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Sarah Pavlak Apr 24
I hit deliverance going a cool 65.
Some people were up dancing with Saints  
On twin-sized mattresses,
Tying fisherman’s knots,
Suppressing rebellions
At the edges of mouths.
They blew me smoke-ring halos,
Got high enough to see God
In the slits of the blinds,
The dips of collarbones.
With medical shears I sent
My last rights to the spark
Of the telephone wire, asked
If I had been enough, and
Lit up the flare.
The Foody One Apr 20
falling from the World
falling from a tree -

on the ground,
But still
on my feet.
© 29/06/18
Zack Ripley Apr 12
The world is healing
As our worlds are crashing down.
But someone has to fall
So another can wear the crown.
But even if we have to resort
To eating beans and rice,
Isn't having a healthy earth
Worth the sacrifice?
Jonathan Moya Mar 25
The rear view mirror showed the car on fire.
Metal no protection for burning flesh—
burning down to the color of the night—
a bright reversal reflected in white.
Maybe charred bone? Not hell. Neither heaven.
Police, EMTs too late to save the
tissues smelling like pan steak, fatty pork—
blood emitting its metallic compounds—
the burnt liver of organs— spinal gel    
a musky, sweet perfume less offensive
than wires, plastic, alloys, the circuitry
melting down every(all)things to its base.
He (it) never saw, tasted, felt the crash
coming from the back/front/side. But I did.
Dlusionl13 Mar 22
If you want to ride with me
You have to drive this car my friend
Because if I am going to drive
We are going to crash
And this is going to end

Tell me if u are going to drive
How much longer can we go on
Before you get tired of everything
Before you think you chose wrong
Before this ends?
Because you drive too fast
And we both know that this will never last.

So, find another ride my friend
For we are doomed from the start
You drive too fast and I too rash
If we end up in the same car
We are bound to crash.
Thiers no where to  run Or hide  
After all theses years.
I can't. Escape the feeling of guilt .
I  do not know what I feel .
My heart it aches
It feels broken
Beyond repair .
The hurt
The grief
Is to much to bear.
I remember the times we drove me about places
The near misses the bumps on your car.
I remember that day so well
In 1990s
You been in the car with my to children .
It's a miracle there still here  the car turned upside down on its roof .
The time is finally here
You had a fatal crash .that would take your life.
The years of pain rested on my family .now your gone I pray for your soul
To reach heaven .
Goodbye ☹️
The memories will always be with me.
JustMK Feb 22
Some days I go from top speed to a dead halt in the same amount of time it takes to unlock a door or flip a light switch.

And when I'm standing still, it's hard not to feel like everything around me is crashing down and shattering. And it's loud. It's in my face. Etched onto my skin. Burned into my memory.

But somehow, I'm still here. After the thundering collision and the screeching of tires. I'm still here. In the middle of the crossroads. Still breathing. Still standing. Still here.

Because there are a few strings keeping me from crumbling. And here and there an iron rod that will not let me fall. Small truths and sentiments that shout louder and whisper sweeter than any of my thoughts ever could:

"someone cares" "you matter to me"

"don't walk alone" "careful" "would you like a hand?" "how was your day?" "you're smart too" "I like your face"

It brings me back. Back to that crossroads: my past behind me. A vast future ahead. Calling, beckoning the same way you do with that smile on your lips, your hand outstretched. And even in my clumsy fingers I will grasp it.

And follow.

From 0 to 5, to 10. To 20. To 30. To 40.

Slowly propelled forward yet again, out of the darkness my mind pulls up and around my shoulders like a shroud. Out of the ******* currents that pull me down. Out of the shadows where my bones grow cold.

Into the light and glow of countless stars. Each perfect, each warm. Each far away and watching from their perch upon your shoulders, your arms, your cheeks. Each inviting in the way a warm bed calls on rainy days.

Let me follow. Let me fall. Let me sink into your embrace and tell you how afraid I was today. Let me bare my soul, and make me strong. So that one day. If you should hear the collision and smell the smoke, I will be there to lift you out of the wreckage and hold you to my chest. The way you do now.

That one day I won't need saving from myself. But love fearlessly instead.
I had a bit of a tough day. Got catcalled by a gross dude as I was leaving campus (and I'd been happy until just then). When he grabbed me, I punched him and got the hell out of there, but it properly wrecked my day.
Janice Feb 21
I took a hit to fly away that day
I should of known the high wont last
Because when the crash came
Like a fast train
The dripping rain stopped
The flashing lights drined
And i passed out for 3 whole days
In a puddle of freezing rain
That was my skin
That was my brain

I woke up in a full body shake
Need another hit just to stay awake
To speed me up to keep me sane
Maybe ill at least remember my name
Or maybe this is all a game

And thats a thought
My brain can't shake
My whole life is
An endless earthquake
All my emotions are becoming fake
The high is the only taste i take
Driving me to keep up the pace

I need more to get the same effect
My mind hurts, i need a rest
Gotta stay high to keep at my best
With the crash comes
The crippling distress
Of all my thoughts
Rushing and pressed
Into my consciousness
Im out of breath
Everytime i do this
Im nearing my death
Ellis Reyes Feb 7
Blackhawk turning, HIT, cockpit burning
Troops learning of war, yearning for home
Continuing to experiment with poetic forms. My first in a series of Tyburns.
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