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Zywa 5d
Dark clouds in the sunset glow
there's an invisible death below

Amidst apartment blocks, I stroll
around and around a new black hole
of concentrated matter

A broken-winged cargo plane smashed
friends of friends of friends of mine

It is quiet after the blow
I want to hear what I don't want to know
and then kiss away the danger
be it with a stranger

Caress me, caress me, make me glory
for a night, let me forget this story
“Bijlmer disaster”, a Boeing 747-258F/SCD cargo aircraft of El Al, flight 1862, crashes in Amsterdam on October 4th, 1992

Collection "Moons"
A cloud of gray mud over me.
My thoughts like birds were flying.
I sit alone upon my drawn umbrella.
Reactive rain was covering my head.

Drops of the rain like heavy rocks.
Identically burden of my thoughts.
It’s Fall with crash against my mind.
Upon my delicate and little coat.

I sit alone beneath my colorful umbrella.
Trinity Mar 10
oh how do you see me
the filcke thing i call me

do you see me as i dance?
do you see me as i fly?

can you watch me as i crash
can you watch me as i fall?

will you hear me if i call
will you hear me as i cry

does it hurt to have me around
does it bother you to have me gone

what does my love feel
what does your scorn taste like

oh how do you see me?
but how can I're as fickle as me?
SMS Mar 5
When the car approached
And he didn’t flinch
The driver just knew
Something was wrong.

When the car beeped
And she met the headlights
The driver felt chills
She was not okay.

Resignation and relief
Covering their faces
They wished for this moment
To truly be the end.
Leo Janowick Mar 2
But under the silence
   of what we say to each other,
       is the much more articulate silence
           of what we don’t say to each other,

a storm of things unspoken,
        ticking away
  like a clock attached to a time-bomb:
         demolition wound up in the quietly,
            almost tenderly,
                 familiar things
Lily Feb 28
Crashing and turning
So beautiful yet destructive
A young girl reaching out to someone
she can never quite catch

Maybe thats why tidal waves are so strong
Wanting to talk to the land
Tell them how their destructive humans are destroying it
Drowning in lack of love
Drowning in itself

So confusing
So overwhelming
Tidal waves rolling out of her eyes
Crashing into her soul
Cracking it
Until there is nothing left
But tidal waves
Never get your hopes too high up
Or they might crash and burn
driving in my car
nearing the next intersection
green light
its okay to go
i see you
perpendicular to me
a red light illuminating your face
you appear to be stopping
an illusion of safety
because you are not stopping
neither of us are stopping
we are hurling towards each other
becoming closer and closer together
nearly inches from each other
my life is flashing before my eyes
i look into your big brown eyes
bracing for inevitable impact
and we crash
debris flying everywhere
fire kindling over our engines
metal scraping upon metal
our cars dragging across the cold hard cement
sirens blaring in the distance
i feel blood running down my body
im gasping for breath
unable to move a single limb
but i scan my eyes over the scene
searching for you
i need to make sure you are okay
i see you step out of your vehicle
not a scratch upon your body
i call out for you but no words come out of my mouth
only murmurs
i try to reach out for you
demanding your attention
but i cannot seem to muster the strength
and then your eyes meet mine
and my heart refills with your passion
i remember all the love you have given me before
all the moments we have shared together
you look at me with a cold stare
like you dont even recognize me
then you turn around
begin to walk away from me
and flee the scene of your crime
you left me in ruins
destruction to smithereens
and then walked away like i meant nothing
you were never concerned with me
you were just a reckless driver
and i guess i was just at the right place at the right time
our love ended like a car crash
julianna Jan 26
Sometimes they crash down and the waves take me with them.
Like a tsunami, it’s unexpected.
You usually know the signs, but once it starts, there’s no changing it.
There’s no going back, it’s not a choice.
It’s just a deadly fight against nature and water and time...
I always come up for air before it’s too late, but with my eyes closed, I don’t know up from down.
Am I plunging into the depths or rising towards the horizon?
I don’t know...
I’m just swimming.
Shame Jan 16
I got dem B-Side blues,
perforated shoes
of my own design,
off color flag of mine.
I got dem prescriptions,
I'm passively shunned
by the typical,
like it matters at all.
I got dat bizarre brain,
patterns I contain
run 'crash.exe'.
I got dat problem child
run rampant wild
here within my ranks -
what deserves thanks?
Nothing at all.
And everything.
I know this well, now.
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