we will
We have fun, we ain't done
Stop lights we ain't still
We be flexing somehow some way
Today, every day
We drive mad but we have
Fun with ease and we please
But we bad, we just leave
See us fly, see us drive
See us slide, see us drift
See this gift to your eyes
We can die, you survive
Enjoy the sight, we just glide
Enjoy our ride
We still young, we still dumb
We just having fun
At least we don't smoke or drink
We smoke tires, not drugs, just think
Most teens do that stuff
We just drive fast and slide around
But we don't hurt the town
We look around, we are safe
For others, okay
We drive mad but we have
Fun with ease and we please
But we bad, we just leave
Earthly blood.

Left inside the crimson.
Ton of
Like the village where we came from.
Dust on the self.
Dust on the shelf where Frida Kahlo stood.
Dust standing dance.
Dust for your health.
And flowers for the some to die.
Just like how I should.

Garrett Johnson.
Sylvia oh Sylvia.
Jordan Hudson Sep 22
(Yeah, that's right, this is mine, you didn't think so did ya?)
Rolling through the mall and rolling down the block
Echo the walls and now I gotta stop
Look at what I got, rocking the lot
Loud exhaust, the fumes gonna blow
Yes you thought, now I gonna show
Drive by fast, now I gotta go
Get keyed so I park alone
It look so good, art to your eyes
No tint so I won't hide
Windows down and watch me fly by
Take that crown and look at my ride
Come key it now you ***** come try
This **** won't make me cry
It will make me rise
I will die with this car
I'm a star in the making
These are steps I am taking
And none of your **** gonna take me
I'm warning you now
I'm just awaking
I rule this town
I ain't faking
I am real so my life
Is too I look at you
And I see you stare or glance
I just laugh and you **** your pants
How that kid got that car?
That's right, I'm a star
Don't forget you *******
I'm a show you what I got
And you gonna stop, dream your wishes
(Yeah, see this ****, yeah, aye, yeah)
Nigdaw Sep 22
I follow the slow funeralistic parade
Too late to escape, warning came
On the radio, way past my last exit
I wonder who has died today?
Cars pass what were once shiny projectiles
Such as they, but are now soulless wrecks
Burnt out, like X-rays.

Who fell asleep at the wheel
Or made that last telephone call
That just couldn’t wait, while
Still chasing time in the fast lane,
To catch up with a schedule that now
Is as redundant as the chunk of metal
He was still trying to pay for.

Flashing lights mark the perimeter
Of some executive’s last stand
An accident? Perhaps, but maybe
Life just became that bit too quick
And caught up with him
An overdose of technology, leading to
A breakdown in human capacity.

We, the survivors, look on with grief
That could’ve been me! But not
Thankfully today, speeding on our way
Soon forgetting the graphic lesson
Someone gave their all to paint
But we have to look, just to see
If anyone has really died today.
So there we were on the cliff above the railroad tracks, the Missouri River Bridge in the distance. We’d armed ourselves with sticks, rocks, and pellet guns. We were a ragtag militia, all fight and no war.

The roar of the oncoming train drowned out our planning for anarchy and unfocused mayhem.
The five of us waited, unsure how to take best advantage of the rolling brown and yellow Union Pacific. Dan looked at me and wiped the sweat from his face with his *** Pistols t-shirt.

“Let’***** it!” Rob said. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t say no. If I said it was wrong they’d have laughed and done it anyway. Tingles ran down my legs. I leaned against a nearby cedar and craned my head in the direction of the oncoming train. From our vantage point on the bluff amongst the trees, the unwary conductor would never see us. I waved to signal the others as it arrived.

The ground shook as the train roared below us. Deaf from its passing, we used hand signals like the guys in Red Dawn. That’s it! That’s who we were! We were the Wolverines! And I was the scout who had just spotted a resupply train that was carrying logistical necessities like...

“Cars! *******! This one has cars on it,” Kevin yelled. The other soldiers all gathered rocks and threw them at the passing supply train. I yelled “Wolverines!” as they pelted the evil communist convoy. The four of them joined me screaming the same. My blood boiled, and my face went hot as I embraced the guerilla tactics.

I was dumbfounded when Rob picked up a boulder... and lifted it over his head like a weightlifter. As it flew through the air in deliciously slow motion I thought for sure it was just going to drop straight down the face of the crumbling bluff. Then, with accuracy too precise to have been planned, the boulder crashed through the front windshield of some red Ford, and due to the speed of the passing train, blew through the back glass before tumbling to rest on the hood of some blue Chevy below it.

Dead Flippin Silence

“Rob! *******! That was awesome!” someone said...Tim, I think.

Rob stood with fists pumping in the air. He won today, and he became the captain of our squad. I picked up a much smaller rock and threw it, watching as it clanged helplessly off the train’s metal siding. The Russians would surely come looking for us now, and this was a hit and run raid. We bolted from our perches and sought other opportunities to hit the Commies where it hurt!

We really wanted to be Anarchy!
Circa 1989. Watch the old Red Dawn and pretend you're too young to know better. (Also that it hasn't aged poorly). Also, listen to the *** Pistols. If you can't... It's on you. :)
Mike Sep 17
i miss the sounds of cars
splashing through wet snow and slush puddles
i miss a calm stillness as
snowflakes fall under distant streetlights
i miss the taste of salt
when i slip on frozen city sidewalks
pressure building in my face
i miss wearing jackets too big
and socks too long
i miss the heavy blankets
and the drinks too strong
Jordan Hudson Sep 15
Park that ride in that spot
They can try but they not
I work hard for what I got
Some drive nice but look at mine
Parents didn't use a dime
It just takes time
Mainly you gotta try
Make cash and save up
Do what you love
Make dreams real
Fancy wheels
I remember back then
Back when I had no car
I walked far, then I got a bike
I rode around, no more hikes
The town see me ridin'
I gettin' excited
I see those cars around
I felt poor but invited
To the rich world
I began to build
Up to the sky
My cash get me a ride
Now I love my ride
I'm getting by in that coupe
My life now in a loop
Fix that, fill up the tank
Tire flat, check to the bank
But I still can drive
I just try to live life
Enjoy my car and reach the stars
I can reach so far make a mark
A scar on the ground
Lost and found I the lost
But I findin' my life in time
I'm excited
My dreams will unfold
In front of me I was told
I won't but I can
Watch and see
I can
Watch and see
Sylvia Fénix Aug 24
yknow those street lights?
where you press the button and wait for the stoplight
so cars stop and you may pass?
i actually stopped at one of those today

i stood there and waited for the light to flicker different
so that i may safely cross the road home
i know this sounds really meaningless
but it was actually quite something for me

i never stop at these lights
i run across the road as soon as my own chance shows itself
and i noticed lately that every time i did it
i'd find myself getting closer and closer to the cars each time

this is different
ive got a reason to keep going now
a genuine reason
and nothings gonna stop me now
im gonna be careful, for her.
Bhill Aug 10
The hole to heaven is a place here on earth
It’s filled with color and all things of worth

To see it at all, you at least have to look
It’s right there in the front, not behind that old nook

Open up and imagine what it all seems to mean
If it's not quite in focus, is it really unseen

Birds, clouds, and rain could be the real hole
Mountains, cars and planes are a few more I’m sure

I believe it's important to try, try, and try
It's not a belief, or up in the sky

It's not what you see that makes up the hole
It's how you see it that creates the pure goal

Brian Hill - 2019 # 201
What and where is yours?
m h John Jul 29
we were promised flying cars
and big jet dreams
filled with smiles for miles
on white yachts
under tangerine skies
but all we got was
a dull pocket watch
with a timeless end
and that was enough
for the both of us
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