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miki 2d
you were
a drug that only worked when i didn’t need you
a run down
crimson chevrolet
driving so swiftly down
the beachside boulevard
nothing but endless ocean to the left
and a booming city at rest
to the right
i needed you
i wanted to come home
to lie next to you
dreaming of a life full of
and strawberries on silver platters
in the summer
blue skies

star light, star bright
the first star i seen that night

never worked
I am not talking about people,
who sell their bodies. I am talking about
people, who smoke cigarettes in front of me
and who spit on the pavement next to me
when they're passing me by.
And about fake beggars, junkies, who stand around
watching me, my every step, observing
the mimics of my face, trying to find my weaknesses
and take advantage of them,
take me by surprise, corner me,
ask for a spare change,
when I am not prepared to ignore them.

No I am not talking aboutpeople,
who sleep with different men.
I am talking about people who don't mind
their own business, who sniff around,
trying to work out who, what, where and why.
I am talking about people who drive their cars
and beep on me when I cross the road,
they want me to walk faster, or maybe run.
They park their cars on the pavements,
in my way, and I have to
walk around.
They just don't care, they don't give a ****.


And it's not the loose people I am calling here out.
Chad Young Sep 29
Your ******* remind me of S-curves
on a mountain highway.
Like the curve of the windshield of a Lamborghini.
Like the stick shift of a new Corvette.
Your shoulders remind me of the breaking
of a newly frozen ice cube tray.
They are the tops of the pillars
of your skinny arms.
The flash of your blue bikini
takes my mind away from
your secret face.
Its temperature tells of a moist nose
making a puckered upper lip.
I'm reminded of Cranberries songs.
We should've met with your shirt on.
The rim of your head tells of
a hundred men who would swoon.
No fat on you at all.
Would you even care to look at me
for one more moment?
The roses of your eyes are not yet
in full bloom.
Your blonde highlight tips are like
needles on my skin.
Could I even give a hug
that didn't give away my devotion?

blood rush to my inner thighs
tip brushes
light blue sky behind you
deep blue ocean behind you
three curves tell of your waist
and your navel.
as you stand in this shade
eyes like gray clouds
masking their brown color.
"I don't really want you" she says with a sigh.
"You cannot handle me, why tell a lie."
"Most men only dream of me," with
a Kawasaki Ninja in her eye.
To press against her would sooth my nerves.
Hard or soft its all just fantasy.
Her body's arteries and veins so tightly coiled by her skin.
I'm still here after ******:
untouched and unfelt.
I will always be that picture
written in the story of your life.
She will not let me love her.
She just makes me stare.
Norman Crane Sep 3
Gravity died,
Or so it seemed to us, who were to die,
All loose objects vortical,
Yet static,
                 car spinning,
side over side, the policeman said,
No one could've survived,
Radial blur
All in the rearview
Thud of impact, Thud of stillness
No screams till the spinning wheel ceased
and then only one,
                                 melting like snow upon asphalt.
Norman Crane Sep 2
From the eleventh floor
the world looks small
and possible

The cars
     black and white
     parked perpendicular
          to the curb
          to each other
are keys
     ebony and ivory
I reach out
through the window
and play the street like a piano
peter Aug 31
speed it up,
faster faster FASTER FASTER!

i'm the main character,
speeding down the freeway.

hitting 200 on the speedo,
not caring where i even go.

no traffic, no lights, no laws,
who knew loneliness could be so fun.

no music, no talking, no one,
not even the police to outrun.

how can this get any better?
my friend tugged on my sweater,

"hey peter, get it together,
it's only first period."
i just don't want to work on my college work right now, so i wrote this
lk ode Aug 28
the soundtrack of san francisco
is pale gold and lush green
car horns
Jordan Hudson Aug 17
Line by line I see it's drop pedal time
Next mile rest stop next stop dine
Wheels be shined the paint be waxed
Stop look and drive and attract
JDM half blood got the red sun
Get digits I'm a stud she be stunned
Pull out the lot make my mark
Check it out see my art
The cops they watch my speed I slow
But when I get by I race to the shows
Pause for the gas see the cash drain down
Rev it up loud they all look around
Make it back to work next day I pull
Next Friday got the tank back to full
Check levels RPMs got it down
I pour in front of crowds show the town
When I'm behind they see my face I'm a clown
When I pass the wing makes them all go wow
Let me pass see that *** stare it down
Insta tag on the back follow my account
The Lexus be next but four bangin' for now
Stance camber gang straight pipe pow
Pop bang my car a DJ got the crowd
Look at me now
Line by line I see it's drop pedal time
Next mile rest stop next stop dine
Wheels be shined the paint be waxed
Stop look and drive and attract
JDM half blood got the red sun
Get digits I'm a stud she be stunned
Pull out the lot make my mark
Check it out see my art
ManxPoetryGuy Aug 13
Cars flying by like Airplane’s in the Night

Create a stream of colour, like an ocean of Light.

Firefly backlights swim on a toxic cloud of Blight

Leading me down their path of Flight.

I- Oh, the path is closed.

End of the Road.
I’ve been gone for a while, hope to get back to writing now I’ve got my creative juices flowing.
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